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Found 12 results

  1. So I've been on parnate for about a month, I've been really careful, and I'm averaging about 300 calories a day for other reasons so I haven't really had any issues, the only times I've felt sick are on New Year's day after drinking about 8 standard drinks the night before (over a long time frame, and all vodka mixers) I threw up about 20 minutes after taking my morning dose. The only other time is last night I had about 4 honey soy chicken chips out of my mum's packet, and this morning after taking my tablet, I was so nauseous I just had to lie on the bathroom floor next to the bath until it passed. TBH I just completely forgot with the chips, but I really didn't have very many :(. I'm just worried I'm doing myself damage, particularly if it means my blood pressure is being messed around. Does anyone know if eating restricted foods causes lasting damage?
  2. I just started Busar yesterday (2.5 mg twice a day) and am experiencing a terrible headache accompanied by blurred vision, dizziness, and thinking difficulties. It basically feels like the front of my brain is in a headachy fog. I wanted to know 1) Has any one else experienced this with Buspar and how long did it take to go away? 2) How do you continue taking medication when it feels like you're poisoning your body? - Is it worth it? Does it go away?
  3. I discovered something, and I hope the discovery will help other people who have dizziness/nausea issues with Latuda. I've been taking Latuda for about 2 years, and one of my biggest struggles with it is that it made me feel like garbage about an hour after I took it. I have to describe the feeling as "dizzy" even though that doesn't fully describe the feeling - I felt horrible, like I had the worst sort of flu, plus nauseous on top of it. It was bad enough that after almost 2 years on it, I was still considering going back to Seroquel. It doesn't matter if I take it with a massive meal, it still makes me feel like shit. Then I discovered what was leading to the horrible dizziness/nausea: extreme light sensitivity. It was the light from my husband's dimmed iPad, which he uses in the dark in bed every night before he goes to sleep. Even with a sleep mask on, the light from it leaking around the mask was enough to make me feel ill. I figured it out after using a SAD light too late in the day (too close to taking my Latuda dose) caused me to develop a migraine and puke. If you're getting dizzy/nauseous from the Latuda, try turning the lights off and making sure the room is as pitch black as possible before taking it, and don't expose yourself to ANY light - even a dimmed phone screen - after you take it. See if the dizziness/nausea goes away. For me, it did, but if I expose myself to any sort of light - especially blue light, like a tablet or phone or computer screen - I suddenly feel really terrible. Still not sure what to do about the terrible existential dread that the Latuda causes, but at least I solved one problem. I hope this helps somebody.
  4. Hello, After some really unsettling stuff and suicidal ideation, I came off of Luvox and Wellbutrin XL under care of my psychiatrist. I hadn’t been on the Luvox very long and my last dose was Jan 3rd. I had been on Wellbutrin XL 300mg for 4+ years and tapered off with my last dose on Jan 12th. Again, I am under a doctor’s care and have regular appointments to check-in, but she wasn’t able to give much information about some weird possible side effects or any time time other than “it should hopefully get better soon.” After the luvox, I had nausea and other intense GI symptoms, but they kind of reared their ugly head and then faded. Possibly because I was on it for so long, but I’m really struggling coming off the Wellbutrin which I though was supposed to have less withdrawal. Last week at the peak of feeling bad, I couldn’t even go into work. I had intense migraines, vertigo, and nausea, spent two days pretty much in bed just trying not to move with a sleep mask on. I also had acute joint pain, not 100% sure that it was caused by discontinuing the meds but the timeline fits, felt like I had aged 20 years overnight with pain in my hands (couldn’t open jars), feet, and knees. Now I’m more than a week out and still with near continuous nausea and dizziness, headaches better than the raging migraines but still there on and off. I also feel like I am just uncomfortable all the time, just feel disconnected like my body is in the way of itself if that makes sense, trouble falling asleep no matter how tired I am because nothing is comfortable. I also felt really weak over the weekend, just couldn’t do normal activities like I had no strength and then was fatigued. My doctor said that since some antidepressants are used to treat fibromyalgia (something I’ve never had before), people can get rebound fibromyalgia symptoms when they discontinue them? Please share your experiences. How long will this last? I feel better mentally, no more intrusive thoughts and so much less foggy, but feel too crappy physically to do much - so frustrating! The headaches, nausea, and dizziness I’m not too surprised about, just really hoping they go away. The weakness and ashiness and just constant discomfort, that was not expected. I keep thinking it’s not the meds, but not sure what else could have changed to bring on such a seemingly drastic change in how I feel physically. What the heck is going on with that? Has anyone else had that happen? When did it finally go away and was there anything you found that helped in the meantime? Again, I am seeing my psychiatrist but I'm concerned about all this because I'm struggling with these symptoms at work (missed days and trouble getting through long shifts) and especially as a mother to a young son. Please help - thanks!!!
  5. So, I get this hidious nausea from buprenorphine patches Im on for my generalized joint pain. (My joints over move) Does anyone have a word to spare on this? Every time I wear those patches Ill have to remove them at some point cause of nausea/vomiting. Will that go away eventually if I just handle it long enough? Ps. Going to get help from doc to med change aint a solution, I fought years to get even this point. All they would most likely do is take me off from these and leave me with nothing/something ive already tried. (And my problem is only nausea, these take my pain away well)
  6. Hi all, my Pdoc switched me from 25mg Seroquel XR to Zeldox 40mg last week due to weight gain. Have been diagnosed with Clychothymia (Bipolar 3) and Major Depressive Disorder. Gained so fast on Seroquel XR over six months I have stretch marks for the first time in my life, though I did not put on an insane amount of weight. Tapered off Seroquel over 3 days, and had no problems. But have been experiencing intense(!!!) nausea on Zeldox every day this week, It doesn't matter when or how I take it - an hour before bed with/without food or during dinner - everything I ate during the day comes right back out and I have a nasty lump in my throat feeling until I wake the next morning. On my 2nd night on it I thought I was going blind - lights were intense, couldn't walk straight, or focus on a thing. Had what felt like a panic attack and forced myself to sleep. Since then, I've reduced my dose to 20mg as advised by Pdoc but am still ridiculously nauseous to the point of vomiting. My social anxiety and insomnia is back with a vengeance. Aside from the weight gain, I had 0 side effects from Seroquel and felt fantastic for months.The only upside to Zeldox is a significant decrease in appetite - I literally have to force myself to eat but that's possibly just the damn nausea. My question to those with experience : at this point, would you give Zeldox another week? Go back to Seroquel and diet your ass off? Or try a different anti-psychotic like Ablify?
  7. i just took my first dose of 70mgs and i had such bad nausea that i had to take a gravol to get through it. now i feel dopey and slow. i haven't suffered from noticeable nausea so far during dose titration before moving up to 70mgs. this is terrible. if you had nausea on vyvanse, how long did this side effect last for you?
  8. OK. I am frustrated. I have been vomiting on average 3-4 times a month over the past year. Before that I would vomit a few times in a month but there could be a gap of 2 or 3 months between vomiting episodes and now there is no gap. It is consistent, every week or 2. Went to GP who told me to to keep a food and activity diary. She cannot see a pattern and now thinks I have Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. have had problems with my stomach in past, peptic ulcers, gastritis, duodenitis, oesphaghitis, hiatus hernia which are all either treated or well controlled with omeprazole. I had an upper GI endoscopy 2 years which just showed a lot of inflammation.She says my symptoms do not point towards any of these problems recurring as it was burning pain and indigestion that I had then. Anyway she has referred me to a gastroenterologist but I probably won't get an a appointment for several months due to our health care system. Has anybody been diagnosed with this? Or even aware of it? I am SO sick of all this (pardon the pun ?) I am thinking that she should just send me for another endoscopy at least, just to rule out stuff. Although I know if there was anything sinister going on I would know about it by now. She thinks this is stress related. I wonder if I didn't have a mental illness would she be so quick to suggest my nausea and vomiting is stress related......sigh.... Quite honestly there have been times when I was was under severe and prolonged stress and I didn't vomit. And yesterday was a great day. My brother was home and we had a lot of fun catching up and I played word games with my mum as she wasn't working. We all had a lovely dinner together. I was happy and relaxed, went to bed at about 9pm and was enjoying a movie when suddenly I was hit with the all too familiar nausea, followed by vomiting. Doesn't add up. Would love to hear if anyone else has experienced this or can shed some light on the whole thing or just has ideas about what I should do. Thanks so much in advance!!!
  9. Hi there! Please help! I saw my dr yesterday. I am currently on 100mg trazodone and half a sleeping tablet at night for post partum depression ? It led me to have terrible panic attacks, insomnia and a constant feeling of being very down. I asked my dr to switch me to a newer medication. He gave me 50mg Serdep to take at night. I think it is s generic version of Zoloft. I took it just before I got into bed. I couldn't fall asleep and within 2 hours it felt like my throat and stomach was on fire! It hurt so much, and I was so nauseous. I thought I was going to end up in the ER. Has this happened to anyone else? Dont know if I should continue with the medication.
  10. Hi - Does anyone here have nausea as the main symptom of anxiety ? My quick synopsis is: -My main issue is anticipatory anxiety leading up to 'events' but I am usually (90% or more of the time) fine at the actual 'event' and my anxiety disappears after minutes -Main symptom is nausea Is there anyone here that has or had similar symptoms and if so what therapy, drugs or supplements have helped. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Previous Meds: Lexapro, Klononpin Currently: Paxil (30mg) Mirtazapine (15mg) Xanax (prn)
  11. Hi, So recently I was put on ativan 1mg taken when required for anxiety but especially social anxiety. It did practically nothing. I went back to my doctor asking about alternatives or what to do next and we talked about longer acting benzos like diazepam but we decided to try 2mg of ativan first because it is shorter acting and gives me more control. So the idea is I try 2mg as required but limit it to 4mg a day. So feeling really anxious yesterday I tried doing 2mg and noticed that it still really didn't have a strong anti-anxiety effect as such - I pretty much just felt sleepy and spaced out and decided to lie down for a 'rest' (I slept poorly the night before and was tired anyway). 2 hours later I woke up feeling really crappy: nauseous, shaky, feeling a bit unsteady on my feet, just generally not a nice feeling. I had some fruit to eat and it went away after 45 mins. Is this likely to be a side effect or just one of those things because I was too tired? Another thing I noticed is today I haven't taken any lorazepam and I feel quite 'edgy', stressed and I've had a few adrenaline surges (I hope that makes sense). Basically I feel a bit wired up but also quite stressed and sad? Is this rebound anxiety or withdrawal? It is so hard to know what is what when trying a new med and dealing with anxiety/depression/OCD. What is the medication, what is the original illness and what is the OCD exaggerating the symptoms by ruminating and fixating. ugh. any thoughts would be really appreciated.
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