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Found 7 results

  1. What do you think is the best Emergency PRN med for short/intermittent episodes of anxiety? I initially tried a couple of non-benzos Hydroxyzine (antihistamine) which did nothing...and Oxazapam (did very little and took over an hour to notice any effect). Valium worked pretty well in the past, but the effects are too long lasting (would wake up groggy). I would only take it 1-2x per Month (for emergency/anxious distress) in order to avoid tolerance. I'm wondering what your favorite med is for this purpose? Something that works quickly, and doesn't last like 12 hours. Also, how many times per week can you take a low dose without developing any tolerance?
  2. I am on two antidepressants, and lorazepam prn (1 to 3mg) I still am nervous in a few social settings, especially if I am put on the spot, or if I feel put on the spot- not hard to do to me really. I get social anxiety which is quelled by lorazepam. I have a panic disorder that is now somewhat controlled, but I take lorazepam for certain situations (haircuts- I've had a panic attack during a haircut). I have essential tremor, of the upper body. I sleep better, and cry an awful lot less now that I take antidepressant medication. I find taking the lorazepam calms me when needed but can create mood swings when I take it sporadically. It's like my depression and anxiety rebounds after it clears my system. I feel okay, but not totally okay. Can I fix that, or is this as good as it gets?
  3. OK, i'm reaching out to see what some of you think about my memory issues and what may have caused it and will it get better... I will explain what is going on first. I used to be quick with words, but a few years ago I noticed i am having difficulty trying to remember/learn anything new. But if i am hands-on and spend a lot it sinks in. Example: If i have been around a product long enough, i learn all about it by explaining it to customers and hearing others talk. But if i try reading on it or take any training, it just doesn't stick very well at first. I can't say when it actually started, but i noticed it a few years ago when i switched jobs and had to learn some new product. THIS WAS / IS EMBARRASSING to say the least when i get a question. Also, i notice i can't find certain words when trying to explain some things in general...i know that i know what i mean to say, but some words just won't come to the surface...causing a quick stammer to find the word for what i am trying to say...Then a while later, it pops into my head, needless to say, after i don't need it anymore. If i had to explain it, I would say that i feel like when i am trying to write/think that all the words and phrases rush by and don't stick so i can't recall them. My thoughts seem flash by, racing through my brain...kinda like confusion, or thinking too fast. Its like the thoughts are there, but i can't grab them fast enough. If i try to read up on something, its like my eyes dart all over and i don't retain much, if anything, because i seem to be thinking about something else at the same time. HISTORY. I have a long history of anxiety. Probably a little OCD too. Type A personality. I experienced severe Panic Attacks in 1992 that lasted about 6 months. I was put on anti-depressants at the time to help manage. In 1995 i switched to Paxil and a few years ago I tried to taper off to stop, but have come to believe that i am much better off staying on as i feel much better in most every way. I also started on Ativan and Ambien. I have been on Paxil 10MG, Ativan 2MG and Ambein 10MG ever since - 20 years. So now that my memory/cognitive issues are affecting my daily efforts, and i have tapered down and off Ativan and Ambien completely. I am in a very good place in life and things are going really well, so its been easy and for the first time i feel good without ativan help. Also, have slept without any help...been about 2 weeks now. I am NOT experiencing any anxiety and i am sleeping pretty good. Trying to read up on all this is even more confusing, so i am asking for feedback, hopefully from experience. REMEMBER, all these issue were present BEFORE i stopped the meds, and I am hoping these issues will go away over time. So, any feedback would be welcome. And sorry if this is not written well, but its what i am dealing with. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hi! I'm starting Lorazepam 1mg twice daily if needed. As part of the side effects, it lists "changes in sex drive/ability". I was just wondering what exactly "changes" mean? Anyone have any experiences with an increase or decrease in sex drive? I was previously on Pristiq- completely got rid of my sex drive. Now I'm on Wellbutrin, and my sex drive is finally back, which I was excited about. I'm worried it will go away again. I'm also on Zoloft which can decrease sex drive as well... uhg!
  5. Hello lovelies! So, some back story first. I'm a 22 year old female. Diagnosis history: Age 8: Anxiety/panic disorder Age 12: Depression Age 15: ADD Age 19: minor OCD During elementary school I dealt with very severe anxiety symptoms. I had frequent panic attacks, wasn't able to eat lunch in the school cafeteria, and I had separation anxiety from my mother. I was started on Paxil which helped. In middle school I was diagnosed with depression. I was taken off Paxil and prescribed 20mg Lexapro per day, which was later brought up to 40mg. I self-harmed mildly and infrequently for several years but quit on my own and without psychiatric intervention. I was on 40mg of Lexapro per day up until this past March. I felt that while it had my anxiety almost completely under control (it was at least very manageable most of the time) but I was lacking motivation for many day-to-day activities. I felt tired often and like I had no drive to do day-to-day tasks. At this point I was switched to fluoxetine (aka Prozac) 20 mg per day. I found that it made me feel much more agitated than the Lexapro, but I thought it was pretty manageable so I started taking it every other day (my own choice, I did not consult with a doctor on this). That was working fine until two weeks ago, when out of nowhere I started to experience very bad anxiety symptoms for the first time in a good ten years. It started somewhat mild, with restlessness and some agitation. Then, when I tried going to my job, I felt very trapped and anxious, nauseous, and generally very agitated. After that it gradually got worse and I was less and less able to leave the house. I felt light-headed, agitated, anxious, etc. I had some leftover Lexapro and called my psych's office to see if I could switch back to that. My primary psych doc is out of the office til late October so I just spoke with the nurse on call. I was switched back to Lexapro, 40 mg a day, immediately. The next two days my symptoms were worse and my mother drove up to my apartment and took me to the ER. The told me I'd taken too much Lexapro too soon and to cut the dose to 20mg per day for a week and see how I was feeling. Two days ago was the height of the severity of my symptoms. I started feeling pressure in my chest like I couldn't breathe, I thought I was going to pass out, and I was having severe muscle tremors constantly. I couldn't walk to the kitchen without having to shake my hands and arms and even my neck. I felt weak because I'd been shaking my legs so fiercely for so many hours overnight and hadn't slept. I was having severe nausea and repeatedly almost vomited, so I called an ambulance, worried I was experiencing severe serotonin syndrome or something. At the hospital I was given Ativan which calmed me down significantly and basically put me to sleep, since I hadn't gotten more than probably 3 hours of sleep in 48 hours. I was given an Ativan prescription, as well as Zofran for nausea. Yesterday I visited a psychologist at the same clinic where my primary psych doc usually sees me. He prescribed Ativan, .5mg twice daily as needed, and klonopin, .5mg twice daily as needed. He believes I do have some mild serotonin toxicity so I am now off of Lexapro and Fluoxetine. So here's where you guys come in! Have any of you had an experience like this? What helped? I'm currently feeling less anxious and less agitated, but still slightly uneasy. More prevalent is the fact that I can't stop wiggling my leg. If I start to feel worse I'll have to start shaking my hands or my head too. It's like I can't sit still and I'm extremely restless and need to keep moving, so my leg is constantly shaking. The klonopin and ativan seem to calm it down a bit, but not completely. Thoughts? I can't try to go back on the Lexapro for awhile because there's too much serotonin in me right now. (Doc said maybe a week off of it would be okay.) Some concerns: Klonopin and ativan really relax me, so I've just been in bed for two days, basically. I worry about worsening depression symptoms. What if this leg shaking doesn't go away? Have any of you dealt with increased motor movement from anxiety where you just can't stop moving one or more of your body parts? Any other stories, tips, input, advice, etc would be so greatly appreciated! I haven't been this unwell in many, many years and I wanted to reach out to a community like this one where I'd feel a little less alone in dealing with this. Thank you all so much, and I hope you're all doing well today.
  6. As the title says really, why would lorazepam 1mg (3 per day) not help for either agitation or social anxiety. I'm completely new to benzos having previously tried loads of other meds. I was expecting the benzo to help me cope with social interaction but so far I've used a few times with no success at all. Today I tried a double dose (2mg) and still wasn't able to talk or ask questions in class and in the end I left early. The benzo was my doctors idea and a bit of a last resort option as everything else has failed to help with the agitation and anxiety. - I'm talking years of various therapies, antidepressants, meditation, exercise, etc. Maybe my expectations were too high but I feel quite disappointed right now and I'm not sure where to go from here. My Dr said go back in 1 month but I think I need someone different as lorazepam just isn't hitting the spot. Anyone else had similar experiences?
  7. Hello. I was given 1mg dissolve under the tongue tablets for treatment for my cymbalta withdrawal. 1mg did nothing and I was wide awake. 2mg seemed like it lessened my withdrawal a bit. An hour later I took zopiclone and went to bed around 12am or 1. The problem was the next morning. I could not get out of bed till 430pm. I slept forever. Can anyone tell me if this is a normal side effect or perhaps something that will stop happening if I continue with Ativan?
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