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Found 1 result

  1. First of all I would like to open this post with a warm hello! Also, I would like people to post their theories and their beliefs and rebuttals they may have. If we can try to do it without becoming mean or condescending that would preferable. I am always open to these topics and won't condemn or say you are wrong. Atheists are welcome, I love hearing scientific theories as well as scientific facts that support theories or are generally accepted as truth. There might be some who will be offended that I will be labeling God as a He, I have many theories about gender with the idea of God but for passages sake I will be using He. As an example, I have a theory that God might be all genders (Genesis 1:27) Above is an example of how I am going to have some Bible verses in this post. I will state my theories behind biblical passages, if you have other books that have spiritual teachings, please post the reference, name of book, and your stance with it. I will get a copy of that material because I research these topics constantly. My question is: If God is all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere how can there be free will? My theory is that we were made is His image(Genesis 1:26-27). We have a soul, spirit, and flesh. God has three aspects that we know of. God could be the considered the soul, the seat of emotions. There are a lot of passages that claim that God is jealous, wrathful and compassionate, and is the embodiment of love(I believe love is the full spectrum of emotions) when God acts/reacts He expels that emotion to it's greatest severity. The Holy Spirit, who is mentioned all over scripture. Which is the power of God and interacts with this timeline directly, His emotions are something driving that power, so if He is wrathful, it will be extreme. The Savior, Isaiah prophesied His coming and salvation, it is generally accepted by some denominations of believers that Jesus fits Isaiah's description of the Savior. Jesus was a person who is made flesh. That would be God's flesh. Since, God Himself has free will. We are in His image. Therefore we have free will. There is a Bible verse that kinda debates that theory, still contemplating that. (Isaiah 55: 8-9) I believe He set things in motion (coinciding with evolution) there was a Bible teacher who knew his stuff, he did a topic on creation. Through that I learned that the word day is misinterpreted, it is actually an old Hebrew word that actually means, 'an undetermined period of time'. So, it says that there is the day and night, then it says that it took an undetermined period of time to complete it's creation (Genesis 1:1-5) We were created from the Earth sculpted from it's elements, which could be the best way to describe the process of creation with old Hebrew. Which means, He is responsible for the process still, but it took an undetermined amount of time. It could have been day and night for 1,000,000 years. We are bound by time, so we have evovled into His masterpiece. (Ephesians 2:10) or still evolving. I believe we are the ones who shape our will and we ultimately decide our choices. I believe God comes in and out if our timeline. Since He is infinite He has already seen the outcome and can implement His will on the timeline to alter the possible outcome. This would be instantaneous He would already know the outcome of it because He willed it, however He only does this in key parts of scripture. With everything else He let's us decide, and He sees that in the timeline as well. That is how He is omniscient (All knowing). An example of it is the prophets. God let His spirit fall on them and give them glances into the future and heavenly wisdom that turned the heart of David. They are used to implement God's will. Saying He is there at thay very moment using His spirit to move on the Earth and impose His will. The Bible verse that says I'm not willing that any would perish but come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9) That implies we ultimately decide our fate. The new Testament has the verse about how we should pray and it says 'thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.' Meaning His will is followed in heaven with no deviation, but on Earth our will is our fate. So that prayer invites God's will to be done here through people, who are empowered by the Holy Spirit. So God's will is in several key places in scripture, and it has an underlying theme, turn to Him and be received by God. But, we do not have to follow His will. We ultimately shape our destiny and with the freedom to follow our own will. That is how I answer that question.
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