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Found 12 results

  1. I'm tapering off clomipramine, right now I'm down to 75 mg. I've been on it for almost a year, but I'm not impressed with the results. I was hoping it would work better than my last two SSRI's (which seemed to do the best job when I took them for the first time) but I can't go higher than 100 mg because of side effects. A few months ago risperidone was added to the clomipramine. I'm on 1 mg a day. I've seen some improvement, but I can still have difficult days or even weeks where I'm having too much intrusive thoughts (or thought, since it's been only one thought which bothers me). I've had good results from fluvoxamine and escitalopram, but both pooped out. Maybe clomipramine had pooped out too. According to my pdoc, taking risperidone as a monotherapy won't have much effect. And with OCD, an antipsychotic is mainly added as an augment treatment. So what to do next?
  2. I am stuck in an awful cycle of becoming obsessed with a person, usually someone I had a failed relationship with that leads to a cycle of stalking the person, heavily drinking, depression and reckless behavior. I am currently stalking/obsessed with someone who recently started a relationship with someone else. It has lead me to severe drinking where I am craving it if I don't drink. I spend at least 4 hours or more a day looking at this person social media, googling him, driving by his house and work. I am unproductive at work and withdrew socially because of it. I have recently gone to a therapist, as my psychiatrist advised me to do, about the situation which was unhelpful. He told me to get a hobby. How would that help when a job wouldn't even make me stop. It has lead to drinking where I wake up hungover or still drunk for work. I am currently taking a mood stabilizer and anti anxiety medication that I've been on for about 3 years. I do not feel as of this is problem medication can fix.
  3. So I had this ring. Not an expensive one, not one I had been wanting to buy for a while, just one that I decided to purchase to qualify for free shipping; I was using amazon. It arrives among my other items and I'm just thinking "I might as well wear this," fast forward a couple weeks. I lose the ring. I don't know why but something in my brain flips, I'm suddenly racking my memories for any place I had seen it, asking family etc. After a couple days of stress, anxiety and desperation I return to my before state as though it never happened. Yet every now and then I will just think "Where is my ring?!?" And begin another frantic search. It has no significance to me I just suddenly get this crushing feeling as though not finding it could kill my soul ,and then my stomach feels like a bottomless pit of despair and all I want to do is sob in a corner over a ring I didn't even like that much. Does anyone know why this might be?! I'm desperate ;I can't keep going through this cycle ,it's distracting me from work because I can't stop thinking about it. Any answers are greatly appreciated!
  4. so last Tuesday I overdosed in an attempt to end my life, obviously I failed - not sure how I feel about that but I can't stop thinking about what I could have done differently to have made it more successful - so that the next time I get it right I've been obsessing over this all day
  5. I have reoccurring issues with obsessive thoughts and even actions. I am on meds but still get a far amount of break through. Some might call it OCD but that is not part of my DX. Examples: repeated hand movements. hair behind my ear, touch my nose......over and over and over. I got a new washing machine. It was not level and I could not sleep thinking about it being crooked, I could feel it un-level when I was upstairs and even at work. I had to fix it and couldn't get it out of my head. I need some item and will research it days on end convinced it is important and needed and then not so much. Suicidal looping. Task looping any thing really that gets stuck and I can't move on. It is not always, its more on occasion at this point. Anyway the reason for this topic: do you have a coping skill or a method to stop the looping. I may just need a med increase, but I am always interested in learning skills outside of meds. Thanks for any replies
  6. I realize this is really weird, like super weird. I am constantly thinking about a certain video from 2001 of comic Darrell Hammond. Its an excerpt from his 2001 Comedy Central Presents Special. what I'm obsessing on is his finger movements in the middle of the excerpt Part of me thinks its simply his normal hand-finger movement or nervousness. Yet I'm wondering if its the fact at the time he was on Lithium, Lamictal, Zyprexa, Welbutrin, Zoloft. Its not like I feel something terrible will happen if I watch or don't watch this video. But the fact that I'm so obsessed by this makes me wonder if this is another form of OCD. I know it could be nobody knows what's going on with his fingers including relevant medical specialists and I very well could be the only one who wonders. http://www.cc.com/video-clips/8xlubv/stand-up-darrell-hammond--back-in-new-york I welcome constructive feedback. My question is being really obsessed about anything but without a feeling of danger a form of OCD?C
  7. http://beyondocd.org/expert-perspectives/articles/stronger-than-dirt-ocd-and-contamination1 Does anyone have a fear of contamination from rotten meat and then when they have this do they not eat the meat? Also if you try you just throw it up Like to know if i am not the only one with this obsession of contamination. Appreciate any response! Also a link for anyone with Pure-O http://www.ocduk.org/sites/default/files/understand-pure-o.pdf.pdf
  8. I don't want to get committed but I cannot stop myself thinking it will happen one day or the other like it's inevitable. I believe something bad will happen. I won't be able to go on and thus give up on everything. Alright, bear with me. I end up thinking a tons of ways it would happen and then become so paranoid it will actually happen I don't go out of my apartment anymore. I get scared. For example, I'm scared about finding a job because I feel I won't be able to deal with all the pressure and end up cycling and do stupid things that will get me locked up. It's been a year and a half since I left my job because I thought I was better than all my bosses and could run the company by myself (hypomania/mania?!). I thought they were conspiring against me because they knew I was better and feared losing their job. The same reasoning applies at university (e.g., better than my teachers; I should teach the class and lead the department (mania) / or I can't take it anymore, drop school, take drugs/binge drink, do bad things, and get locked up (depression). When this obsession becomes uncontrollable I feel I should just be locked up to knock it off. Since I'm on lamictal, these obsessive thoughts or obsession lessened. However, they are still present even nowadays when I actually go out and meet friends. It's in the back of my mind and comes back right away when I get close to an episode. It feels like a similar pattern when I have SI too. I don't know what to make of it. I thought posting this in the OCD section because it feels like intrusive thoughts but not quite. I meet my pdoc in two weeks and will bring it up with him. I just want to know if others have similar experiences and what you think of it. Is this bipolar acting? I was diagnosed with type II if it means anything. Thank you~
  9. Edit: I quit the AAP with my doctor's consent 3 weeks ago. Sorry forgot to make that clear. Hi, Sorry admin for starting another post but I am in a really bad shape right now. I'm pissed off, freaked out and just losing my mind!!! I would appreciate those who would read this whole thing. I really need to be understood right now. I'll try to make this as crystal clear as possible because I really want some helpful answers so bear with my explanations please. I even reviewed my prescriptions and posts to make sure I give you the right info. If some of you have read my other post, I begged my doctor to take me off the AAP because I've tried some of them and I really can't have the side effects if I want to stay on the kind of job I'm in. I know I know.. can't really complain because I know compared to you, a lot of you guys tried almost everything. But this is my share of frustration. I'm Bipolar II, so I DON'T get full blown mania, hallucinations, etc. and me here - just really want to BELIEVE and work on the POSSIBILITY that I won't really need an AAP/AP. I'm mostly down and when hypo manic, doesn't really have big impact negatively, except perhaps for the crash. But I easily recover, maybe because Lamictal has my back. But based on my observations - my swings are mostly on the depressive side. So I would really like to believe that I can survive on the Lamictal alone since it's great for preventing depression. I've had some irritable mixed states before, but that was because of terrible situations/ trigger that is gone now. Checked my CB profile - last post on Mixed State Feb '13. Pretty good huh. It's been a long while since I had a mixed state especially when I started on this job I really finally like. I thought maybe that's all I needed. I'm not friendless anymore, I like what I'm doing and I'm motivated. So I thought maybe that's all that was missing cause I hated my previous jobs and friends. And now I'm pretty good. No scary anger attacks, no throwing of glass items on the wall, no punching the wall, no threatening to kill my older brother. I get depressed but not too much. I feel like I'm finally in control of my life and people around me have noticed it too. They were HAPPY for me. And I really like that. BUT I also feel empty and frustrated because I can't really feel any deeper emotions. Here's the thing - I feel NUMB on the AAP. I'm an actor and when asked to cry or show vulnerability and sadness, I couldn't connect with myself. I can't feel or remember pain. Being an actor is the one thing that makes me happy and has helped me get better and if the AAP is gonna prevent me from being a good actor, I can't have it. I can't connect deeply to anything or anybody. As an artist, it just feels like I have been artistically blind. And that has robbed me off purpose and real happiness too. So since I believe I'm genuinely happy and can't act or sing well on sad scenes, I decided I don't need the AAP. So I went of the AAP. It's been 3 weeks since I'm off AAP. I feel the difference good and bad. Bad is - I don't feel as happy calm like everything is just "happy fine". That's how it felt on AAP for me. Like nothing can get you down. Everything is just fine and normal. Good is - What I like is - I don't feel NUMB. I can actually feel pain and sadness which I've been unable to feel when I'm on AAP. I can feel real emotions but because I still have Lamictal, don't really get depressed. Now.. you wanna hear this. The puzzling part. So I'm fine.. Until a week ago, when I started having these anxiety attacks. This is all jumbled up now because the anxiety might also be caused by the Ritalin but I never had anxiety before on or off Ritalin. So it could be a new symptom. Or it could also be because of this girl. I started having obsessive thoughts on negative things and also on someone I think I'm in love with - god I hate when that happens. It seems like liking someone just drives me insane so maybe I should just avoid it altogether. Anyway, back on topic. I really like this girl, she's my ex partner and we've been really GREAT friends. We broke up 10 years ago FCOL. She loves me as a friend and cares a lot about me. But lately my feelings for her have been more than that. Long story short, I impulsively told her how I felt on a Facebook message when I was drunk and having the worst anxiety attack of my life. That's when it started. The next morning, it freaked us both out but she knows about my condition and right now, she's just being kind and being a good friend. But I can't stop thinking about her and all the possible things that could go wrong and I am scared to death because if this doesn't stop.. I'm afraid of more horrible things I could do out of impulse, obsessive thoughts, and anxiety. I have a history on this. Before I was diagnosed, this is what I did to my recent ex when we broke up. This is my ex boyfriend. I kept sending texts, calling, stalking.. I couldn't control it even when I decided not to do it anymore. I even talked to his relatives and friends. But nothing to get me arrested, not like that. That's when I got diagnosed and had help. I was single for 2 and a half years - mostly because I can't feel anything. I can't be like that now because I really care about this girl and I don't want to scare her away. But I CAN'T control it. Yesterday, when she didn't go online after her work, I can't stop thinking where she is, what she's doing.. maybe she's avoiding me now and other freaky thoughts. I always jump to the worst conclusions. So I texted her. When she didn't reply.. that's when I started having this scary god-awful anxiety and obsessive thoughts. I sent her so many messages but I explained calmly that I just need a friend and I'm having a bad episode. I'm just thankful that she's kind enough to talk to me when she got home and that calmed me down finally. I took 2 Valiums and thankfully, I still have some Risperdal left so I took one too and got me to sleep. I don't know what I could've done if she didn't talk to me. I honestly felt like hurting myself. Now I don't know what she thinks about me and I can't put her through this. I don't know how long she will be understanding. EDIT - I also haven't been sleeping well so it could also be hypomania. I'm completely lost now. So I really need to figure out what's causing this and how to stop it. Is it the lack of AAP? The Ritalin? A new symptom? Or is this just what happens when I get emotionally attached to someone?.. meaning I can't get involved with anyone ever?? Please help me. Here are the AAPs I tried and why it didn't work. Just a summary. Abilify - akethesia and too expensive, Seroquel - too sleepy and feeling like the whole world just dropped in front of me in a big chaos the next morning, Risperidone - weight gain!!! Oh god.. my bag was stolen a year ago, I'm looking at prescriptions right now and I can't remember if there were others but those are the ones. Then when on bad mixed states which I'm not having now, I had Valpros. So when it went away, I stopped it. Now I'm just on Lamictal and Valium to get me sleep. For ADHD - Ritalin. I just want to hear your thoughts and especially those who had same experiences with the obsession, effects of AAP's... My doctor is in India and won't be back till end of the month. I've made an apptmnt, the earliest possible is Ocotber 8!!! Some of you have told me about Latuda. I am in the Philippines and it's not available here yet. Please... I'm losing it. Thanks!!
  10. I think I am going through a downward spiral again. I always go batshit crazy in the summer, but I think I need to start seeing a therapist again. I don't even know what's picking my ass this time, but I feel awful. Last few weeks at work have been hard but everything is back to normal now and I'm very relieved about that. I love my job but I need a fucking holiday. First time in a year that I actually don't wanna go to work in the morning. I don't like that feeling. This is the first job I've had that I genuinely enjoy, I don't want to ever not want to do it. I don't want to do anything when I get home. I don't want to walk the dogs, I don't want to clean the house. What I HAVE been doing is working on the yard. For the past week or so I have been feverishly weekwacking, raking, thatching, raking, mosskilling, and digging fucking huge rocks out of my backyard. I have not touched the backyard since I moved in 6 months ago so it was a real jungle. But this is what I do - I get obsessive over a certain thing and I do it and do it until I beat it to death and leave everything else go for shit. A couple weeks ago it was cleaning the house. I cleaned the house spotless and then I moved onto the yard and let the house go for shit. I was up til 10:30 last night trying to dig a boulder out of my yard. The tip of it kept hitting my lawnmower blade and I thought I'd pick it out, but then the boulder turned out to be 2 feet square and a foot wide and weighed about 300 lbs and I had a 3 foot deep pit in my yard. I couldn't lift the damn boulder out so I dug under neath it and buried it deeper LOL. But seriously, once I start something like that I can't stop. I went fishing on the long weekend. I intended to only go out once for a couple hours to relax, but I ended up staying out for 8 hours every day for 3 days because I wanted my limit of 2 fish. EIGHT HOURS of casting and I finally caught one, and all the time I kept thinking "This is the time, this is the time" (if you've every watched Tobuscus play Happy Wheels on Youtube, this is exactly what I do when fishing or anything else) I forgot how much I rage internally when I fish. It's not relaxing, it just makes me angry, because every fucking time I cast out I get really hopeful, so hopeful that it's painful, and 999 times out of a thousand I am disappointed. And by the time 8 hours has gone by and the sun is setting I'm like "OMFG fish, bite my hook so I can go hooooome you bastards" and I get super cranky. I am not much of a gambler but I have played the slots for a laugh a time or two, and this reminds me exactly of that. The addiction of trying one more time, one more time, this is the lucky time. Thankfully I am too cheap with my money to risk it at the casino, and all I risk on the river is 2 minutes of my time every time I cast out, but the effect is the same. I get so pissed off LOL especially when the little kids beside me are slaying fish after fish. It's like watching everyone around you win the jackpot when you've been playing the slots for 8 hours and your credit card's maxed out. Anyway, that's my rant. I'm really fucking depressed. I hate everything right now. My patience is gone, my temper is short and I keep going at these stupid tasks obsessively and in the end I don't feel any satisfaction, just rage that it took up so much of my time.
  11. I have no one to talk to about this because I don't want to be judged. No one will understand. This is going to be a really long story.. Prior to this I wasn't a relationship person. I would rather just talk to them then get into that. I met my current bf through texting off a mutual friends phone. He just got out of a long relationship.. Like 2 weeks earlier. I would never meet a stranger off Facebook, twitter, or txting but I made an exception for him. I just had this feeling. He really wanted to meet me so I let him pick me up.. And when I saw him I was like omg he's not ugly.. He's actually really cute lol. That day he took me to his room and we smoked a couple blunts. We clicked really well. He tried to have sex but I didn't want to and we made out. I hung out with him a second time a couple days later and we had sex. We were drinking together and he took my virginity. A week after knowing each other he was like so when are you gonna be my gf and I guess we started going out then. I had a lot of guy friends and hung out w/ them regularly and he didn't like that. After a month he told me he wasn't okay with that and I broke up with him. I knew my friends longer than him and he wasn't that important then. A month after we broke up though he texted me randomly to says what's up and asked if I was with anyone now. I wasn't and I thought it was interesting that he cared. At the time I thought he would be like fuck her because I left him for my friends. I didn't think I would hear from him again. We saw each other again and he spontaneously kissed me and then later he told me he had a gf. It was that girl he was previously with. Idk why but that didn't bother me and we continued to fool around in secret for like 6 months. I was still hanging out w/ my friends. But then he started hating that again. He brought it up and he also wanted me to be his. He called me gf #2. I constantly asked him why he cheats and if he didn't like the relationship just leave. He complained about her sometimes. He said he didn't know why but I was the first person he did this with. I liked him too i just wasnt sure about being his gf b/c he had one. Sometimes I would try to ignore him.. But he would blow my phone up with calls, texts, and voicemails. So I couldn't get rid of him and accepted the fact we had feelings for each other. Once when I introduced him to my friend I was like this is _____ my...... And he quickly said boyfriend. So I guess at that point was when I started thinking of us as a couple. We're still a secret but I started to get jealous and mad. I hated being a secret and complained about it. I has to crawl through windows and on the phone he called me another name. None of his friends or family could see me. Then he finally brought me out and around ppl. His mom even knew. he said his dad and uncle had 2 women before also. So i guess thats why he thinks its ok. Everyone knew about me but the other one. A couple times she showed up randomly and I would have to hide in another room til she left. I felt so jealous. He was really nice to me though and we had sex every time we saw each other. Then one day when she showed up again she found out because his mom was like she's in here (the other room). We got into a fight. She came over to say she was pregnant.. No one knew what to do. A couple months later there was a miscarriage though. If there was gonna be a baby I would have left. After that incident there were no more secrets. The jealousy was always there b/w both of us. We can't be in the same room and we don't see each other. There's a lot more incidents that happen in b/w but its too much. We just know the other one exists. It causes some arguments. Somewhere along the road I became the obsessed one. If he doesn't answer the phone I get worried and blow up his phone. I don't hang out with my friends anymore not even girls. I used to drink and stuff but now I don't because he doesn't like that. When we're on bad terms I can't sleep. If I do Fall asleep I have recurring nightmares and will just wake up anyways. I'm not allowed to even text to say what's up to any guy. When we argue we usually just forget about it like an hour later and it's good again. Last week he tried to break up with me and I refused to leave the car until we were ok again. He tried pulling me out the car and I would force myself back in. We made this huge scene in front of my neighbors. He finally dragged me out and when he tried to tried drive out my neighborhood and I ran in front of his car and jumped on the hood. I grabbed onto it and he kept driving.. About 30 mph. He stopped and I fell off and scraped my feet and sprained my finger. He drove off and someone helped. This was out in the road and he drove about 20 feet only. This isn't our first physical issue either. Several times before I have punched his face if I got mad and he would hold me down.. One time we choked me and it hurt to swallow for a week. Idk.. I can't sleep when we fight. I feel crazy and obsessed. I get so anxious if he doesn't pick up.. I guess cuz he could be with someone else. I hate it and I know I should leave but it's hard. I can't believe how turned around things got. Could my behavior or his be diagnosed as something? Sometimes I feel dependent on love but idk. And me and her aren't ok with the other one being there but we love him so much. Since we stay regardless.. Does that mean we really are ok with this situation?
  12. Hi. This is my first post and I would appreciate an outside perspective/opinion. Early last year I moved into a flat-share. I got on very well with on of the girls. We spent a lot of time together hanging and became very, very good friends quickly. After a while, we became involved with each other and quickly enough our relationship grew stronger and more meaningful. So meaningful that I asked her to marry me at the turn of the year. She said yes. Since then, things have changed every so slightly. We argue a lot now and very easily. To me she seems to be more sensitive – when compared to before I asked her. Also, I sense some attempts to control me. Again I don’t know which is why I need an outsiders opinion. Since we got engaged, as I mentioned, we argue a lot now and very easily. With time the arguing has become worse/more regular. At first, I’d say she wasn’t ‘that’ sensitive and now she seems more sensitive. If I say something wrong or do something wrong i.e. - If I am answering a work phone call after work, she will tell me to put it down. If I say no, I cant, its work, she will become upset. When I do finish the phone call, she has to know all details immediately and why I had to answer the call (only my line manager – the CEO (small company) will call me after work). My response is usually - sorry, its my boss and its work. - Another example, if I say ‘I love you’, she always says ‘I love you more’. If I don’t respond she will say, way to let a girl know that you care for her… then she will be upset. (I also hate the fact she says that, very nice thing to say to your fiancé) - Final example, slightly different – I was asked by friends to go out for a drink. This was the first time ever in our relationship – I live in a different city to my friends. We had a week long argument about it where she was saying things like – I am inclined not to like these people. I don’t know these people so how do I know if you’re going to be ok. So how long will you be out for? When will you be back? That night I came home early to avoid an argument. But she still started one. I feel like I have to answer any questions she asks with the exact answer she is expected otherwise she will be upset with me so now when I do answer her question I stutter a bit in fear of her becoming upset… omg I have just realised what I am typing… grow a set of balls! One thing I find she does as well is when im texting she will ask who I am texting if she cant see the screen of my phone. When I say who she will ask what they wanted – is it me or is that normal (oh and this is every text – actually, if my phone vibrates she will say you’ve got a text. Halve the time its an email (clear to me by one vibration) and if I say no it’s a vibration, she will become irate with me). An example was last night, she was on the ipad playing a card game. I received a text from my uncle and started texting back. I knew she had stopped playing and started watching me because she had the sound on the ipad turned on and I couldn’t hear any cards being dealt, etc… whilst I was texting. As soon as I stopped, the cards started making noises again. Furthermore to that, if I am on facebook (very rarely) and I am reading the latest ‘news feed’, she WILL say to any update from a girl who could be classed as attractive as ‘a dirty slut’ – the usual line is ‘why are you friends with so many slutty girls’… WTF! These are ppl I went to school with. I've not seen 95% of my 'facebook friends' since then! One girl I had to state in ‘What capacity’ I knew the girl – she is dating a guy I played football with who is a twin… she was not impressed with my answer and so… became upset with me and since has asked me about it and (to me) is clearly looking for inconsistencies in my answers. Oh and appraently all the girls i work with (four in total) are all sluts (well except on - she is mid fourties, has a husband and two kids). The other three are either between 1 to 6 years older than me. If she slags one of them off and i say thats a bit harsh... 'why are you defending her!' 'You're taking her side over mine' (firstly WTF have they done to you, secondly they are not here! How can i take their side - you are arguing with yourself). Despite all over the above (examples) I do love her because she is sooo much fun to be with and we laugh so much. I have said to a handful of ppl that she is me, just with different parts… Last weekend she terrified me… when we first started dating she was anti-depressants, after 4 months she came off them. She know believes she needs to go back on them – first mentioned a few weeks back. I asked her if she would delay that to see if this is something we to deal with together without medication – I know nothing about depression and was relying on her knowledge etc. She say ok. At the weekend, we were lying in bed until she got up and sat on the floor. She then started to bang the back of her head against the wall. I immediately jumped up and asked what was wrong, told her to stop it etc. My ‘sudden’ interest in her (?!?!?!?) compelled her to say – why are you worried, what are you hiding (not the exact words but also conveys the msg). I was confused and had no idea what she was talking about. I felt like she started to verbally attack me whilst I was still confused. We ended squabbling until she told me to fuck off so I went into the other bedroom to sleep. She barged in immediately and started shouting again saying you don’t care, etc, etc, etc. She locked herself in the bathroom and started crying. I felt terrible because she was upset and I thought it was because of me so I went to see her. She let me into the bathroom where I hugged her from behind whilst she faced into the corner of the room. She continued saying things like, you don’t love me, you don’t care about anyone but you, I told you I needed to go back on anti-depressants BUT YOU WOULDN’T LET ME (fucking lie!). She then started saying that I was cruel for not letting her go on the anti-depressants (you’re cruel, you’re cruel, you say nasty things)… I finally managed to calm her down and get her back in bed. Just before we went to sleep she said ‘Well done, you deserve to sleep well’.I asked her what she meant coz I had no idea what she was talking about. She said ‘with your technical skills – you know work’ … WTF!?!? I did not sleep well that night. Since then if feels like theres an elephant in the room constantly and we cant talk about it because she gets so upset. I do not know what to do! And I am freaked out! This is not the person I asked to marry me! Definitely not! WTF! She has admitted on several occasions that she has abandonment issues to which I was let her know I will always be there for her. She also says she loves me too much and that when she is not with me i.e. if I am away with work, that she panics so much that she is always on the verge of a panic attack. Please help me. By no means am I perfect i.e. I get defensive now when she gets upset or is being what I class as overly sensitive. Im now very quick to boil over. I've never know myself to be like this, its unreal! I feel like im carrying a bag of anger with me at all times - i dont like it. But she just isnt the person I asked to marry me. She has also thrusted the ring back in my face twice… WTF! I am exhausted by her constant need for reassurance, her obsessiveness, her sensitivity. It doesn’t feel like I am in a relationship anymore. I know all relationships have tough times but my last one last 6 years and there was many of those during that. I've actually has a cheeky look at available flat/flatshares. I dont want to break up with her as i want to work at this! but i am exhausted and she has said that she won't stop caring for me so much and wont change her way. I asked her to marry me! I also made a promise to her parents when i told them of my intention (to ask her to marry me) - i said i'd care for her. They are living abroad at the moment and her father said they were thinking about moving back because of her (to care for her/be there for her). He said that they are releaved that she has found someone who cares for her so much. Help! She doesn't like therapy, she has been there before and walked out immediately. I dont think she'll agree to that. She is too head strong. Im sorry that this is sooooo long and that there will be an unbelievable amount of errors! Sorry
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