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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! I've made a decision and I wanted to document it here to share my experience with others as I go along. I'm a pretty heavy smoker of some green herbs. You get the hint without me actually typing it out and having the word be modified by the board. ;P I had my aha moment that this drug is a variable in my mental health that is constantly changing. Where the doses of all my other medications stay the same, I'm constantly changing what I smoke. Anything you buy on the street has not been tested for quality control. It has varying levels of THC and CBD. Some strains could be beneficial, and others could be detrimental. For those of you who don't know. THC acts as a dopamine agonist in the brain (as far as we know). This affects a positive change on depression and for some people anxiety as well. However, it can also evoke paranoia and hallucinations as well as other psychotic symptoms that are very reminiscent of schizophrenia. CBD on the other hand is believed to be a fairly potent dopamine antagonist. It has been shown to have a pharmacological profile similar to clozapine, and many have found CBD to be a solid holistic approach to addressing their mood disorders such as PTSD or anxiety. I want to exact a level of control over my use of THC/CBD products by switching to CBD oil. My goal is to over time use CBD oil to wean myself off greens and perhaps ultimately have it replace some of my medications depending on how well it works. To be clear, I do not under any circumstances believe that CBD can replace all of my medications. That is not what I'm saying. However, I do think that with a certain level of control, it can be a beneficial part of my medication cocktail. For those of you who would ask, I am doing this under my doctor's supervision. I am not going to stop taking medications without my doctor knowing, and I am going to increase CBD doses with his supervision as well. To start, I have purchased two bottles of vape juice from KoiCBD. They are 30ml bottles containing 100mg of CBD each. They come in 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. I'm guessing this is total per bottle so that would mean the bottles that I bought were 3.33mg/ml. I have to track how much I consume so that I can let my pdoc know, so I'm going to be using a 2ml tank and tracking how much I go through in a day. Wish me luck!
  2. I decided to do something that I have been flirting with for a few years now and that is give up all meat and fish. I DO enjoy eating animal flesh, especially the seafood variety, but for ethical and health reasons I have decide to go vegetarian and perhaps I will eventually lean more towards vegan. Right now I am still allowed eggs and dairy so finding things to eat is not that tricky. It is my understanding that fish and the meat of animals are full of hormones/chemicals and seafood is full of mercury and pcb's. I also know for a fact that animals are abused. They are just not treated right. It's morally corrupt. My other thought is that my Anatomy teacher told the class that humans were not meant to eat the flesh of large animals and that we were meant to be more omnivorous. Meat is extremely hard to digest. So here I am three days in to a somewhat low calorie vegetarian diet and I feel good. I had to poop a lot the second day in but today was not like that. I am going to a restaurant in town tomorrow that has a full vegetarian/vegan menu and I'm really excited! So far i've enjoyed all the different flavors in my diet and i can't wait to explore even more. Lately eating meat had become a chore. I am glad I don't have to eat it now. Even looking at food porn on Facebook that involves animal meat doesn't make me hungry or even enticed. I'd like to know if any of you CB'ers are vegan or vegetarian and what helped you decide to be that way? Do you think it helps your brain?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm brand spankin' new here. I've had depression off and on since I was 13, and social anxiety since I met people, lol. Anyway, I'm supposedly now bipolar II, which is kind of odd, since yeah I'm pretty wild sometimes, or do things out of character. I always thought I had separate lives which was just because I'm an exciting person, lol. Then being on an AD made me manic, and quite nuts. Oh did I mention I've been manic/psychotic from various other things, MANY times, and no one else was ever effected like that who was around? Wow, where was I going with this? HERE'S THE QUESTION: Has anyone here tried a holistic approach? I'm going to see a nutritionist who reads your blood reports and makes suggestions for diet and supplements, so I started getting off lamictal...don't yell at me! I was only up to 50mg, so its better to decrease now anyway. I'm telling pdoc on Wednesday. Anyway I would LOVE if someone could tell me that they have had positive results without medication. Thanks.
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