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Found 24 results

  1. Has anyone (without a clinical thyroid disorder) tried Cytomel and had benefit with depression & fatigue? It seems most docs are resistant to trying it due to the possible heart/ bone density side effects. Even when it comes to thyroid disorders, There are some circles that disagree with the TSH lab ranges (what is "acceptable") and that TSH may not be good indicator of thyroid function for everyone anyway... I know T3 is rarely prescribed (even for ppl with thyroid issues). But I also read that in a few studies, folks with treatment-resistant depression (with no thyroid issues) can also benefit from using T3 as an add-on or "booster".
  2. Anyone been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome? I feel like maybe my symptoms are not due to depression. I do not want to start more meds because they don't solve the root problem. My mood is stable. Symptoms: I lay in bed for hours, everything is draining, exhausting despite sleeping 10+ hours every night....Brain Fog....Moving Slow like I'm carrying lead.....Dry eye syndrome (I have RX for this)....Dry itchy skin (I have RX lotion for this)...Cold feet.....Low Blood pressure..... I want to pursue other medical tests to rule out other causes. Tests so far: Thyroid + antibodies (normal) Vitamin D & Folate (normal after supplementation) Iron (normal- but slightly low end) Nutrition (I eat protein daily, healthy diet, avoid sugar) I know I need to exercise again, but lately due to this lethargy I am really struggling to even shower and cook... it's totally debilitating. My GP suggested maybe a Sleep test (although I don't snore in sleep). I will be getting some Cardio function tests. I'm ordering a sun lamp. is there anything else I could get checked out?
  3. I'm sorry if this question is redundant.... @notloki I know you're knowledgeable here. I've been getting very inconsistent effects from Ritalin. I recently increased my dosage, because I was experiencing more fatigue afternoons and having to nap. I take 20mg (extended in morning, before I get up), then I take 10mg (extended) after lunch. Pdoc said I could take 10mgIR no later than 3pm if needed. I'm compliant with this routine. Dose 40 minutes before getting up, same exact breakfast every morning: oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, nuts, coffee. Yesterday, I felt pretty good and energetic in the morning (both mentally and physically). Then today, I feel focused..yet, (sort of zombie-dazed staring at screen), incredibly drowsy/tired and apathetic, like I really need to nap. I get plenty of sleep every night. Is there a reason this is happening? Seems doses effect me differently all the time. I prefer extended because the IR (while it hits more noticeably) I feel more intense energy crash and can become moody...Note: Pdoc will not let me change until I hit the max (60mg), and other stimulants (even Adderall) are either extremely hard or impossible to get prescribed here.
  4. Never been a morning person, but getting up is becoming more a problem. I read about "Sleep Inertia" when you wake up during REM cycle and then feel intensely groggy, foggy (like drunk) when you get up. For me this state lasts over an hour. Is this a (too much) Melatonin thing? I sleep like a log through the night. I've experimented with my routine, 8-10 hours, and regardless, I get this groggy drunk feeling every morning when I get up, even after coffee and meds. It takes forever to wear off! Anyone know a cheap sleep tracker? I probably oversleep, but regardless 8 or 10 hours, I feel this way. I set my alarm across the room and usually snooze a couple times because it is literally impossible for me to get up.
  5. Hi all, just wanted to know if any other Mirapex users out there have experienced periods of severe jetlag-level physical exhaustion with muscular weakness? I was having no side effects on 0.25mg, then 0.5mg and so went to 0.75mg and BOOM. The following day I literally couldn't leave bed, open my eyes, move - the works until about mid afternoon. Interestingly my mood wasn't too bad during the exhausted period, it was just those very intense side effects. Anyone else experienced this? Did you just go back down in dose and stay at that lower dose for longer before trying to go back up, or did you just say "OK, that's obviously too much for me, I'm sticking at the lower dose"? Any insight or advice appreciated. Best of luck to all, Pete
  6. Speech in general has always been a little bit of an issue for me. I did see a speech pathologist in the past but I was about 12 and didn't care much to benefit from it then. Just for the record, I have always noticed that my speech is much sharper when I'm not taking antipsychotic medications. Strangely enough, I seem to speak the most clearly right before I have a relapse and I am becoming manic. Almost every antipsychotic I have taken has had a negative reaction on my speech but never as much as the most recent, Fanapt. I was recently switched from Latuda 20mg to Fanapt 6mg (once daily) to suppress akathisia. At first everything seemed fine and the akathisia which was a longtime battle of mine was tapering down just slightly on the Fanapt. Then a few weeks settle in and I start feeling like I've been hit by an 18-wheeler upon waking up and just overall sedated and "spaced out". I am forgetting things, mostly short-term memory loss. A few days ago I went into a retail pharmacy to buy a few specific things, walked inside the sliding doors and completely forgot what I walked inside for a few second, although I did ultimately remember a few minutes later. Not just this but I also seem to have developed blurred vision and can absolutely not drive or operate a vehicle on this medication. Additionally my speech is completely shot and disorganized almost half the time. My speech patterns at times are almost like someone who is borderline cognitively impaired yet my IQ is in the 101-109 range (I am average). I'm forgetting words that once came easily to me and have to scan my brain hard for them, sometimes for over 10 minutes. Usually I know what I want to say but it either doesn't come out right or I just can't get it out in words. It's extremely frustrating and it's causing depression and I've threatened suicide to family and friends yet backed off that is how bad its become. I just want my ability to speak normally to be returned to me. I am coming off the Fanapt but would like to be given some suggestions as to what steps I should take to rehabilitate my speech and what medications are not disabling for someone's speech or what medications could counteract disorganized speech. My current psychiatrist is unsympathetic and doesn't care. And my initial question is can Fanapt cause a speech impediment?
  7. I have been taking my meds like I am supposed to and they do help. But for some reason, the only thing that really does the trick right now is coffee. It ups my mood, makes depression go away. It makes fatigue go away. I read a study that found that bipolar patients that drank coffee had a decreased chance of suicide compared to those that dont drink coffee. Why does coffee make me feel so good but other people it just gives them more energy? I'm ordering a mug off amazon that says "RX: Coffee." Thought it would be fitting,
  8. Hey all. First time poster. I'm currently not on any other medication. I'm 24 and after a long bout with lyme disease, I have been left with this really bad fatigue and increased anxiety and depression. So 3 days ago I started Wellbutrin XL 300 mg generic (I have no idea why she started me on such a high dose) Aside from the emotional ups and downs and irritability the constant has been I FEEL SO F****** TIRED! Like way worse than before I started. Absolutely depleted. Will this get better? Because fatigue is one of the primary reasons why i'm taking it, and nothings more depressing than feeling like the med that's supposed to help with that is making everything worse. I haven't had any honeymoon period to speak of, just straight up sleepy all day, which is funny because I was told to take it in the morning to avoid insomnia. Anyway has any one had this in the beginning and than it went away? Or is this just a bad sign....I'm thinking if I don't feel anything beneficial and the same daytime tiredness after 7 days I'm calling my doctor. What do you guys think? Hope this doesn't last.... Thanks!
  9. Hello, After some really unsettling stuff and suicidal ideation, I came off of Luvox and Wellbutrin XL under care of my psychiatrist. I hadn’t been on the Luvox very long and my last dose was Jan 3rd. I had been on Wellbutrin XL 300mg for 4+ years and tapered off with my last dose on Jan 12th. Again, I am under a doctor’s care and have regular appointments to check-in, but she wasn’t able to give much information about some weird possible side effects or any time time other than “it should hopefully get better soon.” After the luvox, I had nausea and other intense GI symptoms, but they kind of reared their ugly head and then faded. Possibly because I was on it for so long, but I’m really struggling coming off the Wellbutrin which I though was supposed to have less withdrawal. Last week at the peak of feeling bad, I couldn’t even go into work. I had intense migraines, vertigo, and nausea, spent two days pretty much in bed just trying not to move with a sleep mask on. I also had acute joint pain, not 100% sure that it was caused by discontinuing the meds but the timeline fits, felt like I had aged 20 years overnight with pain in my hands (couldn’t open jars), feet, and knees. Now I’m more than a week out and still with near continuous nausea and dizziness, headaches better than the raging migraines but still there on and off. I also feel like I am just uncomfortable all the time, just feel disconnected like my body is in the way of itself if that makes sense, trouble falling asleep no matter how tired I am because nothing is comfortable. I also felt really weak over the weekend, just couldn’t do normal activities like I had no strength and then was fatigued. My doctor said that since some antidepressants are used to treat fibromyalgia (something I’ve never had before), people can get rebound fibromyalgia symptoms when they discontinue them? Please share your experiences. How long will this last? I feel better mentally, no more intrusive thoughts and so much less foggy, but feel too crappy physically to do much - so frustrating! The headaches, nausea, and dizziness I’m not too surprised about, just really hoping they go away. The weakness and ashiness and just constant discomfort, that was not expected. I keep thinking it’s not the meds, but not sure what else could have changed to bring on such a seemingly drastic change in how I feel physically. What the heck is going on with that? Has anyone else had that happen? When did it finally go away and was there anything you found that helped in the meantime? Again, I am seeing my psychiatrist but I'm concerned about all this because I'm struggling with these symptoms at work (missed days and trouble getting through long shifts) and especially as a mother to a young son. Please help - thanks!!!
  10. Hi all, I've done a search but I'm just wondering if there any active users of this who can tell me what they experienced from it when first starting it? Mine is the "prolonged release" 150mg version. I've tried the usual SSRIs, SNRIs, Tricyclics, Remeron, etc. I've been med free for some time now but struggling to cope so Wellbutrin is my next stop... it is actually an off-label use in my country but I understand it is one of the more commonly used medications for depression other countries. What can I expect?
  11. I take Nuvigil for fatigue first thing in the morning and Klonopin for anxiety soon after, but I'm trying to find out if anyone had advice on good timing for taking these two. Nuvigil usually takes about an hour for first feelings of effect, and I take with food (or I get bad stomach gurgles). I haven't quite figured out the best timing for them to both work at their best (w/o) interfering too much. And advice on dosage is welcome too. I take lower doses than prescribed to maintain more of a hold on how the medicine is working (and potential negative side effects).
  12. So I haven't been around for a while, mostly because I've been feeling better and trying to straighten my life out. I've adjusted to hearing voices/sounds, and I can ignore them for the most part and go on with my life. It's taken over six months, but I've accepted that I'm stuck with them (and probably Abilify) for forever or something. The Abilify helps. I'm on 15mg. I barely hear them (just a few times a day), but I'm still dealing with a lot of dissociation, which isn't too bad, I guess... But... I'm EXHAUSTED. Like, all the time. I sleep through my alarm clock on a regular basis even when I have like 10 hours of sleep. My shrinky dink switched my Abilify to night time after two weeks of zombie status, shaking, etc., so it's not the Abilify (anymore). I haven't showered in weeks, tbh. I hate doing housework and am getting in fights with my husband all the time about it. He's so frustrated with me, he can't take it, and neither can I. I go to work, go home, and I just want to go back to bed. I'm maxed out on my Effexor- apparently I can't go higher than 375. Abilify boosts Effexor, so I really shouldn't be depressed (I guess?), but it's creeping in. The past week has been really hard. I feel like crying most of the time, and my anxiety is at the point where I threw up in public THREE TIMES on the way to work today. Yesterday, I tried to hide in part of the building at work where I could cry and no one would find me, but someone found me. Of course. Ugh. I started thinking about suicide again after not having it cross my mind in months, and that's really scary. I don't want to go back to curling up in a ball and crying for like four hours. I can't deal with that. It's too hard to resist doing something to myself, whether its self-harm or something else. I'm literally afraid of myself when I'm in that state. I saw a therapist (for the first time since I was a teenager!) for about a month until a couple weeks ago when she decided that I have enough positive coping mechanisms and don't need to see her anymore. I was feeling okay at that point, so I haven't made another appointment with her. The sixth and final time I saw her, she literally asked me why I was seeing her. I was like, "I would like to not hear voices anymore, or at least be okay with it, or figure out if they're going to go away or stick around?" She just said my shrinky dink should probably up my Abilify, and said bye. So, if I'm taking all my meds like I'm supposed to, and I'm following the therapist's instructions, WHY OH WHY am I dealing with this depression and exhaustion? It's not situational. I don't understand it. :/ Is this as good as it gets?
  13. Hi Everyone, So, I was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder and ADHD in 2011 and ever since then, I have lost control over my ability to stay mentally and physically energized or fully concentrated. I have switched medications several times with both diagnoses and the medications below are what seem to be the most effective for now. However, they still do not hit the spot in terms of energy. Everything else, they do. Even on Vyvanse, I still can't concentrate. I can sit down to start doing my homework and within 5-10 minutes, I am up doing something else and I'm not without feeling frustrated with myself. This is my 6th year in college for all that bipolar and ADHD have put me through and I'm taking my last and final class for the second time. I was a great student with great grades at first, but I've lost complete and utter control and it makes me feel incapable and unsuccessful as a student and person. When I wake up everyday, I feel groggy, unmotivated and just all around tired and fatigued and this lasts throughout the day. I can't even work myself up to take a shower unless I do take Vyvanse to give me a small jolt for the remainder of the day. My favorite activities like piano, biking and drawing have all gone out the door. And every time I go to the doctor, my medication treatment is just never good enough, which creates this unwanted negative attitude streak. I am not a person of negativity because I know that these conditions have suppressed the real person that I am. My doctor suggested Provigil and I've heard a some positive things about it, but wasn't sure if my insurance covered it, hence the Vyvanse. I'm willing to try it, but I don't know whether it's long term or short term or if it can be use long term. It's an impossible journey I must say and I have no idea where to go from here. So, I'm looking for some help in every area I can use. Has anyone ever gone through anything similar or can relate to this? What were your remedies and has anyone else tried or is on Provigil? If you have, please tell me what your thoughts are on the medication.
  14. Hi, I have been on several antidepressants and have yet to find the right one or combination. What I am looking for is an anti-depressant that will give me energy and motivation and a desire to socialize again (instead of simply laying in bed all day). However, a major problem I suffer from is high anxiety and have heard that many 'energizing' antidepressants can increase anxiety. Therefore, I am also looking for something that will help with my anxiety but not make me feel tired all day. An aside- I am also prescribed concerta for ADD but even that fails to keep me up with certain medications. Medications I have tried in the past: -effexor- did not find it to be particularly effective -remeron- thought this helped my depression when I was at my lowest but it made me way too tired throughout the day -brintellix- I felt like it was helping but I started to experience too many side effects with extreme itching and rashes - wellbutrin- dr. prescribed this as an add-on with the brintellix- seems to work ok as an add-on but not alone - cymbalta- started taking this (along with the wellbutrin) about 4 weeks ago (2 weeks at 20 mg, 2 weeks at 40 mg). Initially I was really hopeful because I felt like it was helping with my anxiety but for the past week I have felt extremely exhausted all day (even with the wellbutrin and concerta) So does anyone have any suggestions?? I am starting to get really, really discouraged and would appreciate any input. Also, I am willing to start trying some TCAs so if anyone has had any positive results or suggestions about TCAs I would be interested to hear them. Thank you so much for any suggestions or input. It is greatly appreciated.
  15. Something I've always been curious about. Shouldn't the norepinephrine reuptake feature be stimulating? It seems like drugs such as Effexor get more complaints of severe fatigue than SSRI'S
  16. Does anyone else feel hostility and irritability towards people? I have social anxiety anyway but this feels different, I literally feel like everyone is a fucking moron who has been put on this earth to make my life more difficult. I feel on edge, restless and really angry about loud noises, being touched or having anyone in my personal space bubble, etc. The one person who I was getting on well with is now starting to piss me off and I'm seriously thinking about just cutting them off, even though this isn't logical at all. At the moment I generally feel flat and unable to concentrate or enjoy anything.. The fatigue has returned along with the aches and pains which isn't helping. I assume this is a sign of worsening depression? I have a pdoc appointment next month but I hold little hope they can offer me anything anyway and I'm not sure how to explain all of this to them either. Ativan is the only thing that helps take the edge off at the moment but obviously you can't go popping Benzos all day every day.
  17. In the last four months I've moved from a Vyvanse/Adderall pairing, which was gradually making me more and more anxious, as well as leaving my heart constantly pounding, to a Concerta/Ritalin pairing. While I find the effects of Concerta and Ritalin far more smooth, I'm having almost the opposite problem with these stimulants than the prior ones. Fatigue. At first I thought I was simply sleepy, but when I'd lay down to -try- and sleep, I'd just lay there in a dozing lull. Increasing the dose helped somewhat, however this is still a symptom that annoys me. Feedback? Anyone? Bueller?
  18. So I feel like my latest anti-depressasnt has been doing something since I started it about 7.5 months ago. I've had less severe down days and suicidal thoughts recently. However I feel completely 'meh', like I cannot get happy or excited about anything, despite the fact that I am now getting out the house more and have achieved some significant goals. For example I did well in some exams and I just feel no joy or pleasure at all. I started going to the gym again and picked up an old hobby, but I just feel like they aren't enjoyable, even though I know it is something I know I enjoy, IYSWIM? I guess I feel a bit flat and emotionally blunted, like I have a depression still but the associated suicidal thoughts have died down a bit. I don't know if there is a term for that? Is this likely to be the antidepressant or just the depression itself? I feel I'm out of options here, my family doctor doesn't want to send me to a pdoc but we have tried so many antidepressants already I don't know what is next. Plus I'm scared of going to pdoc incase they take me off the one thing that does help (ativan) or try to put me on AAP. Any replies and shared experiences would be really appreciated right now. thanks for reading
  19. Not sure if this is the appropriate forum or not but here goes.. My baseline mood has been 'crap' for a long time and I can just about function to a certain extent. But then I get dips where I have 3/4/5/etc days where everything is absolutely terrible; suicidal, tearful, barely able to function, physically feeling like I've been involved in a boxing match or something, etc. However, following those dips I often get a few good days where I have hopes and plans for the future, feel motivated and have less pain, more energy, I feel I can think clearer and start being more logical rather than pessimistic all the time. But then quite rapidly things go back to baseline. I've just been through one of these phases and it is quite frustrating because I felt awful for the best part of 2 weeks, very minor SH for the first time in 10+ years, tearful, suicidal and so on. Then all of a sudden and for no apparent reason at the weekend I started to feel better and now after 3.5 good days I can feel myself dipping again. The frustrating thing is when I have the good days I always think 'wow, maybe things are/can get better'...... this never happens of course. Plus I never seem to get enough 'good days' to keep on top of my studies or follow through any long term plans. Does anyone else get similar mood swings with their depression? And what about physical symptoms like muscle aches, fatigue, pain, etc? I'm treated by my family doctor; no Pdoc or Tdoc. I'm trying to access therapy but keep being rejected (socialised system). I'm wondering if maybe I need to insist on seeing a Pdoc for some kind of mood stablizer or perhaps that is overkill?
  20. This week I was prescribed Ritalin (generic) 10mg 2x a day by my dr. I just started taking it today and I have noticed that it helps me quite a bit, especially in concentration and motivation, but it literally only lasts about 2 to 2 1/2 hours and then I begin to feel like I just finished running a marathon and cannot take another step. This goes away after I take the second dose and it kicks in but because it only lasts a few hours I end up tired and fatigued by around 12 or 1pm. Is this something that is normal or is there something I can do to combat this? I did a little research and thought maybe something extended release might help but I have no insurance and I think that might be expensive. Will things kind of smooth out after I've taken the medicine for a few days or is this an all the time thing? Thanks a bunch in advance!
  21. But I'm not talking medication-related fatigue here. Sorry about that. So... fatigue is said to affect a significant portion of clinically depressed people. But what is it like? How is it different from normal exertion-related fatigue, or, say, the fatigue caused by flu? I'd very much appreciate any first-hand account of that. Is there anybody here for whom the fatigue (apart from sleepiness) is accompanied by somewhat flu-like physical sensations? Dull full-body muscle aches? Mild headaches? Generally, anyone who has a prominent physical component to their fatigue (unrelated to medication)? Or do all these things sound just too weird? Also, does depression-related fatigue translate to exercise intolerance for you? Does exercise tend to aggravate your tiredness, or is it the contrary? Regardless of all of the above, also, how disabling is it comparing to the other aspects of your illness? How does it respond to treatment? I'm asking all of this because it all holds for me, and it has always seemed very weird. Abrupt onset, muscle aches, headaches, burning eyes (the hell, really?), exercise intolerance, worsening condition due to exercise... It was the first symptom to appear, and probably still the most disabling one. Doctors (including psychiatrists, of course) always tell me that it's part of the depression, if they choose to diagnose me with it at all. The latest fringe theory to personally reach me was that it's schizophrenia all the way down (lack of actual psychosis notwithstanding) and that "the fatigue is a negative symptom". But the unmistakable lack of first-hand accounts of anything similar makes me suspicious. Also, the fact that I've gone for long periods of normal mood still accompanied by strong fatigue of the aforementioned kind... But, again, according to this, that's normal. I've obviously considered chronic fatigue syndrome, but I lack what has recently been outlined as the main symptom of it, that is, the "crashes" – the so-called "post-exertional neuroimmune exhaustion". And... okay, I'll stop here. I've already digressed too much.
  22. I'm nearly into my 3rd calendar year of study, but because I switched to part-time study due to various issues by the end of July 2014 I will have only completed 160/360 credits required to graduate with the degree.... i.e. less than half way through. I've discovered I can just about cope with 80 credits per academic year so in an ideal world I will be taking another 3 years to complete. I don't love the subject and every lecture a grind. The social anxiety makes labs and seminars virtually impossible and because of that my attendance is so poor they are threatening to kick me out. I have made absolutely 0 friends or even acquaintances on the course and I'm dreading next year when more group work is required. I cannot see myself working in the field this degree will qualify me for; then again I feel so shit and useless at the moment I can't see myself ever working anywhere. The Christmas holiday period has been disappointing as I've completed about 1/3 of the work I had hoped to (fatigue, lack of motivation, etc) and I REALLY needed to spend time catching up in some areas. Now the term start date is looming and I find myself thinking "what is the fucking point..." However despite all of that I have put a lot of time in and my grades are very good. Before I returned to studying I was long term unemployed and if I drop out of this I will be back to the same situation as I can't see myself being able to get (or cope with) a job right now. So I basically feel trapped as this studying isn't what I want to be doing but there are no other real options right now and doing something is better than nothing? Anyone in a similar situation?
  23. The last week or so, I've been sleeping 16+ hours a day and am extremely lethargic and weak when I am awake. I've also noticed that drinking alcohol just makes me feel completely crappy and tired physically but appears to have no intoxicating effect. My morning coffee also does zero for me now. Don't worry - I'm not planning on quitting my meds anytime soon because of any of these things, in fact the alcohol effect might be helpful, but I've taken all of these meds in combinations or in different dosages before and don't remember the alcohol/caffeine thing, so I'm very curious as to what it may be. Right now, I'm on Lamictal 100 mg, Cymbalta 30 mg, Buspar 20 mg 2x/day. I've been on the Lamictal for about a month, but went from 50 mg to 100 mg about a week ago - the same time I started the Cymbalta and Buspar. My diagnoses are Bipolar II, GAD, PTSD, and ADD. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!
  24. Okay, so I registered for this forum mainly to post about this topic again, hopefully to get some advice and support on a definitely real side effect from this medication. Prior to being put on Lamictal I had been on a few different things, the major players being combinations of Wellbutrin, Celexa, Serequel, Zoloft, Xanax, Clonazepam, Dilantin and various others that I can not remember. I can not be the only one that gets a bit frustrated with the entire "try this one...it might work, maybe....uh what other meds do I have you on again? Yeah, something with a z in it, or an e...how are those working out? Try this new yellow one with the 6 syllable name, I just screwed their pharm rep and that was good, so I am sure this will work for you." In the beginning it worked!, or I placebo'd it to work. It seems like the 25mg, 50mg and 100mg were working great for me, but my pdoc insisted that I go up to 200mg as this is what he believed to be the correct therapeutic dose for me. I didn't put up much of a fight since I had not noticed the weight gain or appetite issues. If I remember right (which is very very rare lately due to the clonazepam, lamictal or something) I began feeling really fatigued and without appetite about 2-3 days after the dose increase. I just attributed this to my brain and body dealing with the change. My appetite woke back up with ferocity around 3-4 days after the increase. The problem is my appetite seemed to steadily increase without any signs of slowing. This happened through the entire 30 day supply of 200mg. At this point (two weeks ago) I tapered myself down to 100mg thinking that the appetite of destruction would end. Nope, not yet at least. So what do I want to eat now? What do you have? I never had much of a sweet tooth, but now I am sure I could eat an entire container of frosting if it were placed in front of me. I couldn't be bothered to buy any myself because that would require me to get off my newly acquired FAT ASS and drive to the store. Then I suppose I would have to push the button to lock the doors and walk ALL the way to the front door of the market. Next I would have to push that heavy cart FILLED mostly with sugar or things that metabolize into sugar to the huge line at the register, swipe my card, sign... Just imagining that entire journey makes me tired and in need of a snack. The idea of not going to the grocery store when you are hungry being completely lost on me since I am now perpetually starving. This is not a dramatization despite how dramatic I may be about the subject. I seriously could eat all day and it doesn't seem to correlate AT ALL in dosage times, it is the same taken at night or taken in the morning, and to my horror did NOT decrease with the dosage. It feels as if a switch was triggered that can not be shut off. I also notice I am eating much faster. I am finishing my plate and looking for seconds before anyone else is finished, not like me at all. I have gained probably around 20-30 pounds and my fatigue is extreme. I am not sure if the fatigue is another side effect of the Lamictal or if it is caused by my horrible diet. I can't even tell when what started and when it got worse exactly, but the dosage increase made clear what was to blame. Lamictal IS DEFINITELY causing weight gain and fatigue for me. Please don't respond telling me how it is weight neutral, or your pdoc said it does not cause weight gain. I suppose you can go ahead and give nutritional advice but I seriously doubt that I would follow it since this beastly insatiable hunger that I now possess seems to be def to any of that nonsense... You could say that I also seem to have lost a bit of self control. I used to have no problem eating moderately healthy and going to the gym. Since this medication I keep paying my gym dues and telling myself I will go tomorrow. I keep telling myself that I will stop eating this trash tomorrow, but it's always the day after tomorrow and I am always disappointed in myself. I will admit that Lamictal does work on manic/depressed episodes, I really don't feel any extreme ups or downs and I have not had any seizures since then. I haven't had too much suicidal ideation either unless you count the thought of how fat and lazy I have become and soon will come to promote those thoughts. The point I am trying to make throughout this rant and tongue-in-cheek storytelling is that I can not find one other reason for these symptoms. I am a 33 year old man, not a hormonal woman that is going through menopause as another thread here seemed to explore. It has not seemed to go away when the dose is cut in half, and I am really tired of feeling this way. I am definitely coming off this medication no matter what the outcome unless someone can suggest a way around it. I am open to adding a minor medication to help with this and not come off it entirely. To be fair to the drug and in an effort to truly explore this (perhaps it will help someone like me that likes the helpful effects but not the other side effects). I am going to continue a slow block taper and decrease from 100 to 75 to 50 to 25mg with at least two weeks at each step down. I will post my progress as the decrease might be dose relative for someone else. I suppose since it takes a month to build in your system it could take as long to show signs of reduced side effects? Any ideas? Again I feel sure this medication is causing my sugar cravings, weight gain, and lethargy. I am trying to fix it instead of dumping it completely since it does work as a mood stabilizer for me and I would like any ideas as to what could stop these effects. I am probably just one of the few unlucky ones that get this rare side-effect, like the few that get horrible rashes. I really hope this might also serve as another example that this is a real thing. I have come across dozens of threads with dozens of people claiming the same side effects yet without fail someone posts that it can NOT be the Lamictal as their pdoc said it couldn't, or the reported side-effect list does not support this claim. As everyone on these meds knows each drug affects each individual in unique and unpredictable ways. I am really tired of finding drugs that work great for my main problems but cause an equally proportionate nasty side effect. Am I being unreasonable?
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