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Found 10 results

  1. When my psychiatrist quit, I had no idea. I was assigned another one, who will very likely leave me. It's one of those programs where the doctors are all residents. I walked in, and the lady at the desk told me the doctor left. Wasn't a big deal. I see the psychiatrist for meds. As long as the meds work, all she needs to do is write prescriptions. I do like that she's nice. So now my counselor quit and I only cry when I think about it. Five years. I had her before either psychiatrist. She closed the doors. No more patients. Doing her own thing now. That's awesome. She referred me to another whom she knows personally and met while working together. I'm sure because she's sure I'll be fine. But I was already perfectly fine and dandy, and didn't really see the need for her to leave and for me to see a new lady. What am I supposed to do? The appointment is scheduled. This woman is, as long as we get along, my new counselor. It's a whole new person I am supposed to trust off the bat, and confide in. I'm supposed to assume she knows what she's doing. We're starting on our third date here, and I'm the only one in the relationship freaking out. If you've done this before, what's the easiest way to start over? I know she's a different person, and it will be like starting from scratch for me. Old counselor sent her notes and talked about me. I'm going in blind and she is not, but it's not about her.... so, okay?
  2. I feel like doctors don't take me seriously anymore. They ignore my long-term, not as easily explained symptoms. One is my blurry vision. I mention it to a doctor/therapist/psychiatrist and they just sort of nod and then never mention it again. Despite the fact that it's the reason I don't get a driver's license, which makes it hard to find work in the field I studied in. And another problem is that I had symptoms that mimicked DID for a few years. They vanished, over a year ago, and no one except my therapist will even address it. And my therapist has a bunch of conflicting theories, one of which is REALLY insulting. And it seems to be the one she's grabbing onto right now, even though her earlier theories made a lot more sense. My therapist had been hoping the psychiatrist would help explain the DID symptoms, but he didn't even address them. It came up, part way through the diagnostic session, but he then dropped it and never brought it up again. I just want some answers... and it almost feels like if there isn't an easy one, they just pretend the problem doesn't exist. I know it's hard to diagnose something after the fact, but they could at least be more helpful. Like, I know my therapist is trying. I know she is. But I feel like she isn't really listening to me. Like, I'll explain why a theory doesn't make sense, and she just kind of nods and then repeats the same theory next session. She could at least refute my points This is like. One of the first times I've ever disagreed with her, too. Most of the time, I take her word as the truth. But this argument just makes no sense. I wasn't going to say exactly what she said, but it's really upsetting and maybe writing it here will help. So she basically said that I was inducing the symptoms as a way to fit in with my friends, who also have mental illnesses. Which makes no sense, because some symptoms appeared before I met them. Not to mention, some of THEIR symptoms didn't become apparent to me until AFTER the DID symptoms started. They then felt comfortable enough to open up to me. Also, I was terrified and ashamed of a lot of my symptoms, worrying that I was a burden. Doesn't that completely conflict with wanting to fit in? I don't know. It just really upsets me. I feel like people in the medical field have their own ideas, and will discount all evidence to be correct. I used to have a doctor who was OBSESSED with making me gain weight, to the point of messing me up pretty bad. Another who thought I had a disorder that caused me to mishear words, but I then learned that she had written a lot of papers on that disorder and was probably just wanting me to have it so she could study me. I don't know. I just. I'm so sick of doctors not trusting me. They all think I'm a liar, or a faker, or something. I just want someone to believe me. Sorry this rant is so emotional.
  3. I am unsure if I am posting in the right place, so I apologize if I am. I just got word two days ago that my psychiatrist is leaving the clinic that I go to, and that next week is his last week. When I asked the office staff where he was going, no one knew. This is really hard for me to deal with as I became emotionally attached to him. He only worked at the clinic that I go to for a little over a year. This is a huge shock to me. I was told that I would be put on a waiting list for the new psychiatrist who will be replacing him. I have trust issues and I am wary of seeing someone new; and this is really upsetting to me because I really trusted my pdoc. I am wondering, that if he is staying local if I am allowed to still see him? and how can I found out where he is going if his office staff won't tell me? will my insurance company know where he's going, or are there any other resources that could help me find out where he is going? A lot of things were left unanswered for me and I would really like some closure. I am having a very hard time dealing with him leaving, any advice is much appreciated.
  4. Both my SO and I are having sleeping problems, although both are very different and I'm almost certain they have different causes. Who would we go to for this? Would a general practitioner be able to help or should we go to a pdoc? Does it depend on the type of sleep problems perhaps? My sleeping problem is pretty straight forward. Until the past couple of months, I never had any problems sleeping other than sometimes having trouble falling asleep, which was normally because of my racing thoughts. Now, I'm waking up several times at night and having even more trouble falling asleep. It takes me an hour to fall asleep. I may wake up 1-4 times through the night, and almost every time I'm waking up from a dream or nightmare and can remember it vividly, indicating I woke up during REM sleep. Nothing woke me up either. I also often feel a lot of pressure on my head from being in a death coma like sleep to wide awake in seconds, that lasts for a minute. The last pdoc I saw was considering diagnosing me with PTSD because of a lot of red flags that i had, but decided I didn't quite meet the criteria. Perhaps this is part of me developing it, or just stress in general. My SO's sleeping problems are quite complicated. My best guess is this is due to him working 3rd shift. However, he has been doing that for several months, and his sleeping problems are newish and getting worse. He typically sleeps about 7-8 hours everyday, around the same time of day. When he firsts wakes up he says he felt like he hasn't slept at all, and he looks like it too, but I know he was because he was snoring for the past 8 hours straight, non-stop. He often falls back asleep instantly, but I'm guessing that's normal? I typically am pretty awake right off the bat so I'm not sure on that one. Also when he is waking up he can have a conversation with me, on topic, making eye contact, and sometimes start talking on a tangent about work. Later he will tell me he has no memory of the conversation even though he looked and acted wide awake. Sometimes he even gets up and goes into the next room and ten minutes later he tells me he doesn't remember walking into the room. Sleep walking?? Often, he falls asleep randomly. Yesterday, we were talking and the next thing I knew he was sitting up with his head completely drooped down, eyes closed, and starting to snore. I wake him up and he tells me he never fell asleep and that he isn't tired at all, nor does he act tired afterward. Pretty much everytime he is idol, he falls asleep. Even if he sleeps for 12 hours or only 4. He claims it to be from relaxation and that he isn't tired. Just randomly falls asleep when he is idol. Who should he see for this? It doesn't seem like he is function right. I read one of the pinned topics that suggested provigil for people who work 3rd shift. Is this over the counter or prescription? Who could prescribe it? Have any of you experienced something similiar? He also does not have any currenlty known MI. He has been diagnosed with insomnia before, but never in the entire time I have known him and lived with him, ever seen any undisturbed sleep, difficulty falling asleep, or difficulty staying asleep. He also says he used to be able to go a couple days with little to no sleep and function fine, then get 8 hours and be completely refreshed. This isn't so anymore.
  5. I wasn't 100% sure where to post this, but the man was treating me for my bipolar so it ended up here. I don't know how many people have had this experience, and I had honestly never considered it happening to me. My doc had put me on the "doing well" 6 month appointment list so I hadn't heard from him in a while. Two weeks ago I went in for my therapist appointment and learned he had been diagnosed with leukemia in March, just after I saw him, and had passed away in April. I was pretty inconsolable for while. He was the best psychiatrist I have ever had. He knew me and actually listened to my hormonal issues and was already ready to be flexible with my treatment. He was also just a cool guy. He was 83 (he looked 60 something) and I think I was his only patient under 40. Ever since finding out I feel kind of lost. I cried a lot the first day and still get pretty down. A part of me feels really stupid for being this upset, but his death is so unsettling. I'm also really anxious about having to find someone new. My therapist suggested someone and I will see him in July. I left my last psych because she couldn't tell me from any other of her patients without looking at her notes and was completely inflexible about my treatment plan. I worry I've been put back into the difficult search of finding a doc that clicks well with me. I guess I am just looking to process what happened and see if anyone else has been through this. I would love to hear how other people overcame an obstacle like this or even just thoughts on my situation. I am feeling very alone and a little scared.
  6. My psychiatrist will not have a proper conversation with me. It's like I go in, she yells at me a little bit, gives me my prescriptions and I'm out the door. I keep telling myself to go to a new doctor but then I resist as I am exhausted telling my story over and over again. I research a lot about my mental health conditions, which she does not like. When I tell about medications I've researched she asks me why I have done that. She told me I can not email her and it seems she only cares about money as shes the only psychiatrist who hasn't let me come in when I'm short of money (all my other one's would let me post date a check or pay the following month when necessary) I have also tried different dosages of my meds on my own judgment as well as meds not prescribed to me and have found better results but I don't know how to bring this up to her. She's very much about low dose of everything, even if it's not the correct dose. I don't even have a correct diagnosis. She just yells at me and I just let her and for some reason I keep going back for me. She doesn't that I educate myself with mental health issues but will not trust my judgment. She has also made so many prescription mistakes that have to be amended by the pharmacists. I don't know what to do, if I should find a new doctor, but that seems scary.
  7. Hi, everyone. I have had minor problems in the past with mild anxiety. Where I would just get a little nervous or what I call the "I feel like I am in the wrong place at the wrong time" moment which passes after a short amount of time. However, this seems to be entirely different. I can't eat, I am dizzy, I can't get my thoughts together, sounds bother me... I am fairly certain of the trigger-work related stress. My problem is as follows: 1. I called in sick on Friday because I was afraid that if I went in to work that I would lose it. 2. I am not sure why I didn't call my therapist, but it probably has to with the fact that she changed offices and I hate making phone calls to places I am not sure about. 3. My psychiatrist was out all Friday, so I couldn't speak with him. I am supposed to see him on Monday morning when I am supposed to be at work. 4. I am on 1 mg of Ativan as needed but used up all of them in the past 3 weeks so on my own with my anxiety symptoms. Right now I am not sure I can even set foot in the building for work. I am having problems just thinking about looking at the homework I am supposed to have graded by Monday. I really don't know what to do at this point. My DH is pretty understanding, but he thinks I am making a mountain out of a molehill. I probably am, but it doesn't help me feel better. Should I see my dr. first or try and brave work. I really am not sure about the latter. Help.
  8. Is anyone here a doctor or in school to be a doctor? I'm just starting out on doing my pre-med classes (finish my first one on thursday!) and i start full on in the fall. but as proud of and happy i am with this decision i've made, i still find myself embarrassed to tell people. i mean, on one hand i'm 28, married, with a kid, and have a degree in art and another in education (not exactly consistent), so i'm worried about judgement on that. but the more i get into school and prove i "still got it" (so to speak) the more i feel i can hold my own on that front. on the other hand, i'm bipolar. i don't have any doubt that i can do this. i know there's going to be a learning curve to managing my illness and getting through school, etc. but i'm afraid of the opinions of others. i actually just told my pdoc and he had to drag it out of my b/c he couldn't understand why i was taking all these math classes. i was terrified of telling him and my tdoc b/c i thought they might tell me that i should "reconsider" and that would crush me (they didn't though i'm still paranoid). my friends from home still don't know and my friends from here know (maybe) through me indirectly talking about it. my father-in-law just found out and the rest of my in-laws don't know (to be fair i tried to tell my mother-in-law and she told me that was unacceptable because we weren't allowed to leave this city and my husband had a career here and wanted to go to school, then promptly forgot i said anything. she's a gem.). just looking for some people who have been there, done that and how they handled both the practical side of being bipolar and studying to become/being a doctor and the judgement, if there was any. thank you.
  9. I went to a youth clinic the other day. I was honest, I was open, and I think I met some people who ACTUALLY want to help me. Tomorrow I see a doctor, and a week from tomorrow I get counselling. Finally steps forard. Finally moving towards something I think. I'm really really hopeful.
  10. I wasnt sure what to put this under so I hope putting this topic here is ok. I have been feeling very low...depressed, for months now and have relapsed into self harm, I now kinda hear a voice in my head it comes and goes. I was talking to a counsellor and they have sent the conversation to my gp, I think i should make an appointment with my gp but I dont know what to say, I'm scared that i will get sectioned. I think about hurting/killing myself alot and I cannot concentrate of school anymore. I have lost all enthusiasm to do anything and feel like the voice is trying to control me. I find this very painful. I went to the hospital last saturday night after a overdose and got seen by a psychiatrist there, they told me that they would pass this info onto my gp. So now I know that thats two lots of condemning info that my gp has. I really want help for how i feel, its destroying my life. I am literally watching every little detail of my life break down. I know that tomorrow, when my mum will make a "same day" appointment with my gp that I will struggle to walk through the front doors of the surgery. I dont know what to do!? How do I explain to my doctor how i feel without getting sectioned and instead getting help!? p.s. what kind of question will my doctor ask me tomorrow? Thanks. x
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