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Found 7 results

  1. Second post on crazy boards. In short I have tried many different classes of Ad's with little help. I am copying my maoi proposal to my pdoc below. I apologize for length, this proposal should cover everything. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been on Zoloft, Cymbalta, Strattera, Wellbutrin, remeron, fetzima, viibryd, deplin, Lamictal, Abilify, and Nuvigil with moderate to little help. Some boosts and stabilization here and there I will give credit for. Particularly Zoloft for anxiety, Cymbalta for uplifting feeling, Strattera short term for depression, Abilify possibly for irritation, and Nuvigil as a sort of stimulant with little to no crash. This being said my depression just feels very weighted, and dark. I can say for certain my depression has gotten much heavier and darker from 14 to 22. Both in a physical sense and in a mental sense. Suicidal ideations (not induced by medications.) have unfortunately become almost daily recently, now the act of suicide I would definitely be too scared to act out, but it's the thought process that scares me. Doing anything ranging from brushing my teeth to getting to work is more than just a chore, it's painful. My depression feels like a constant itch you cannot scratch, and over the years the itch has grown. My anxiety though not as severe as my Lethargy or depression is still very bad. My motivation is also very lacking in my life which is probably due to my depression. I find myself wanting to cry to get some relief but often cannot. I am getting increasingly tired of trying new meds without the benefit I need. I truly believe atleast 65% of my depression is biological and out of my control which is why I'm searching for a medicine that can allow me to more easily fulfill the other 35% or so treatable with cbt. Why I'm suggesting an irreversible maoi is for the following reasons. I believe have atypical depression sleepiness or excessive sleep, marked fatigue or weakness, moods that are strongly reactive to environmental circumstances, and feeling extremely sensitive to rejection. I have tried various classes of antidepressants and augmentations with little benefit My depression is extremely Lethargic/low energy. The maoi scare was overhyped I can follow dietary restrictions I could care less about sexual side effects or weight gain by this point in my life. Maoi’s are a powerful and underutilized tool in the psychiatric world. I understand the 2 week grace period that's required. Psychiatric times states that TCAs were found to be most effective in severe depression, especially with melancholic features. MAOIs, on the other hand, were more effective in less severe, chronic depression with prominent anxiety, without melancholic features, and often in the presence of reversed vegetative symptoms.35,36 *nardil had a change In formulation in 2003 so maybe parnate might be a better fit. User reports also show parnate might be more energizing than nardil. *Emsam might be good as is a topical patch with less diet complications. Would reboxetine be useful to take with an maoi? Can I still take abilify with an maoi? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have ruled out thyroid issues and sleep apnea with my internal medicine doctor. I am seeing him again August 6 2018 to see if there are any other reasons besides a biochemical deficit that can be causing my extreme fatigue and oversleeping. My question to you guys is if you have had success with maoi's where as other antidepressants have failed? Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post.
  2. Does anyone have suggestions for great add-on meds (even natural options) for the chronic dysthymia & anhedonia that remain after Major depression episodes have subsided? Trying another round of Abilify now and if this doesn't work, will go back to a stimulant (any stim suggestions?) I feel like I'm running out of options that work for this condition without giving me worse/intolerable side effects than the condition itself. I am completely mired in this, can't move forward, and it's debilitating. Unfortunately, after trying about 30 meds, and making many positive healthy lifestyle changes, turns out most meds make me worse and do not hit the target on the dysthymia.
  3. I'm struggling very hard this last month. I was diagnosed with dysthymia two years ago, and it's been something that I'm always fighting off as best I can. My life just fell apart recently, as my wife left me after a month of marriage, and took our son with her. She left me once before, 3 years ago, and the circumstances are the same. She is the most loving person I've met, but filled with guilt and anxiety, and during these break ups, her affect flattened, she loses all positive feelings for me, and sometimes there's this bubbling rage I can see under her mask-like face. Last time she left, she dated four people, got engaged to the third, left him in the middle of the night, then dated another guy before breaking a seven month silence with me. I had thought that she had BPD after learning about it. The most dangerous things about our relationship were that she would constantly scan me for rejection, and she'd bend over backwards to please me. I did all I could to try and keep her from compulsively becoming an extension of me. I knew it would eventually cause resentment. I spent a lot of energy doing this, catching her self imposed rules about me, and trying to encourage her to be herself, to enjoy what she wanted. I think this worked well, for the most part, but I can't read minds and she apparently couldn't talk about everything. We had a child 9 months ago, and got married on New Years eve. She had been working more, staying out more, and I generally had to take more and more care of our child. In February she started staying out all night, and on the second morning of one of these nights she said she didn't love me anymore, didn't like me, and didn't like being around me. No chance at working things out, and she had that detached look that I hadn't seen in years. The next night, she took our son out with her and didn't come home until 10am the next day. We were caught in a snowstorm together for about a day after, and the afternoon of the second day, she took a shower, got dressed up, and went on about playing in the snow. I told her to drop the pretense and just go do what she wanted. She left, and only came back for clothes, until two days later when she and her parents came and took out son and moved her things out. They went to her parent's house, 4 hours away by car. I don't own a vehicle, we shared hers, so I was stuck without transportation to visit him. I heard a rumor that when she took the child out, she had been doing coke with him in the other room crying. In the last three weeks, I've seen my son once. My wife has left our son at her parent's house, visiting 2 days out of the week if that. She could move in with her parents, but she's made excuses not to. She has cut off contact with me, only replying to one email that I sent her about my worries about her connection to our child and what she might be involved in. The reply sidestepped anything I wrote to tell me how much she resented me for various things. I feel like she's abandoned both of us. We co-slept. Our son slept between us nearly every night of his life. Now, they are both gone. I've had to move in with a relative, and I'm working hard to get a new place so I can have my son back. Time is passing so slowly. My wife is gone, like she died. My son is still a considerable distance away. I'm afraid that she's hurting herself. The last time we broke up, she engaged in some very risky and self destructive behaviors (she was a stripper, engaged in prostitution, upset someone badly enough to sabotage her car) and it seems like she's doing so again, only with drugs in the mix this time. I'm afraid that she's dangerous to our child. I'm afraid of being a single father. I'm trying not to think too hard on suicide, but sometimes things look so damned bleak.
  4. Hey to all, It's said that dysthymia is dealt with at the same rate as depression. I've been searching through a bunch of posts and it seems early onset is popular. Those who have longlasting depression or dysthymic symptoms, do you feel like you need a diagnosis for dysthymia? Or do you just run with it? I don't intend to really do anything like self-medicate without a proper Dx, it's more for my piece of mind. I'm currently on Wellbutrin for a bout of depression and my family doctor wants to wait. I suppose I'm impatient but a monumental part of my validation comes from my family I suppose and they constantly imply that I want to claim a mental illness to explain my hopelessness, lack of motivation and 'willingness to stay depressed'. Granted there's a dark looming terror of getting better blah blah blah but I feel a Dx would give me something tangible. Any takers? Thanks!
  5. Hello, my name is Simone. I've checked out this place a few times and I finally decided to make an account. I got out of inpatient a few months ago and I'm doing pretty good, but I do need support from time to time to keep me on track. This website seemed friendly and has a bit of a twisted sense of humor, which is awesome by me. I'm a member of some other support sites, but they are for specific problems and I needed a place that was more general because, like most people, I have more than one problem. I am diagnosed with Major Depression, Dysthymia, and Personality Disorder NOS. I struggle with severe self-harm and Trichotillomania- one reason I like online support groups, because I don't have to worry about people staring at me the entire time! Anyways, I love meeting new people and I am a great listener, so drop by to say hi if you would like Thanks for reading!
  6. Ok, so I just got a prescription filled for 20 mg of Citraprolam, also known as Celexa. I've been seeing a psychologist who diagnosed me with depression, particularly dysthymic disorder. I also have generalized anxiety and social phobia. I would just like to know what to expect when I start taking the meds. I know that it takes a month or so for it to really start working and that all SSRIs are different for different people. Please just tell me about the changes you experienced and also about side effects, particularly if you have taken or are taking Celexa. Thanks
  7. I'm looking for some advice. I've had a lot of experience with different antidepressants, and almost no success. I'm getting pretty tired of the whole trial-and-error process, and I'm not terribly confident in my doc's ability to prescribe the right thing, especially considering some special circumstances. Here's my history. I have been diagnosed with social anxiety and dysthymia. I've had both as long as I can remember. My first experience with taking antidepressants was Paxil when I was 16. This actually seemed to work well, cleared the anxiety and depression right up. I eventually tapered off the Paxil without any major withdrawal symptoms, but due to a significant life change my anxiety and depression came back. I tried using Paxil again, but I did not get any better (due to tachyphylaxis, I suppose). After that, I tried Celexa which made me feel irritable, like my muscles wouldn't stop tensing up, and like there was a gorilla sitting on my chest. After that I took Effexor, which all I can remember was the horrible withdrawal symptoms I had when I discontinued it. I was then put on Cymbalta, on which I felt very similar side effects to Celexa. Cymbalta had a hell of an awful withdrawal phase. I was also prescribed Buspirone and Wellbutrin with the Cymbalta, but neither had any effect. I later took Desipramine, which I do not remember feeling any better or worse under, and then a year later tried Lamictal, under which I again felt unbearable muscle tension, like a gorilla was on my chest, irritation etc. There's one more added wrinkle. I have reason to believe that I'm still experiencing post-SSRI sexual dysfunction, as I am unable to feel any sensation in my genitals. This has been the case off and on since I started taking Paxil in my teens. I've been trying to find a cure for this ever since. As you might suspect, I have a lot of reason to feel skeptical about taking any medication, but I worry that unless I try something I'll never get my anxiety and depression licked. My doctor has suggested Viibryd, but since it is an SSRI I am worried it will contribute to my sexual problems (I have heard it is without sexual side effects, but I've heard that before). It seems to me that the remaining option is to take an MAOI, but I am hesitant because a) I don't want to waste a lot of money on another something that might not work, and b) I am still worried that another antidepressant will make my sexual dysfunction worse. So, since my doc is willing to discuss options with me, I'm wondering if anyone here has any suggestions, i.e. if any of the stuff I've described throws up any red flags for something that might work, or if I should try the Viibryd, ask for an MAOI, or even push for ECT. I'm really considering any option at this moment. Even starting exercise.
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