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Found 8 results

  1. I need some energy, some motivation, some good manic voodoo. Why cant i have that without losing my damn fool mind.? Hasnt anyone looked at that? Why must I be either lazy and lethargic or 90mph? Im always tired, always fatigued. I need to know how to get my mojo going WITHOUT my kookoo taging along every time. I cant believe nobody has studied this.
  2. I was recently put on Cymbalta 30mg for the depression side of my bipolar. Although it's starting to help with my depression, I see no improvement in energy. In fact, every single medication that I've been placed on to combat depression has not helped much with my energy levels. So, all I resort to is coffee and I can't stand coffee. It works, but sometimes I feel a little overstimulated. I've tried stimulants before, but they just made me go nuts. I've done some research on energy supplements, but I've found studies that show that herbs interfere with psychotropic medications and are not recommended. Are there any safe energy supplements, ones without herbs or are just safe to take that you may heard of or tried? Or am I completely out of luck? Any suggestions would help. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I have bipolar 1 disorder and have been struggling with mental blocks, anxiety and motivation/energy issues. Whenever I want to do an activity, especially writing and drawing, I just cannot seem to be able to do it. It's not like I don't have the capabilities, but to conjure up creative ideas and to organize my thoughts are just the most difficult things in the world. I have a lot of anxiety too and I take meds for them, but I still feel at my worst almost every single day. I deal with this issue the most when I'm off from work, because I spend most of my time at home trying to figure out ways of being productive other than being at work. After 7-8 years of figuring out what types of meds work for me, I still find myself facing this same problem. It's ironic though, because when I'm at work, I'm fine. When I'm home, I'm a slug in bed or up just smoking cigarettes to distract me from hell for the next 5 minutes... It's sad. PS. These issues also translate through my academic life, I lost energy and focus so quickly that I withdraw or fail the class almost immediately. I've dropped like 5-6 classes in the span of my entire college career and defaulted my final thesis course. I have a fear of academics because of the issues that I'm facing and they're not allowing me to move forward in any category of my life. I feel stuck everyday! I don't know if anyone else deals with productivity issues, motivation/energy issues or mental blocks, but if there are any of you out there who do can you please help me? And are there any energy supplements that are safe to use with psychotropic medications?
  4. I was recently prescribed Strattera 60mg to help with concentration and a little with motivation. Well, I still find myself struggling with productivity and motivation every single day. A typical day looks like this: I wake up, I take Strattera and Lithium in the AM. I stay in bed for about an hour mainly to let the Strattera kick in. Unfortunately, I still feel tired, nonfunctional and unmotivated all throughout the rest of the day. Lithium only helps with my moods, so I don't expect it to do anymore. But it takes me all day to finally take a shower and sometimes I don't! If I am productive, I work part-time because it's all I can handle right now, so I'm home the majority of the time. So, working 4-5x/week is kind of a struggle because of the mornings but I need an income of a sort. My evenings are fairly bording, unproductive and mostly spent at home with my family. I usually can't wait until the night comes so that I can just take the rest of my cocktail and go to bed. There's nothing active or fun or worthwhile in between this time period. It's all mostly spent suffering over my condition. This has been a 6 year battle. Is anyone facing anything similar to this? If so, how do you deal with it? I need a solution to feeling better!
  5. Since my mood has improved, I've been having problems with boredom. I get bored easily, yet I don't have the energy to do anything about it. Does anyone else have this problem? How do you cope with it?
  6. Hi Everyone, So, I was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder and ADHD in 2011 and ever since then, I have lost control over my ability to stay mentally and physically energized or fully concentrated. I have switched medications several times with both diagnoses and the medications below are what seem to be the most effective for now. However, they still do not hit the spot in terms of energy. Everything else, they do. Even on Vyvanse, I still can't concentrate. I can sit down to start doing my homework and within 5-10 minutes, I am up doing something else and I'm not without feeling frustrated with myself. This is my 6th year in college for all that bipolar and ADHD have put me through and I'm taking my last and final class for the second time. I was a great student with great grades at first, but I've lost complete and utter control and it makes me feel incapable and unsuccessful as a student and person. When I wake up everyday, I feel groggy, unmotivated and just all around tired and fatigued and this lasts throughout the day. I can't even work myself up to take a shower unless I do take Vyvanse to give me a small jolt for the remainder of the day. My favorite activities like piano, biking and drawing have all gone out the door. And every time I go to the doctor, my medication treatment is just never good enough, which creates this unwanted negative attitude streak. I am not a person of negativity because I know that these conditions have suppressed the real person that I am. My doctor suggested Provigil and I've heard a some positive things about it, but wasn't sure if my insurance covered it, hence the Vyvanse. I'm willing to try it, but I don't know whether it's long term or short term or if it can be use long term. It's an impossible journey I must say and I have no idea where to go from here. So, I'm looking for some help in every area I can use. Has anyone ever gone through anything similar or can relate to this? What were your remedies and has anyone else tried or is on Provigil? If you have, please tell me what your thoughts are on the medication.
  7. Hey guys, OK so I was just wondering how do you people get energy? I have a hard time taking stimulants so I am trying to avoid that. Is there anything I could take , like from CVS, Walgreens, or Target? To give me energy? Thanks for the info!
  8. Right then this is my first post about my personal issues so I'm not entirely sure where to start but I'll do my best to sum things up. I may ramble quite a bit... I am currently not sure what to do with myself, every route I've taken has either dissapointed me or completely ignored me. I have had mental health issues from a very young age (6 or 7) ,noticeable symptoms of an anxiety disorder manifested at around this age and as I got closer to puberty these symptoms became more and more severe. Accompanying these symptoms at the beginning of my teens was the onset of Depression. Up until the age of 15 I was able to function in an inhibited capacity attending school half the time and rarely leaving my house due to depression and low energy. During these years (I am currently 18) I have seen multiple psychologists, psychiatrists and medical professionals. I have spoken about my issues, tried countless types of medication, had blood tests, ultrasounds, ekg's and sleep studies. In the last few years I have essentially been unable to function most days getting out of bed is a task let alone doing anything productive with my life... I have slowly lost contact with my friends my family loath my current state and there seems to be nothing I can do about it. Exercise, medication, medical advice all of which recommended by medical professionals has done nothing to ease or halt my symptoms. Any advice would be greatly appreciated I know I need to do something I simply have no idea what. If anyone has had similar issues it would even be nice just to talk to someone about this as nobody I know has any idea what I'm talking about which I suppose makes sense if you have not experienced something yourself you can only really guess what a person is feelling. Tiredone (original I know)
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