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Found 3 results

  1. Last night and this morning I was terrorized by literally hundreds and hundreds of hallucinations, auditory, visual, and tactile (and combinations). The last two are New developments for me. My auditory hallucinations are generally very loud and startling, and last night was no different. Music, voices, noises, crashes, screams, crying, laughing (and remember these are all very loud), and then coupled with visual and tactile hallucinations makes for an incredibly terrifying combination. I was being attacked by animals, by the police on loudspeaker telling me to surrender with blaring lights and sirens, and then crashing through my bedroom window on this construction device (sorry, but I don't know what it's called), what sounded like a bomb going off in my living room, screaming infants, weird dolls flying at me from the corner of the room, Ghosts, people breaking into my downstairs, and stuff like that. I was up, running away from things hurtling through the air trying to harm me, investigating non-existent break-ins, investigating neighbors shouting in the hall who weren't there, and stuff like that. And then there was the damn clock radio, which is where it all started. When it first went off, I spent a long time fidgeting with it trying to turn the damn thing off, before I finally realized I was hallucinating. And then it went off whenever I didn't look at it, and then immediately stopped when I did look at it. And on and on it went, for hours and hours. And it would go off while the other hallucinations were happening, producing a horrible cacaphony of terror. After a while, my heart was racing, I was almost hyperventilating, and shaking terribly. That continued on for some time after the hallucinations finally, mercifully stopped. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I've had some bad psychotic episodes before, including some really ghastly command hallucinations, and some cuckoo delusions, but the sheer volume, speed, and ferocity of this attack was unlike anything I have come across before.
  2. So my son is about ten months old and has a cold of sorts, but previous to this I'd get maybe 3-4 hours of sleep at a time then drink coffee and prolong it. Well today (currently 1:03 pm) ive been awake since noon yesterday besides a small 15 minute nap. I'm so tired right now I was dozing off but not yet asleep and vividly dreamt what I think is some sort of premonition or maybe I'm just crazy and over thinking it. Anyways the world was going to flood and we were all going to die, and all anyone cared about was that I won 5 grand for some contest but it didn't matter cause I'd never see it, didn't even have it physically in my hands. Don't know where I was but I came across mcdonalds and Hillary Clinton was getting her ice cream sundae and promptly said "I knew this would come" and drops to the floor choking on her own saliva. I wanted to run away, to leave her there but as she choked she was reaching out and I know she didn't want to die and she locked eye contact with me. So I jammed my fingers in her mouth(was like she was choking( and three slimey raw eggs came out of her throat, like chicken eggs but not in shells. And then my son was crying again so I snapped out of it and now I'm still awake wondering whether I should sleep or not. I feEl like I watched her almost die and it was so real and I just can't deal with this weird ass shit man I feel like I'm tripping, anyone else have crazy end-of-the-world/people-dying dreams/hallucinations????
  3. So, Monday was the first night I took my Seroquel (300mg.) My p-doc put me on it fr my auditory hallucinations/voices. About a hour after taking it, not only was I drowsy & dizzy (which I didn't mind,) I also had visual hallucinations. I was seeing flashing lights, and I also thought I went downstairs to tell my dad about what I was feeling, but realized that I was still in bed. So, I looked it up, and it's one of the side effects - I get to call my p-doc tomorrow about it. I think since it wasn't a lower dose, I wasn't able to go to sleep right away, and maybe that's why I hallucinated? But is that a normal side effect?
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