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Found 24 results

  1. Hey guys and girls Me and a friend of mine made a short film about a young man starting to suffer from schizophrenia. We have a friend who has schizophrenia, and we talked with psychiatrists and read a loooot of books in order to understand it better and make a fitting movie. I really love this part of the internet, so I thought I’d post the link to the movie here. It takes about 15min to watch and is filmed in swissgerman with english subtitles. Here is the link to the movie: https://succeedshortfilm.com But be advised, although there aren’t any disturbing images, it could trig
  2. 1.) How many people here have decided to forgo having children because you have Mental Health issues? Are you glad that you stayed childless? 2.) If you DID have kids - do you regret your decision? Was it more (or less) challenging/upsetting/depressing than you expected? 3.) Does anyone here feel that having kids was the most fulfilling, meaningful choice in their life? Why?
  3. Feeling so down and alone. Majorly triggered today by a family member who wrote an inane reply to my email (about how I'm severely depressed again and back on meds, struggling, often suicidal) suggesting: "Chin up, Look on the bright side, Journal about the positive things that happened to you today" "Make a Gratitude list" and the worst one "Don't Worry, Be Happy" because it's useless to stress about the things we cannot control." I seriously cannot believe she thinks this crap is helpful, caring, or empathetic in the slightest. I feel so shitty and alone in this world of people tha
  4. http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/03/23/471265599/probing-the-complexities-of-transgender-mental-health?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20160323
  5. So, this post has appeared several times in my feed today. I've commented negatively on it each time, but was on my phone. So, get home, do some research and hopefully I can post a link here, but I'm confused about this new format and how to do it, but if not, just google Brady campaign facebook. So, Kenneth Cole, yes the CLOTHING DESIGNER, has taken out several billboards in various cities which reads as follows: "Over 40m Americans suffer from MENTAL ILLNESS. Some can access care....all can access guns. Kenneth Cole #gunreform #areyouputtinguson" Seriously? Kenneth Cole the fucking clothing
  6. Ward 81 & Oregon State Hospital 1975 - 2005 Images from Mary Ellen Mark’s series Ward 81 have been floating around the internet lately. I feel a special connection, however, as I explored the hospital in its abandoned state. The old hospital buildings were torn down four years after I visited in 2005. Though Mark’s work is well known, the hospital’s biggest fame was as the filming location for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest. I have provided both Mary Ellen Mark’s 1975 photographs as well as my own for contrast, to show what became of the hospital 30 years on. I also provided images of
  7. I was wondering how many of you that are ashamed of your own illness or have lowered self-esteem because of it? I posted this is in the schizophrenia thread as I have it myself, but maybe there are those of you with another illness with this problem. Anyways, here's a short but good read about mental disease and help against stigma: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/mental-illness/in-depth/mental-health/art-20046477
  8. Kinda need your opinions guys.. This is a tough one for me: Should I go to my relative's celebration of my nephews which is in a week? I hardly talk, and last time I was at a gathering with my relatives one of them indirectly said I didn't talk... The whole experience was not *nice* for me, as I had just been out of the hospital a couple of weeks and was still in some kind of care "day care/rehab" sort of stuff. I still haven't got my "speech" back, it's quite annoying. I know it just takes some practice and exposure to social settings, but yea... And if they ask how I've been doing, shoul
  9. A long time ago when I ran across an old book in the library that mentioned a study done in the 50s?, where schizophrenics/mental patients where helped "cured" with a plant based type diet of just fruits and vegetables and some water fasting. That was an old holistic health book and don't remember the title. The book said it didn't take off because it wasn't profitable and hard to get people to stick to follow, but it worked. But there is a new movement with holistic plant based diets now, so was wondering if anyone has tried that route and had any success? I'm talking about a plant ba
  10. I talk about my mental "breakdown" from a few years ago and the resulting various diagnoses. After trying many different medications that offered no relief, I recently did a session of Iboga and became completely symptom-free after one session (which was about a month ago, now): I also want to stress that I took Iboga TA, and not Ibogaine HCL, which I've read can make mental conditions possibly worse. Iboga TA, on the other hand, can relieve and, I believe, heal various mental "disorders." Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
  11. So I applied for a tourist visa to travel to the US from the UK. I suffer from bipolar and just recently just got in remission On the visa it asks if I currently suffer from any mental illness that pose a threat to me, others or property. Which I did (mostly myself and car windows). But since I am in remission and it's been 2 and half years since I have been sectioned (committed, admitted without consent) does that mean I HAD a mental illness??? It does say that you can tick no to the question if you HAD a mental illness that posed a threat to you, others and property and that it's hi
  12. I realize there are probably a thousand threads on this topic, but how do you break the special news, if it's not obvious. I like to be up front. It hurts too much to be rejected for my symptoms further down the line. I've gotten everything from stereotypes about mentally ill people being better in bed, to well-meaning friends, saying that though I'd have a lot to offer the right person, they thought someone would also have "a lot to put up with," to some people who are simply attracted to instability and drama (I'm trying to become more stable). I know there are people on this site in s
  13. I thought it would be interesting to hear others' thoughts on this topic. The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars have brought issues of military service and mental illness to the fore, with high rates of post-enlistment diagnosis. About five years into the Iraq War, I looked into the possibility of serving (in the U.S. Navy). I was asked what medications I was taking (no questions about diagnoses, though I was BPII). I said I was on Paxil , and was told that I would need to be off that medication a full year before I could enlist. Later, after my medication regime had changed, this time to Lith
  14. I'm having problems with the state. One week after my son was born someone called Child Protective Services and told them that they heard me say I was worried about hurting him. That's what the social worker who came told me. They are going off of what someone said they heard. She said he said. Yet, she doesn't seem to have any concern about that at all! Rather than ask me about him, she asked me about my personal life and tried trapping me in trick questions that I didn't catch on until later. It was as personal as asking about details for finances and even noted our wedding date! If that was
  15. Hello Everyone, My name is Heather and I run a blog called Mental Parent. My goal is to help reduce the stigma against the mentally ill. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 1, BPD and PTSD. With the recent uptick in violence in this world, the new scapegoat has been chosen...the mentally ill. I decideded to write a blog post about it called "Mass Shooting=Mental Illness". If you are interested, please do read http://www.mentalparent.com/mental-illness/mass-shootersmental-illness#.U7SZIvldVvA
  16. I know there is some research out there relating Celiac disease to depression and ADD and autism...I havent really done much research but its there. Does anyone think that dietary choices play a big role in mental illness? or even a small one? I have a cousin who is a homeopathic doctor and she is constantly posting stuff on facebook about ailments, both mental and physical, and it just has me wondering. Has anyone ever tried changing their diet to eliminate symptoms? have you had any luck?
  17. First off, I have to explain that I am currently a post graduate student doing my masters in visual arts. As such, my research is of a visual nature in its final format. There is a long history of reading and writing about medical history behind all my artwork, however, and all that writing and reading is what leads up to my finished works. These images are of abandoned asylums from around 2009. I did a large series of these during my BFA. There are 30 or more works in total and they are fairly large canvases. These four are some of my favourites. http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.p
  18. I write. Not as much as I should, but that's going to change. However, I've never been published as a fiction writer, so I decided to do something about it. Many of you here probably suffer from anxiety-related issues. So d I. No matter how calm and cool I ever am on the outside, I'm usually one step away from falling apart on the inside, even with meds. I know it's going to take a while for my brain synapses to stitch themselves back into a workable pattern, so I'm trying to be patient. Meanwhile I'm doing the best I can to help the process along by being more creative. As I said, I w
  19. Going through this forum section has made me reminisce about years of very stupid teenage behaviour and whatnot, but I am curious about something. I tried Ecstasy probably around 5-6 times and it never had any effect on me whatsoever. A couple of those times I even took multiple pills and I've never met anyone who hasn't had some kind of reaction to this drug. It is not because the drugs were placebos or just generally ineffective (as far as I know). Anyone else ever experience this (or hear of this happening)? It always struck me as strange and often made me frustrated because I wanted to fee
  20. Hello, Everybody! I just thought I'd make a poll out of curiosity to see how many people are on either Atypical Antipsychotics or Typical Antipsychotics and for what reason. I feel it'd be interesting just to get a feel for how many people are on them for indicated vs off-label treatments, and with the rise in prescriptions written for these drugs, thought it'd give a good perspective for anybody who may be curious. I personally am not on any AP's, but once was on Zyprexa for about a week. For me, it made me feel incredibly numbed and unhappy, so it was discontinued. I, however, do not h
  21. NOTE: May trigger I've been self harming in one form or another since I was 7. At 19 while pregnant, I started a disturbing trend of self hitting to the face and head. This was not a behavior that stopped upon delivery, which is one of the reasons I saught psychiatric care as an adult. I've not engaged in this mal-adaptive coping behavior in a few months, which I am very proud of myself for. My question is, has anyone else here ever engaged in this form of self harm?
  22. 1. It makes me laugh. 2. They have some truly ridiculous but dead on articles. 3. This article: http://www.cracked.com/article_18853_5-topics-guaranteed-to-elicit-condescending-advice_p2.html Scroll on down to the "Number 1 topic guaranteed to elicit condescending advice" and smile, because there are people out there who get it. I would kiss the author of this article if I could. Granted, they post some awful things, but at least here they got it right.
  23. -The following may trigger- He is the smartest person I've ever met. He is also perhaps the most broken. I want to gather him into my arms and fix all his broken places. I want to protect him from anything that would cause him harm. Of course I realize there's no fixing him. He witnessed unspeekable violence under the age of 5. He was raped by his foster father throughout childhood. He was subjected to every form of abuse you could possibly imagine. Sometimes when I touch him, he flinches. Or I see him shaking. There's a scar on his stomach that makes chills go through me. I love him. I
  24. ..can apparently masquerade as MI's? Here's a link to really good page with lots of articles on about just that, I hope you find it useful, if a little shocking. http://caffeineweb.com/ As a person who, when very psychotic drank a lot of coffee and am a self confessed coffee(and caffeine) addict I find this worrying. Is it actually possible that my depression, psychosis and anxiety etc have all been caused by coffee!? I struggle to comprehend that such an every day drink could have caused such destruction?
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