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Found 7 results

  1. I just started Busar yesterday (2.5 mg twice a day) and am experiencing a terrible headache accompanied by blurred vision, dizziness, and thinking difficulties. It basically feels like the front of my brain is in a headachy fog. I wanted to know 1) Has any one else experienced this with Buspar and how long did it take to go away? 2) How do you continue taking medication when it feels like you're poisoning your body? - Is it worth it? Does it go away?
  2. I discovered something, and I hope the discovery will help other people who have dizziness/nausea issues with Latuda. I've been taking Latuda for about 2 years, and one of my biggest struggles with it is that it made me feel like garbage about an hour after I took it. I have to describe the feeling as "dizzy" even though that doesn't fully describe the feeling - I felt horrible, like I had the worst sort of flu, plus nauseous on top of it. It was bad enough that after almost 2 years on it, I was still considering going back to Seroquel. It doesn't matter if I take it with a massive meal, it still makes me feel like shit. Then I discovered what was leading to the horrible dizziness/nausea: extreme light sensitivity. It was the light from my husband's dimmed iPad, which he uses in the dark in bed every night before he goes to sleep. Even with a sleep mask on, the light from it leaking around the mask was enough to make me feel ill. I figured it out after using a SAD light too late in the day (too close to taking my Latuda dose) caused me to develop a migraine and puke. If you're getting dizzy/nauseous from the Latuda, try turning the lights off and making sure the room is as pitch black as possible before taking it, and don't expose yourself to ANY light - even a dimmed phone screen - after you take it. See if the dizziness/nausea goes away. For me, it did, but if I expose myself to any sort of light - especially blue light, like a tablet or phone or computer screen - I suddenly feel really terrible. Still not sure what to do about the terrible existential dread that the Latuda causes, but at least I solved one problem. I hope this helps somebody.
  3. Hello, After some really unsettling stuff and suicidal ideation, I came off of Luvox and Wellbutrin XL under care of my psychiatrist. I hadn’t been on the Luvox very long and my last dose was Jan 3rd. I had been on Wellbutrin XL 300mg for 4+ years and tapered off with my last dose on Jan 12th. Again, I am under a doctor’s care and have regular appointments to check-in, but she wasn’t able to give much information about some weird possible side effects or any time time other than “it should hopefully get better soon.” After the luvox, I had nausea and other intense GI symptoms, but they kind of reared their ugly head and then faded. Possibly because I was on it for so long, but I’m really struggling coming off the Wellbutrin which I though was supposed to have less withdrawal. Last week at the peak of feeling bad, I couldn’t even go into work. I had intense migraines, vertigo, and nausea, spent two days pretty much in bed just trying not to move with a sleep mask on. I also had acute joint pain, not 100% sure that it was caused by discontinuing the meds but the timeline fits, felt like I had aged 20 years overnight with pain in my hands (couldn’t open jars), feet, and knees. Now I’m more than a week out and still with near continuous nausea and dizziness, headaches better than the raging migraines but still there on and off. I also feel like I am just uncomfortable all the time, just feel disconnected like my body is in the way of itself if that makes sense, trouble falling asleep no matter how tired I am because nothing is comfortable. I also felt really weak over the weekend, just couldn’t do normal activities like I had no strength and then was fatigued. My doctor said that since some antidepressants are used to treat fibromyalgia (something I’ve never had before), people can get rebound fibromyalgia symptoms when they discontinue them? Please share your experiences. How long will this last? I feel better mentally, no more intrusive thoughts and so much less foggy, but feel too crappy physically to do much - so frustrating! The headaches, nausea, and dizziness I’m not too surprised about, just really hoping they go away. The weakness and ashiness and just constant discomfort, that was not expected. I keep thinking it’s not the meds, but not sure what else could have changed to bring on such a seemingly drastic change in how I feel physically. What the heck is going on with that? Has anyone else had that happen? When did it finally go away and was there anything you found that helped in the meantime? Again, I am seeing my psychiatrist but I'm concerned about all this because I'm struggling with these symptoms at work (missed days and trouble getting through long shifts) and especially as a mother to a young son. Please help - thanks!!!
  4. Hello all...so I'm not sure if I should be posting in the dissociative section or anxiety...I'm all over the place. But according to all the doctors I've seen, my derealization is caused by severe anxiety and OCD. Though no stranger to anxiety and depression, long story short, I had a bad panic attack in December. I haven't been the same since. For 9 months I've been stuck in a state of derealization, panic, anxiety, vertigo, brain fog, OCD racing thoughts, poor cognition, insomnia and subsequently depression. I NEVER get a break. I can't take it anymore. I have been to THREE inpatient facilities since December. Nobody seems to know what to do with me. Most at medications I've tried have made me worse. 5 weeks ago I decided to have my Mirena IUD (birth control) taken out in hopes that it would help. Well, it didn't. My symptoms have gotten worse. I've been having nearly daily panic attacks on top of my constant derealization and anxiety. My vertigo and derealization has gotten so bad all I can do is lay on the couch and shake. It's horrible. I am at my wits end. i have been reading up on rTMS therapy. Has anyone tried this? I Really don't know how much more of this I can take. I have a consultation for TMS scheduled for next week. I'm just afraid of it making my symptoms even worse. I would primarily do it for anxiety. I know that at this point it would be off label which kind of worries me. I just started DBT/psychotherapy last week. Hoping that will help:) Please let me know if anyone has tried TMS or has an option on this:) I just pray pray that the derealization and vertigo will eventually subside. It's been nearly 10 months straight of this. Seems like it's never going to end...that I'm going to be stuck in this state forever. Current meds: zoloft 50 mg geodon 40 mg ativan 1 mg 3x day minipress 3mg
  5. Hello, I recently switched to Viibryd about 3 weeks ago. I had been on 20mg of lexapro and 300mg of Wellbutrin XL. I’m currently keeping my Wellbutrin the same and tapered up to 40mg of Viibryd using the starter pack while stepping down my Lexapro dose with each Viibryd mg increase. So now I’ve been on 40mg Viibryd for a week and off Lexapro for a week. Historywise, I think I’ve taken just about every SSRI at some point since high school and I’m now 30. I was able to semi-successfully come off all psych meds for a few months before a planned pregnancy (had been on Wellbutrin only just before that time) and then throughout my pregnancy (my son is 3), but then had lots of trouble postpartum and was put on Lexapro at 9 days PP. The Lexapro had been working well until last summer. At that point I tried Pristiq (I was raging angry all the time), Brintellix (very depressed, no effect), then went back to Lexapro, then added Wellbutrin. Throughout all this I gained about 40lbs during pregnancy, lost 20 of it in the few months postpartum, and am now above my full-term pregnancy weight (about 25lbs above a normal BMI). I have had a lot of situation stress & anxiety (high stress job, toddler, we recently moved, etc.) and so we waited to make any med changes, but then when I still wasn’t feeling better at my last appt, my doctor suggested Viibryd. I’d have to say that overall I feel good! Getting more done, still wanting to sleep a lot but better able to function without long naps. I think my mood has improved, but not yet seeing any reduction in appetite or weight loss. Mild GI side effects but tolerable. My biggest side effect is that I feel zoned at times, very dizzy and have to struggle to keep my eyes open. I have a long commute to work and I struggle to stay awake and stay focused (literally eye focused, not just mental clarity). I took a nap the other day when my toddler was napping and the side effects hit, and I felt dizzy even with my eyes closed and felt like I had fallen sharply (this was a few days into the 40mg dose). I’ve been taking it in the evening since my previous routine had been Wellbutrin in the AM and Lexapro in the PM. My psych doc said it likely wouldn’t matter when I took the Viibryd. For those who have been on it longer, have you found AM or PM to make a difference? I sleep like a rock at night but only get 6 sometimes 7 hours of sleep, more of a problem of being a busy working mom and having enough hours in the day than trouble falling/staying asleep. My nighttime sleep amount/pattern hasn’t changed since switching meds and I’m definitely groggy/foggy more, but I can’t tell if the Viibryd makes me sleepy and the effect carries over from my evening dose into the next day, or if it would be stimulating and I just don’t have as much in my system come the next afternoon? Can anyone shed some light on a suggestion of AM vs PM for someone having the dizzy, sleepy, foggy side effects? For those taking this for longer periods, did you experience side effects and then have them taper off after a while of being on the full 40mg dose? I had hoped to see some improvement but it’s now been a full week at 40mg with no change in side effects. Lastly, is anyone else also taking Wellbutrin? Has this been a good combo for you? Did you keep your Wellbutrin dose the same or cut it? I’ve been considering dropping to 150ml since I also have GAD and know that Wellbutrin can worsen that for some, but don’t think I could function without the full 300 since I can’t kick the drowsy side effect. Omg, this is long! Just wanted to get it all out I guess! Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this, and thank you to anyone who has anything to contribute to this thread
  6. Day 5 of 10 mg of Brintellix. I got the dizzies 2 weeks ago while tapering off my Lexapro 10 mg, figured that was a normal side effect of withdrawal. But day 5 of B here and I am so dizzy I literally cannot stand up without feeling like I'm going to fall over. Anybody else have/had that? thanks!
  7. I've been on Depakote for a few weeks now, slowly titrating up the dose, but still not in "therapeutic" range. I'm experience nausea, heartburn, chest tightness and pain while running (have discussed this with pdoc's rn), and some dizziness, as well as sexual side effects, and depression. Sometimes it feels liket it's kind of working, but it's more that if I stand on a tightrope in a vacuum, with little chance of being blown over or bumping into anything, I feel balanced. I find myself avoiding social/stressful situations in order to stay "balanced." I've been having difficulty making it into work, due to a rather nasty depression--wrecking ball-to-the-chest kind. I'm BPII and have heard wonderful things about Lamictal, and did try it, but developed the rash and started vomiting. I had difficulty keeping water down, so I believe I'm allergic. I wish a slow titration up could work, but I think this was a pretty strong reaction. I was on lithium for about six years. It gave me a lot of me life back, I've only stopped it because it had started to adversely affect my kidney function. My pdoc favors a Depakote--lithium cocktail and says we may be able to re-ad lithium later, with only very mild negative kidney affect. I suppose I've been scared lately. After 11 years of treatment, and feeling rather secure with lithium, there isn't any guarantee that there's some medication or cocktail that will allow me to get on top of my symptoms, although I really want to believe that there is. And it would be great if Depakote could at least be part of the solution, as there aren't too many mood stabilizers out there. I didn't feel too great on AAPs (Abilify and Zyprexa). Anyway, can you guys give me some feedback on Dekapote--if you're on it now, or have been on it? Did you have side effects? Did they improve? Thanks!
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