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Found 22 results

  1. Not a lot of new intros, but I see activity, so I'm here. I'm Jaelyn (Jae), 42 yo (very disappointed that I did not get the answers to life, the universe, and everything on my b-day), and crazy af. Found the boards when i went looking for the site bc i'm on a new med. Sad the site is gone, glad to be here with yall fellow nutters.
  2. So I joined this forum to talk about my various mental health issues and try to find a solution or two with people who can relate. I been diagnosed with autism, clinical depression, and oppositional defiant disorder at various points in my life and I'm currently 16 years old at the time of this writing. I hope to have a great time with you guys.
  3. Holy cow this site is AMAZING! I’m in love! I’m a psych nurse who loves her (my?) job, currently on disability leave of abcense from work in order to ‘deal with’ my multiple substance addictions & corresponding compulsive behaviors that are vying with my ADD as reasons that my executive functioning is lacking... I was still outstanding at my job (once I showed up and while I wasn’t locked in the bathroom for 45 mins) right up until I had a full blown panic attack outside the inpatient psychiatric hospital where I work causing the admission team to call the paramedics who insisted on taking me to the ER. I managed to clearly enunciate that I was NOT having any suicidal thoughts or urges to harm myself and therefore being taken against my will to a hospital where they would want to start an IV and realize I have zero veins and tracks for days under thise long sleeve undershirts would constitute kidnapping which is still frowned upon in the first world. The paramedics released me to a family member and I chose a primary care physician who is also a Suboxone doctor and requested a medical leave of absence to be backdated to the day that I panicked instead of clocking in for my shift. I was given paperwork for a 90 day leave of absence and I became the patient for the first time in my life. So far I’ve been able to stay clean for 10 days straight after attempting to kick for almost 2 months and then relapsed for 18 days straight and now I’m looking at kicking again starting tomorrow... I wake up with that feeling of running out of time. I’m embracing failure as a valuble learning tool in a radical acceptance / gentle with self kind of way. I’m optimistic that I can kick this habit and be well on my way to slaying my own dragons (deamons?) by the time I’m due back on the other side of the nurse patient tango. I really was great at my job right up until I wasn’t great at anything anymore. I never diverted medication or made errors that resulted in harm. I’m proud of my nursing practice and I genuinely miss it and look forward to getting well (still sounds so strange to say it ‘outloud’) and returning to work. I happened upon this site at random while conducting an image search for a 25mg Quetiapine that was among my bottle of 200mg Quetiapine I had been asked to destroy for a patient who was no longer prescribed that medication... I’m beginning to see how full of shit I was when I thought I never diverted medication (never at the expense of a patient I should say because that allows my morality to remain intact). Anyway, I randomly happened upon this site and immediately fell in love with it on so many levels. I read every heading and forwarded the link to the home page to 3 people at 3:30am because I make good decisions that have a positive effect on those around me. LOVE, love, love it! So real and so clever. I can’t wait to read everything everyones ever written! Oh and besides being a psych nurse (RN, BSN btw) I have an 80lb pitbull who I absolutely adore and who is easily the sweetest, most handsome dog ever & a boyfriend who I equally adore and who I succeed (i do?) at life because of and despite. He is also the sweetest and most handsome of boyfriends and he tells me I’m beautiful in a way that makes it feel true :). God! I can’t believe I’m just now finding this site! I can’t wait to tell all my patients when I go back to work! Nice to meet everyone :). Thank you for having me!
  4. Hi, very good question one which I ask myself frequently I have had depression since my teenage years due to a crappy childhood, but in the last few years it has got progressively worse. I have severe depression and severe anxiety. I have tried many different medications none of which have lifted the dark cloud that suffocates me every day. I have also tried numerous therapies and am currently in CBT treatment. Meds wise I am taking Fluoxetine 40mg for depression and Propanolol for the anxiety daily. It helps to some extent but I still have days where there's thoughts that people would better off without my sad existence weighing them down. I have no motivation with eating, cooking, cleaning personal activities, managing finances or even being alive some days. What I hate most is the constant heavy feeling in my chest, the need to sleep constantly but then having horrible dreams non stop that leave me shaking. Depression for me is a physical feeling of dread along with all the crappy stuffs... I waited 9 months for my latest therapy to start and I've been hanging on to this life line hoping the will offer some relief to the pain or better coping methods other than self harm and the incessant need to get high or just leave reality for a while. Needless to say 3 weeks in and I'm loosing faith. I wish I had a switch for the old brain, so I could turn off the inner voice that hates me so much. Turn off the constant worrying and illogical thoughts oh I wish I wish I wish! i wish for a lot of things really but most of all would like to believe I fit in this crazy world somewhere for some purpose and that I deserve to be here as well. And breathe ...... So that sums it up in a nutshell apologies if none of this ramble makes any sense but I'm not used to sharing and I guess the main message was Hello
  5. Hello friend. I'm Grey Matter, I guess I'll start with I've been lurking this forum board for almost a year now. I have trouble interacting with people online sometimes. I have skitzoaffective disorder bipolar type so when that fleeting moment comes that I get manic, I tend to make an arse of myself. I also have anxiety so that's fun. But this seemed like a decent forum people here seem pretty OK so after isolating myself and living under a rock I decided to give it another try. Hope it goes OK, so here's to rolling with the punches. Heh.
  6. Have you ever woken up somewhere and have no idea where you are or how you got there? Like the guy in the first Saw movie. Well that's me. Except I'm not chained up in a dank room with a stranger and a in the room. So yeah. No idea what this place is. Or who you people are. Or how I got here. But I'm here now so I guess I should just try and make the most of it. While at the same time never quite being sure of who I can trust, who is out to kill me/eat me/wear my skin or some other thing that strangers do to each other. Should I be scared? Probably... Let's just see what happens.
  7. I am crowduck. I am mildly autistic with GAD, a strong sense of right and wrong, and a very hot temper in regards to wrong things. I have two physically and emotionally abusive, brain damaged parents and a wonderful little brother who I love more than life itself. After 25 years of drug cocktails that helped calm my temper and GAD by leaving me in zombie land (wasn't the worst, I was able to go to college, swim competitively, and even convince the stupid city council to not be so Scrooge-ish.) I have two pharma drugs left due 25 years of severe side effects to everything else - Lamictal and Lithium. I am losing my hair and my kidneys are in Stage 1 failure. It's weed or bust, and I need your help! I need to escape my family too, any advice on quietly gaining income when they have complete access to my bank accounts and won't let me drive would be great. I can give advice too. Thanks and I'll see you around!
  8. Hi I'm Chiaroscuro, I've been away for a few years. I have bipolar type 1 and Generalised Anxiety Disorder which I (& a GP Dr) believe has worked its way up to Panic Disorder. I also have an underactive thyroid and asthma. I'm a wife and mother and am just trying to work out how to live my life and be the best, most happy and mentally stable person I can be I look forward to getting to know you all and to getting reacquainted with others I already know. Love and Light, Chiaroscuro
  9. my name is David, i am 16, and i have depression, social anxiety and add, and i have a self harm addiction. I am currently taking namenda and escitalopram.
  10. I wish I could pinpoint just how I got here... but I had probably 30 tabs open, and I have no idea which one brought me here... lol To the introduction... I'm 27, I live with my fiance and my cat, and have been dealing with various mental issues and their fallout since I was 12. I developed my father's no-fuse temper at 11. By 12-13, I was taking my junk bike full-speed around gravel corners because the road-rash felt like something. 14-year-old me discovered razors and how to keep dangerous secrets. 22 found me in an abusive relationship, far from my parents, with insurance I couldn't afford to use, and alternating between not sleeping for a week and SHing every day for a month. 23 brought me back to my home state, finally single, just to drop me into the worst suicidal depression to date. 25 was the first time I've ever felt, well, normal. Healthy relationship, no SH urges, no depression, nothing. Then a few weeks ago, it all came back with a vengeance. Most notably, the agitation and the SH urges. I feel a little weird signing up for such a pro-treatment/meds board when I've somehow never received professional treatment. I'm not against it, but how it never happened is a long, convoluted story that probably doesn't belong in an intro post. The condensed version is that the extent of 'care' I've received was a let's-play-catch-up conversation with my general doc some time after moving back to the Midwest, where she said (paraphrased): "I'm aware you've had problems with depression, and some of that sounds like some kind of manic, I'm sorry I didn't push your mother more when you were younger, but you're doing okay now, so I'm not giving you a referral your insurance requires to see a specialist ". The only reason I haven't completely given in is that I'm getting married next month, and I'm already wearing gloves to hide my past mistakes. And I know me, if I start SHing again, I won't be able stop. I know I need to seek professional help before this gets worse... but I have no idea how to deal with it. Thanks for reading.
  11. Hello. You can call me rotten, candy, pink, or the whole name. I will respond to any way you say it. This isn't my first time joining one of these forums, but this one by far appeals to me the most, I think. There's not much to say at the moment. I am doing pretty well, I am on disability leave from work and college and in semi-recovery. I might have to go into a day rehab clinic in February. Otherwise, we shall see how things turn out. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to meeting you!
  12. Hi everyone, nice to meet you all. I'm a young female woman who's suffered from depression and OCD since she was very young (think strange 8 year-old jumping in front of cars). These days, however, I'm on the SNRI Cymbalta, and combined with a strong support systems my symptoms almost disappear. I'm getting over Cymbalta withdrawal right now - I only missed a day and a half, but the symptoms came back like a chair to the face - but I thought I'd introduce myself to y'all right now. I've stumbled over this board a few times before, and I admire your no bs attitudes. And because people are more than their mental illness, I like art and programming. I'm learning the finer points of photoshop painting right now. Your move, crazyboards.
  13. Hey everyone! My name is Nora, I'm twenty-two, and I'm currently working part-time as a barista and a nanny. Eventually I would like to move to a commune in Virginia, then pursue a career as a doula and childbirth educator. My offical, documented dx include dysthemia with major depressive episodes (rapid-cycling), GAD, psychophysiological insomnia, PTSD (and all the fun side effects that come with it), and EDNOS. I have had two suicide attempts (only one of them was serious, the other was in a moment of panic and I realized I didn't mean it). As a result, I've been psych-hospitalized twice. I have a few issues that I'd talked about to a doctor, but treatment fell through. Those include BPD, paranoia, and depersonalization. I'm unmedicated due to being uninsured, and unfortunately I find other ways of self-medicating. I steer clear of alcohol because of family history, and it just makes me feel like crap. I use marijuana to help me sleep/raise my appetite during ED relapses, and I use clonazepam on a case-by-case basis during panic attacks. ANYWHO I am excited to be able to talk to other "crazy" folks and share experiences, tips, etc. Glad to be here!
  14. Hi, I'm new here (obviously) I'm 32 years old and have been dealing with some sort of mental illness for as long as I can remember. Currently diagnosed with severe depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks and agoraphobia. I feel as though my fears and phobias are really what feed my depression. If I were able to get those symptoms under control, I might not be so sad. I am currently in an intensive out patient program which has been great. I still have a long way to go. I fear I will never have the skills to function as I once did and I will never be happy again. I'm glad to have found this forum.
  15. Hmm, how should I start my first post? How about "HI!" No, no, not subtle enough. It will have to do for now. I suppose some stats would be nice, huh? 39 F Midwest. I'm not very creative, hence the nick being the same as my cat. Two kids, one of which is in jail. Husband, 44 had a heart attack in November of '12 and occasionally gets the blues. Me? Today is my birthday! GO ME! I was in the hospital five days ago for a "heart event". They put two stents in me and placed me on Caredevilol and Efficet. I'm shaky as all hell so this post is taking forever. I was on medication for schizophrenia and depression but I quit all my meds except Levothyroxine. That didn't work out too well for me. I'm going to ask the shrink when I have my next appointment about what I should do about that. In November I was diagnosed with almost-SLE. I was lacking in criteria for a diagnosis for SLE but I have all the pain and the messed up auto-antibodies. I was taking Tramadol but have stopped since I'm not sure how my body would take it with all the new stuff. I get all this wicked pain to boot. I am healing nicely though I did give them a scare with the heart cath. I bled. A lot. It's all good now. I'm bruised in places you wouldn't want to think about. I'm trying to quit smoking, but I can't take Wellbutrin and Chantix is out for me too. Any hints or tips would be welcome. That's it for me.
  16. Hey! So, I'm new here obviously, and this is going to be my attempt at an introduction (man, am I awful at these! LOL). "So, the Username, explain?": Thirteen, YES from the doctor on "House", but I also quite like the name. Plus, my first choice was taken, I wanted to be Batman. Shame. "That's fine, but what about the person behind the Username?": I'm known as "Julz" (pronounced "Jewels", but that spelling is hella lame), I'm 25 years old, a chick, and I live in Ontario, Canada. I'm a vegan (have been for 3 years), and I'm in a happy relationship of over 2 1/2 years. "So why did you come here?": Well, a friend recommended this site to me, actually. He figured it'd be beneficial to me, considering my mental health, and how it'd be nice to have a place where people relate to me. "Mental health?": Well, I have Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder. I'm a bundle of unstable fun. "Anything else we should know about you?": Well, I guess I will have to fill out a profile so people can find out anything else they wish to know. That's me in a nutshell!
  17. Hey everyone. I'm Nikki, I'm somewhere between a struggling and recovering anorexic. I found this site today and realized I'm not the only one who's "crazy" I feel really crazy sometimes. If anyone has stories that they feel like sharing, message me Lets hope we all get better someday
  18. Hello everyone, I belong to some other forums, and happened on this one by chance while surfing the internet looking for info on combining sleep meds and lorazepam. I am a dx BPII, a codependent, my Mom is an unNPD, my bf is an unBPD, diagnosed BP, and probably ADD, my exh is a dx BPIII...and doesn't all this make my life fun? LOL! I hope to learn a few things to help deal with this so called life I am living....I am currently without a therapist, I do have a pdoc for my meds. So hi!
  19. hello, im 20 and i suffer from borderline. i spent a week in a psyic ward last fall. I am a cutter. well i really dont know what else to say, i like a lot of bands just the username being my favorite hinder song.
  20. Happened upon this site by accident and before I realized it...I had been browsing around on it for like 2 hours! I've never seen a site to geared towards me!!! At least I don't have to b crazy alone anymore...I HAVE U ALL TO KEEP ME COMPANY...YAY!
  21. Hi everybody! I'm Persephone, funny name ya i know. I'm a part of rosie's system but ever since she got some mod power i don't want to make that account dirty, ya know? Let alone letting the kiddos like Mae post here - she's only ten. anyway, i'm fifteen an I like to SI. I really do. I sorta kinda have some ptsd, too. But doctors are fucking scary so i never really tried to find out. I almost sorta trust her tdoc an it's been a freakin year! So, ya. Takes time. But, watch. it'll come to a head soon, just you wait! There's always some fun an exitement around here! see ya round Oh, also, may as well intro Cody Coyote as well. Hes my partner in crime, sorta kinda. He has anger problems. You might find that we're not very nice. not so much as Rosie. I'm not sorry.
  22. hello all my name is mia, i was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilsepy five years ago and thought i would check out these boards to help me get a handle on new meds my doc is prescribing me. hope you all can help out, and that i am also able to lend a hand of support to others. cheers m
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