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Found 4 results

  1. My pdoc and I have finally found something that works for my impulsivity/compulsivity (mainly impulse buying, which I've always had an issue with, but may or may not have been exacerbated by Abilify) and my binge eating: Memantine (Namenda). For those who haven't heard of this medicine, it's an Alzheimer's disease medicine, but it is gaining use in psychiatry for many off-label uses, including binge eating, impulse control disorders, ADHD, etc. After I was prescribed Abilify almost a year ago, I started piling up some serious credit card debt because I was impulse buying, and soon both my credit cards were beyond their credit limit. I have also dealt with binge eating for several years. My I asked my pdoc about memantine, to see what she thought about it, and if it would be worth trying for these things (I told her about my debt, and she knew about my binge eating, as we have tried several things for it). She agreed to try me on a starting dose of 5 mg 2x/day. I responded very well, as I found myself able to stave off urges to impulse buy a lot easier! I also noticed my appetite has diminished, my binge eating has subsided, and I have lost 10 lb in about the span of a week (which is starting to slow down). My next visit (my most recent visit), I told her the results, and she agreed to increase to the maintenance dose of 10 mg 2x/day, and I'm noticing the therapeutic effects are markedly increased. Next time I see her, I may consider switching to Namenda XR, which has a dose of 27 mg, which is taken just once a day. I figured I would write this post in case anyone who is dealing with these issues and might be searching for any answers.
  2. Hey I am new. Long-time eating disorder sufferer. Started with anorexia and morphed into bulimia, then went to drugs, then went back to EDs, then went orthorexic/exercise bulimic. Went to treatment for the second time a couple years ago and have a treatment team. Noticed that once I started working hard on my ED, I was spending like crazy. Also was on Rexulti at that time. Spending comes and goes but gets bad when my eating gets better. Drives me nuts! Brain needs the rush. Feel like I can't escape. I hate spending, but drugs and bulimia seem worse? Anyone else struggle with this?
  3. Hi, was wondering if you may like to share about times when mania has actually helped you out achademically or to acheive in any way. I myself once got into a talk with a guy in a pub whilst manic once. I chatted to him about my line of work with knowledge and passion. He asked if I had ever thought about setting up my own company. To cut a long story short I obsessed over that question, went home and spent one single night manically putting together a business plan. I even fully designed a website and wrote all the content. Afew days later the guy was in the pub and I showed him what I had done and my Curriculum Vitae and asked if he thought the bank would find it interesting to which he immediately announced that he was a chartered acxcountant with a sideline in small business investments! We discussed it and he offered me an interest free loan of £50,000 to set up the business with him as a director and 10% share holder!! WI set the business up and made a good go of it with him doing the books. From me chatting in the pub to him to the business opening for trade, adverts, uniforms, website, tools, machinery, vehicles, signwriting and premises, VAT regestration, insurances and employees etc took me one manic month! Nobody could believe it! We successfully operated for 3 years at a profit before having to close because poor Martin developed cancer and had to pull all his money out. We had to close because I could not get a loan to keep going on my own due to the reccession Just shows what mania can achieve sometimes....that's what makes it so hard to look at my bi-polar as a totally bad thing sometimes.....hey ho, got to see it for what it is though because the most part of my manias have a beautiful ride to a very messy ending most times, Please share with me, Chris
  4. I've been on Bupropion ER for about four months, two months at 150 mg and two months at 300 mg. My usual pattern for migraines is about two to three per month, mostly menstrual and I cans abort them with Sumatriptan. I've recently had a spate of 5-6 day daily migraines, all aborted by Sumatriptan. I'm concerned about the increase and worry that I will need more than my insurance's allotted 9 pill a month. Plus the daily not feeling good is wearing on me. I also have noticed an increase in my impulsive behaviors, mainly shopping and internet checking. But it has helped my depressive fatigue and a bit for the lingering depression. I decided to discontinue it for the week prior to my PDOC appointment just as an experiment and since my results with it are rather moderate, I can live with the loss of this med for a while. I want to see if the headaches lessen or stop completely as I cannot deal with them anymore. I wonder if others have had worsening migraines or impulsivity? Edited to add that I have had minor dizziness with the migraine which is a new symptom for me. It is also aborted by the Sumatriptan.
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