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  1. Since upping my lamictal dose (only to 75) I gradually noticed increading strange muscular pains and cramps, akin to what I imagine arthritis to be like. I obviously have noticed that lamictal side effects tend to dissipate after a while after a dosage change, and of course had much more intense pains, headaches and other such things around the increase time howhever these particular ones appeared after the initial S/E subsided and have progressively worsened. These are focused on my legs, primarily my calf and knee joints, and have affected my gait. Alongside this I've notices strange muscula
  2. I want to try Nortriptyline again, but my psych doc is hesitant. He prescribed me Seroquel and Abilify but my pharmacist refused to fill them, advising not to take them together at my age (67). I used to take Pamelor for 30 years and where it did nothing for depression, it controlled anxiety, panic disorders and managed migraine. Waiting to hear back from my psych doc today if he will approve Nortriptyline. I need to sleep. I need something to help with agoraphobia, terrible anxiety and panic. Everything I take activates anxiety and panic. Leaving my home is a battle with fear.
  3. Hello again friends. It has been a few years. I was HaloGirl66. Or IndyMode. I can't remember. But I re-registered because I couldn't recover my old user info. I've had severe insomnia, ADHD, GAD & Migraines for years and am now going through a bipolar diagnosis. So hello again. -Mandy
  4. Last week I had a migraine that lasted about 5 days. Normally I can take codeine and it will go away in less than 24 hrs. This one didn't, every time the drugs wore off it was still there. I usually getting vision blacking/tunnel vision and vomiting but this time I didn't have any of that. I was unable to recognise sounds for what they were (bins being wheeled, fans, thunder etc), my neighbour pointed out to me that I had been confused a few times in the last couple of days. I also had trouble with driving and following where things were and what was parked/car park vs queues on roads. I've ne
  5. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone here has received a lidocaine treatment? "The supposed mechanism by which lidocaine works in clusters and migraines is by numbing the portion of the trigeminal nerve known as the sphenopalatine ganglion." If it works, I'll get it again before I go on vacation. But I think it is too expensive to take it as often as they suggest. Anyone familiar with this?
  6. Hey there! I have been diagnosed with migraines to explain vertigo that started in 2012 on my honeymoon in Italy and lasted pretty much 1-2 years after that. It was off and on, more or less all of the time. I felt like a little boat tied to a dock. I went to several neurologists, and they said it was just migraines and put me on Topamax and then later switched it to Trokendi XR. Has anyone else experienced vertigo that lasted that long that someone said was just migraines?
  7. Hello, After some really unsettling stuff and suicidal ideation, I came off of Luvox and Wellbutrin XL under care of my psychiatrist. I hadn’t been on the Luvox very long and my last dose was Jan 3rd. I had been on Wellbutrin XL 300mg for 4+ years and tapered off with my last dose on Jan 12th. Again, I am under a doctor’s care and have regular appointments to check-in, but she wasn’t able to give much information about some weird possible side effects or any time time other than “it should hopefully get better soon.” After the luvox, I had nausea and other intense GI sy
  8. Hey! This is actually my first time creating a topic, but I've been googling this all day. I have medicare, so it's super hard for me to get a hold of my neurologist when I want to! He actually has to get special permission from the hospital to call me because I have an out-of-state number (whhhhaaaaattt!?), so I'm turning to you guys for some help and hopefully peace of mind in the meantime. I just started taking Topamax for migraines a couple months ago and went from an initial 50 mg to 25 mg a day when my pop culture trivia started going out the door. Everything seemed to be going a lot smo
  9. I just was wondering who on the boards had used Namenda (generic name memantine). It is a medication developed to treat Alzheimer's and Lewy's Bodies disease, but it is used off label to treat migraine and anxiety, among other things, including other psych conditions. I'm just curious about hearing about your experiences. There is very little information that I can find on Namenda used for off-label purposes. As for my personal experiences (someone has to start, right?): I started taking 10mg AM/10mg PM of Namenda about three weeks ago. So far: -My appetite has been less, but not
  10. I have gone onto a very low carb diet to lose weight and lost a bunch of kilos That's all very well and grreat, but that isn't what keeps me on it. Previously I had about a couple of migraines a week. Now they down to less than one per month. And relatively minor events too. The idea is you don't actually need Carbohydrates to live. You can't live without fats, proteins and vitamins... but carbs are merely an energy source. (You can burn fats or protein for energy). Keto diets were original worked out for kids with epilepsy, but they work for quite a few people with migraines. See http://www.r
  11. Hi guys, I've been on desvenlaxafine (Pristiq/Exsira) 50 mg for the past two weeks. I am taking it as an antidepressant, but hoped that it will help with my migraines. I get at least two a week nowadays, and quite severe, so that I cannot go in to do my work (I am a PhD student, so at least I have some leniency now). I was on Brintellix for depression and it made my headaches worse, so I dumped it for Exsira. Does anybody have success stories with the desvenlaxafine? I seem to have a chronic headache as well, since I started the meds. My doctor said to stick it out and see if it gets bette
  12. I've been on Bupropion ER for about four months, two months at 150 mg and two months at 300 mg. My usual pattern for migraines is about two to three per month, mostly menstrual and I cans abort them with Sumatriptan. I've recently had a spate of 5-6 day daily migraines, all aborted by Sumatriptan. I'm concerned about the increase and worry that I will need more than my insurance's allotted 9 pill a month. Plus the daily not feeling good is wearing on me. I also have noticed an increase in my impulsive behaviors, mainly shopping and internet checking. But it has helped my depres
  13. Hi, my husband found articles for lay people on this topic, so I looked on Pubmed, and this is what I found: BPA exposure is correlated with migraine. That basically rules out all aluminum and steel cans, because they are lined with it. Also, DH said we shouldn't touch the receipts made out of thin slippery paper (the type that is hard to sign), because the paper is formulated from BPAs, and if you touch it, it goes right through your skin into your bloodstream. I said what if you *need* a receipt, and he said to carry a ziploc bag, and have the cashier drop it in there. What if you have to
  14. I posted about my recent visit to the U of Utah's pain clinic, because it was so different than the one at Stanford. Warning: very long.
  15. Hi, I am wondering if anyone else experiences this: I will wake up fine, but within 45 minutes or so (definitely before a full hour) I have a moderate through significant migraine headache. It remains moderate the majority of the time, but it can escalate. And it happens the majority of the days I don't actually wake with headache, so I can't plan my day until I have been up for an hour, and had some caffeine (I only drink caffeine in the morning). I am not using analgesics, period, and I have sort of given up on Imitrex (I use it occasionally, and have a small stockpile now), so I don'
  16. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but since I am asking about the effect of an AC, it seemed this would be the right place. My neurologist actually had a good idea, and noticed that I hadn't been on gabapentin for a decade. Gabapentin definitely worked for a while, but began to poop out. Still, I think it worked for about two years. Anyway, I am supposed to titrate up to 1800mg with a rise of 300mg every 3 days, if I could tolerate that. I actually am stalling a raise because I think I need another day or two to "master" the side effects from the higher dose, I am *really* sedate
  17. Hi! I told several of you I would keep you filled in on my appointment with my headache treatment with Dr. B at Stanford's pain center. I am posting things I think might be useful for future migraineurs. I got a referral from my neuro sent to the Stanford Pain Clinic, and then scheduled an appt. I think I had a 3 month wait, it could have been a little more. But I was *still* waiting to hear back from UCSF after over a year. Stanford actually scheduled me for an appt. right when I called. In the interim, I was sent a 30 page questionnaire that asked in detail about my headache history, w
  18. This is a pretty laid back lecture by the doctor who is going to be my intake physician at the pain clinic that I am going to in a little under two weeks. It sounds like she is addressing a group of students, some of whom have migraine, who were able to ask specific questions during Q&A. That is just a guess as to who the lecture was for, but that was the vibe I got. I already knew a lot of this stuff, but I learned several things. I also had a couple of lightbulb/duh moments. It's long, so set aside some time, but I watched it for the 3rd time last night:
  19. I have a question for anyone that may have taken Wellbutrin... I've successfully been on 400 mg of Wellbutrin SR a day for several years. I generally took 100mg SR tablets, but for convenience my doctor prescribed me 200mg tablets this month. Well, immediately I had a headache that progressed (in about 4 days) to the worst tension headache/migraine I've ever had. I ended up in urgent care yesterday (Sunday). I got a shot for the pain and script for 100mg SR tabs and after an agonizing 48 hours, the pain is just about gone now that I'm off the 200mg SR tabs and back on the 100mg tabs. Th
  20. So Thursday morning, I received my first round of botox injections for my headaches. I woke up with a headache (surprise), so that made it fun. I saw a neurologist, who is one of two in the medical center I go to that administers botox. I meant to count how many shots, but quickly spaced. I know there were more than 10, I don't think there were more than 20. There were a couple of injections that really burned, but nothing serious. I was told to expect it to take two to three weeks to take effect, although it wouldn't be impossible for me to start feeling better sooner. I don't know
  21. I am actually not sure if this should have gone under migraine, but since I believe it is hormone related, I am starting here. I'll move it if any of you think that I should. I have been having a horrific migraine, this is day three. Yesterday was the worst. It is so bad, it makes me think that it is a menstrual migraines, and I was not aware I was cycling because of peri-menopause. Am I making sense? Another thing that made me wonder about the underlying cause is I have been having the worst hot flashes I have ever had, all throughout this headache. Not drenching sheets, but making p
  22. Hi, while posting in the migraine forum, it occurred to me: Is it okay to take triptans (in my case, Imitrex tablets, and Sumitriptan shots) with lithium? I googled around for a bit, and found that it was okay, that it was okay for only some people, as well as that it should never be used, ever. Triptans aren't mentioned at all on the PI. But I seem to be seeing some official looking warnings, and I don't know what is scientology crap and what may be real. I tend to go through about 9 100mg pills of Imitrex (I need the brand name for the pill) a month. Rarely, I take .6ml shots of S
  23. This may not merit a topic, but I thought I'd throw it out there. I am currently wide awake, and it is after 3AM. I know I have insomnia in general, and complain about it a lot. But in this case, it is that I had a day without a migraine, and I don't want it to end. Once I sleep, the day is over, and anything could happen by the time I wake up. I get euphoric, and that is not an exaggeration, I feel euphoric right now at the same time that I am really tired. I don't want to go to bed, because more days than not, I have a headache. And today was a not, and I don't want it to end.
  24. Hey, for those of you who have tried Botox, or know people who have, have you ever heard of having a paradoxical effect? Right when the Botox was supposed to kick in, I started having more headaches; at first I thought it was all the stress from DH's surgery, but he has been home almost two weeks. And now I seem to have a headache that goes on and on. I have better days and worse days, but it is almost always there: the few days that it isn't there when I wake up, I run errands like a maniac. Usually by that evening, my head is hurting again. There is no one I can ask for help, it is
  25. I made a thread about this before, but it degenerated to a series of accusations of analgesics abuse, so I figured that I'd let that thread be forgotten and make a new one. Here's the situation: I've been suffering from migraines all my life. I've spoken to the doctor about them - they are definitely migraines. I'm not suffering from rebound headaches. I do have a prescription for co-dydramol, but I use it once every blue moon or so... Anyway, I've been taking pizotifen for my migraines, and it worked for a while, but then bam! It just pooped out all of a sudden. Actually, it's not so
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