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Found 7 results

  1. Good God, my habitual oversleeping is worsening.....I literally cannot get up before 11am. I know this is probably due to the fact that yes, I'm depressed and do not have anything of purpose at the moment to wake up for.....PLUS winter weather that's dark as Hell.....PLUS on a stupid stimulant break, until I can get in to see pdoc in 5 days. Are there any other tactics you've used?? I'm going to bed same time every night (by 11pm). I sleep really well entire night. WTF. I tried a sunlamp thing in the past and it made me headachey & irritable. Even when I go for walks during the day, it doesn't help.
  2. It hit me when I was twenty and progressively (rapidly, really) grew worse these past years. At one point I slept 22 hours a day and barely dragged myself out of bed at that. The weird thing is that I also have symptoms of narcolepsy, though my sleep study did not show me to be narcoleptic. I have frequent hallucinations upon waking like narcoleptics do. My life was nonexistent until I scoured the internet for alternate treatments for my hypersomnia -- adderall alone wasn't cutting it, and some of the stims made me manic. If any of you are struggling with idiopathic hypersomnia, I cannot recommend Clarithromycin (antibiotic), Minocin (antibiotic), or Levothyroxine (thyroid medication) enough. Doctors don't know WHY these medications help people with IH, but a lot of the time they do, and it can be a life saver. Currently I am on 25 mcg of Levothyroxine and the difference is night and day. The drug Flumazenil (used in benzo overdoses, I believe) is supposedly to be the best alternate treatment, but I don't need it with the others available. Just wondering if anyone else here suffers from idiopathic hypersomnia (or just plain hypersomnia) and what their experience with treatments/coping has been like. I also wanted to share the info about Flumazenil/Clari/Minocin/Levothyroxine, just in case someone isn't getting enough relief from stimulants and needs something else like I did.
  3. I've this issue my entire life, but seems it's getting worse (I do plan to go to my dr). I sleep 10+ hours per night and I always feel groggy, tired and awful. I just bought a fitness/sleep tracker (only $29), wondering how accurate these are? Even if I get up early, exercise, etc I'm groggy and dazed. Extremely doubtful it's sleep apnea or vitamin deficiency. I read that 7-8 hours of sleep is ideal, each sleep cycle is 90 minutes. I am debating on trying to set alarm 90 minutes before you need to get up, so you're not awakened in the middle of a cycle (does this really work?) I do not want to take more meds/stimulants for this. @mikl_pls I think you've had this issue also?
  4. Okay so I had my sleep study with mslt in november. At the time they decided not to take me off of my medications. The nighttime was fairly normal, aside from me falling asleep in 2 minutes. The mslt was very abnormal. (SSorry if I have said this already, I'm currently in withdrawls from lithium and wonder how I know my name!) I fell asleep on average 1.3 minutes and I had remdreams in 2/5 naps. Doc said I met the requirements for narcolepsy but the fact that I was on medication, we'll that was the only thing tainting that. He said he, personally, is convinced that I do have narcolepsy. His concern with doing a second mslt though was whether or not medicaid would cover xyrem and he does not believe it will. He said xyrem is the only difference in the treatment of the two disorders. He also said you do not have cataplexy as far as we are aware yet. In that moment I was struggling to recount a couple of instances where I started out being just sleepy in the office and decided to walk home and lay down. My husband walked with me when suddenly my legs felt weak and I collapsed and he caught me. He had to walk me the rest of the way because I felt weak. This happened a couple times but it was not caused by emotions. Is that still cataplexy? anyways, I didn't make it past the first sentence of my explanation because Iam in that scatter brained confused and can't remember jack state. I was hoping it would help him help me. Would it be a good idea to write it down and note it as being what I was trying to tell him? Next, he game me samples of nuvigil. Take 1/2 for 2 days then whole. I overheard him say " if this works it's narcolepsy". Does nuvigil only work for narcolepsy then? Needless to say I am loaded with questions I think....and I have no clue if anything I said Makes sense...it is quite the roller-coaster right now.
  5. I just finished doing a sleep study. One was psg and the other was mslt? They were checking for narcolepsy, but my admitting dx was hypersomnia. Anyways, I know with narcolepsy you can have hallucinations, auditory, visual, as well as olfactory. I have had at least one of each. The one dealing with my sense of smell is more of a distortion though. What should be a very unpleasant smell tends to smell rather delightful. I think it's called eusomia. Examples are usually dealing with poop! I smelled bacon at my in laws and they said there was no bacon but was probably dog poop I smelled. The next instance I walked inside my house and I smelled a strong scent of pancake syrup...I don't allow that because our twins paint the house with it....it smelled delicious though. It was everywhere, the smell was. I told my husband and he said the only thing I could be smelling was the babies because he had just changed their diapers! The other instance was this morning. I woke up to the heavy scent of pancake syrup again. I told my husband again and he said this time itcould only be the litter box. After a couple of hours the syrup smell went away and the litter box replaced it. Can you have scent distortions with hypersomnia like you can with narcolepsy?
  6. Has anyone else experienced hypersomnia and dizziness while taking Effexor? I get really bad dizzy spells sometimes, especially if I look straight ahead at something or haven't gotten enough sleep, but I feel slightly dizzy all the time. I have a hard time waking up before 10 am most days, today I slept until 11 am and yesterday until 1:30 pm. I've been taking this med for two years now. It didn't seem to make me so tired for the first six months but then the hypersomnia kicked in! I am only on 75 mg per day, taking it in the am (uh...whenever I wake up. Ha ha). Any thoughts? How can I combat this? It's really hard to fall asleep before 12 am at minimum, too...I would switch meds if not for the withdrawal!
  7. Does anybody here have hypersomnia (sleeping too much) as their primary disorder? I am always tired and have been tired for as long as I can remember. I have to sleep at least 12-14 hours a night & a lot more during the day if I don't make myself get up...but I'm still always tired. I take stimulants (adderall) for adhd, and sometimes even that doesn't wake me up enough to get out of bed...I'm depressed too but maybe I'm depressed because I'm tired & not the other way around.
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