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Found 8 results

  1. Just quit a low carb diet after finding myself extremely anxious and depressed. I stumbled upon some solid research in peer reviewed journals that low carbing can have a negative impact on serotonin levels and is not recommended for people with BP. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  2. Hi. I am about to start MAOi treatment next week. Could you please advice me on: Texturized Vegetal Protein (soy meat) Not fermented. MSB (glutamate in all form and shapes, including maltodextrin, hydrolized protein, etc) Sweeteners (Aspartame and company) I have several low tyramine diet guides, but they often contradict each other in a point or another, like peanuts, chocolates and avocados. I wish there was a FAO guideline already! thanks for your help, guys!
  3. Hi-- I got so frustrated with trying to lose weight while on Risperdal that I decided to try to make my own diet app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rfo.speakcc&hl=en So far I have been losing about 0.25lbs a week for the past 250 days (with some ups and downs: It still has some glitches but I really like it because it uses voice entry mostly which I think is the easiest way to track calories. There is also a $0.99 version that has keyboard entry I have a friend who is working on making an iOS version.
  4. I decided to do something that I have been flirting with for a few years now and that is give up all meat and fish. I DO enjoy eating animal flesh, especially the seafood variety, but for ethical and health reasons I have decide to go vegetarian and perhaps I will eventually lean more towards vegan. Right now I am still allowed eggs and dairy so finding things to eat is not that tricky. It is my understanding that fish and the meat of animals are full of hormones/chemicals and seafood is full of mercury and pcb's. I also know for a fact that animals are abused. They are just not treated right. It's morally corrupt. My other thought is that my Anatomy teacher told the class that humans were not meant to eat the flesh of large animals and that we were meant to be more omnivorous. Meat is extremely hard to digest. So here I am three days in to a somewhat low calorie vegetarian diet and I feel good. I had to poop a lot the second day in but today was not like that. I am going to a restaurant in town tomorrow that has a full vegetarian/vegan menu and I'm really excited! So far i've enjoyed all the different flavors in my diet and i can't wait to explore even more. Lately eating meat had become a chore. I am glad I don't have to eat it now. Even looking at food porn on Facebook that involves animal meat doesn't make me hungry or even enticed. I'd like to know if any of you CB'ers are vegan or vegetarian and what helped you decide to be that way? Do you think it helps your brain?
  5. So I've been trying to improve me health further. I am a little under weight, have difficulty keeping weight on, am fairly active, have borderlined low blood pressure, and overall very healthy. Right now, I eat only organic meats, but I do so almost daily in an attempt to get my weight to target weight. Those meats are almost only poultry and fish. I've considered eliminating meats from my diet entirely, maybe all dairy as well. However, I despise all meat substitutes from tofu to beans. What else could I get the same nutrition from and help me stay at a healthy weight?
  6. Recently I changed my diet drastically to around 800 calories in hopes to lose weight rather quickly. I know this isn't what people suggest I do - but I'm doing it anyway. I think this has happened in the past but I never noticed it until now... I think changing my diet so abruptly sends me into mania/hypomania. I have been stable for a couple weeks now and as soon as I changed my diet my sleep changed, my energy changed, many characteristics that suggest I'm headed toward mania are present. Has anyone else noticed abrupt changes in diet to induce mood shifts? I think as I am now medicated and I haven't in the past, the mania/hypomania is kept at bay. But still, I notice the symptoms.
  7. In the past two weeks I've gained a huge ten kilos. This isn't good. It's affecting my dysphoria and it's kind of kickstarting a strange watered down episode of depression. So I'm thinking of going on a liquid diet of soups with apples for solid fiber. Ideally I would go back to do Jenny Craig to lose weight but I am far too poor. To be honest I would like to lose at least the weight I've gained before my partner returns mid January. I'd keep up my excercise of daily walks with my dog and take multi vitamins. Has anyone here ever tried a liquid diet for weightloss? Do you have any other suggestions for losing the weight I've gained?
  8. Hey, I've been trying to recover from anorexia for several years now post hospitalisation and day-centre treatment. In the past few months I was discharged from the eating disorder OP service so I don't have any specialist help for the first time in 7 years. I currently have EDNOS/anorexia binge-purge, and am at a supposedly healthy weight but I struggle massively with accepting this as being good, the drive in my head is still strongly anorexic. My mum (who I live with) is unhealthily overweight/obese, and is on weightwatchers (again) - but she's being really obvious about it, all the "logging" exercise and foods, points etc., yet criticising my supposedly obsessive food diaries....and she's started to comment on my eating (proportions of food groups, healthier alternatives). I feel trapped as in the past she has had to sacrifice her own health in order not to trigger me...but now I'm all seemingly better, eating much more flexibly I guess it seems that I'm fine with it. We've had conversations where she has said that it is partly my responsibility that she is unhealthy and is as much physical danger as I am (at the opposite end of the scale when I was at my worst)...so I feel I have to do everything to support her this time round otherwise it would be my fault if she died. So I've helped her join my gym, I congratulate her when she doesn't eat something unhealthy or she goes to a class or eats a healthy meal... When inside it's just making the one voice that is actually inside my head (I have a couple outside of my head - but that's a whole other story!) say that I'm not even doing weightwatchers properly, something I should be good at (given I had severe anorexia for 4 years). Ultimately...I just feel that now I look "healthy" (to me, FAT) and behave more normally around food/don't make all the comments that I'm thinking, there's this expectation from everyone that things are okay and they can say anything. It just encourages my secretive purging which is bad at the moment; and also my guilt for eating in front of people (something I've got better at). Sorry for the essay...I just hate that if I look healthy on the outside it doesn't seem to matter how I feel on the inside. NB. I find it very hard to not fake liveliness and positivity, so it's rare that I'll act how I feel...the voices I experience do not accept showing weakness. Does anyone else have experience of this? How is it best to cope with it? I can't say "can you stop weightwatchers" because I've done that in the past and her ill health has become my fault. L
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