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Found 22 results

  1. I'm bipolar type X. NOS-ish but sort of 1.5 -- higher hypomanias and little depression, but also (in the ever-more distant past) mixed states. I've been taking nightly medications for over a decade now. Lamictal + Lithium + small dose Klonopin. These are usually enough to put me out (also because I'm usually tired at night). But when they don't I get in a state of "drunkness" that's somewhat disconcerting. Makes me talkative and impulsive. I once told my (decade-plus) wife I had a half crush on a coworker. Another time I shot off an email to said coworker to the tune of "just because I ha
  2. I am going to speak to my pdoc about this, but I think I have binge eating disorder. I have gained an unspeakable amount of weight just in the past month, and am about to break my all time high in weight. These binges seem to come in "spells" or "episodes" that last for several months unless I'm dieting, and it's incredibly frustrating. Last year, I lost 40 lb and nearly got to my target weight, and I suddenly started binge eating when I had a change in medication. Right now, I'm not on any medication that would induce weight gain or increase appetite all that much or at all really, that I kno
  3. Had a totally weird experience at the dentist....... So, I was having a tooth pulled and got the usual local anaesthetic. The thing is the dentist started fading into the distance and I felt really dopey and giddy. That passed and when the dentist knew I was ok, gave me another injection. The reaction was a bit delayed this time and it was when I was getting my tooth pulled I was in cuckoo land. Dentist said that happens sometimes....I didn't mind one bit!! Before I went home I was given a mug of coffee and observed for about 30 mins. I was totally fine then and went home. NEVER happened t
  4. I know what the papers say but I want to know if this medication really works from people who are on Brintellix or who have taken Brintellix? When is the best time to take Brentillix? AM or PM?
  5. seroquel caused me to put on 45lbs. i'm really unhappy with this. the dose is lowered, meds adjusted, and i'm eager to lose this but feeling powerless.
  6. Sorry this is so long, please read but I'll add a TL;DR section at the bottom. I'm 19 and I've been struggling with ***MAJOR*** axiety ever since I was 14 although over the years the anxiety has grown worse. It's always been super bad but now it's unbarable and I dont know what to do or where to go from here. I've been diagnosed with GAD, OCD, socal phobia, panic disorder and agoraphobia by my latest psychyatrist. I've been on several medications over the years but almost nothing has worked and I'm seriously considering going to some kind of hospital. I'm so tired of being so anxious and it'
  7. I never know if I feel normal, or if I even remember what normal feels like, or happiness even. When I was 12 years old, I was happy. I got bullied, I was fat, lazy, but I was happy. I had motivation and emotions. But I remember stumbling upon a bottle of xanax on top of my fridge, looking at it for weeks, contemplating taking one. I eventually took 1, and I remember feeling like everything was alright, none of my problems mattered. It started as a once a week thing. And then an every day thing. And then, I found a bottle of adderall, when I was 13 I think. Xanax and adderall, my life was perf
  8. I am new to this board, I find them on web searches all the time but have yet to actually join in and participate. I am diagnosed bipolar, major depressive, with a little adhd thrown in for good measure. I have been taking medications for these various ailments for about 15 years. It finally came to the point where I was unable to work anymore. I became unable to deal with rude, abprupt and just downright mean people. And I am a people person! lol I have been using an outpatient place not far from my home. They have had me on a merryground of meds. REcently, I was prescribed a new me
  9. I was on Saphris from January to May with no memory problems. When I stopped in May I noticed a gradual change in my memory, specifically my short-term memory. It went from my short-term memory was lasting for about 5 to 20 minutes, however, after I stopped it my memory lasts only about 2 to 5 seconds before I forget things I'm thinking of. Is this a common reaction after stopping an AP/ AAP?
  10. i'm just curious about which medications are normally prescribed for weight loss. i know healthy eating and exercise are the first choice, normally... i'm just wondering what happens when someone is really struggling and can't seem to gain any ground, due to the antipsychotics or mood stabilizers or other medications they are on. i feel like a slug, and i don't have the energy nor self control at this point, to make headway in the area of cutting back calories or by engaging in exercise solely and exclusively. i have started walking, but i still feel like eating the whole refri
  11. Hi crazies, So I've been in outpatient care for over a year now trying different medications and therapies to try and make me feel better. See, here's the catch... none of the medications seem to have any effect on me at all. I mean nothing. Or nothing that I can see. I read about some people seeing a marked difference sometimes when they try some new medications, either bad or good, but I've never had anything close to that ever happen to me. My case presents like an easy-to-treat depression, which is what my psychiatrist said, and that after a couple of anti-depressants I should be feeli
  12. Hi crazies (lol), I've been on your website recently and found the information and sense of community quite inspiring. Well, I'm a 17 year old high school senior with major depressive disorder... that's about it i guess, that's all I've got. Obvious symptoms of a mood disorder surfaced at 14 years old, but now that I know more about mental health i realize that I was probably very different in the way I think from early childhood. Two years ago my family saw that my mood was become a problem and starting to affect my life so they made me go to our general practitioner and from th
  13. Hey I'm new to the board...not new to MI. I'm going to be asking a shitload of questions because my dr is senile...bear with me!
  14. Anyone over the age of 30 have experiences with Paxil they would like to share?
  15. Hi everyone! Get ready for a long one. First off, I figure I should start out with my current cocktail. Without further adieu, I take the following on a daily basis: 50 mgs Vyvanse, AM 100 mgs Lamictal, AM Multivitamin, AM 100 mgs Tegretol, lunchtime 150 mgs Zoloft, Bedtime 200 mgs Tegretol, Bedtime 2000 mgs Vitamin D, Bedtime .25 mgs / .5 mgs Klonipin (depending on anxiety level), bedtime Prilosec OTC, bedtime Bit of history. I've been on crazy meds for close to 20 years now. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 10 years old, depression at 14, and bipolar at 18. I'v
  16. Hello! I am new to posting, and somewhat new to Crazyboards. A relatively recent (1 month) increase of symptoms is as follows, and has warranted the caution of my psychiatrist that full psychotic mania is a future possibility. Any assistance in helping to determine the cause of these symptoms, primarily within the parameters of medications and seasonal patterns due to a Bipolar I Subtype of Schizoaffective Disorder, would be immensely appreciated, as this has been becoming quickly distressing: Mood 1. Elevated, expanded mood mixed with Treatment-Refractory Depression 2. Irritabil
  17. Everything so clear suddenly. My mind used to feel fuzzy and dazed but now it feels crystal clear! It's amazing! I keep going on about it to my mom lol. And my homework! I never realized how easy it was! This is amazing! :DDD My mom is proud of me! I am so happy!
  18. I have a good mood stabilizer and a good antidepressant... but my antimania (Antipsychotic to be specific) is only at 1mg (of risperdal) and I am feeling the weight gain side effect already. AND I am moderately manic. I need something that works for mania and does not cause weight gain. My psychiatrist does not want to put me on Geodon because of it's needs for EKGs. Any ideas??? If I am left with no other option I will ask if we could give the Geodon a try and schedule an EKG.
  19. Hello, new here and hoping someone might be able to offer advice on medication resistant GAD. My main dx's (since 2004) are GAD and depression; the GAD is giving me major problems. My main problem is extremely bad brain fog-short term memory problems have cost me jobs and are threatening to halt my attempt to start a college degree; depression from a parent's passing has made this even worse. I have been seeing various pdoc/tdocs since 2004 and am on .5-1 mg of klonopin 1x/day. Given that I've taken up to 3mg/day of klonopin, I am extremely concerned about its effects on memory and would
  20. Hey everyone, So, this post is just a jumble of thoughts about some things going on recently. To give you a little background: I've been diagnosed with several things in the past; Major Depressive Disorder with Psychosis, Bipolar I, and Schizoaffective Disorder. I'm on Lithium, Saphris, and Prolixin injections. I am talking to my doctor tomorrow about what my treatment will be and how the diagnosis she decides on will factor into that. Now, I've always been a "worrier". But lately, I've been experiencing some things that I guess could be called paranoia. I think things that just don't
  21. Has anyone else felt the need to hide your moods or mood swings from others? Do you find yourself trying to hide the severity of your moods (i.e. how depressed you really are)? My SO doesn't have a lot of patience with my depression and how it affects me. On the other hand, he LOVES my hypomania because I run around cleaning his house! But he gets irritated when I can't concentrate or sit still. I can't totally hide either mood, but I try to pretend I'm somewhat cheerful (or alive) when depressed, and I do the hypomanic cleaning when SO isn't home. I also hide stuff I buy, or go off and
  22. I'm dealing with a depressive downswing at the moment and I'm looking for some opinions so that I can go into next weeks pdoc appointment educated. 1. Does Geodon have an antidepressant effect? If so, will going up on the dose help? 2. If Geodon doesn't do much for depression, will adding an antidepressant help? 3. Is there a different anti-psychotic that might have a bit of a lift for mood? 4. My therapist mentioned today a drug that I didn't catch the name of and wondered if I was on it. It wasn't one I'd heard of before. Is there an antidepressant that works well with my current med
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