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Found 2 results

  1. Oh my god, I've found My People. Hi, crazy boards. This is my first post. I've been a picker since my early teens - due to Hashimoto's and general Bad Genes™ I've always had dark, coarse wiskers grow on my chin and neck - not like beard level, but enough that if I didn't pluck I'd definitely look like I was fighting a case of mange. I was always always ALWAYS picked on by schoolmates because I had bad teenage acne, which was worse because my hands were always on my chin feeling for the slightest indication of a dreaded hair poking out. If I felt something I would dig my face bloody with my nails, or later with tweezers. Now, in my 30's, I've dug little pits into my face to try and get at the 'root' of the problem (ha...) My mother always scolded me for this picking, often in the same breath as she would sit there and do the same thing, picking her own chin hairs. I'm certain the hair thing has been proven geneticly tied, but honestly I think the OCD characteristics related to this kind of behaviour might be to... But that's musings for another time. As I got older the acne has all but stopped, but the wiskers are there with a passion. I pluck daily, sometimes for over an hour at a time. It almost always ends with multiple bloody messy spots from digging. But... That's not actually what this post is about! You see, recently a new plucking problem has surfaced. Slight TMI warning Basically I've shaved my pubic area since around the age of 16. In the past year I've decided to stop because I'm prne to rasorburn and that's just no fun. But, as the hair grew longer... Now I literally can not stop pulling it out. It almost always happens while I'm laying in bed reading, my hand just unconsciously roots out a certain coarse hair - it's always the ones that feel different - and then I end up yanking it with nails or tweezers after spending a short while trying to just rip it out. I am also prone to taking several hairs and twisting them up tight and just like... Tearing the whole wad out, even if that means keeping it taunt with one hand and using a finger to leverage each hair out separately. This has become so bad that the entire side of my pubic mound is effectively BALD. To hide it from my husband I went out and bought an epilator and ended up using that to methodically rip every darn hair down there out. I dont know if this is the 'healthiest' solution, but I sure am open to suggestions. For now I reckon if I can get on schedule with the epilator I can beat my subconscious before it decides to walk my hand down there looking for some hair to pull. Raven
  2. I have been compulsively picking at my scalp for years. It started when I was in sixth or seventh grade and now I'm a junior in college and continue the habit. I think the habit started when I noticed a scab or two on my scalp. I picked at those scabs, and then they came back, and I created new sores in the process. Once I start picking my scalp, it is very hard for me to stop. I have never told anyone about this habit because I am aware that it's gross and I don't think anyone will understand. It wasn't until today that I read about skin picking being added to the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and thought it sounded similar to my problem, so I looked around on the Internet and found out other people have the same problem. I want to get help for my condition but I don't know how. I do not want to form permanent bald spots on my head but I do not think that I can stop picking on my own. I am already taking Paxil for depression and anxiety but like I said, no one knows that I have this problem. I guess I also have a bit of trichotillomania because I compulsively pull out my pubic hairs at night. How can I stop these habits?
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