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Found 11 results

  1. Latuda has gone generic, but it's not available in pharmacies yet. Does anyone have any idea when it will be available in pharmacies? I'm seriously considering switching to it when I see my pdoc either 2 weeks from now, or, if I can, bump up my appointment to next week, and if it will be available in pharmacies by then, I'd like to be prescribed Latuda. But if it's still brand-name only by then, I can't afford the $636 copay even with the even with the copay coupon which only covers up to only a certain amount.
  2. Has anyone taken Mylan brand generic Zonegran? I'm curious as to whether it's more effective than other generic brands. They're violet and white capsules. So far I've tried Camber and Glenmark and they don't seem to be that effective. I asked my pharmacy about ordering Mylan brand Zonegran at my pharmacy, but they said my insurance wouldn't pay for all of it and that they would have to charge me for the remainder of the cost not covered by my insurance. I would be willing to pay for it depending on, (1) how much extra it would be and, (2) if it's actually more efficacious than the other brands. The only problem is it's back ordered until some time in September. But I was just going to get some input in advance to see whether it'd be worth paying extra for it. Any other input about any other generic brands would also be welcome! Thanks in advance for any responses!
  3. I'm making the transition to all generic because on my insurance the brand is exorbitantly priced. My Dr. submitted a form requesting they cover brand but to no avail. I have already switched my Wellbutrin 150mg XL to the generic several days ago and so far I haven't turned into newt. LOL Soon I will be switching to generic Prozac and Abilify. My biggest concern is that generic Abilify will have some funky side effects I cannot deal with. I'm only on 7mg. Does anyone have any experience with the generic form of Abilify? Any other advice is welcome.
  4. I've been prescribed amitriptyline to take at night for my depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and pain. I see it has been out for a long time. Does anyone know if there are any particular generic manufacturers that are better than others for this med? I ask because on several other meds in the past I could notice a significant difference from certain generic drug makers, especially with paxil, effexor, and klonopin. I know its supposed to be "therapeutically equivalent" but they can definitely vary. Thank you.
  5. I've been on a benzo as part of my cocktail for a long time, and I've noticed quite a difference between some generic manufacturers. I was recently switched to oxazepam and the pharmacy carries Sandoz and Actavis. Does anyone have an opinion on the quality of these 2 companies when it comes to benzos or oxazepam in particular? I've noticed in the past the one company that I feel doesn't hardly work at all is Mylan.
  6. I'm wondering if anyone here has felt a noticeable difference between the Glaxo-Smith Kline Lamictal and the Sandos brand (which is a generic?) My doctor said that they have the same bio-availability, only tiny difference is in the coating...He said the only issue he's seen is if you have been on a particular one for a long time and then switch. I am still titrating up around 75mg now (took GSK brand for a month), and the pharmacy gave me the Sandos brand this time. Has anyone here been on both brands & experienced any ill-effects from switching?
  7. I just started switching to the brand name Lamictal ODT from generic, and I'm having some odd experiences. I want to see if anyone has had a similar experience or has heard of something like it. I'm not sure if what I'm noticing is from the ODT vs tablet, from the brand name vs generic, both, or something unrelated. I'm having some stuff that I remember from titrating up: really strange and vivid dreams (not normal) that I can remember for the rest of the day after becoming fully awake (also not normal); sometimes restlessness that is sometimes very activity specific (right now I want to write); sometimes extreme fatigue, grogginess, and exhaustion; feeling like everything is sort of off, out of place, or strange; more distractability and difficulty focusing than usual. In general, I also feel much less depressed, and like I'm possibly skirting around the edge of a mixed state or mild hypomania. I also noticed that the first two doses of ODT I've taken have been activating for me, and that I was also a bit activated after taking the last generic tablet in between those doses. I experienced activation after taking Lamotrigine during titration but not at other times. This feels a bit like titrating up but not completely. I can't think of any other things that have changed significantly or could cause all of these things besides a medication change. I can't think of anything that would cause the changes in my dreams besides a medication change. Neither can my girlfriend. What I'm not experiencing that I remember from titration is being so completely exhausted, distractible, etc that I had to cancel everything I could for at least the first week. For context: I'm on 100 mg once a day. I've been taking it at night, but if it continues to be activating I will change that. I was using Dr. Reddys. I switched because I now need to take ODT instead of tablets due to an allergy to an inactive ingredient that is in all tablet forms currently on the market. Today is Tuesday. I took generic tablets until Friday night, took non-generic ODT on Saturday night bc of nausea, took my last generic tablet on Sunday night, and took non-generic ODT Monday night. I will be taking ODT from now on, and non-generic for at least the next 90 days. I may not always take the GlaxoSmithKline Lamictal, as I've heard that some companies have recently gotten approval to start manufacturing generic Lamotrigine ODT. I have one of those insurance companies that forces you to use generic and also puts Lamictal ODT in their highest priced tier. If I want, I am pretty sure my pdoc will do a "brand name is medically necessary" letter, and I doubt my insurance company would deny it. My copays are astronomically higher now, but if there is reason to think that both it being ODT and brand name are making a difference, I have no problem with that. I'm not sure yet if I would want to bother trying generic again if my insurance company doesn't make me. Has anyone experienced stronger effects when taking ODT instead of tablets? Or when taking name brand Lamictal instead of generic?
  8. I've been taking zyprexa for awhile and I noticed that between the Generic Teva version and the generic apotex version, there is a difference in the antidepressant effect I feel from Zyprexa. Has anyone else noticed differences in the generic versions or even when compared to brand name? I noticed that the apotex version I was more happier. I also noticed more cardiac side effects from the apotex one. Also, has anyone tried the AB(aurobindo) Prasco one? and how is it? Has anyone noticed antidepressant effects differing in their versions of Zyprexa?
  9. Which generic is my safest bet for Gabapentin? Here are the manufacturers Walreens can order for Gabapentin: Amneal Camber Teva Apotex Activis Major
  10. Apparently Buspar no longer comes in brand name, which generic(s) is best for trying out to see if the medication is useful/worth taking? I'm in the USA; any help is much appreciated! These appear to be the current manufacturers: Ethex Par Zydus Major Pharmaceuticals Inc. Strides Arcolab Limited Accord Healthcare Inc. Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc. Watson Teva Mylan
  11. I got my refill of my mirtazapine 45 mg the other day and my pharmacy had switched to the generic made by apotex which I had never tried before. It is in the manufacturers bottle, and when I open it it smells like really strong chemicals, kind of like paint or something. I know sometimes meds can have a unique smell but this is really potent, and of all the meds I've been on all these years, including all the other makers of mirtazapine, I've never smelled anything like this before. I also don't seem to be responding to the apotex brand, as I've woken up at least once each night which has never happened with any other makers of mirtazapine. My appetite isn't as strong either. Should I be concerned about the toxic smell?
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