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Found 6 results

  1. I’ve just hit menopause and started a very low dose of bc pill. I can only find mood fluctuations in side effects, not anxiety. Anyone else have issues with hrt?
  2. Hello. I'm new here, here's my story. .. I started Cymbalta 10 years ago after suffering a failed IVF that left me emotionally and financially drained. I was on 30mg for the first few years and the last 3 years on 60mg. The dosage was increased from 30mg to 60mg when I complained of anxiety and crying spells at work. Now that I am in menopause, I have been severely depressed, moody, anxious, lethargic, suffer insomnia and panicky feelings, and feelings of worthlessness. I haven't seriously thought of harming myself because I would never do that to my husband but if not for him, I might. My GP feels the Cymbalta was no longer working and switched me to Trintellix 10mg three weeks ago. He did not have me taper, said just to stop Cymbalta on a Thursday and start Trintellix on Sunday. The first few days on Trintellix was great, no SE's and had energy and a positive outlook on life. I also had a great increase in appetite and gained 3 lbs the first week! Everything smelled and tasted so great. I had some itchiness for about day 4-7. Zyrtec helped that. Morning diarrhea set in after about 7 days on Trintellix. I would wake up at 4am and "go" constantly for about three hours for the next 4 days. Misery. I decided to split the pill and took 5mg before bed and the other half with breakfast. Did not help..diarrhea just lasted longer in the day. Sleep has been better on Trintellix. I also take Ambien 10mg but was taking a long time (an hour or more) to fall asleep and also woke up 2-3 times a night for the last 6 months on Cymbalta. I've also had a daily headache and sore feelings in my eyes. Last week I asked my GP if these side effects were from Cymbalta withdrawal or the Trintellix. He said Trintellix. I have nausea pretty much all day so I sip ginger ale and eat crackers. I take my doses with peanut butter crackers. That has helped the sharp stomach pain. Phenagren has helped me not vomit. The diarrhea has slowed to just 2-3 times a day. I want to continue to give this med a shot as its helping my anxiety, mood swings, and energy so much! I had stage 3 breast cancer last year and spent nine months in treatment with chemo, mastectomy, and radiation. I started hormone therapy eight months ago. The chemo put me in early menopause and I take Tamoxifen to keep me there as my cancer was hormone positive. Menopause has made me miserable but a necessary evil to keep cancer at bay I guess. After starting Trintellix, I haven't had as many hot flashes, my energy has increased, my memory has improved, and I feel sharper at work. I felt I was going to have "chemo brain" forever! So I'm hoping the side effects go away soon. My major complaints now are headaches and nausea. Oh and I sleep like a rock all night and wake refreshed and ready to face the day! Anyone know how long for the side effects to go away? I want to give it at least 6-8 weeks but not sure I can continue with the headaches, nausea, and diarrhea after that. May have to try something else... Thanks for listening.
  3. Here's a link to an article in the NY Times yesterday, talking about a drug that has been approved by the FDA for treating hot flashes: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/29/business/fda-approves-a-drug-for-hot-flashes.html?_r=0 I find it interesting that the advisory panel voted AGAINST approving this drug, and yet the FDA went ahead and approved it. The advisory people said that the studies showed it just isn't that effective. Turns out the main ingredient is paroxetine, which is used in high doses in Paxil. I'm not rushing out to get it, and I wish they could come up with something non-hormonal that WORKS. Fat chance. Sweatily, olga
  4. I am having a complete hysterectomy next month, this month if they can move it up. The end of my reproductive years is nigh. I find myself grieving intensely at moments, something that has surprised me. I've found a couple of people to talk to about it, and they've agreed with me that no one talks about this grief, or the celebration of our reproductive years, or the fears of what is to come. We start with our menarche when still girls, and first deal with the trials of menstruation. Some experience this as a painful event, others as a pain. Many are excited to become "a woman" or at least a developed girl. At some point, we become sexually active and have to face the possibility of pregnancy. Some of us seek out birth control. Many experience the pregnancy scares, failed birth control, oopsies. Unintended pregnancies and the choices that go along with that - abortion, motherhood, adoption - can force us to grow up quickly. We have the opportunity to choose pregnancy when we are ready. Others experience the pain of infertility. And somewhere along the line, we learn that miscarriage is a regular experience, not some unlikely event. We bear children, and watch our bodies transform into miracle makers. We learn about our new body, and say goodbye to the one we will never have again. We return to the cycle of reproduction, with all of its choices and challenges. At some point, we choose to stop having children. There is a grief there all its own. Some women need hysterectomies for health reasons. Others continue into menopause. No matter what, at some point, our reproductive years end. And we realize that those years defined thirty or forty years of our life, our definition of ourselves as women, in part. We say goodbye to that person we will never be again. It is HARD. There is enormous grief there, the knowledge that you can never become a mother again, that that part of womanhood is no longer there, that you won't be reminded every month of the life cycle. Looking back, you realize that you forgot to celebrate parts of this journey along the way. That maybe you had too many or not enough kids, or no kids at all. That you had kids too early or too late. That these years were a gift you forgot to say thank you for. I cry. I had an ultrasound and asked for one last picture of my empty uterus, of this incredible organ that has been so much a part of me, of who I have been, for so many years. It was against the rules, but the tech gave me one. So I want to talk about this. I know there are few here who have finished this cycle. But I still want to talk about the grief as those who have chosen no more children surely understand part of it. I am grieving, yet curious about the next phase. How will I be a woman after my reproductive years end? And, also, of huge concern, how will my mental health be affected. I'll be going on hormone replacement, my sex life is already screwed by meds and sexual abuse, and my bipolar is still unstable. Plus the usual PTSD shit. I'm wondering how others have experienced this, either the grief side or the mental health side. Thanks for reading so long!
  5. I am actually not sure if this should have gone under migraine, but since I believe it is hormone related, I am starting here. I'll move it if any of you think that I should. I have been having a horrific migraine, this is day three. Yesterday was the worst. It is so bad, it makes me think that it is a menstrual migraines, and I was not aware I was cycling because of peri-menopause. Am I making sense? Another thing that made me wonder about the underlying cause is I have been having the worst hot flashes I have ever had, all throughout this headache. Not drenching sheets, but making pjs uncomfortably damp, so I have to keep changing. Anyone else with migraine in peri- or full menopause, have you experienced this? Thanks!
  6. Um, I did not have my period last month, and I was wondering if maybe menopause is starting. I do not feel any different. When does all the horrible stuff start, like hot flashes? If "Aunt Flo" doesn't visit by Christmas, I'm thinking it's really menopause. I am 49
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