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Found 15 results

  1. Uhm I was wondering what Panic Attack Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder really are. My therapist said that she thinks I have Panic Attack Disorder and i dont really understand what that means. Of course it has to deal with panic attacks but could you explain exactly what a panic attack is? I don't know if I'm having a Panic attack or something else. If she corresponds to it, I'm 13 years old. Please don't suspect me as a attention seeker. Also, will people think it's weird for me to have a disorder like those? The only disorders some people have at my school are ADD and Adhd. I want to be a detective and will disorders bring me down?
  2. My 18 year old female cousin has post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety disorder. What are the best gifts to give her? (Not judging by personality. Just the disorders.) (Keep in mind that I'm 13 years old so I do have limits on what I can get)
  3. I have a working diagnosis of rapid cycling schizoaffective bipolar type and diagnoses of OCPD and severe PTSD. I was told i exhibit signs of BPD (Fear of abandonment, self harm, no sense of or poor perception of self image/identity, strained relational aspects, rapid mood swings that last only days/hours) but no clear diagnosis can be made due to the complexity and overlap of symptoms of what I have PTSD over and the bipolar aspect. I have done extensive research on BPD and have always felt like I recognized with the symptoms, but have no clue if its just purely coincidental due to the nature of what I'm dealing with. What I am wondering is would it be beneficial to keep track of and mark when I have mood shifts and what I think caused them as well as any marked changes in self perception/image and relational aspects and why I feel how I do when I do. Is it worth it to commit this much to something I may not even have because it's explained by other factors, or would this be beneficial in ruling out other factors and closing in on a more firm working diagnosis? I am unsure if I should dedicate my time to something that may be futile in nature, because there just hasn't been enough time yet to work through my PTSD and other factors that are clouding a possible diagnosis. I don't really know what I would do with a diagnosis, I just feel like I'm more in control when I do know for certain because I can work towards getting better with an effective and throughly thought out plan. Any input? Am I out of line with my thinking or do I have legitimate cause to think the way I do? I feel like I'm simply trying to justify a way to feel in control and like im heading somewhere right now, but at the same time, I do truly feel like there is something else, something deeper, going on with me that is just being clouded by what I'm dealing with. Am I just thinking too far into this and grasping at something I think will give me control?
  4. I've read of cases where one "transitions" into a schizoid personality from avoidant. I know that both these personalities are withdrawn and prefer activities in which they can be left alone. The difference, between the two, is that the avoidant (deeeeeeep down inside) longs to have a place to society/social groups. The schizoid, simply does not care. Anyways, I'm just curious, does anyone have any input on this subject?
  5. I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder (pdoc uses them interchangeably with me) (this diagnosis has been around for a few years for me), as well as BPD, social anxiety, and a history of cannabis dependence and substance abuse (though I've been clean for a long time). I get an injection monthly, Abilify Maintena, but this was not enough, so the oral Abilify was added as well. This took away most of the "hallucinations" but my beliefs still persist, though they are becoming less... strong? Anyway, I've seen my current doctor now for over a year, and I've been in and out of the hospital during this time. My dose has gone up to 25 for the oral, and I get 400 for the injection. I also take prozac for anxiety. The thing that's worse and I don't fully know if it is from my symptoms is I strongly feel my prime minister is a robotoid, a dead-body-puppet. I really want to go to his home to expose him, or write a letter to request to do so. I feel like he knows me. The TV is still playing things about my life, too. Though that's been going on, I barely hear voices anymore. I am still seeing things, but not as much, though in some respects that is worse as well. I am going to be missing a dose of my injection because seeing my family in another city is more important, but also so my appointments sync back up with my injections I'm too afraid to tell my doctor about trudeau. It's bad enough I have a lot of intrusive thoughts lately about hurting people, but my future seeing (clairvoyance) makes me able to see what people would do to me if I did those things... but my Prime minister needs to be exposed. Though, if this is part of my symptoms, then I'll just be getting myself into trouble. I've also fallen out of routine with taking meds properly, missing two days a day apart Though that shouldn't do much. The reason why I am afraid to tell my pdoc about this is because I once thought I had to hurt a newsreporter and he told the cops, even though I was never charged it makes me reluctant to tell him things. I've told other people things and this is how I know the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service is spying on me because I have said this about Trudeau. I'm kinda going on and on but I'm not sure what steps I should take. Since things are seemingly better yet worse.
  6. Hi I know there is a sense of irony if you write NPD and then write help but any way... I was referred to see a personality disorder specialist which came to me as a surprise. Initially I assumed that my CPN(community psychiatric nurse) was thinking that I might have BPD despite having Bipolar Type 1 with proper full on psychotic and violent manic episodes. So I approached her with this assumption and said with a sarcastic tone 'Do you think I am over-sensitive?' 'Do you think I feel empty inside?' Do you think I'm overly emotional?' 'It's my bipolar diagnosis isn't it, the symptoms? 'I don't need bleeping CBT, all I need is my lithium and my quetipine!' Then, she said something I would have never expected, 'I think you might be suffering from narcissism. That's why I referred you to the PD specialists.' I was surprised and it got me thinking. Yes, I can be very selfish and yes I can be very arrogant, but isn't that normal? You are wandering now probably, narcissists would always hate the stigmas surrounding NPD (since it's about them), if I am a narcissist.......... wouldn't I avoid talking about it!? Well that is true, I denied it at first when I heard it, but today...this day, I am writing this post and I'm feeling like a really different person. You see, my depression side of my Bipolar came back and it's really intense at the moment. It started with anger and me being really grumpy but about a week ago I almost got admitted to hospital for feeling suicidal. At the moment I'm still depressed to that point, and a lot of memories are starting to came back, things that I found irrelevant, silly and funny and didn't feel any guilt or any tiny bit of remorse about them. There were some things that I did (non-violent things)........ I told various people(who had some history) to kill themselves or to cut themselves when I had arguments with them and got offended. Once I had an argument with this bossy girl when I was in a psychiatric ward a couple of years ago, she told me I'll never make anything out of my life, I got angry and wrote a letter with reasons why she should end her life and included a razor in it and gave it to her. Then I didn't really care and didn't felt guilty at all, and I did laugh afterwards when she came out with just three superficial scratches on her arm. I am a horrible person, I lie and lie all the time,I am such an experienced liar that I can make people believe anything I say and especially manipulate people to achieve my desires. I can be so superficial sometimes. I even just say horrible things on a day to day basis when I'm offended and that can be quite often. My house mate was telling me that I dream too high and I'll never reach the top because no one is perfect, I told her, I hope you choke on your own yoghurt (yoghurts are her weakness) Now that I'm depressed, surprisingly I can recognise all these tyrannical atrocities through an emotion called guilt which I don't normally feel. So if I have NPD, it goes away when I'm severely depressed. I just want to put it out there , in order to be a normal selfless person do I have to be severely depressed? So let's say I stay depressed, how do I deal with the guilt? Last week when I wasn't feeling so fab I wrote a suicide note and I wrote "I am monster, I'm horrible and I'm becoming more draconian as I grow, I need to stop this. Before it gets too late." I can't deal with the guilt... So I have two questions Am I narcissist? and how could I possibly accept help (when I am not depressed) since I'm so arrogant and selfish ? & Should I find a way to keep my self severely depressed since my personality is not the same as when I'm depressed and if I do, how to I deal with the guilt?
  7. I have gone 2 days without binging! THAT IS HUGE FOR ME! I can never go more than one day without binging! I know I can do this! I used be so skinny till this disorder came about. I can't wait to lose this weight and to get rid of this disorder! So YAY! 2 days! I know it seems so easy but my binge eating disorder is really bad so... and on the days that I COULD go 1 day without binging.... well they were rare. I'm so happy! I figured out why I binge-cause I am bored, lonely, and depressed. And I am currently fixing those things. So I repeat-YAY!
  8. I was diagnosed by a therapist with it when I was 14. Well i am 17 now and starting to think I never got over it. I am going to discuss it with my psyche next visit but what do you guys think. Today i was taking photos of myself-I got a new hair cut-for facebook. Anyway I kept looking at it thinking about how "Oh my nose is way too big" or "My face is odd shaped" and then I had a breakdown. Now after taking a break-relaxing my mind-I look at them and think "What was I thinking I look great." I am a recovered anorexic and honestly BDD is what started my eating disorder. Does it sound like a touch of it is still there? Thanks in advance!
  9. I was curious how many people have been separated from parents or someone else in your early childhood? I think it caused my BPD. It would explain a lot. I started seeing a counselor at age 10 at the recommendation of my teacher. This counselor said if I am ever diagnosed with problems my separation from my birth parents and previous neglect are most likely the cause. I am just curious if anyone else has been separated. I read it is a common history for those with BPD. In my signature is my story... revised.... very much revised. My full story is long but for anyone actually willing to read it look below. You don't have to though. What about you? Were you separated as a child? What's your story? If you don't want to go too deep I understand and you can just answer with yes or no or something. P.S. Before you read my story you should know I still talk with my birth parents through text and see my birth dad once a year-though not last year-which is always very awkward. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The cause of my borderline personality disorder I think is my first year of life-in this life anyways. A lot of people with it were separated at a young age from their caregivers. I was separated from my birth parents. My dad lost custody of me to my mom. My mom's mom (my grandma) and her grandma (My great grandma) were working together to take custody of away from her saying she was emotionally unstable (Which she was and is-like VERY unstable) and about how I suffered from neglect (Which I did). My mom poured my food on the floor (No bowl or anything), never got me clothes, never bathed me-only got bathed when my aunt (Dad's sister) came over to babysit (Whom is also a witness to my neglect)-so I was constantly filthy, and didn't get me diapers-though my grandmother always did. And about her being emotionally unstable she would have emotional meltdowns, did drugs, dated most screwed up men (One who sexually abused my little sister-and got sent to prison), is an EXTREME liar, and when she was a kid she went to school one day-middle school-with her baby picture and claimed it was her baby. Yea she has a lot of problems. So in the end of the whole court thing she just decided to sign the papers and give me up. I was separated from her and placed in a new home-with my great aunt (dad's side) and great uncle (No blood relation) who were physically unable to have kids of their own. I LOVE my birth mother very much-but she's insane. And I LOVE my birth dad, adoptive dad, and adoptive mother very much as well. So there you have it. My first year of life and the most likely cause of my borderline personality disorder. While my current home may not have been the most stable. It was more stable then that and I've had a great life with them.
  10. So; while sitting in my lounge the other day, I noticed an advert for a new program on Disney Channel Aus/NZ. I watched it, and something in my brain kinda clicked. I'm not sure how or what I feel about this, but my "warning alarm" went off. Here is Mind Over Maddie - the intro advert clip What do you think?? And the synopsis article http://www.foxtel.com.au/whats-on/foxtel-insider/disney-channel-launches-new-local-comedy-mind-over-maddie-210294.htm
  11. This popped up in my college psychology course feed and I thought I would share it: http://www.scientifi...-how-to-succeed I've read theories before concerning the possible benefits of psychological disorders, which could be why they might exist in the first place (as nature's failed attempts at providing an evolutionary edge). For example, a little depression might lead to more introspection and rumination that benefits creativity and philosophy. A little mania might benefit productivity. Obviously, if we've made it to CB, then we've gotten the shortest ends of the sticks in those kinds of departments. However, applying the failed advantage idea to personality disorders has been something I had a harder time seeing. When I saw and read this article, it definitely made some sense when I interpreted that way, at least for ASPD. Thoughts? Opinions?
  12. Do any of you write or blog about your disorders online? I have a blot on tumblr, http://warpedfamily.tumblr.com/ but am hesitant to actually talk about my disorders and issues, even if it would be therapeutic.If any of you do blog about it, do you ever feel worried people will react negatively towards it? And feel free to share links to your blogs if you want, I'm always looking for something to read and it's nice to relate to people.
  13. Hi, my name is Steve (anenome), and I suffer from many many many things. Have all my life. Been there, done that. I've tried every shrink; psychotherapist; social worker; as well as every chatroom (most useless); every med...anti-psychotics; anti-depressants; mood stabilizers; uppers; downers; hypnotics; hallucinegentics; alcohol; sedatives; anti-anxieties;...you name it, and very few have worked. It has gotten to the point (and I just came across your site a couple days ago), that if this doesn't work...I'm fucked. At this point, I could use a few people who think they have alternatives (other than death), as well, the only thing keeping me going at this point is helping others...it helps me feel better about myself when I can help someone else. I have no ego, no nothing...in fact, I have hit a point of anhedonia that has even scared the last few shrinks I went to turn me down...literally. The last two I saw said my conditions are 'so acute', I am in need of a specialist...not a behavioral clinic or stress center etc. I'm talking donating my brain/body to science it's that bad. So, as you can see, I have absolutely no help...no friends, no relatives, no nothing to turn to (I'm on disability and medicaid, but medicaid is turning down...giving me a spend down next month Jan. 2012 that I cannot possibly meet, so I won't be able to afford even one or two of the 13 different meds I take daily...some several tmes a day. I'm fucked. So, talk to me please, I could use some good conversation, and should you have an option I haven't tried, tell me about it. If you need help and advice...please tell me...I'm a good listener and have MUCH experience with many things, and besides, it will give me a chance to take a break worrying about my situation. So please, I've been in total isolation/seclusion/agoraphobia for years and CANNOT just go outside and deal with people. This is going to have to be a major step-by-step process for me. Drop me a line if you are interested. My email is: [edited to remove private information - please send PMs] P.S. NO RELIGIOUS BIBLE-THUMPERS ALLOWED! NO PREACHING!! I'VE STUDIED THEOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY, ETC. ALL OF MY LIFE. YOU CANNOT CONVERT ME!!! I don't mind if you have your own beliefs that get you by, in fact, I would by intrigued by that. But don't push your ideas on me. That is all I ask. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Steve (anenome)
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