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Found 20 results

  1. Going on my third month of invega intramuscular injections. Anyone been on invega sustenna long term and happy with the medication? So far the only side effect I have had with the shot is weight gain. I am also on a mood stableizer.
  2. I started on risperdol for one month but that caused drooling and a zombie like effect so my genius doctor told me that I should take this once a month shot called Invega Sustenna because there weren't any side effects and that it only stays in your system for 1 month. I listened to him because I was in the hospital and didn't have access to the internet. However, once I got out of the hospital I found out that both of those things were a lie because I now have tons of side effects from the medication and that it takes 4-8 months for it to fully clear from your system. I have been off of the medication for 2 1/2 months now and I still have side effects that I'm dealing with...primarily akathesia which is like a restlessless that makes it difficult not to pace and constantly be moving which makes it difficult to work. I'm also having trouble sleeping, occasional constipation. breakouts on my chest and back, feel like life is dull and pointless, difficulty concentrating, etc. Has anyone else come off of this drug? If so how long before symptoms went away? Do they ever go away?
  3. My doctor gave me 9mg Invega samples and told me to cut them in half. Is this possible? I usually take 6mg Invega, but no samples in that milligram were available. Any advice is appreciated!
  4. Hello Everyone in the community, I have been a member for a few months in this website but I finally decided to write an introduction topic of what I am going through right now. I have spoken to a few of the members in the chat room and have been able to get some advice from them. My story goes as follows: I was diagnosed with drug induced delusions in January 2014. The psychiatrist I visited then prescribed me 15 mg of Zyprexa which I took for about 4 months. Then I visited another psychiatrist because I moved and he changed my meds from Zyprexa to Invega 6 mg. I was on Invega for about another 4 months until end of August 2014. This is when I quit cold turkey because I had recovered from the delusions and could not take the torture the meds were causing me. The high doses caused me side effects like akathisia, severe anhedonia which I had never encountered in my life and complete lack of motivation. These symptoms developed after about 3 months into medication and increased drastically during my use of Invega. I felt like the effects kept increasing with time and that my brain could not take it anymore. So it has been 6 months since I quit all kinds of meds cold turkey and a lot of the akathisia has significantly decreased. I am completely free of delusions and I never had any hallucinations to begin with. I never heard any voices nor did I see anything extraordinary. I hope I can get advice from anyone who has recovered from withdrawal of meds and whether or not this emotional blunting will fade away. I understand that some side effects of medication as well as withdrawal symptoms take longer to fade away than others but I feel like anhedonia and emotional blunting are hindering my progress in life. I am unable to feel motivation due to this lack of pleasure that was induced by these anti psychotics and I wish it could fade away so I can enjoy my life again. Thanks to all!
  5. My doctor put me on the invega 3 mg tablet and I had horrible side effects including TK and severe insomnia to the point where I had 5 hours of sleep in a 40 hour time frame. My hallucinations got worse because of sleep deprivation. To top it off I was having sleep disorder issues before this happened. They're testing me for narcolepsy because I had a tendency to fall asleep and can't sleep through the night. I went in because my hallucinations were worse, and she gave me the shot because I wasn't allergic to it. I'm having a killer headache right now, but it might be because of a new caffeine sensitivity.
  6. Hi all I'm going cold turkey off of my paliperidone Invega sustenna injections of 50mg per month, I've had bi polar since i was 19, or it could've been 21, i can't quite remember, but they put me onto olanzapine back then, I'm 33 now, and since got put onto Risperdal then the paliperidone invega. I believe i should never have been put or kept on that stuff for bi polar. I've never seen or heard anything that's not there, but about 5 years back or longer again i can't remember, i was misdiagnosed with scitzo affective disorder. Since then Dr's have told me (different ones than the quack) that i definitely don't have S.A.D. Jusy bi polar. I've been forced through an order this whole time to take them and been told i can come off now. Anyhow I'm now about a month into quitting cold turkey off of the injection and I'm wondering what to expect next, is there anything I should be doing? Are all the withdrawal symptoms as bad as I've heard? I'm starting to feel a bit cranky but I'm determined to get off of it. Any help/advice would be awesome. Cheers
  7. im on 6 mgs invega and 2.5 mg invega sustenna injection once a month. The nurse missed my muscle 2 months in a row with the injection so I'm going through withdrawl. When i told my pdoc, she said that there is no withdrawal from it. Does that make sense? If there is no withdrawal then why are there a a bazillion testimonies on here about it? I see her tomorrow and i'm gonna see if i can just get rid of the shots all together. She's gonna ask me if i just wanna go up to 9mgs in pills (i think)) and I'm really afraid of going up any farther on it because of all the horror stories about trying to get off of it. I'm really scared and I will have to make a decision sooner than later. I'm in really bad shape too. Gut busting anxiety, and depression all throughout the past month and a half or so. I can't see the light and I'm losing hope.
  8. Hi I stopped taking invega sustenna due to brutal side effects it has been 3 months since my last injection but my boobs are still leaking and I have lost my period. Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so when did it finally stop? Wtf
  9. I'm currently in the midst of a mixed episode. Its really wearing me down; I haven't ever had severe mixed symptomology in the past, more of what my doctor would call "agitated depressions". This is most definitely not that. This is full-blown mixed-as-hell torture. I called my doctor and she said to d/c my Abilify (we think it was the cause/is at too low of a dose to be helping; this was a long time coming) and schedule a sooner appointment with her. She offered no other medication advice over the phone (she usually does). I felt crushed after that call. Before Abilify, I had been on Risperdal. She deemed it didn't work when a mere 0.5 mg didn't do the trick. But I really want to explore a higher dose to see if it might cause any positive changes for me. Does anyone have experience with either drug? I've never tried Invega but would be interested to see if it would be more beneficial than Risperdal. PS - I currently take 1,000 mg of Depakote ER; these seem to be breakthrough symptoms (and my level is only 63 ug/ml). I know I have room to go up, and I think I might do so. I know thats a no-no, but she gives me wiggle-room. I just know during our appointment she is going to stick to the AAP route, and I want to gather some info on these two drugs to be prepared. I'm really sorry about how long this post is.
  10. Schizophrenia, all the cool kids have it. I had 10 or so of the side effects on invega, max dose and still heard voices and strange ideas. I was capable of doing 5 or so things a day such as eat at mcdonalds or take a 20 min bike ride. My psych tweaked one of 5 scripts a month for 3 yrs but it never worked and finally my dang psych just ordered a blood test. My results were bad. All 10 things raised by invega were above normal. Minor things like blood sugar or female milk producing hormones. So it stunk mentally and physically. As a result he finally agreed to change me to Latuda 3 months ago. I've got the worst case of bi-polar now plus voices constantly telling me that I need to rain justice upon the evil doers with biblical vengeance. Today, I stood on a street corner and yelled at cars that narrowly missed people in the cross walk. Drivers on cell phones, drivers not using a turn signal, people accelerating thru a blind turn into the cross walk. I wanted to chase em all down. The voices demanded me to do it. It's also the 1st time I got out of bed in 4 days. Then I came home and cleaned my place for 5 hrs, the voices constantly saying I missed a spot. I must of rubbed every inch of the toilet like 3x. Now I won't be embarrassed if by some miracle I let company come over. It doesn't seem like either med does a thing and you get all the nasty, debilitating side effects. Ugh. I see my psych again in 3 weeks and might need to change again. Yuck.
  11. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. So about seven months ago I had my first episode of psychosis during my junior year at the university after heavy psychedelic use. I was tripping about 3 times a week for a month, I was using dmt, lots of mushrooms, lsd and morning glory seeds. The symptoms started slowly at first but progressed rather fast once they got started. At first I had thought blocking, which is where I would be talking about something and my thoughts would go blank mid sentence. I also kept my iPod on shuffle and thought God was sending messages to me through the songs that came on. I started to have superstitions about certain colors of cars or the cloths people were wearing. I started thinking about things before they happened and seeing 222, 333, 444, and other repeating numbers in random places and when I looked at the time. What started next, was I started feeling things that weren't there, was convinced I was the antichrist or someone similar to Jesus, and thought I was possessed my a demon. Then came the hallucinations, they started as just objects in the outside world moving and breathing and then they turned into "internal" visions where I would see things in my head like animals, faces, patterns, and vivid scenes that went along with my paranoid thoughts. Anyways I spent a week at the psych floor at my local hospital. Got put on risperidol, and went off of it and the symptoms got worse. And I thought people could read my mind and other language based delusions. Thanks to my loving parents I ended up getting on invega and it took about a month for it to fully take effect. I've been delusion and hallucination free for the past four moths but I've been battling pretty bad depression for the past month or two. It gets rough sometimes but I have a really good doctor and cognitive behavioral therapist I can rely on. The only thing that keeps me going are lots of cigarettes, good music, and how much my parents love me. Anyways, thanks for reading. I hope to contribute more to this forum. The rabbit hole goes deep.
  12. hello, sorry. it's been a big cycle many times, over the yearsm, and on and off different things whatever. but i always fall out, get it growing bigger, my second set of eyes opening wider. But the thing lately, is it's really big all around me, even the only two actuals have become alienlike (even in appearance) everyone pressuring me to go with a med that i am unsure of with titles of unsurity. anyway, the actuals were the only friends i could have kept for years, but met through others, intially met through a lost one met in the hospital. but now i live in supportive housing, but not where staff stay, but maybe when my leASE is up, i had transferred a case manager with this place. all these things set up. but things involved with me killed my family, and then its a sign to me to not be involved. I got involved with Aftercare, an outpatient thing in toronto, but it's not long. even my doctors are saying things to my workers secretly, but. school is soon but coming off CPZ fucked with thing at school, and then drugs did too. but it doesn't matter to me, because why do the dead need human qualities? i've never tried invega, but haldol now twists my jaw and tongue, risperdal caused mass weight gain, i've never had an im, and that doesnt let me stop easy. chlorpromazine did good things, but i',m forgetful, or i just wanted to awake a while. i disappear sometimes. but now, someone said neg symptoms are worse, but not a professional recently, being all reconnect. they all took my enjoyment before but now even interest in anything, lost most hobbies before, but now nothing is anything, and even moving cant be done. i have a duty, in either sense, even if i fllow theirs, but then, i can't do it either way. i still know i am dead either way, moving is a little easier on chlropromazine, to some. but i hate sleep, and don't want to sleep. i don't know if they're really going to help me or **** me up. i can't connect with anyone at all any, even though it was small before, and i am introverted, but it is even more. always forgetting to eat, but then i remember. but nothing tastes good, nothing is actual food, nothing is edible. no thirst, and i'm not allowed thought, though sometimes. not freely. if i notice i am thinking it's gone. so nothing means anything i just datamine constantly. after years of not being able to cry, now its always even randomly. i just fight it when it's easy. i can't even laugh at anything funny, or it is rare, or drugs can help-- but even drugs had lost all euphoria, at all sides of use recreational - abuse. (only habitual to weed). but really the euphoria is gone. tell me, is invega worth it? or will it eat my organs more?
  13. i was wondering if invega sustanna has made anyone else lactate? i had been on invega 2 months before i received sustanna which was about a week ago. i am now lactating.I have heard it to be a rare side effect but i just want to be safe rather than sorry.
  14. I may be new to CB boards but I am not new to mental health. I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder Type II. You could consider that I have schizoaffective disorder bipolar type 2 but my current pdoc hasn't listed me that otherwise. I am here for one thing and that is Daytime Sleepiness. Am I the only suffering from this while on an atypical antipsychotic? It is such a nuisance that when I try doing things around the house, my sensory issues also are problematic and it makes the feeling worst. Simple as other people around me could cause me to tick off, or feel much worst. Or when I am trying to use the computer, or read I can barely keep my eyes open enough to stay attentive. My days are laying next to a fan in a daze. Not entertaining at all. You are to fearful of your surroundings to binge on eating (in fact I lost 25 lbs since the onset of schizophrenia), tv entertainment, and computer usage. I had a suicidal attack from just uploading a picture on the internet. How can one keep their day fulfilled such as me? Does anyone volunteer or work part time? Is there people that manage their lives so well they can live practically a normal life and have a normal relationship? Please be insightful. I am looking to gain some knowledge. I have been bipolar since 2008 and schizophrenic since 2009 (in remission) and now remitting. I currently take 80 mg of Latuda, 1200 mg of Lithium, 1 mg of Clonazapam and 25 mg of Metaprolol There are worst side effects and I would have to say akathisia by far is the worst feeling ever. Spiders in your legs crawling over and over. Other antipsychotics I've tried: seroquel, geodon, risperdal, invega, abilify, xyprexa, clozaril. I either suffered from severe somnolence, daytime night terrors and crying spells, catonic states, akathisia, and weight gain.
  15. My wife is being treated for Bipolar II, and the phychiatrist started her off on gradually on Lamictal and Invega, and increasing the dosage. She's been on Lamictal at 400mg and Invega 6mg for about two months, and she's had quite a few "episodes" of numb nerves, extreme nerve sensations/restlessness, total body lethargy paired with obsessive, "forced" thoughts. These episodes started almost a few days after the increase of medication. Even though it started just with the dosage increase (and the side-effects as listed fit), the psychiatrist insists that it has nothing to do with the medication. My wife has no history of convulsions or anything else. Her periods have stopped as well. My wife did best, and had not-bad control of her Bipolar on the 200mg Lamictal and 3mg Invega, and I think the increased (doubled) dosage is fucking her up bad. She is Japanese and quite sensitive to medicine. The doctor won't approve taking a lowered dosage, but it is true that she did better and had no "episodes" on the lower dosage. My psychiatrist is being so unhelpful, and so I'm posting here out of desperation. Her episodes are like she is being purposefully tortured psychiatrically.
  16. Has anyone been on invega. I heard it's great for schizoaffective. I wanted to also know exactly what moods does it work with? depression or mania, or both?
  17. OK, so I take 75mg of invega sustenna and when I go to sleep at night I have no problems it is only when I wake up that I feel tired and want to go back to sleep but I CANT my mind/body just wont shut down but I feel tired and its the same during the day sometimes il feel tired and just can't fall asleep... this all started happening when I started taking invega... anyone else experiencing this or can tell me what is going on or anything I would greatly appreciate it.
  18. I am 23 yr old male and I take invega sustenna shots every month for psychosis and since then there is almost no pleasure from orgasms... has anyone ever experienced this I would like to hear your opinions and stories... My doctor is going to try lowering the dose and if that doesn't work he will try Abilify...
  19. Hi All, I know that there isn't much of a difference between Invega and Risperdal, but I get pretty groggy from Risperdal. Is there a chance that Invega would be less sedating? Also, I'm on Wellbutrin, which I believe interferes with the metabolization of Risperdal, but not so much with Invega. Might that help? All in all, I like Risperdal pretty well, but if taken at night it makes me wake early and if taken in the AM it seems to leave me fuzzy and dazed for about four hours.
  20. My son, 22, was diagnosed with SZ-Affective Disorder several yrs ago. we believe it's more BP but I'm here to ask questions and try to learn what I can to help him. Current situation: My Son has been on Invega ( 1 x month injection plus a daily 6mg pill). He was asking asking to get off the shot in a safe way, and was willing to take the pill. He had been trying to talk to the P-Doc but asked us to intervene which we did to support him. Bad idea or not we have to give him a chance at getting to a minimal level. Because of some past bad decisions ( like when he was being weined off of Zyprexa under another P-Drs care he had a manic episode that lead to a couple of felony charges ( doing 100mph on a highway being chased by cops and the turning around an hr later and stealing a car...all very not normal for this kid who is not a criminal...but since he was off his meds at the time and )which after 10K in legal fees and the stress of court we had them dropped to a violation)...ANYWAY for the past 18 -24 months all's been good except my son is not happy with his Dr and the shot. Please note: he will not accept his diagnosis, and if the diagnosis is correct it a lack of insight...he will not participate in therapy etc... Here's the problem: He has developed an eyelid spasm problem, similar to blepharospasm. There are times he has to use his fingers to open his eyes. A neuro-ophlamoglogist with The NY Eye and Ear Hospital said it's not anything neurological, his eyes are fine,. said it most likely is from the Invega. We had other neuro doctors also say he must stop the Invega immedialtely. His last shot was a month ago, was due today. We stopped the drug, including the pill as the neuro doctor said we will never know for sure if you don't. This issue is true of all these type of drugs. The neuro -Ophla. is consulting with the P-Dr, but this p-Dr is a "my way or the highway" guy ( he wouldn't help move my son safely fro the injection to pills...said that's the treatment, go somewhere else if you don't like it) but now has a dilema....) Bottom line: we are looking for ways to help our son with his eye problem which means getting off the drugs....so we are looking for ways to minimize the physical effects and create an atmosphere where the pyschological issues are minimized. From the point of view of members of this board, how can we help?
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