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Found 13 results

  1. http://shop.adamjk.com/products That's the link to an artist's shop. Adamjk. He has some funny pins like one that says "calm down/cheer up". And as everyone here knows, it's really helpful when someone tells you that!? Anyway, it made me laugh and maybe it will make someone here laugh,too.
  2. Thought everyone would get a kick out of this.. nerdcore. I couldn't find an official video, only live.. Obey the moderator!
  3. Ok.. So, we all know there is no creative type of mind that compares to those of us fighting our way through the colossal lemons life often throws our way. So here's our chance to collectively hone that gift and make some delicious lemonade to share for those who may need a laugh today. Jeff Foxworthy made his name with one simple line.. "You might be a redneck if.." Let's modify that. You might be mentally ill if.. Here are the only rules. Have fun. Be respectful. Enjoy. I will start with a couple to set the mood.
  4. So I've got anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. My husband is one of the most anxious people I've ever met. So today we decided to run some errands and we were going to take his car. I needed to grab something out of my truck. I locked the truck, then locked it again when I got in my husband's car. It makes a beep sound and the lights flash when I press lock on my key fob. My husband then asked if I was sure the truck was locked. I said yes...then I think so, and I hit lock on my keychain again. I heard the beep and said that it was definitely locked. My husband throws the car in reverse and says,"But I didn't hear it lock and I also didn't see the lights flash." He stops and locks my truck one more time. It's amazing we are able to get anywhere!
  5. Post away... Post ur fav funny pics and memes
  6. hi, well umm dunno really how to start this i'm 39 i have depression and suicidal tendencies, I have recently been discharged from a 6 week stay in a hospital after another ( 3 tries all in) suicide attempt , so decided either someone or something is stopping my dying or i must be really crap at suicide. Not sure if this is the time or place for gallows humour but i tried to jump off a multi storey car park got one leg over the railing and had a panic attack so there i am stuck between a rock and hard place with on leg either side of barrier and the police trying to both talk me out of ending it and then being brave enough to move so i wasnt out on a ledge anymore. I have suffered from sexual and physical abuse as a child leading to a downward spiral in to addictions with both drink an drugs and hear command voices that tell me to self harm or mock me for being a loser , a coward and are generally abuse me and make me feel worthless. On a happier note to end it as of January 1st I have been sober and clean for 2 months
  7. Here are some funny flow charts on the web I found about skipping class. Had to share. Actually some semi-good advice... But I recommend going to class when possible. Because yaknow. Here's a link to another one that for the life of me will not work to get in here: http://www.collegehumor.com/post/6469581/flowchart-can-you-skip-class-today Enjoy!
  8. I love comedian Maria Bamford. Some depression-related quotes from her: "If you stay alive for no reason at all, please do it for spite." "I've never really thought of myself as depressed so much as I am paralyzed by hope." The Now Show (2006) "My therapist says I'm afraid of success. I guess I could understand that, because after all, fulfilling my potential would REALLY cut into my sitting-around time..." James Fritz: "At 32 I really shouldn't feel THIS proud of myself for doing laundry and making it to a movie on time. All in one day!" Patton Oswalt: "A month with no Prozac: my depression was like a happy puppy running through my body… 'PUT ON YOUR BATHROBE FOR 8 DAYS STRAIGHT!' Ok, depression. I know I haven't done this in a while. Does this feel better? 'WATCH THE PRINCESS BRIDE 11 TIMES IN A ROW'… Oh, depression. This is the best day you've ever had." Chelsea Peretti: "Depression: I just heard the faucet drip and was like 'I know'."
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on0bAfbLALQ
  10. Political correctness? Well, maybe it's just me. My currently non-medicated brain, or my insomnia WTF or even my very free/gypsy/rolling stone personality, I just not sure why political correctness sometimes just make me go "really?". Yeah, it can help in situations but sometimes it goes too far, to where you cant even voice a freedom of opinion without "offending the wrong person". But this thread isnt exactly about political anything. Instead, I dedicate this thread to the funny, sometimes offensive, shit people put out there. And it's not to piss people off, its just to make people say "WTF??" and laugh at the earth and the people in it. Here is some of what I found today on the internet... WARNING: some of these pictures, phrases and names WILL be offensive! source: http://www.businessadministration.org/blog/advertising-so-bad-it-s-funny-pics And in the past several days I was on the internet, and by FAR the most innapropriate name for a company would be a cmpany who sells doggie wheelchairs, and their catchphrase is "Life doesn't have to be a Drag for Handicapped Pets". And if you are ever feeling in a giddy mood, maybe perhaps youre as sleep deprived as I am, just check out Amazons Offensive list! You make em' we tag em!
  11. I am not a parent, more so in the sense I do not have my own offspring, and no legal custody. However, I am the main support system of my soon-to-be 2 year old nephew Chunka, both financially and supportively. Chunka has sensory and major hyperactivity problems that are still being recorded and sifted out to either be diagnosed or just "let be" depending on what is going on. Chunka is a lot like his Nani (me) at his age. I was on spdbloggernetwork.com looking through blogs, and I found this titled "AN ALTERNATIVE SPD LEXICON". I read on, and oh how it related to me. And giggle a bit. And I have been reading here that a lot of people have children on the spectrum, like my Chunka, and I wanted to share this with you.
  12. http://notalwaysrelated.com/you-shall-not-pass-my-firewall/25692 The best way to handle telemarketers. And probably get you name removed from their list for life.
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