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Found 12 results

  1. I'll start. Try not post anything triggering (encourages self harm or hurting others). I enjoy just about any thing and love new music!!! Dont listen to song below if you are sad.
  2. I loved listening to this band, mainly because it's a 90's alternative rock band.. and 90's kicked ass. I am pretty sure a lot of people smoked weed listening to their songs. This is one of my favorites by them.. they covered " Love Song" by The Cure.
  3. I do hear voices and sounds both inside and outside of my head when I am in various mood states, but one thing I seem to get a lot is voices, sounds and music coming from noisy objects, even when my mood is apparently stable. These have included: Hairdryers, fans, showers, generators... all I can think of right now... These have varied from heavy metal, classical, distinct female voices, gospel, male voices... Does anyone else get this? I've heard this may be something which 'normal' people get too, though I don't really hear about it often. When I asked non-MI friends they all said it never happened to them. I'm interested to hear. It creeps the hell out of me, not to mention annoying as heck.
  4. Hi there everybody. I was recommended to this site by .id and I am very excited to start using it as a place to meet other people with MIs who can relate. I am 23, diagnosed with dysthymic depression, and I also fall on the bipolar spectrum. In the past, I have had hallucinations. That was toward the beginning of the times when I first started noticing symptoms, about 8 years ago. I have been on antidepressants for three full months now and they are starting to awaken my irritation/mania, although it may be paired with stress/sleeping/eating/general lack of routine. I have been touch and go with different counselors/therapists for the past five years. I do not see a one-on-one specialist at the moment, but I do go to Al-Anon (12-Step) meetings regularly and work the steps with a sponsor. I have been in Program about 7 months and it has been helping me in some ways. Posting on here is a next step in my recovery. I am only beginning to accept that my bipolar and my depression are part of who I am, but I do not have to treat them so vehemently as defects. There are many positive aspects to it. I am very creative and clever, poetic, book smart, street smart, very kind and friendly. However, I would like to have my illness under reins and stop blaming my screw-ups on the bipolar. I want to have some say in the way that I act, and the way it comes out. I don't mind if it comes out, as long as it's in a positive, proactive way. Anyway, cheers to you all and I am looking forward to getting involved on the board. Keep it real, Hrv
  5. I'm making a happy playlist & I need some song suggestions? Any songs that make you happy or get you through tough times
  6. Stole this question from Experience Project. So many to choose from...so here's a few: BT - Every Other Way Solar Stone - Seven Cities Afro Celt Sound System - Mojave Orbital - Halcyon, and on, and on... Ott - A Shower of Sparks Chicane - Offshore
  7. My name is martin im 25 and from ireland. i am a musician and composer, studied music in college for 4 years but it didnt work out. worked in a call center for 4 months and had what i call a break down. i was already depressed for about a year before hand and on my last night of calls i had the first panic attack in 9 years. its been a year and a half seeing a psychologist a psychiatrist a councillor and soon a therapist for CBT. I get extremely anxious and upset alot, i dont like going outsside but im attending a fulltime IT course where all the students have mental problems, addictions, edcuation difficulties. i havent played music in over a year. the depression is getting better as i have a future planned ( web design). i came here to speak to people who feel the same way i do. so HELLO
  8. I'm an elementary music teacher for a public school system, which can cause the Crazies all on its own. I love my job. Mostly. I essentially sing and entertain for a living. I do play a number of instruments; piano is my number one favorite, although I can play violin and harp as well. I'm a mom of two little girls who are sweet and wonderful and funny. I'm a proud mom. My kids don't throw tantrums or throw things or scrap with one another. They don't turn up their noses at my cooking. They are frighteningly smart and I am amazed at how happy they can make me on a daily basis. The cat is safe around them, so that's good too. I'm divorced (twice), moderately aged, and dating a younger guy. He's delicious and the girls adore him; we're in love. Also a good situation the majority of the time. The reason these forums were recommended to me (by my best friend) was because recently some issues long buried have cropped up. I'm having some nasty symptoms that by all indications are PTSD. I get severe depression where only my children and the obligation to work keep me going. I refuse to take medication; yes, I have been to counseling. The depression is partly due to my painful history as a rape survivor, and partly due to grieving the loss of two babies to miscarriage (and the second one almost killed me, literally, while my husband at the time just demanded his supper...he's an EX husband now because of that). Heavy stuff, I know, I know. But I'm pretty twisted, as the title says, and stronger than people usually give me credit for. I can be sweet; that's my fallback position. Moody? Absolutely. I'm just trying to deal with the bodies I unearthed. Zombie memories and nightmares and flashbacks. But if these forums can give me the right tools to chainsaw the zombies and put them to rest.... flamethrowers anybody?.... then the effort to banter here will be worth it. C'est moi, in a nutshell.
  9. Just in case anyone else is as fascinated by this as I am: http://neurosciencenews.com/neuroscience-brain-stethoscope-music-seizures-441/
  10. i don't know if this should be here or in the BP forum. i'm supposing it could apply to folks with depression and/or anxiety too. all my life i've loved music. i grew up listening to my parents very loud stereo (mostly disco and classic rock, that betrays my age). when i left home i carried on the same tradition. my daughter grew up listening to grunge, industrial, and rap (again louder than it probably should have been). now she does the same (good thing she has no kids yet, god forbid one of them should grow up to dubstep heh - there's more cussing in that that gangsta rap!). for my whole family, music has been a mood stabilizer. music is for when you either need your mood to be reflected back to you, or when you really need to change your mood NOW (like stop being angry or sad or tired and be HAPPY and energetic instead). i'm the kind of person who couldn't even go to the corner store without headphones on. when went to the crazyhouse last year, i couldn't listen to music. i thought i was just so depressed i just didn't want to hear it. then i was released a month later. i tried to put some happy music on. it sounded like SIRENS in my head. i tried every kind of music i could think of, with the same result. after two minutes i'd be covering my ears and crying because i couldn't take the noise (even at low volume). i cried about losing music. it was like losing my oldest friend. i had to tell people wherever i went that if i could hear their music i would probably cry and have to leave, that it wasn't their fault. so embarassing. but it was THAT bad, and i couldn't stop it. it took about six months, and i slowly became able to tolerate music. softly at first, and now three months later i'm pretty good with all of it again. turns out i still like the same music as i did before. has anybody else ever lost their ability to listen to music? i could hear any other loud sounds, like the tv, and that was just annoying as usual. i mean just music specifically, regardless of genre or volume. i still don't understand, and it's one of the scariest symptoms i've ever had. losing that coping skill was a big deal and i honestly believe my recovery was a lot slower because of it. pdoc and tdoc have no answer. i can't be a special snowflake, there has to be others like this. please? i'm getting close to yearly episode time and i don't want to go through that again, especially not knowing why or what's happening to me .
  11. I'm always on the lookout for new artists so I would be keen to hear what everyone is listening to on their ipods/computers/phones/radios (what's that?)/whatever - especially if you happen to have a similar music taste to me. I don't really go with genres (help me out if you find a common denominator in the below list) but I like folk, indie, alt country, ironic & Swedish pop (eg: Annie), etc. I like both melodic beautiful tunes and upbeat quirky ones. Here are some songs I am currently listening to (not at the same time) by artists I dig or have just discovered... Montezuma - Fleet foxes Block after block - Matt & Kim Dancing on my own - Robyn Tilt you up! - Enon The rat within the grain - Damien Rice Two - Ryan Adam Champagne coast - Blood orange Love is won - Lisa Ices I love it - Icona I don't have time to be in love - Priscilla Ahn Hometown fantasy - Wooden birds Undertow - Warpaint I know you don't love me - Peter Bjorn & John Featherstone - The Paper kites Terrible love - The National With a girl like you - The Troggs Islands - the XX Cry like a ghost - Passion pit Halo (cover) - Lotte Kestner Gumboots - Paul Simon Into my arms - Nick Cave and the bad seeds Maps - Yeah yeah yeahs I am not a robot - Marianna and the diamonds I admit that my guilty pop pleasures are Rhianna, Nicole Scherzinger & Lana del Ray. The vote is just for fun.
  12. I had this song rotting on my playlist, and I forgot how it sounded. Now I love it. It's so pretty!!!
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