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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, Have any of you had or have read of gabapentin being of use as an adjunctive therapy for people with treatment resistant depression/anxiety/bipolar? I have been doing research and some sources say it helps, others say there is no strong clinical proof. I think a lot of the conflicting reports I have seen has to do with it simply not being studied en mass. Any advice/experiences regarding this? If so, what was your dosing? Thank you! troop
  2. Hi guys, So I'm withdrawing from Gabapentin 900 mg. I'm down to 300 mg every second day. About a month and a half ago I tried going from 300 every day to 300 every second day - skipping a dose every other day. At first it went just fine, but then at the second week mark i started getting really depressed and began crying all the time. I then went back up to 300 every day and I started feeling better again. Two weeks ago i went back down to 300 mg every other day, and again the first week was fine, but now I am experiencing the same thing all over again. So - I know this is a popular question - but is this just withdrawal or is it a relapse? I am not otherwise experiencing any other symptoms. Has any of you gone through gabapentin/neurontin withdrawal? And has anyone else experienced this pattern? I am taking it for bipolar disorder NOS and anxiety, but it hasn't really helped that much. I am also on Mirtazapine and Depakote
  3. Has anyone else experienced gabapentin withdrawal? I have been taking it for several months at 2x 100mg daily and 300mg nightly. I stopped taking it because I thought it wasn't doing anything for my anxiety. I felt great for a few days, sleeping better, brain less foggy, but after that I started getting anxiety, depression, headaches, body pain, nausea, irritability. I started taking the 2x 100mg daily again trying to taper down, but still feeling the withdrawal. I'm wondering how long this will last, and how I will get off it.
  4. Hi, I am hyper sensitive to meds and am being treated for vestibular migraine. My neurologist said I can start with 100mgs of Gaba at night or break in half 300mg tablet of Gralise (Gaba ER). He is one of the top, well-renowned doctors that treats my migraine spectrum, so at first I did not question his option of breaking Gralise in half. However, after viewing the manufacturer's video on how it is processed, I am a little concerned (safety, processing, absorbtion, etc.) about this method. He does titrate patients up on Effexor by counting the beads, preferably using the brand version, and is creative with other ER versions of drugs. BUT, still apprehensive. Has anyone tried Gralise, broken it in half and/or could suggest a best course (Gralise 300/half or Gaba 100) given the circumstances? Thanks - C
  5. Sorry to keep going on about side effects, I just want to know. Has anyone had substantial (diffuse, all over perhaps) hair loss from any of the AED's, that upon quitting that medication, eventually that hair loss reversed and it regrew? I know it sounds vain, and hair isn't everything to most people... but can it grow back - its diffuse loss for me right now. I am male, just turned 30. I don't have a recession or if I do its very mild. My hair had loss before, but it was controlled - and was due to Adderall just being on that a couple days actually (as strange as that may sound). BUT being on lamotrigine, years later - my hair no longer looks good, and is straw like and very thin. I had 80% of my hair and it looked amazing, as I started with a thick full head of hair. You could see expanded part lines and such when I had the incident on Adderall. ANd then I switched to Dexedrine eventually and used some Spironolactone cream at nights, to prevent shedding. When off Dexedrine I barely shed. Same with other meds. Dexedrine was less bad than Adderall. So that was my mid to late 20's hair and medication wise. And in the last winter till April, I really tried to "get used" to the side effects of Lamictal, but I couldn't. I liked it and it did make me feel more resilient and grounded and calm and less depressed - but it simply wasn't good for me to have the side effects. They were affecting my self-esteem. I've been off of it since April 22 I think, and I hope hair regrows. I am now on Finasteride - and have been since January, but am taking a small break from that and then restarting it at a micro dose (as they have similar DHT inhibition anyways, and hopefully I can reduce side effects). I didn't even realize that I was losing hair on Lamotrigine, until at least a few weeks later or a month or so. I was more concerned with the death rash, and the other side effects. EDIT: This is really disheartening... I guess it doesn't often reverse with Lamictal? I've read studies showing it's rare.
  6. Hi, I'm new here and hoping one of you can help me out. I've taken Lamictal, 400 mg (max dose) for about 8 years. We added on Neurontin just 4 months ago ( 200 mg). 3 weeks ago I started itching. All over- even between my fingers. No rash but heat makes it worse. I've eliminated all obvious causes - lotions, shampoos, detergent, dryer sheets..so on. I've never been allergic to anything in my life (47). My Dr wants to titrate me off the meds, starting with the Neurontin. Last resort. Has anyone here had a reaction after being on a med for a long time ?
  7. Hi there. I'm a male, late twenties. I was diagnosed (correctly) with ADHD a few years ago. I take dexedrine on and off (mostly on during school or work - but I take breaks). Many years ago I was prescribed Effexor XR (eventually Seroquel, Zoloft). I didn't realize at the time but (first time) I eventually became seriously Manic, and destroyed everything around me. That was my second year of university. That and untreated ADHD, and a lot of other bad things (that made me have to leave the country) happened - and it was really bad. I was dx G.A.D. then and later swore off all psyche meds ever. I got a lot better in some ways. Lost 30lb I gained, got better in sobriety, worked my ass off... BUT it was a major struggle. And quitting alcohol, later drugs, and smoking, and trying to piece together my life, and force myself not to be depressed/anxious - did not work. ADHD meds later helped with motivation, etc, but it was kind of late. I recently (1.2years ago or so) saw someone who is one of the "experts" on Bipolar Disorder Research, in North America. He diagnosed me or "strongly suspects" me of having Bipolar II. I got a prescription from my regular Pdoc for lamotrigine (that other expert is hard to see and is a research doc/lecturer mostly I think). It was the generic. I was scared to try it and waited 9 months. I gave up after a month due to swelling/ bloating. That was September. Now I tried Brand name (GSK) and I think its better, its been 17 or so days. But I may quit - for the same reasons and dry/irritated eyes. I'm very serious about fitness/ lifting weights and the bloat is sabotaging me there. And I really need a job and to apply myself to get into grad school sooner than later. I feel anxiety decreased dramatically and there are antidepressant effects in lamictal. And perhaps that and dex are a great combo... but I worry about side-effects and the fact that lamotrigine binds to melanin. My eyes felt like they were burning day 16-17 at times. I had "red -pen marks/ scratchy" like rashes a few days in week 2 on 25mg... But they just occurred a couple hours after taking the medication (around 10pm every night). This is probably the first medication or substance besides (alcohol, cocaine, original first time use of dexedrine/adderall) that "lifts" my depression. I wonder can I switch to something like Gabapentin? Is gabapentin good enough as a "mood leveler"? I usually can go out with people and be very fun to be around, for a while - but then I'm back on my own again. Like I did improv, was very funny, outgoing at different times in my teens and twenties --- but sustaining any relationships are HARD/ impossible for me. Agitation, impulsivity, anxiety, depression all seem to be reduced on Lamictal... Is there anything else that can do this and blend well with adhd meds? I don't think I need any cocktail of meds like those often prescribed for Bipolar I. My therapist (PhD -psychology), and pdoc (Psychiatrist) see me more as ADHD. But, that serious depression is something they don't really see. At 16 I thought it was anxiety, then at 18-19 I treated that, ruined everything around 20-21... And rebuilt my life, the next 4-5 years. I was happy to be 40-50% functional on ADHD meds, but it doesn't seem enough. I will not go back on anything like Effexor... but maybe Wellbutrin or Gabapentin will help. Any insight into this? Thanks for reading. Using only ADHD meds in my last university courses seemed to have helped -- but sometimes I was awake 3-4 days. This is kind of how I was during high school finals, job applications, two different universities - even without ADHD meds. BUT at least instead of taking lots of coffee and missing tests/ etc... I was alright. Getting B's and B+ on classes I hated at a school I hated... So that was OK, but now I'm off into the real world and need something more fast. I also think clearer, and such on lamictal. But it makes me fall asleep very late -- 9-10am... and while I sleep 8-9hours, its at the wrong time!!!!! I am planning a major surgery, deciding for or against law school, and getting more work experience in this year. TL,DR: -I am ADHD and Bipolar II (more time spent in depression). -Lamictal seemed to be better as an antidepressant than I've ever experienced. I used generic 30days and brand name now 17 days. -I'd like to quit and find something better, with less side effects. I'd like it not to mess with my ADHD treatment.
  8. So have heard good things about pregablin for gabapentin for social anxiety I have also heard buspar is useful. I don't like to go the antispychotic route but I have heard some new meds are helpful as an add-on to an antidepressant. Like rexulti. This is just an idea as I don't want to pop a benzo everytime things get a little rough and I am just looking for an alternative where I can very little to no benzos. What are your experiences.
  9. Which generic is my safest bet for Gabapentin? Here are the manufacturers Walreens can order for Gabapentin: Amneal Camber Teva Apotex Activis Major
  10. Hi, all. I've just been diagnosed with shingles. Not really painful so far (one week into the rash), although it's hard telling because i have chronic muscle/soft tissue pain, and I hurt a lot anyway. I have more or less lifelong problems with depression and anxiety (I'm 55), and I struggle fairly often against suicidal thoughts, but I'm not taking any meds for depression or anxiety. I thought the last thing on earth I needed was post-herpetic neuralgia, a painful condition that can follow shingles and last for months or years with no cure. My doctor suggested I start gabapentin now for pain, but when I read some of the side effects, I thought that maybe the last thing I need is to risk having my depression or anxiety worsened or to have anything pushing me more toward suicidal ideation. I'm also very leery of anything that might be hard to get off of. My apologies if I'm breaking protocol or otherwise being annoying. Any insights appreciated.
  11. Could taking Neurontin for extended periods of time actually cause neuropathy or nerve pain? I took 1800 mg per day for a couple of years off label for anxiety. Then a couple of years ago my doctor decided to wean me off Neurontin to try other things as I was having too many side effects. Ever since then I have had a lot of weakness/numbness and weird pain in my thighs, along with mild twitching, and burning pain in my lower legs like there's ants crawling around inside me. I never had any problems like this prior to taking it and it only started when I stopped taking it. It's been over a year since I got off it completely and the symptoms only continue to worsen. Could I have induced this condition taking neurontin off label like that and by stopping it my brain overreacted or something strange like that? It did cause significant edema when I was on it. Could that have put pressure on my nerves?
  12. Hey guys I'm relatively new here. I've been on many different medications and med combinations in the past. So just curious if any of you have ever been on a cocktail similar to mine. So far it has worked wonders. I've been on this combination for months. The weight gain from the remeron was hard to deal with, but eating better and exercise helped that, and the munchies I got from it became less and less over time. I'm on Propranolol instant release 80mg 3 times a day (I used to take this 3 times a day, but now have weaned myself down to once a day when needed. The whole idea of taking a 'heart medication' still sketches me out. But apparently propranolol has a low side effect profile, I think? Lol) Gabepentin 300mg 3 times a day (however my doc for some reason gives me a monthly script of 270 300mg pills) Remeron 30mg at night Effexor ER 150mg in the Am ( apparently the combo of effexor and remeron is called 'California rocket fuel') A little bit about me. I have depression and generalized anxiety, and currently being tested for possible bipolar disorder. I have had severe substance abuse issues in the past so I have to go the non narcotic route.
  13. I took appx. 800mg of gabapentin tonight (PRN for anxiety, not a good night) and I have the killer munchies. Anxiety is gone, but I feel all wired up and so not ready for sleep. I'm eating my weight in pasta and I'm so not happy about it. I have some issues with keeping food in my stomach long enough to digest it, but I don't feel the urge to purge on gaba, which is unfortunate bc damn these calories. TL;DR does gabapentin cause the munchies, or am I just hungry because it's 1:30am and I have nothing better to do with my time than eat and hang out in the chat room?
  14. I was fairly recently put on gabapentin for seizures, akasthesia (restless legs) and other fun uncontrollable body movements. Of course this medicine makes me feel like the walking dead until I drink an entire Starbucks worth of espresso and I'm ok. The doc recently upped my dose because I was starting to get breakthrough symptoms and I swear to god that's what hell feels like. After the upped dosage I started to get violent SI. Nothing actionable but very disturbing imagery. I also feel like I'm crawling out of my skin again. Has anybody had this experience and lived to tell? Any suggestions. I can't even go lie down in my bed because the torment will start again. HELP! Nikki
  15. Hi all, I had been on Gabapentin for years for anxiety/panic disorder and it was amazing. I was able to do things that I hadn't done in years, my PAs went from all day long to like once in 3 months. I am also an alcoholic and stupidly quit taking the Gabapentin when I recently relapsed. I've again quit drinking and am restarting the Gabapentin. Right now I'm only taking 100mg 2xday and the side effects suck so bad. I can't think straight, I'm having anxiety, dizziness, nausea, etc. I can't remember how long these side effects lasted before and I want to know if anyone else has been on Gabapentin and your experiences with it. I know this is supposed to pass once I get used to it but it sucks soooooo badly right now. Just looking for some camaraderie here I guess. Thanks PP
  16. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but since I am asking about the effect of an AC, it seemed this would be the right place. My neurologist actually had a good idea, and noticed that I hadn't been on gabapentin for a decade. Gabapentin definitely worked for a while, but began to poop out. Still, I think it worked for about two years. Anyway, I am supposed to titrate up to 1800mg with a rise of 300mg every 3 days, if I could tolerate that. I actually am stalling a raise because I think I need another day or two to "master" the side effects from the higher dose, I am *really* sedated. I remember that will pass. But the interesting thing is, as soon as I started on it, my head started getting better. At 300 mg! It has improved with every rise. Right now, my last rise was 3 days ago to 1200mg, and I hadn't had a migraine for 5 days until today. But even then, I took an imitrex (and a nap), and am totally fine, as if nothing had happened. Could 1200mg of gabapentin be therapeutic for migraine? My neuro said if I noticed a big improvement at a lower dose, I should stop there for a while, so I am going to do that. But I realized I have *no* idea what is considered a typical dose for treating migraine (or seizures for that matter). Anyone?
  17. I really don't have a clue what's going on with the gabapentin but all I know is that my quality of life is better with it than without any meds. I have bi-polar with irritable mania almost daily, then I also have aspergers (or PDD-NOS, haven't been officially diagnosed but I'm on the spectrum for sure). I found this case report about it - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3000199/ But here is what happened to me. I have always been miserable. I'm not looking for pity, just explaining the situation. With the aspergers I've always been a "loner". I'm 30 now and I have no friends, and no job. I get by on SSI/Medicaid from the bi-polar causing mayhem in my life. I was barely hanging on and really at the verge of death about 8 months ago. Then I had a bi-lateral neuropathy due to a genetic disorder that weakened the sheath of my nerves and the way I slept on my side cause "limp wrist" and both of the tops of my forearms to go completely dead making my hands useless. Then the intense pain started. I got on 900mg of gabapentin. I remember feeling like that neruopathy was the best thing that ever happened to me for some reason (didn't know I had aspergers at the time). Basically before, I'm 95% irritable manic with the racing thoughts that leads into terror panic attack loops. Sometimes I fear I am in actual hell. Then my mind seems to just snap and shut down and I go very depressed and do not want to do anything but sleep, and even in sleep I'm haunted by constant nightmares. So with the gabapentin, it knocks out the depression, and oddly increases the mania to 24/7 basically, but it's closer to hypomania than irritable mania. I feel better. I feel more productive. But I feel like I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum, instead of talking too little to people socially, now I talk too much! I don't want to be annoying. I am seeing a psychiatrist in a month or so when I can get an appointment now that I got the Medicaid and can afford to go. I just wanted to share this because in a way it saved my life in a very strange way. But I think things can be better. I don't want to be hypomanic all the time even if it does make me be able to be social and more productive and happy. I also want to be calm sometimes, be stable, have normal sleep, be able to read books. Not be hypomanic all the time, but I would hate to lose the hypomania all together! So I don't know what to do but I hope the psychiatrist will. And in the time I have before my appointment I want to research all I can and find other experiences so I can have information to take to my new doctor. It's so crazy. My arms shutting down really saved my life. After my arms got mostly better I got off the gabapentin and went right back into that horrid state of irritable panic and mania loops into madness. I found out I had a refill left and it's like a miracle all over again. I don't know if this is the answer, or even part of the answer. But I know I would not make it much longer in my former state, but I can make it like this. But I do want to be more stable. Maybe use the gabapentin for ridding depression when it hits and when I go in public for the Aspergers, then take my clonazepam (or go to ativan again) for when I ever have panic attacks (but maybe Seroquel could stabelize that, I have no clue). There's my story I appreciate any comments! JQ
  18. I've had various stomach problems since I went back on lithium, and the problems have increased with each additional med. Mostly, everything is much better now, but I have to make sure to take my nightime meds with food and/or milk or I end up having a very acidic stomach. Sometimes, it gets so acidic, I can feel it kind of sloshing up my esophagus (or I imagine it is) and the pain is almost unbearable. The upper part of my stomach burns and contracts like crazy, and the aforementioned sloshing feeling happens with each contraction. For the next day or two, it all feels burnt inside, and my stomach feels kind of full, like I ate a lot (even if I haven't eaten). It hurts when I eat. Ugh. It's really horrible, and it makes tossing back that hand full of pills kind of scary, since this happens sometimes even if I eat with the meds. It also makes me feel sorry for myself, which is so frickin' lame-o. My pdoc told me I need to see my gdoc, to make sure it's not gastric reflux or something else, because apparently it can cause scarring of the gastroesophageal junction (yay anatomy class). Gah. It's always something. Anyway, I am seeing my gdoc on Monday, but I'm hoping you all might have some ideas about juggling med cocktails with gastric cocktails. BTW, I love Adderall. I've been meaning to post about this since last summer, but it took getting a little brain organization before I finally did it.
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