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Found 5 results

  1. I already had IBS prior to this med...but needed to try it, as nothing else was working. My fears came true, stomach got even worse, and I mean bad! I bought peppermint pills last week when I read “IBSgaurd” was supposed to be really helpful. I couldn’t afford name brand, so bought what I thought was the same ingredient, but generic. Unless IBSgaurd was going to do this as well, as an adverse reaction which I’m quite used to...or this generic isn’t the same thing. It has tripled my issues. All of them. Causes extreme heartburn, intractable diarrhea, massive spasming...the only thing is, is it is the only thing to date that makes me feel full all day long! This is huge, cause my weight gain is extremely troubling due to recent recovery from my ED. So, in order to safely go to sleep last night, I ended up having to take I believe 12 lomotil! And nexium never did end up helping which never happens...yes, I realize you’re not supposed to take more than a couple of lomotil at a time, but I’m out of Imodium, waiting on more from Amazon. And Bentyl, seems to cause me pretty bad irritability! Not common, but is possible in known side effects. I’m so sensitive to psych side effects of medications! The xifaxan did me in after 3 days as well! Fell into a deep depression after the 3rd day and gp refused to accept the possibility that the drug caused it! Even though in the physician paperwork under psych side effects depression, insomnia, anxiety ar all listed side effects! This ended up in us firing each other. Sad, cause I really liked her prior to that, but she has shown bias with mental illness in the past which was upsetting. So I’m asking, begging, for ideas, personal meds you use that work, things you’ve heard of, any ideas whatsoever that could help me with my stomach problems! I do plan on ditching the peppermint pills today, even though I’m dreading my appetite going through the roof again...Viibryd isn’t supposed to do that, but I have a high propensity to experience paradoxical reactions! Sadly, the xifaxan was working like a miracle...but the depression scared the absolute shit out of me! Viibryd has gotten me better than I have been in over 20 years, at least! Was scared that was gone for good. I asked her for a new/different antibiotic that could do similar and she refused saying that others were even more dangerous. GRRRR Quitting Viibryd isn’t really an option, as I’ve never had an AD work so well! Edit: strangely, I did a search here on CB for bentyl, and nothing came up! I know I’ve seen a couple of people talk about it in the past! Help?
  2. Hi, I'm a 43 yo guy who's been severely depressed since I was 19 and I'm amazed I'm still alive. Antidepressants (and there's very few I haven't tried, including the popular combos) either do nothing, make me more depressed or help partially for a few weeks and then poop-out. I've never had mania/hypomania (other than a period on Abilify). After my stay at an inpatient psych ward in February, a young PDoc added Lithium to my Nardil (which, incidentally has been my most successful med to date but now does nothing) on the hunch that I might be BP2-ish. Whilst I can't say I went "WOO I'M FIXED", the Lithium certainly had a positive effect for a couple of months. Which has since just waned and stopped. So now I'm desperately depressed again. I'm seeing my PDoc soon to discuss alternative BP2 treatments. Top of my list of suggestions (since he is malleable in his dispensing) is Lamictal. But should it be? I read a lot of positive feedback on it's effect on depression but the data says it's poor. Should I perhaps be aiming towards an alternative? There are so many it's quite bewildering and I'm relatively new to the BP2 scenario. Any tips are most appreciated. Pete
  3. I am thinking about talking to my pdoc on how to simplfy my med cocktail by getting off Abilify, Thorazine, Lamictal and Buspar to be on Lithium, Seroquel and Effexor. I currently take 50mg of Effexor to manage my IBS with the reccomendation of my GP and my pdoc prescribes it. From what I have been reading Seroquel is good for Gerneralized Anxiety (which I have) and insomnia (which I have) and for bipolar depression while the Lithium is good for mania. Around what dosage would Seroquel and Lithium be useful for my problems (Bipolar I, GAD, Insomnia) and still have the least amount of side effects?
  4. Is there anyone here who has experienced IBS or IBS-like symptoms after doing something that could have caused damage to the stomach? Basically, just over a year ago I overdosed on Paracetamol (Tylenol)- this caused me to vomit blood for quite a few hours, and while I was in the hospital the day after, I experienced intense pain in my stomach. I wasn't too bothered about that at the time, because I figured it made sense that my stomach would hurt a bit after vomiting a lot. I was prescribed medication to settle it down by my GP the next day, but didn't take it as I'm now pretty much averse to any kind of tablet. That first lot of pain lasted a few days, then when it came back the next week it was accompanied by other things: everything I read about this said they were symptoms of IBS. From about that point onwards, I fitted the typical symptoms described for IBS pretty tightly. And now, even a year later those symptoms still reoccur regularly, between every few days to every few weeks. I know there are some specific foods that make it happen, or make it worse, but other times it seems completely random. So my question is, could the OD have caused some kind of physical damage to something, that caused the symptoms to keep coming back? (I got checked out for potential liver/kidney damage at the hospital, and came back clear, but that was all that was checked). It would make sense to me, as I'd never had any stomach problems before the OD, and the pain is a similar feeling, just a milder version. However, I'm having difficulty finding any information about this, and don't feel comfortable asking a GP or anything like that, so am unsure how to try and find anything out.
  5. I've been a sufferer of IBS since I had my gallbladder out when I was like 13. I just thought the way I digested and produced waste was normal after one loses their gallbladder. Except it's gotten a lot more frequent, and this year it got worse, way worse. After every movement or flareup I would feel incredibly exhausted. I didn't even know that was possible. All I wanted to do was make it stop and go to sleep. I lost interest in things I liked to do, apparently. Not really, though, because I still wanted to draw, to write, to play videogames, I just didn't have the energy. Was this just me being lazy, or... is this a real thing that happens? Even now after last night... I'd been taking Metforrmin since Friday for PCOS and already it's been giving me flareups, and last night I had a bunch of them right in a row and an anti-d medicine helped like an hour later, and i took another one, and when I went out, I had to come home because they started up again. And I am dead tired. When I'm as tired as I have been, I end up sleeping 10-12 hours. Is this .... okay? Well, I mean is that 'normal' for the situation? It's taking all my enerrgy to type this wow So yeah, does expending all that energy inside of you, does it make you incredibly physically tired? And do you sleep longer than normal when a flareup of some kind.happens? Well, not DURING, just after.
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