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Found 3 results

  1. Too in your head to be voices, too loud to be normal thoughts? MAybe i'm talking about different things here... Do you know what I'm saying if I say thoughts that won't stop talking? Not always a bad thing, but I'm very unresponsive to outside stimulation when I'm like this. It's llike all this information just goes into your mind like BAAM BAM usually accompanied by visuals in the brain (not usually literally visual) just being supper "absorbed" idk is that the right word? sometimes its random "voices", "loud thoughts" NOT auditory. saying something just plain random.ex "Jerome, I kow you aint been at the grocery store!" or. .. "that's why old ladies don't buy eachhothers facewash" etc... maybe I'm all over the place here maybe I'm looking for some direction. ALso idk I this is EVEN RELATED but hearing the wrong the wrong words out of people's mouths. Like, they say "something" nd I hear "what a fuckin bitch" or I hear "that was in ur head" and I say "wtf did u just say?!" and they sa y "something"..................... one more thing is that I SOMETIMES INVOLUNTARILY repeat the same phrase over n over(in my head or outloud) . why. if u have ny insight into one or more of these things I woud like to hear about it.. thnx for reading ttyl
  2. One of my professors this semester really grinds my gears. He's an English professor with a PhD in philosophy who thinks of himself as an expert in psychology. He frequently trails off and starts talking about things 100% unrelated to the course material or English as a subject itself, and today he had a lot to say. The first comment he made was the OCD was a "belief system disorder" in which people are superstitious about stuff so they develop routines (sometimes totally unrelated to the "belief"). What's more, sometimes they develop routines without knowing what the bad belief really is! I'm exasperated at this point but am too stunned/anxious to say anything, and then he goes on to say that he knew someone with OCD, an old girlfriend he had. He actually didn't know she had OCD until one day she was out with him and he noticed she had stopped and was retracing her steps. Now, once he figured out she had this condition, he let her know it was okay to not do these "routines" and that the "beliefs" weren't true. She was cured within a few days. At this point I wanted to punch him. So I stop him and try to politely correct him on the basics, OCD is an anxiety disorder, that he has no idea what OCD consists of and that it doesn't sound like his girlfriend would qualify for a diagnosis of OCD either because it's just not that simple to "cure" someone with this condition. So then he derails and starts talking about how the DSM doesn't really have good diagnostic criteria, the entries are too vague and very rarely do people fit the extreme prototypes described in there and most psychologists will diagnose people with different disorders, and where do we stop??????? Maybe she just had OCD traits BUT WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?! HUH? Well, now I realize that he is a complete idiot and I just let his inane babble float on because I need to pass this course. To back up this example about the vague generalizations of the DSM, he started talking about how "multiple personalities" disorder emerged in the 80s and all of a sudden like 200 women were diagnosed with this condition by the same handful of doctors in the US and it was a total sham, whatever. I was trying to tune him out all the way. Then he started talking about fugue states for no apparent reason and how rarely do people fit a diagnosis for a fugue state because it's so "extreme." At one point he started talking about how tic disorders are really just will-power and self control disorders and that even though they're said to be involuntary, he thinks they're voluntary. Great stuff. I am so blessed to be in the class of this amazing genius prof who knows all the truths about psychology and diagnostics today and is probably a theoretical rocket scientist as well. But yeah. Needed to vent to others who would understand what a jerk this guy is.
  3. Just finished this book...obviously the author painstakingly researched this book, but after the deaths of all involved. And I felt like she seriously doubted, not just Sybil's MPD diagnosis, but all DID diagnoses...interesting, but still pissed about her agenda of discounting all DID. Anyone else read it?
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