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Found 1 result

  1. met with psychiatrist last friday and was asked when/how i take/manage/remember to take my meds and when I mentioned I took my Vraylar in the morning she expressed concern and asked why I took it in the AM. I simply told her it doesn't sedate me at all and I struggle to keep up with multiple dosages per day and remembering to take meds in the evening. She suggested that even though I don't feel sedated or tired from taking Vraylar in the morning, in addition to 40mg Valium and 0.5mg Xanax, switching to dosing at bedtime (the Vraylar plus Valium) may decrease my need to use a sleeping aid. I can never win with antipsychotics and sleep. An atypical antipsychotic either knocks me out (seroquel, zyprexa) and leaves me super sedated next day and cognitively impaired, as well as "stable-blah or fails to produce activation or sedation (rexulti, vraylar, latuda). This puts me in a predicament because I have severe insomnia that must be treated or else I spiral out of control and become dysfunctional very rapidly. Since Vraylar doesn't help me fall asleep, I alternate between using small dose, 50mg, of seroquel and halcion 0.25mg. Here's the problem: I don't feel at ease or comfortable taking to antipsychotics at the same time (Vraylar + Seroquel), but it works. Even my psychiatrist expresses a lot of concern about me taking two antipsychotics. We have explored other options, trust me almost of of them (sonata, ambien, edluar, mirtazapine, saphris, lunesta, temazepam, valium, xanax, clonidine, intermezzo, you name it, i've tried it except for belsomra), and after failing therapeutic response to several rounds of hypnotic sleeping medications I begged for halcion because I had been dying to do well on a sleep medication with a short half-life, quick onset of action, and little next day sedation. My doctor wrote my a script of 20 tablets for 45-60 days, but recently discussed "doing something about the triazolam (halcion)," meaning getting rid of it in the near future but it's the only thing that works for me! I w I feel so anxious because I am 3 weeks from coming off xanax completely, or decreasing to 0.25mg for 2 weeks after that then being off. Then the plan is to remove the remaining benzos (diazepam, triazolam) because I had a history of using xanax in the wrong ways in my past, so my doctor wants me off any benzodiazepine. I am really concerned that she will eventually stop prescribing halcion to me and I fear this because this is the only med I can rely on to get a good nights' rest if I have an important even the next day where I can't afford drowsiness. I use halcion to put me to sleep when I have something important to do the next day or if it's too late at night to take something longer acting like seroquel. My health insurance keeps pushing her to change medications since halcion is indicated for short term relief, but so is ambien, lunesta, and sonata. What's the difference I told her, halcion is the only thing that legititmately helps me fall asleep fast, doesn't leave a hangover, feels more natural than other sleep aids like ambien (where I feel disoriented, wobbly, etc.). I was absolutely grateful when my physician wrote me for halcion and was even happier after trying it out. i am not looking to take it every night by any means, I just want to have a continuous prescription so I can have something to rely on when I cannot afford having a poor night's' sleep or when i find myself spending hours trying but failing to fall asleep. Anyone else have experiences with being prescribed halcion on a continuous basis? I frankly don't see the problem in my prescription of 20 halcion every 45-60 days, it's not like I am taking it nightly (then I would see and understand where my doctor and health insurance company are coming from) but for strictly PRN use. I think taking halcion out of my medication regimen will only lead to the journey of finding another sleep medication that works, which we all know take weeks to months. Why change something if it's working and not being misused or abused? Any opinions, stories, or experiences with you guys? Feel free to talk about other "short-term" sleep medications and your experience.
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