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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I am kitties. I am a newbie here, but not to illness. I have chronic pain 24/7 in my back and neck. Mentally....here are my diagnoses (got a second and third opinion....all objective and a consensus of the exact same diagnoses.) Bipolar 1 with psychosis, extreme, treatment resistant, rapid cycling. Mixed features predominant. Never had a remission to date...just a couple of weeks with my bipolar disorder. “Normal” for a few weeks a couple of times per year. No anxiety remission. OCD, GAD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety disorder, PTSD...I think that is everything. Oh
  2. Hi. I'm not new, I just lurk around a lot. My life is in disarray, I'm the most depressed I've ever been, my hubby's in his 4th psych ward/hospital in 3 years. Before that, he was your ordinary, dual diagnosed, drinks too much kinda guy. No delusions. No psychosis. At 50, he just bugged out. More on this later. I am so ANGRY! I shouldn't be but I am. I resent being having to deal with pdocs and Psych social workers (OMG sooo clueless) and researching antipsychotics & SSRI'S & SNRI'S & so on & so on. I take 300mg of Wellbutrin 150 2 x daily, 4mg of Klonopin 2 mg at a time.
  3. Hello everyone, thought I would do what everyone else has done and introduce myself a little. (Possible Trigger below) I am George, I live in Dagenham with my soulmate. I suffer from social anxiety disorder, and depression. I spend everyday indoors, but I do try to go outside at least once during the day. I used to be a member of the Mental Health Forum but felt unwelcome after a couple of years, then I joined RethinkTalk which was great until it closed down and ever since I have been trying to find somewhere else to go...Then a few days ago I found this place! It seemed good to
  4. ** Please do not read this if you are easily triggered. I go into graphic detail about my past, as there is a lot I need to get off my chest anonymously. However, caveat lector. ** Hello! I go by the name Hellbent. I'm 18, and live in the British Isles. I have a long and storiaed history of mental quirks and quiddities. I taught myself to read at tewo from reading the captions underneath pictures in my grandfather's newspapers, and from reading food packaging. I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at 5 or 6, and declared a "gifted and talented child". I'm uncertain whether t
  5. hey, i just need some advice and support, i suppose. I was going to post in the schizophrenia forum, but i don't have that diagnosis. in the past year, i've gotten increasingly more paranoid. i used to sit up in bed and stare into the dark corners of rooms, looking for i dont even know what. made me lose a lot of sleep. uh, the main fear i have is that somebody is going to try to murder me. there's nobody obviously trying to kill me. but sometimes i feel like im not alone in my house, and every little noise sounds like footsteps. i've talked to my therapist about it and he tells me its all
  6. Hi there everybody. I was recommended to this site by .id and I am very excited to start using it as a place to meet other people with MIs who can relate. I am 23, diagnosed with dysthymic depression, and I also fall on the bipolar spectrum. In the past, I have had hallucinations. That was toward the beginning of the times when I first started noticing symptoms, about 8 years ago. I have been on antidepressants for three full months now and they are starting to awaken my irritation/mania, although it may be paired with stress/sleeping/eating/general lack of routine. I have been touch
  7. I'm Jess. I'm 22, and I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder (as recently as six days ago). I'm obviously really early in the process of finding the right combination of medications and coping through talk therapy. But for now I'm seeing both my psychologist and psychiatrist once a month, and am taking Lamictal as a mood stabilizer and Ativan for anxiety as needed. It's nice to meet you all.
  8. Hi Everyone, I just came across these boards doing a random search on Google. I have read a few threads and I figured I would join and see if anyone could offer me some advice. A quick background. I have had bouts of depression since my early 20's (I am 41 now) and it has never been as bad as it is now. When I was in my 20's it was mild and I think I managed it with Prozac for a little while and then just drank a lot. In my early 30's I found Lexapro and that was my ace in the hole. It made me feel like I didn't care about the things that were bothering me and a nice side effect
  9. I just joined and am happy to have found such a forum.I am a Poet,Writer,lover of animals and a big classic rock fan.I guess you can say I have been suffering from dysthymia since childhood and have had a number of major depressive episodes since my twenties.i also have some anxiety issues,but nothing too major.Right now I am coming off of Effexor,which I found too stimulating and made me feel like I was walking in a daze.I am in therapy and hoping to find an anti-depressant that will help without making me anxious.I also am looking forward to going back to work,hopefully in September.
  10. Hi crazy people, I'm a 28-year-old guy currently living in Las Vegas. I make films as a career - but I'm taking a much needed break - to work on myself mentally, learn how to play poker, and become a bartender. I have some form of clinical major depression and some kind of anxiety -- once the science actually figures out how to narrw this down, I'll let you know too. I've been using state provided mental health services because I can't hold a job right now... it's helpful for getting you free drugs, but the therapy side is a bit lacking. Aside from group options, I've been waitin
  11. Hey, I'm B and I'm 28 and I live in Vegas. I sort of wrote about what brought me here already in my general intro... so, this post can direct you there - if you care. http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/69929-ohey-crazy/ Also, that post will direct you to this other "forum" where I wrote about how weed is just as helpful to me as, let's say, my lexapro. I'm still depressed but I'm kind of rounding a corner on it - so I feel like I can be useful to other people still in the early / getting-help stages of their depression... Also, just having others to talk to on d
  12. I found CB last night, in the midst if a full blown BPD dysregulated freak out session. And though I've been told I tend to have a flair for the dramatic.. I'm pretty sure the clouds parted, the sun appeared, and music was softly playing when I discovered this place I spent, quite literally hours just reading and feeling this sense of calm that I think comes from feeling, even briefly that I'm not alone. Anyway, I'm 28, female, dx borderline at 16, PTSD due to early medical trauma followed by multiple re-traumatizing events that occurred as I spiraled out of control. Now, finishing my sec
  13. ... and it's taking me forever, I'm only up to the second town and I just want to have caught everything already because DAMN I want that Mewtwo and- Hi, I'm Nel. I like my games and I like my therapy and I am ecstatic to have been diagnosed. I'm of that group of people who just really wanted a name for the thing that keeps going wrong so they don't feel like it's all (hah) in their head. If you wanted to know, it's all in my signature. I love talking about it. I love thinking about it. Mental illness and mental health fascinates me, because there are all these people who have differe
  14. Here I am! Just how the hell did I get here? I wandered into the forum by clicking on a link after googling "C-PTSD support." When I realized that I had been reading threads for over two hours and was getting jealous that I wasn't involved in this community, a solution presented itself to me... JOIN, DUMMY! I don't really know what I expect to get out of posting or what I will post, but as with most things in my life, eventually, I'll figure it out. I'm hoping to connect with others that are going through similar experiences, and to receive support and provide it. A little som
  15. Hello world I have stumbled across this board while trying to figure out how to outlive this day, and the day after, and the day after that too. Sorry if I am going against any rule, board rule or linguistic rule, am a total newbie and English is not my first language. I am writing from a small country in Europe, am 35 years old, married to an awesome man, own 3 dogs, a house and have a job. Well I used to have a job, not so sure about that anymore, since I have been put on an indefinitive medical leave by my psychiatrist after a rather tough break down and because of burnout syndrome.
  16. Hey! I am here to eat your heart... Okay not really,, but I'm new and my current diagnoses are Bipolar (their wrong,) Depression NOS (Major Depression,) and Anxiety.... My current Rx is Wellbutrin SR 100mg (needs to go up) and Lorazapam .5mg. SO I am here to learn more and be a part of a community of crazies like me I guess. PS: I also like cats! =)
  17. I am 38 years old, married 9 years with two DDs, 6 and 2.5. I am a devout Christian and I am a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern. Depression, nightmares, fears, anxiety have plagued three generations, me, my mom, and my grandmother. If it exists I worry about it, if it might happen, I worry bout it. Me irritable? Sorry I bit your head off would you like it back? I am such scum, I am so sorry! Got a lot done today, but tomorrow I may barely get out of bed, and I am so lonely, but leave me alone because everything irritates me! Oh good, a good couple weeks, maybe these meds are working, o
  18. Hi; I'm new here but have been isolating in 3D-land hence I found your site. I don't know much about chat but hope to learn things from people with similar issues and make some friends. I've spent the past week watching DVD's and the Cricket on telly; it's been very hot here in Melbourne; yesterday was 41 degrees (celcius). Basically I need to get out of my head and chat. Thanks and have a good day
  19. Hi there, old member here - Bernard, I'm a girl.... It's been a while. Me? GAD/depression since forever, major spaz in 2005, highly medicated 2006, 2007 till accidentally pregnant. Off meds, (dear daughter) DD#1b.2008... did ok, post-natal depression, remained unmedicated. DD#2 2010, antenatal depression, full-blown post-natal depression. Ditched my p-doc/med team. Chose acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) with a new p-doc. I'm making very slow progress. Decided to come back here to maybe find others to chat with. Apparently, ACT usually gets quick results but not for me so much. S
  20. I'm new. I'm not new to bipolar, but it keeps me on my toes. I have trouble sleeping when I should, at night, and I'm trying to work out new meds with my psychiatrist to help me sleep. I drank too much until recently (8 mos.) and now I'm working to drink only infrequently. I'm having more success than I've had in the last eleven years. I chew tobacco and am working on quitting. It'll be the patch for me. I've tried cold turkey, and it's no fun and I can't do it. I start a lot of sentences with "I" when I'm having to write but am not at my best. Sorry. Make my sentences more interesting I will
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