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  1. So, I was extremely depressed in January after tapering off all my meds on my own (stupid). My doctor put me back on Wellbutrin, and we decided to try Prozac as an SSRI. The Prozac wasn't kicking in and I learned about the GeneSight genetic test for antidepressants. I asked for and had the task done. They never sent me a copy of the results. After a month on the Prozac and no help, I also asked to go up from 300mg Wellbutrin XL to 450mg, and that seemed to help. I had an appointment mid-April and was mostly feeling better. He decided to keep me where I was at. I forgot to ask about the GeneSight results. I generally feel good during the week but am miserable on the weekends. I generally lay in bed all day feeling depressed, binge eat, try and sleep as much as possible. I don't know if this is something that can be fixed with medication or if it is purely behavioral. My therapist suggests making plans for the weekend ahead of time and trying to make my weekends structured. I finally got around to sending the doc a message on the patient portal asking about the GeneSight results. He responded that the report showed all my meds were good for me except Prozac. The test recommends Lexapro or Zoloft instead. He did not say anything about changing the Prozac. For three days I have been trying to make an appointment to see the doctor. If I call I'm on hold for 10 minutes before leaving a message. I've also tried requesting an appointment with the patient portal. Nothing. So, I'm thinking about just messaging the doc (since I know he responds) and mention the problems I'm having on the weekends as well as concerns I have about staying on Prozac. I want to know if I should switch, or if I should just stay where I'm at since I'm basically doing good except no motivation and very depressed on the weekends. What do you all think I should do? Ask the doctor online about switching, keep trying to make an appointment, or just try and add structure to the weekends and see if I can get by without a med change? Current meds (all generic): Wellburtrin XL: 450mg Prozac: 20mg Seroquel: 200mg trazodone: 400mg hydroxyzine: 25mg 3x daily P.R.N.
  2. Hey, So about 5pm every day of late, my mood just turns black. I can't buy a neutral (forget positive) cognition or emotion, I start to feel and think very negatively no matter what I do. Of course, I'm feeling and thinking badly beforehand, but it just sinks to another level, or depth if you will. So I'm wondering if it's a med (or meds) that I'm taking that's losing effect around 5pm. I take the following meds - yes, it's a crazy-looking brew I know, but it allows me to function somewhat - at 6am (in milligrams): 200 Provigil, 2.5 Abilify, 40 Fetzima, 30 Lexapro, 15 BuSpar, 150 Lyrica, 10 Percocet and these at 2pm: 150 Lyrica, 15 BuSpar and these 4 times a day, where the last dose is typically 2pm: 15 Adderall 10 Percocet (for chronic pain) and these at 7pm for sleep: 150 Trazodone, 50 Benedryl It's impossible to confidently predict a "culprit" but if anyone has any hunches, I'd love to hear them. For example, today I'm splitting (some of) the 6am batch into two and taking the second half at 2pm as an experiment. I feel that empirical experimentation might be the way to go because the theory is too complex with this many psychotropic medications in play. Cheers , Pete
  3. I am diagnosed bipolar 2, OCD, GAD, and at one point ADHD although the psychs can’t decide if it’s true or not. my cocktail: wellbutrin xl 450 mg in morning lamictal 200mg at night lexapro 10mg morning for the GAD and OCD my OCD is the obsessive thoughts type. My issue being mainly that I lack motivation and am tired all the time as well very hungry and have gained weight but can’t find the hunger control to diet and can’t find the motivation to exercise. yes it’s terrible and could be affecting all of this but for years it’s the only way I can function half a pot or a whole pot of coffee in the morning and occasionally a monster or two in the afternoon I practically live on caffeine. i sleep ok usually about 7-8 hours a night. luckily I have a job currently although I’m a serial job hopper. somehow I have a wife and daughter who put up with me. I’m on my 20’s im 6 foot tall and was originally 225 when I was exercising but after wife’s pregnancy and post partum and life of course I’m now 289. just trying to see if anyone has experienced similar cocktails because although I’ve been under treatment off and on since 15 I have honestly not tried many meds more so favoring trying different doses of the same med because I have enough of a hard time holding a job without the med game happening. i have tried seroquel which is a never again strattera which messed with blood pressure. Gabapentin which is absolutely not. Adderall which was obviously awesome but is likely bad for the bipolar. Abilify which made me feel mentally handicapped. Buspar which made me practically forget my own name. Just found this place and basically looking for any experiences, thoughts etc.
  4. I know that a lot of bipolar folks take an SSRI as part of their daily regimen of meds and apparently it seems to help. But there's some growing concern in the pdoc world now that SSRI's may be causing manic symptoms and even directly causing manic episodes. I was on SSRI's for 10 years before quitting last October. In chronological order: Celexa, Zoloft, Celexa again, Lexapro, Zoloft again, Prozac, Zoloft again briefly, back to Prozac to close it out. For me, personally, after stopping them altogether, I was able to see what they were doing to my system. I truly believe they made me much more unstable and greatly increased compulsiveness and just made a bad situation worse. Switching from Lexapro to Zoloft sent me immediately full-on hypomanic for over a month in early 2015. I was high as a kite and on top of the fucking world. It was unreal and so obvious at the time. From the beginning of it, I was certain something unusual was going on. Now I wasn't diagnosed bipolar yet, just depressed, so I didn't even know what hypomania was then. It fizzled out eventually (sigh) but I had at least two more, shorter, and less intense episodes late spring 2015. I've not had anything quite as euphoric as those since. My last pdoc expressed some concern about the prozac but wasn't very insistent on me stopping it, just that I would want to eventually. I've since read that there is increasing concern in the pdoc community. Yet a lot of bipolar people still take SSRI's and don't seem to have problems. Do SSRI's seem to help your causes? Do you notice any unusual side effects? Have any of you stopped taking SSRI's and noticed a change? Other comments? This could be interesting.
  5. I have mild reflux, something like GERD or LERD, for the past six months or so. Mostly no pain, just really bad smells at the back of my throat and occasional vomit burp. It recently (past couple months) started giving me vague gut pain and bloating after meals, so I saw a dr, got scoped, and was diagnosed with reflux. No erosion/ulceration was seen though, just stomach juices bubbling up my esophagus a little. So, I got some prescription strength probiotics and started putting chia seeds in my drinks. (The goo really soothes all that mess.) My reflux was more or less under control with just that, until I finally decided to go to a psychiatrist for my (years long untreated) depression. Now, after a week at 5 mg escitalopram and 25ish mg (I'm trying to quarter 100 mg pills, it's not so accurate) lamotrigine in the AM, my stomach is MAD. Putting anything in my stomach makes it bloated and painful. And the past couple days it's even worse. Last night, probably two hours after eating I had a wicked vomit burp. Like the food in my stomach wasn't moving down AT ALL. This morning I even woke up bloated. I have a long history of gut unhappiness, but it's usually my bowels/large intestine and this stomach pain shit is really making it hard for me to do anything. Like, I'm so bloated I'm scared if I get up and move around I'm going to vomit. (But I don't have nausea, weirdly enough.) And I think all this clenching my stomach against the bloating and pain is making my asthma worse. Is this a start up side effect that will go away? Anyone know of anything besides PPIs that can help it? I think the problem is that my digestive tract just isn't moving, not that I have too much acid, and besides PPIs give me wicked diarrhea. When I had a big cup of coffee with breakfast yesterday morning, my big hearty breakfast didn't cause me any problems at all. Coffee usually makes my digestive track tweak the fuck out and puts me on the toilet, I think in this case it brought my gut back to normal speed. But I can't do that with dinner. My doctor actually wants me on 10 mg escitalopram already and I'm scared to go up because I don't want this to get worse. Also I have medication phobia and want to stay at the lowest doses possible for everything. But I really want to give the meds a chance to work.....
  6. Hey guys. Just looking for some opinions here and see who could relate. I’ve been an insomniac for 10 years now and suffered from depression for 5. I recently stopped seroquel 25mg which I was on for 10 years for sleep since it stopped working and made me sedated all day. Changed to ambien 10mg and can FINALLY sleep and feel some energy during the day. My problem is finding th correct med to deal with my depression. I feel like I haven’t felt my confident, creative self in years and homesick for that person to come back if that makes since. Lexapro I was on for three years. Worked okay, but I was also in a daze, so sedated and tired 24/7. And no sexual interest. I then broke down and switched to trintellix, worked well for depression but anxiety it was HORRIBLE. I picked at my face 24/7 and after 7 months went into another breakdown and was very unstable. I was then switched to Wellbutrin and then pristiq. Both turned me into zombies and couldn’t even get out of bed. Finally took genomind test and found out no SSRIS will do the job. So I was put on adderall for resistant depression treatment. That was a fail, ended up in hopsital because I couldn’t stop crying. So I was then put on lamictal which seemed to be okay until I got the rash and am forced to discontinue. Does ANYONE have any reccomendations? I’m just so exhausted of trying everything and not having it work. But hey at least I can sleep on the ambien and that’s half the battle
  7. I'm a female and I've on a very small dose of Lexapro. I've only been on it 4 days and already it's virtually impossible to orgasm and if I do it's a disappointment as it's such a dull orgasm. The doctor thinks I should stay on it for a month to see if there are improvements. Has anybody tried this and have the sexual problems decreased once your body gets used to the Lexapro? The doctor has said it is my decision whether I continue with it.
  8. I read it is a less common side effect. I started taking it friday and I have had two nose bleeds 2 days in a row which is VERY unusual for me (Yesterday and today), They are heavy and last at least half an hour. Is this a dangerous or serious side effect or can it wait till next week-thursday?
  9. Hello. Around a week ago my Seroquel dose got increased from 150mg a day to 300mg a day. I take it for bipolar I and autism spectrum disorder. I take 150mg early in the morning, before school and the other half before going to sleep. I'm feeling extremely tired and drowsy. I find it hard to concentrate which is an issue because I have a very demanding academic life that requires me to be awake and cognitively at my peak. Since it manages my psychosis and makes me able to tolerate life I am reluctant to stop taking it. I have taken risperidone and amisulpride before but they make me extremely irritable/ don't quite stop the psychosis. In addition to Seroquel I take 20mg of escitalopram (lexapro generic). My question is, will the tiredness go away? Or do I ask for a change?
  10. Hello. Around a week ago my Seroquel dose got increased from 150mg a day to 300mg a day. I take it for bipolar I and autism spectrum disorder. I take 150mg early in the morning, before school and the other half before going to sleep. I'm feeling extremely tired and drowsy. I find it hard to concentrate which is an issue because I have a very demanding academic life that requires me to be awake and cognitively at my peak. Since it manages my psychosis and makes me able to tolerate life I am reluctant to stop taking it. I have taken risperidone and amisulpride before but they make me extremely irritable/ don't quite stop the psychosis. In addition to Seroquel I take 20mg of escitalopram (lexapro generic). My question is, will the tiredness go away? Or do I ask for a change?
  11. I went to see my therapist again yesterday and I told her about the medication and how I don't think it's working. I started taking meds in November of last year: 5 mg of lexapro, then to 10, then I went back to the hospital. Then it went to 15 then to 20. haven't seen much of a difference Im currently taking 20mg of Lexapro, the "therapeutic dose", which doctors dont usually go above, and I've been taking that for I think 5 weeks. So she said to talk to my physician and I hope she can help.. also I might start going to IOP again
  12. PLEASE HELP. So stupidly, I chewed up 5 10mg lexapro pills because I was told I would get high. A few hours later I got extremely hot and an unexplainable burning feeling all through my body. It went away after a good 15 minutes but then came back. After the second time I started to feel very sick and puked. I then felt somewhat better but the burning feeling still came back throughout the night. Also uncomfortable tingles, sweaty palms, difficulty breathing, still the stomach sickness, and twitching. I considered this an overdose that I could get through myself but now it's 5 days later and I have only left my bed to use the bathroom. I've read so much about it but I can't exactly figure out what's wrong. I weigh around 150lb, male, and had a "potential seizure" over a month ago. Will someone please get back to me asap on what I can do to feel myself again.
  13. I'll try to keep this brief. Had a major depressive episode (my first, age 38) two years ago. Dr prescribed Lexapro and I was back to my old self in 3-4 weeks. Fast forward 1.5 years, I'm feeling so well primary care doc recommends I come off. Biggest mistake of my life. Crashed around Thanksgiving, went back on Lexapro but it didn't work this time (or at least not completely). January, psychiatrist puts me on Cymbalta. Not fully working. Also Finishing 5 out of 6 Ketamine infusions. Still struggling to get out of bed. Psychiatrist is talking about trying Lexapro again but at 30mg higher dosage. It was my miracle drug at one point. Any thoughts? Is it possible it might work since some other stuff has gone on in my head since last time and with higher dose? He is also talking about Abilify which terrifies me due to the risk of tardive. I am also on Ativan .5, 4 times a day but I don't want to be.
  14. I was prescribed 20mg of lexapro we had slowly started to increase it. I've had these manic episodes so bad that i felt i could do anything at that moment i felt like my heart needed to get energy out of it. I was acting in such strange ways talking nonsense. i don't know what to think. My family is so extremely annoyed by my episodes too.
  15. Hi everyone. I know you should not drink while on Lexapro but I wanted to get an opinion. I am currently on 7.5mg (I have been taking Lexapro for 3 months) and I take it around 8:30pm. Last night I had a Christmas party and decided to have a glass and a half of wine. I hardly ever drink, so please do not suggest an alcohol problem. This is my third glass of wine in 7 months. Anyways, I had bad dissociation and anxiety when I got to the party. However after one glass of wine I was more outgoing and sociable than the last time I can remember. A little hyper even. Later on I started to get a headache and felt kind of dizzy and out of it. I am small, 5'1" and 105 pounds. I take Xanax (.25mg) and melatonin (1mg) to sleep, so I took that about 6 hours after having my last glass of wine. I slept 10 hours and could have probably slept 14. I feel SO tired today and hungover! Is this normal? I won't be drinking on Lexapro again Thanks in advance
  16. I have been taking generic bupropion for about more than 2 months starting at 100mg SR. I took 100mg SR once daily for a month, then started 150mg SR once daily for about 2 weeks before going up to 300mg SR daily (150mg SR x 2) one in the morning at 10 and the other at 6. I've been on the 300mg SR since. I never had the 'honeymoon' phase and I've gotten into the habit of sleeping in even later now.. till 11:30am-12:00pm. And I go to bed at 11:30 at night, sometimes later. I know I'm getting too much sleep and I feel like the bupropion is maybe making me tired. I've also been taking Lexapro 5mg every night to help counteract anxiety. I started it first but I felt it made me flat so I asked to go on bupropion. I feel like it isn't helping me with my mood lately.. just curious if it's a lost cause.. or if I should ask to switch generics (on Sandoz) or maybe add Abilify or something. Before taking these meds I had bad obsessive thoughts and paranoia about my boyfriend (stupid things that I shouldn't be thinking about) and depression. No motivation to do anything and nothing excites me.. still doesn't. I had a couple days where I took adderall once in awhile while on bupropion, of course I felt euphoria on it but very wired and then what's weird is I would feel a few hours of general happiness the next day. I thought it was the bupropion trying to work.. but since a few sporadic days of that I haven't had that feeling since. I used to be addicted to adderall 4 years ago for about 2 years (would take around 160mg a day till I ran out) and quit cold turkey. Also smoked 'spice' legal weed for 8 months, pretty sure that messed me up.. I thought Adderall could help me again but I ended up feeling the addiction coming back so I threw it away. Also to add, I've been taking Synthroid for my low thyroid since I was 18 (26 now) .1 mcg in the morning at 7am daily. Any insight would be great!
  17. The med tinkering is driving me nuts. Anyone with me here? Sigh. I have had depression and major depressive episodes for the past 20 years, but I have only been doing the med thing for the past three years. I feel like I get so close to finding a combo that works, albeit with some intolerable side effect... and then I try to get the combo better and wind up making it worse. My latest foray brought back my PMDD crying/depression/irritability for the past week and I'm just at a loss of what to do next. My psychiatric nurse is pretty much up for whatever I want to try, but I don't know what to do anymore. Maybe you all have some ideas? Here's what I'm on right now: Lamictal 200mg (for MDD; *supposed* to be my main antidepressant), Wellbutrin XL 150mg (for giving me more energy and helping with my sex drive), and Lexapro 2.5mg (I had been up to 15mg, but completely lost my ability to orgasm and decided to go off it; hence going on Lamictal). Dx: MDD, PMDD, Primary Insomnia (which may or may not be related to my depression) Antidepressants I've been on: 1) Prozac: numbed me to the point of apathy, caused periodic limb movement disorder at night, sedated me 2) Zoloft 75mg: improvement over Prozac! actually helped me sleep through the night! Yay! Killed my ability to orgasm. Boooo! ... until I added Wellbutrin, then WOW! Sedated me so badly that I only survived on caffeine pills that I had to carefully time through the day, at 100mg every four hours. I hated the sedation (as in I would fall asleep wherever I was multiple times a day if I ran low or out of caffeine), so decided to try something else... 3) Wellbutrin 150mg: Added to help give me my sex drive back. Worked wonderfully! Love this one! Wish it still worked with Lexapro... 4) Lexapro 15mg: Swapped out the side effects. Caused periodic limb movement disorder like Prozac, but NO SEDATION! :-). Sadly, killed my ability to orgasm so completely that not even 300mg Wellbutrin could touch it. I could say that I could live with this, but the endless frustration in my relationship has made me want to pursue another option. 5) Lamictal 200mg: I started this in January of this year, for the purpose of getting off Lexapro, and have been titrating up ever since! Holy crap; it's been forever. Within that seven months, I tried to go off the Lexapro three times. The first two times, my Lamictal was at 100mg and I got down to 7.5mg of Lexapro before having a return of depressive symptoms. This past attempt at going off Lexapro, Lamictal was brought up to 200mg for two weeks before attempting to titrate down on the Lexapro. I titrated by 2.5mg every 5 days and I got down to 2.5mg before having discontinuation symptoms, including depressive symptoms along with headache, irritability, and nausea. So now I'm at 2.5mg of Lexapro and have been holding there, afraid to go off it completely and afraid to go back up. Clearly the 200mg of Lamictal, plus 150mg Wellbutrin are not enough to deal with my depression, particularly the menstrual/hormonal version of it. I was at 200mg of Lamictal for 7 weeks before this last period hit, so I know that there was plenty of time for it to work. If I increase the Lexapro, it defeats the purpose of why I went on the Lamictal. I've never had good anti-depressant results from Wellbutrin, only increased energy, so no reason to go up on that. I am disappointed at the possibility that I've given Lamictal this entire year to work and I don't know if it is marginally working, or not really at all. I'd like to think that the reason I was able to get down to 2.5mg of Lexapro without return of symptoms this time means that the Lamictal is doing *something.* Do I ask to increase the Lamictal? Go up to 300mg? Do I add a different SSRI and go off Lexapro completely? Pdoc thinks I should try Zoloft again. Aaack! Must I live in a sedated state for the rest of my life?! I don't know if there is even the possibility that another SSRI would be better than Lexapro with the side effect profile. But maybe try Celexa and hope for the best? Do I add an antidepressant that is not an SSRI, like Strattera, Abilify, etc.... Since I know y'all are going to ask, I have tried Mirena and Nuva Ring to control the hormone influenced depression and it has been a crap shoot. Mirena turned me into a raging bitch for months and I bled and bled for weeks at a time. So I had that taken out, needless to say. Nuva Ring caused weight gain, pimples, break through bleeding, and did not seem to make any difference with the hormonal depression. So I went off that too. Talk to me, people. Lend me your ideas.
  18. Hi all! I had a question. I've been working with my pdoc to taper off cymbalta. I went from 60 to 45, which went just fine, but then went from 45 to 30 and all hell broke loose. Muscle aches, depress, etc., you name it. We'd been planning to go to 20 mg Cymbalta and then switch over to 10 mg Lexapro to do the rest of the step down, but given how poorly 30 mg Cymbalta has gone, I have asked to switch direclty to Lexapro. The plan is now to go from 30 mg Cymbalta to 20 mg Lex by alternating meds for one week (at those doses) and then switching over to lexapro altogether. Then in a few months I'll revisit stepping down on Lexapro. Has anyone done a cross-taper like this, or switched from C to L? I'd love to hear your experiences. My Pdoc is good but doesn't always give me all the context I need, and I'm feeling really overwhelmed, confused, and lonely (of course the WDs don't help!).
  19. Starting Lexapro tonight after 4 weeks of severe anxiety and panic. Currently stable on Lamictal and Depakote ER as mood stabilizers, Intuniv for attention and focus, and low-dose Seroquel for sleep (Seroquel has never helped my anxiety, just my mood). Tried increasing Depakote and Seroquel to no avail. Tried scheduled Klonopin around the clock, which certainly took the edge off but not by much. I'm basically writing to find out if anyone in the boards has experience with SSRIs in paired with mood stabilizers and a Dx of Bipolar type 2. I'm starting at 5 mg for four days and then increasing (and staying) at 10 mg. It has, in the past, helped the severe anxiety and panic attacks I used to get back in my early 20's (I'm 26 now). Any input is appreciated!
  20. Howdy i'm new here, Question. I'm on 10MG lexapro on week 7 (prescribed for anxiety!) and I never have really felt anything much either way from this stuff- (a good thing?) my anxiety continues (but perhaps not as bad?) and in some cases I wonder if if it's Lexapro causing anxiety...I feel like 7 weeks in I should be seeing results and as such I wonder if this is a wrong drug for me...I've taken it in the past and I don't really seeing it doing much either way.. The anxiety feeling is vaguely different- it's not a mind thing but a body high sort of thing- my mind is solid and not choosing to go to dark places or anxious about stupid shit, but my body anxiety is pretty significant- enough to make me lose my appetite and not want to eat, etc.... it doesn't push me enough to feel like I have to get up and go for a walk or run 500 miles or whatever...thank god..And I don't crash too hard after it goes away.. In fact sometimes I feel quite good after it disappears-- who wouldn't? I'm trying my very very very best to not take benzos but I get so damn tired of the symptoms that I just feel like I need relief- Benzos def work and in fairly small doses- 1mg of ativan is probably overkill, .5mg xanax will relax me, and/or .5mg of klonopin....(hours later of course)...I do not take benzos daily/frequently so whatever's happening isn't a withdrawal from one.. Thank you to all,
  21. I've been on Wellbutrin since April 2015. I was on Lexapro and Zoloft for years prior. i needed to be a bit more productive in my life, get my sexuality back and perhaps drop a few pounds and not be so tired all the time. All of this occurred and I was quite happy until.... I found it did not control my mood swings, anxiety, depression, crying jags and a million other things! So what's the problem, right? Just switch back! I don't want to. I want to add the Lexapro to the mix! Perhaps, I could keep the benefits of the Wellbutrin and tone down the rest with some Lexapro. Has anyone done this, know of it or have any intelligent thoughts about it? My doctor says flat out NO!
  22. Hey. I've never posted before, but here it goes. I have been on Lexapro for 10 years. I'm on 20 mg. Apparently it has pooped out on me and doc are going to try Zoloft, which I was on as a teen (I am now 33). We are doing a cross taper. I have MDD and panic disorder. I'm terrified of cross tapering, but know I can't wean and start another. I go nuts and I have to work full time and support a family. I need positive words about cross tapering because everything I read is scary as hell. Terrified of serotonin syndrome.
  23. Heya.. So yesterday I was prescribed lexapro... And I've never been on this kind of medication before. I'm really hesitant and nervous about starting it tomorrow, I've never liked taking pills, and to be honest I'm just a bit scared of how it's going to affect me... I guess I just want some sort of reassurance or advice really... ?
  24. I started taking Cipralex in October. I am very sensitive to medications. My psychiatrist started me on 10mg and I started having major panic attacks at least once a day. I had other side effects as well: sexual dysfunction, dry mouth, weird dreams. I cut myself back to 5mg and then quit it. He started me back up on 5mg and has been increasing the dose over the past 6 months or so to 20mg. I've been taking 20mg for about 8 weeks. I wanted to lie in the street and die. The depression was still really, really bad. The anxiety calmed down, though and I'm small talking to people when I normally wouldn't. I also care less about some stuff. My mild OCD is still OCDing. My teeth are clenched so bad my face hurts. The psychiatrist then prescribed 150mg of Wellbutrin to take with the Cipralex. The first two days were amazing. I didn't feel like laying in the street, I had manic-like energy, which I actually enjoyed. Day three and four and today, day five are back to feeling like a massive bag of dark, ugly depression. Will I ever not feel this way again?
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