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Found 15 results

  1. Didn't know where else to put this. What do you think about research linking nicotine to improved cognition and possible improvement or prevention of dementia?
  2. Hey all, I have noticed that my memory has dwindled to zero these days. I had an evaluation done at the VA hospital memory clinic. They said they see no issue at all with my memory, but rather deduced that due to PTSD and daily pain I suffer, it is affecting my attention span, which in turn affects memory. I didn't have this issue like this last semester. It is awful. Anyone else with issues like this? Any tips? I need to pass. I am not doing a very good job because I cannot test well. I may spend 2 to 3 hours on homework and get very good grades, but my 1 hour allotted for tests is not a help.
  3. So this is embarrassing I have always been a little absent-minded. when i was a kid i famously lost my DVD of Titanic because I put it in the fridge one day without remembering. It keeps getting worse as I get older though. It started with the fact that I stay up all night (I am virtually nocturnal) and waking up there would be things in odd places and messes that I don't remember even though I try to clean up every night. I am insufferable to live with because of it. Lately though its gotten...worse. Embarrassingly so. On several occasions I must have defecated a bit on the floor and not known or been aware of it. The first time I was staying with my grandfather and my mother found it and blamed it on his senility, which I believed until it happened at my house. the other day I fund eggs in the cabinet. this morning I found a tampon in a pretzel bag in my room. i can vaguely recall myself doing some of these things, or at least i can recall the situation and not the action, but up until i find the objects i don't remember it. i certainly can't remember why i do it or how i forgot. its been really distressing me. my mother is similar, losing food she just bought and leaving the house with the iron turned on or leaving town thinking that she's told people when she hasn't. now she comes over with object that don't belong to either of us and she thinks its mine, or loses objects that she knows are mine but has no idea how. i'm really getting unnerved by this. i feel like i am getting alzheimer's or something but i'm in my 20's! is worrying me. anyone else relate or know what is going on? :/ i'm really embarassed.
  4. This has probably been discussed on this board, so I apologize for creating a new thread. How common is it to become an absolute airhead after being on it for a couple of years? I've always had a problem with my memory, probably because of my depression, and I've always been easily distracted. It's out of control lately. I have a hard time remembering things for one minute. I am afraid that people will think that I'm not accountable for my actions because I don't remember what's going on. It's like I don't know anything anymore. I'm at 300 mg of Lamotrigine, I just increased from 200 mg over the course of the last month, so it's probably agitated my side effects. I also take a tiny dose of Seroquel. I've been reluctant to increase my Seroquel dose because I'm afraid of becoming even more drowsy and gaining weight and paying more for this drug). Is there something that can be done about this? Thanks all!
  5. I am on my fourth day of aricept. 5 mg. I'm taking it for lack of focus, memory loss - from Bipolar. My side effects - nausea, lack of appetite, dizzy, joint pain, trouble sleeping My good effects - nausea (i'd love to lose weight), hypo manic, getting focus (already?) has anyone here taken aricept? My dream would to be able to read a book or watch an entire movie. I've been foggy for years. I'm doing well in recovery bipolar and BPD - I just miss being able to do tasks without such a struggle!
  6. Hello, I have been aware of this "problem" for a long time. I am convinced that what I have is not normal. I also see that it's not normal when I compare myself to other people. Other people do not have this problem, they remember things. They remember stuff they learned back in school years or decades ago but I do not! My problem is basically that I forget everything which I once learned. I virtually remember NOTHING I learned back in school. I am absolutely iliterate when it comes to biology,chemistry,math,physics. I remember absolutely nothing from these fields. If I had a child which goes to school and then asked me about a math exercise I probably couldn't help cause I don't remember how to solve it. This is absolutely depressing. Other people which I know remember stuff they learned back in school. My father can still cite poems which he had to learn in school decades ago. He also remembers all kinds of things which he learned in school, like geography etc. Why do I not remember anything!? It's not that I have a bad memory in general (at least I think so). I remember events which are years ago. I can also go back 20 years and then think about each year and remember things from this year. I can clearly distinguish between different years in the past. But not remembering things I learned is really concerning. Even now I have the same issue. Stuff which I had to learn for exams a few semesters ago are already forgotten now. I would have to start learning them all over again. What's also not normal in my opinion is that I can only "learn" stuff by memorizing it. I have to beat the stuff into my head. I cannot simply learn stuff by thinking about it and understanding it and then once I understood it it's stored in my memory. For me it doesn't work like that. Can anyone identify with this? Could this have anything to do with ADD, that the brain simply doesn't store things? I clearly feel inferior to other people because of this. Imagine a doctor, he cannot simply say I don't remember this thing anymore. He has to remember things he learned back in med school. He cannot simply go through school and then forget everything, like I do. Also talking to a doctor about this memory issue seems not helpful to me. What shall he say? I mean I have been checked by doctors already. I have been to neurologists and also gotten brain MRIs in the past. There's nothing a doctor could do even if the memory issue is not normal.
  7. Hello, So, I'm new and I found this site while doing some more research on Mucuna Pruriens. I recommend the supplement to whomever listens, but, someone recently told me that their doctor said not to take it because it is not FDA approved. Originally, my doctors' nurse said this as well. However, I don't always listen, and for good reason. I was 19 and in my first psychiatric hospitalization. I was manic and in psychosis and my doctor prescribed Haldol and Mellaril, a terrible combination, even with Haldol alone I have bad reactions. I had convulsions for two days. Yet, these drugs are FDA approved. I am now 41, and last year I was in my therapists office when she said she thought I didn't need therapy any longer. WoW!?! I still see my psychiatrist for two medications, Prozac and Lamictal. And, it was about a year and a half ago when the nurse told me not to take Mucuna Pruriens and I didn't listen. I know that this isn't coincidental. I was able to stop seeing my therapist with the help of this supplement. I had only been seeing that therapist for a few months, and I was telling her what I had told every therapist and psychiatrist I had ever had over the past 20 years. I always felt stupid. My memory was horrible. I had a hard time following conversations. I wanted to do things, but didn't have the motivation to do anything, but sleep. I couldn't remember how well I knew people and found it very disturbing when they knew a lot about me from previous conversations that we had had that I had forgotten. I told her at different times I remember different things, and that I thought it had a lot to do with mood swings, yet, even mood stabilizers and anti-depressants hadn't helped with this feeling. I had been on so many. When I told her all of this, she said that it was "state dependent learning". I Googled it as soon as I got home. It turns out that they have known about Mucuna Pruriens benefits for people with Bi-Polar disorder since the 70's. Check out this article, the first page is amazing! http://niu.edu/user/tj0dgw1/classes/411/Weingartner1977.pdf Within 3 days I was feeling a bit better, and now, over a year later, I'm feeling amazing!! Here is an article that explains how it feels when either dopamine or serotonin are low. http://www.drwardbond.com/dr-bs-blog/depression-low-dopamine-not-low-serotonin
  8. OK, i'm reaching out to see what some of you think about my memory issues and what may have caused it and will it get better... I will explain what is going on first. I used to be quick with words, but a few years ago I noticed i am having difficulty trying to remember/learn anything new. But if i am hands-on and spend a lot it sinks in. Example: If i have been around a product long enough, i learn all about it by explaining it to customers and hearing others talk. But if i try reading on it or take any training, it just doesn't stick very well at first. I can't say when it actually started, but i noticed it a few years ago when i switched jobs and had to learn some new product. THIS WAS / IS EMBARRASSING to say the least when i get a question. Also, i notice i can't find certain words when trying to explain some things in general...i know that i know what i mean to say, but some words just won't come to the surface...causing a quick stammer to find the word for what i am trying to say...Then a while later, it pops into my head, needless to say, after i don't need it anymore. If i had to explain it, I would say that i feel like when i am trying to write/think that all the words and phrases rush by and don't stick so i can't recall them. My thoughts seem flash by, racing through my brain...kinda like confusion, or thinking too fast. Its like the thoughts are there, but i can't grab them fast enough. If i try to read up on something, its like my eyes dart all over and i don't retain much, if anything, because i seem to be thinking about something else at the same time. HISTORY. I have a long history of anxiety. Probably a little OCD too. Type A personality. I experienced severe Panic Attacks in 1992 that lasted about 6 months. I was put on anti-depressants at the time to help manage. In 1995 i switched to Paxil and a few years ago I tried to taper off to stop, but have come to believe that i am much better off staying on as i feel much better in most every way. I also started on Ativan and Ambien. I have been on Paxil 10MG, Ativan 2MG and Ambein 10MG ever since - 20 years. So now that my memory/cognitive issues are affecting my daily efforts, and i have tapered down and off Ativan and Ambien completely. I am in a very good place in life and things are going really well, so its been easy and for the first time i feel good without ativan help. Also, have slept without any help...been about 2 weeks now. I am NOT experiencing any anxiety and i am sleeping pretty good. Trying to read up on all this is even more confusing, so i am asking for feedback, hopefully from experience. REMEMBER, all these issue were present BEFORE i stopped the meds, and I am hoping these issues will go away over time. So, any feedback would be welcome. And sorry if this is not written well, but its what i am dealing with. Thanks in advance!!
  9. So this is my first post here as I just sort of need to feel as though I'm not the only one... So I haven't always had a bad memory but it has started to worsen in the last few years from a-level onwards. It never worried me, I suppose it was a slow progress and there were just some 'off-days' where I couldn't remember things but it was always a joke. But its gotten worse, I forget my boyfriends name (we've been going out for 2years now), I forget what my brother looks like, conversations that apparently happened a week ago I have no recollection of. And now, and the main reason Im posting, is because I can tell if something happened or if it was just a dream - and I don't mean from childhood, I understand about fake memories. But these are different I wake up and I'm so unsure as to what happened the previous day and whether I have actually dreamt it, and after asking my friends /family/boyfriend it would seem as though most of my memories that I have from the previous day are incorrect... I hate it, I try to focus on my memories to decipher what's going on but everything is so fuzzy, its like I'm trying to watch tv without my glasses, and it always leaves me with a massive headache... I've also been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and its worsening my symptoms, all I want to do is curl up in bed and ignore the world. Anyway sorry for the long post just needed to explain myself... I'm just so confused and I've tried looking into it but nothing relates, it makes me feel so alone. Anyway just let me know your experiences and thoughts.
  10. so... i think the one time i've ever been taken seriously in this whole thing is when i mentioned i have little blips in my memory. the first few times it happened it was something as little as standing up and then suddenly finding myself at the door and not remembering walking. over the past year and a half it's gotten worse - i've forgotten entire days and i've suddenly found myself in the middle of doing really important tasks, like in the middle of a line on stage or taking a curve in marching band. once i was getting dressed for school and then i was making out with my boyfriend and there's obviously a lot missing in between those two points. i still don't know if those were whole days in between or if they were just hours or even minutes. i told our chinese medicine specialist this while my mom was out of the room and she said it was probably some kind of brain seizure and i would need to go in to be scanned for that kind of thing. she also said my uncle had a history of the same kind of thing. what am i supposed to do about this? is this a seizure? will it get worse or damage my brain?
  11. I have always liked Lamictal. It makes me feel calmer, and I can definitely see how it makes me less anxious about the future and less nostalgic about the past. However, as I read through these forums, I'm noticing that people don't like Lamictal because they feel it inhibits their creativity and makes them not want to get out of bed. Although I like the way Lamictal makes me feel, I have noticed that I don't feel as creative as I used to and that sometimes all I want to do all day is watch television instead of being productive. Do you think those people with an adverse reaction to Lamictal have an underlying depressive disorder and so Lamictal becomes more of a burden than a help? Also, doesn't bipolar disorder often increase creativity anyway, so once you are controlling it, that associated creativity goes away? I'm just hoping that this medication isn't making my mind cloudy and my memory bad (I have noticed my memory getting shoddier) because I really enjoy how it controls my anxiety. However, I'm a graduate student and both my memory and my creativity are extremely important to both my career and my happiness. I would like to hear other peoples' experiences in regards to this matter. Full disclosure: I tried taking Adderall today with Lamictal, and I felt like my old self with both memory and creativity. Although I'm not prescribed it, I took only like 5 mg (not even kidding- I broke a 20 mg into four parts) and it affected me in the most amazing of ways. I used to abuse Adderall when I was an undergraduate (even snorting it to feel the rush), but the way I feel afterwards makes up for the fogginess I feel sometimes otherwise. I have looked up the side affects of mixing Adderall and Lamictal, and I haven't found anything problematic. I would like to know if anyone has had any adverse reactions to this combination.
  12. I was on Saphris from January to May with no memory problems. When I stopped in May I noticed a gradual change in my memory, specifically my short-term memory. It went from my short-term memory was lasting for about 5 to 20 minutes, however, after I stopped it my memory lasts only about 2 to 5 seconds before I forget things I'm thinking of. Is this a common reaction after stopping an AP/ AAP?
  13. I have really good memory at least i like the think. My long term memory is great, but short term memory isn't. Anyway, i tell my mother stuff that has happened in the past and my ma is like,"That never happened." And i am like it totally did. And this happens a lot. Does anyone have any false memories that your family insist never happened? My ma thinks this is part of my disorder the false memories. And i still believe it happened.
  14. Hi, everyone. I have nice cocktail of drugs for multiple issues--Depression, Migraines, GERD, Allergies, High BP, ADHD. I have always been a little absent-minded about little things, for example, I used to put an empty jug of milk back in the fridge. I would also leave things in one place while I did something and then forget to take it with me. However, it seems that over time this has gotten work. I have completely missed a doctor's appointment (only one so far) and almost missed another by a few minutes. During Graduate school I have forgotten to do at least one homework assignment. At home, I forget to do chores or make phone calls or record my migraines. The problem at the moment is that my husband and I are using a points system with our daughter. I forget to write down points earned or used. I also forget to check the number of points she has earned when she wants to do something that requires points, such as watching TV. On the other hand, I do remember birthdays, address, etc. My question is does anyone know if any of the drugs I am currently taking (see my signature) could be causing this absent-mindedness. I hadn't really thought about a connection between my meds and the drugs and so I haven't had a chance to talk to my doctors about it. Still would like to know if anyone has had the same experience or has heard anything. Thanks,
  15. I've been taking Lamictal (150mg) for about a year and a half now, Abilify (10mg) for maybe 8 months, and Adderall (20mg XR and 10mg IR) for about a year. I'm prescribed the Lamictal and Abilify for depression, anxiety, and borderline. I take the Adderall because I was sleeping about 16 hours a day. I've always been pretty damn smart, and also fairly creative. The past year or so, I've been suffering. I feel stupid, just plain stupid, and my memory- BOTH short and long term- is shot. I'm suffering in school and in life in general. I feel like memories of mine have been erased, and I can't remember anything new worth a fuck. I used to be able to very easily write poetry, short stories, essays, and the like. Now, I can't think of anything. I just CAN'T THINK. All of my creativity is gone. This is so devastating to me. Now, I'm weaning off all of my medications and replacing them with Eastern medicine (acupuncture, herbal blends, tinctures, etc). I finally stopped taking Abilify a week ago and am actually not having very bad withdrawl symptoms except slight mood swings. Thankfully. My question is: will I ever be who I was before? Will my brain and my creativity ever come back? I'm so nervous that I'm stuck like this... That the medications have eaten a hole in my brain. Does anyone have any personal experiences with this? Thank you so much for reading all of this, and may today be one of those good days, Erin
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