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Found 23 results

  1. I know that a lot of bipolar folks take an SSRI as part of their daily regimen of meds and apparently it seems to help. But there's some growing concern in the pdoc world now that SSRI's may be causing manic symptoms and even directly causing manic episodes. I was on SSRI's for 10 years before quitting last October. In chronological order: Celexa, Zoloft, Celexa again, Lexapro, Zoloft again, Prozac, Zoloft again briefly, back to Prozac to close it out. For me, personally, after stopping them altogether, I was able to see what they were doing to my system. I truly believe they made me much more unstable and greatly increased compulsiveness and just made a bad situation worse. Switching from Lexapro to Zoloft sent me immediately full-on hypomanic for over a month in early 2015. I was high as a kite and on top of the fucking world. It was unreal and so obvious at the time. From the beginning of it, I was certain something unusual was going on. Now I wasn't diagnosed bipolar yet, just depressed, so I didn't even know what hypomania was then. It fizzled out eventually (sigh) but I had at least two more, shorter, and less intense episodes late spring 2015. I've not had anything quite as euphoric as those since. My last pdoc expressed some concern about the prozac but wasn't very insistent on me stopping it, just that I would want to eventually. I've since read that there is increasing concern in the pdoc community. Yet a lot of bipolar people still take SSRI's and don't seem to have problems. Do SSRI's seem to help your causes? Do you notice any unusual side effects? Have any of you stopped taking SSRI's and noticed a change? Other comments? This could be interesting.
  2. Hello all, I have OCD/Anxiety/Depression I was on: - lexapro: 4 years Started late 2010. 10 increased up to 60 (there was single day 3 pills cant remember 20mg or 10mg high up dose) short time. decreases down to 5. and stop points with rejected change in meds. luvox: 3.5 years started early 2014. 150 ended in 100 decreased down to 50 after that 1.5 weeks attack of continuous eye pains. And stop points with rejected change in meds. and last full stop. What im feeling after approx. 7 months after stopping: 1.5 weeks atack of continuous eye pains. after the attack, right eye pulsating sharp/heating sensation (mostly for now), pains along with easily eye straining and drying, constant red spot/subconjunctival hemorrhage near tear canals reaches to cornea that persists most the day and decreases after sleep for short time.. Did any one experience this type of eye pains before? (what do you advice me/ what should i do?) - return to lowest possible dose and if so, in what size 13.5 or 17.0 or 5 mg or what med, and should I get digital scale? - Waiting while taking coffee and pain killers. - I still get light (with rarely heavy) ocd thoughts/ anxiety/ panic attacks/ depressive mood (current moment they are all mild to me); should I cut all that crap of evaluating with no meds and return to my original dose in sudden. - I don't know if ill ever go to psychological doctors I think the previous docs have a part in the problem. please excuse language and memory errors... Thanks in detail:
  3. In January of this year I woke up with a panic attack completely out of the blue. Despite several episodes of anxiety and depression in my 20s, my last episode was back in 2008! At that time I went through a year or so of therapy, committed to staying on 30mg of Paxil, and I never looked back. I honestly would have said I was cured! The panic attack led to a period of anxiety that lasted right through February. I upped the Paxil to 40mg and worked with a psychiatrist who suggested adding Lamictal. We started at 25mg for 2 weeks, 50mg for 2 weeks, and then 75mg. I started noticing a positive difference at about a week on 75mg. A few days later, the anxiety and depression just lifted! It was like I had my life back. For nearly a month I felt great, and believed the Lamictal must have made the difference. Unfortunately, it didn't last. About a week ago something minor triggered anxiety in me, and again it has lasted! My psychiatrist recommended going up to 100mg of Lamictal, so I started that two days ago. My question is, does lamictal work and then wear off if it's not at the right level? Has anyone had success with an SSRI and lamictal for anxiety and depression, not related to bipolar disorder? Can anyone offer advice on how to keep the faith with these medication changes, or how to overcome anxiety? Looking for others who get it, and want to help!
  4. Hi! I'm new and hoping to get some input opinions on things that can help me. I've been diagnosed with depression for almost 6 years now, just after I delivered my daughter in Feb 2012. I was on and off sertraline for about 3 years until I started having some serious anxiety attacks and then hydroxyzine was added. But all hydroxyzine does is knock me out. Sertraline never did much for me so in January 2016 they put me on Prozac which helped significantly with the anxiety but also made me not care if I lived or died. I was numb to everyone and everything around me including my husband and 2 young children. In January 2017 I went off my meds for a while until about July when I started spiraling down into my depression again. My Dr put me on paxil. BIG DIFFERENCE!I feel as close to my normal self as I have in years. BUT the only and worst side effect I've noticed is that despite being aroused, I CANNOT achieve an orgasm while on this drug. Not by myself or with anyone else or any of my usual tried-and-true methods. Now I'm 27 years old and at the height of my sex life. Like I know what I'm getting is good stuff. But this is really sucktastic. Any ideas on other drugs I can try that will not only allow me to continue feeling like I'm actually ok and also allow me to enjoy sex and masturbation again?
  5. has anyone experienced this? its been linked to paxil and zoloft. i'm not sure whether zoloft caused this issue for me or just worsened it to the point that it became noticeable to myself and others (didn't seem to have this prior to taking zoloft for the first time and the condition persisted off zoloft for years.. on zoloft again and i think the problem might be enhanced but i can't say that for any certainty). i've looked into it and its never specified whether the problem persisted after stopping the meds or whether it can be a permanent thing.
  6. Hello, Could someone please honestly tell me because I can't trust myself because I'm a recovering drug addict. (Id like to put a disclaimer right here that I don't follow 12-step dogma so please don't start preaching that even though it does work for many) anyways, new diagnosis I'm a 33-year-old male finally told that I have a little bit of aspbergers disorder which is now technically on the autism spectrum and ADHD to go together with my OCD, and GAD oh I can't forget about the clinical depression either. I was a severe opioid and benzo addict taking crazy amounts I am now medicated but I'm worried about the amount of stimulants. I have never abused stimulants other than MDMA really and I don't know much about them. I was just put on Adderall XR seven months ago now I'm a 6 foot tall 240 pound male. It was amazing to see the effects that it had. I can finally look people in the eyes and my brain was finally slow. It was like for years they tried to numb with the stupid benzo's but my brain would still race. However, the dosing scares me because I don't know anyone else that takes this. I take 60 mg in the morning and another 30 mg capsule at 1400. They don't last 12 hours and I work about 10 hours a day so I find the 90 mg keeps me good for the majority actually really good for thee whole day and I still sleep for 6 to 8 hours But I didn't quit shooting up heroin to die from a heart attack..so can any of you give me some input please. Ps. By the way I also take 60 mg of Paxil and 4 mg of Xanax which sounds high but is pretty good considering before the Adderall I was taking eight and this was prescribed by my addiction Doctor. I honestly was not abusing that. I needed that to function soon as I went on the Adderall I stopped having the stupid panic attacks and have managed to cut my dose in half. I also take an opioid called Suboxone which is used to treat addiction. So yes technically I'm on amphetamine, benzodiazepine and opioid and an SSRI but, I'm the happiest I've ever been and I'm actually functioning and holding down a job and stuff for the first time in my life. I could really use some helpful opinions
  7. About two years ago I got extremely high with my friends, and tripped out, and had a huge panic attack (about level 8) long story short I was not the same after this happened, and ended up in the hospital because I thought I was physcotic. As it turned out I was diagnosed with ocd. I started off on Zoloft, it did nothing for me, it turns out my body was not reacting to the medicine, due to my genotypes (my therapist did a cheek swab test to see what medications could work). I then started on Prozac and about 2 months in I finally started feeling better again, although sleepy and lethargic all the time, my mind was quiet and I was content. Fast forward a year and a half, I'm smoking weed almost everyday with my friends until one day (about 5 weeks ago) I had a major panic attack/ trip again,(level 10) and the nightmare started all over again, my Prozac had been completely obliterated. My doc upped my mess to 50mg, and I had a few booster sessions in cbt but it was not working. My doc switched me to paxil about 3 and 1/2 weeks ago, and so far I haven't noticed much change. I'm just confused at why my Prozac would just stop, after working so well for over a year. I hope these new mess (Paxil) work, I'm just really mentally exhausted and want to escape my head.
  8. Please help me figure out the right Med combo.. Since starting some of these meds I feel fear not my usual anxiety just flat out fear over nothing. I also have a nauseas stomach EVERY day. I feel stuck and lost since I'm no doc but maybe somebody will know what to do! I am desperately trying to find a medication that completely cures my anxiety like Xanax but still gives me focus and energy like Adderall I take both, but adderall heightens my anxiety at times, makes me cry sometimes for no apparent reason and occasionally I'm told makes me testy. It gives me focus and energy.. The Xanax alone makes me very calm, collected, and FINALLY quiets my fast moving thoughts and anxiety however it gives me absolutely zero energy or motivation. I am perscribed daily: 40mg of Paxil aka Peroxotine (I take at night) 70mg Adderall daily (30mg extened release /40mg amphetone salt tabs) 50mg Trazadone (nightly) UNPERSCRIBED MEDICATION Hydrocodone either 7.5mg or 10mg roughly 6 a day for knee and back pain I suffer with debilitating anxiety over seemingly tedious tasks.. Highly unmotivated feel almost frozen sometimes. so I take roughly 4/5 .25mg Xanax a day when possible or 4/5 1 mg Ada van throughout the day as well as night. Xanax and adderall work well I guess but I really feel like its Mesing up my stomach somehow. Lastly I've heard a lot of things about Paxil is it dangerous? I have no sex drive upset stomachs etc please help!!
  9. Hi, Has anyone taking antidepressants ever been thrown into a bad depressive episode while taking an antibiotic? I have been taking Paxil for a while and recently got the flu with it turning into a sinus infection. I was prescribed Levofloxacin for the infection but since taking it I have been getting worse mentally and emotionally. I am in a full blown depressive episode and am looking for some hope that this is because of the antibiotic. I took 5 daily pills of a 10 day dose for the Levofloxacin and decided to stop after todays dose. Please let me know if you have experienced this. Thanks, Looking for some hope.
  10. Monday my mom came up and we were taking my car into the shop because the battery died. I thought we were coming right back so I skipped my Paxil 30 mg that morning. By the end of the morning, I was feeling super depressed. That night, I took what I thought was going to be a nap at 8:30 but slept through the night so I missed my second Paxil 30mg and Anafranil 100mg. The next day I was so tense and keyed up that I just wanted to punch someone- completely my fault- nobody else was doing anything out of the ordinary. And was still really depressed. I went to see my psych Wednesday and we added back Seroquel 25 mgs to take up to 3 times daily as needed. That's helped some but I was still bottom of the ocean depressed yesterday so I have been switched to Paxil CR 25 mgs 2 pills every morning. So frustrating. I was doing so well before this. Can missing meds for just one day cause all this?
  11. Anyone over the age of 30 have experiences with Paxil they would like to share?
  12. So I see my pdoc yesterday and shared with her I still feel some depression. After talking over some options, she wants to taper me off Geodon and add Paxil. I took Paxil about 5 years ago for two years and did mostly well with it. However, I was taking the medication when I went manic and got fired from my very lucrative job. I start the Paxil today and I am just a little concerened I will become manic on it. Also, before starting Paxil, I suffered from SA and Paxil pretty much cured me from that. I went from being very anxious before speaking to not thinking at all before speaking. Anyone have any Paxil experiences?
  13. So I have a long history of depression (since I can remember) and about I year after my first attempted suicide (when I turned 18) they threw me on Paxil. I went NUTTERS. Not good, and I thought I had been emotionally crazy before (lots of freaking out and crying and obsessive phone calling...) Then I was switched onto Celexa which I kept on until earlier this year after my third suicide attempt. I asked my doctor for a medication that was more for anxiety than depression so she threw Cipralex at me because she had free samples. So far, the only differences between the three (besides no more freak outs) is the dosage. I am beginning to wonder... Am I taking the right medications? I have so many other things... not quite right about me. MAJOR touch sensitivity, obsessive counting and even numbers, HORRIBLE social anxiety, and I have two other people in my head... Thoughts anyone? I just... Ack, I don't even know...
  14. Hi, I'm new, but my anxiety (depression, aspergers, etc etc) is NOT!! Ok....I'm on Lamictal, been on 75mg for about 6 months now. Was on Effexor for over 15 years...didn't do me any good...tried to go off! My brain took a permanent hike into hell. So I trot on off to the doc for help...he puts me on Prozac to help with the withdrawls....YAY, I'm off Effexor. The Prozac made me angry and irritable and agitated and made all my asperger symptoms worse. Ok back to the doc I go. He puts me on Paxil....in the mean time I go to my primary care doc, cuz it is time to check my thyroid (hypothyroid here), sure enough, it is low again...so more Levothyroxine for me, as well as mega doses of Vit D (50,000 UI once a week) and 2500 mg B 12 (daily). So now, I'm on all these meds (as well as Xanax 3 mg per day divided up into smaller doses).....Oh and let's not forget Premarin, cuz I'm at "that" age (oh the joys of being female...NOT). So....anyhoo...I've been on Paxil 20mg per day (split into 2 doses), the megadoses of vitamins and the upped dose of thyroid meds (from .5 mcg to .75 mcg). And now, about one to 2 months later find myself extremely paranoid, agitated, irritable, asperger sensory sensitivities way worse than usual, BP symptoms and mood swings all over the place, I'm a mess. My question is: does Paxil, alone or combined with other meds make a person paranoid? The paranoia started at the same time as the addition of paxil, upping the Levothyroxine, and the megadoses of vitamins (for extreme fatigue). I have no job due to the BP II and the Aspergers, so, no health insurance. I pay out of pocket....which is empty right now...for doc and meds. If anyone has any helpful insight, I would sure appreciate it. Totally freaked out here in Wisconsin.....HELP!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hi Everyone, I have been managing my anxiety/depression/obsessive thoughts pretty well since being put back on Paxil since February. My only issue has been excessive night sweats and a lot of weight gain. I had been on Paxil in the past and it worked well for me and I did gain weight, but it happened gradually...this time I gained 10lbs since February, which to some might not be a lot but I am a petite female and it shows up on me. I'm 28, an avid runner (run 20-25 miles a week), work out at the gym, eat pretty well, and I am pretty active otherwise (always on the go). I have been staying steady at my weight for the past 3 weeks after taking Omega 3s, multi vitamins, fiber pills, and my pdoc lowering my dosage. Even though I am staying level, I am still extremely unhappy...it’s become my new "obsession". I am getting married in 4 months and literally can't afford to gain anymore weight and it’s become extremely difficult to stay level. PDoc was thinking of switching me to Wellbutrin, but I have heard some stories that it has increased peoples anxiety, caused seizures, and it won't really help my obsessive thoughts. Has anyone made a switch from Paxil to something else due to the rapid weight gain and found success? I tried Effexor and Pristiq before going on Paxil in February and they did not work for me at all. Thanks!
  16. Hi Everyone, I have been on Paxil CR since mid February. I started on 25mg and then went up to 37.5, which I have been on for a month. I have been on this drug and dosage once before in the past and didn't have many issues in the beginning, mainly sweating, minor headaches, and some insomnia. I just have a quick question, I've been experiencing moments of vertigo since Sunday night. I noticed it when I got up in the middle of the night. I got up and for a few seconds I was very dizzy. I figured I just got up too fast and had been in a deep sleep. However, I keep getting this dizziness/vertigo when my head tilts backwards, if I lay down on a complete flat surface (no pillows) or if I tilt my head to the left. Weird? I've never had this before, but I know with Paxil in the beginning stages I normally get weird side effects that will last for a few days and then go away. Just wanted to see if anyone had any similar experiences with their meds? Thank you!
  17. I could practically sing right now. I went off of it cold turkey by accident and since it wasn't working at to 40 mg to help me with my depression and OCD, he told not go back on it. I am still on Lamictal, Klonipin and Nuvigil, which I have been on for years. The OCD only started in the Fall. Suddenly the world doesn't seem that gray. I volunteered to take my sister shopping and had a good time. Getting school work done doesn't seem as impossible. And oddly the antagonists in my life don't seem that scary anymore. I cleaned my room and set up a lamp that has been in a box for over a year. Paxil is infamous for the slow miserable process of coming off the drug. Yet I feel amazing after going cold turkey. I had been on the drug for nearly two months and it wasn't doing anything positive. So I'd like to know if these period of blissful functionality or part of the withdrawal process. Also: Does anyone have any tips on explaining a noticeable good mood change to others? It is technically none of their business, but people notice these things as some care a lot about me and do wonder and I have an answer if asked why.
  18. I have been battling depression and GAD for a long time so I have a nice staple of drugs (Lamictal, Klonipin, and Nuvigil for energy in the morning) that kept it in check fairly well. When the OCD started to cause problems my doctor tried a few different things and then settled on Paxil in late January. Even though side effects have been making me miserable, it did seem to help a little so it was decided that I should stick with it. So I found myself off Paxil by accident (See the cocktail forum for exact details) for a few days and now that I am back to my normal drug routine. Since it was working before the withdrawal my doctor said to stay off it unless I felt significant withdrawal problems. I am still experiencing headaches and slight nausea at times, but honestly I am feeling productive and motivated for the first time in a while. I think I am better off without the drug. I can feel some OCD impulses returning. I have not gone after the hand sanitizer yet but I keep straightening things when I am excited about things and a few fixations are starting to rear their heads again. I don't want to do anything about it with regards to meds right now. I am in school and only have fives weeks left and an enormous backlog of schoolwork partly as a result of trying to adjust to the Paxil. My therapist who I trust more and knows me better, told me to tell my psychiatrist not to put me on anything new until summer. I agree with her. The OCD is mainly an annoyance, that is related to my anxiety. I can take non-medical steps to deter it. This is extremely case specific and I know it isn't the right move for everyone. I am just so tired of trying to get this OCD treated while juggling school work. I am more concerned about my battle with depression than anything. I guess I want to know if other people have been in similar situations.
  19. Here's the deal (not to sound harsh): You can either lecture me or you can help me figure out what to do as psychiatrist wasn't much use. Also its a long story and I can't edit well right now. Diagnosis: Depression, GAD, lack of focus, OCD. Drugs: Klonipin, Paxil, Lamictal, at night. Nuvigil and a small dose of Klonipin in the morning I am a student who lives on campus and goes home for the weekend to work (long story). I was rushing around getting ready to go home earlier than planned on Thursday and was trying to clean up my room while packing. Late at night on Thursday after coming home I noticed I couldn't find my drugs and since I was exhausted I just decided to forgo the search and just slept without taking any of them. Friday wasn't too bad.I jetted back to school after my 9-5 shift convinced they were there, but I couldn't find them so I came to the sad conclusion that I probably threw them out by accident. I had two options: Spend the weekend trying to track down my prescriber, or wait until Monday when I saw him to get new scripts and advice on how to get back on all of them. Just to be clear: I knew what I was doing was possibly very dangerous and swore that I would call for help if needed.The main consequence was I could function at my job but when I returned to campus on Saturday night I had a hard time stringing thoughts together for school work purposes. There was also the crazy in-depth dreams and fear that I sounded as weird as I felt. Here's the worst part: My psychiatrist didn't treat it as a big deal. I couldn't describe how looney tunes I felt and he didn't ask for details. When he found out I was off Paxil cold turkey and since it wasn't helping before the withdrawal he decided not write me a new script and told me to call him if I thought I needed one. He also did something with my Klonipin I don't quite understand as all I was thinking was how to get out and to a drug store with the new scripts. My heart was racing so I took a klonipin before my evening class that put me to sleep not long after I came home and I just barely remembered to take Lamictal at 2 AM. It is Tuesday morning and I feel like I am in La La Land. I can barely remember things and how serious the consequences are if I don't do them. I am registered with department of disabilities but my question is: How do I explain to teachers I didn't get things done because I was acting stupid and careless? Especially ones who have already been extremely lenient. I feel like I am taking advantage of them. Calling my therapist seems like a no-brainer but I don't know what to say. I know this is a lot to dump on a group of strangers but I really don't know who else to talk to beside professionals. I am too embarrassed by my foolishness to talk to friends and classmates who are wondering about why I am struggling so hard this semester.
  20. I'll update my profile soon so I don't have to retype this info regularly. My regular cocktail of for depression and anxiety is Lamictal Klonipin and Nuvigil. My life took a sudden change for the better and I wasn't fighting the feeling of lonely frustration as much and got things done. The only odd thing was that as I got happier I became more obsessed with organization and hand washing. It wasn't affecting my life really as it wasn't visible but it made going to sleep a pain. After a disastrous attempt with clomipramene, then a useless jab at Lexapro, I started taking Paxil in early January. Keep in mind my life isn't nearly as stable because I moved into housing at school a family medical emergency occurred. Having said all tha,t the drug just made things worse as I felt drowsy and miserable often and it didn't help the OCD.. I think I turned a corner this past weekend when my OCD decreased and I felt more like myself. I am not fighting the OCD nearly as hard but I just don't feel motivated to do much of anything at times. As Paxil begins to work will the side effects begin to decrease? Or am I going to be stuck actively fighting to feel happy?
  21. I have been one for about four weeks now. During week three I feel fell tiny "shocks" to my fingers at I attributed to static electricity. They didn't really bother me. By the end of week three I didn't seem to experience them anymore and thought nothing of it. When I was talking with my therapist about the drug and to my surprise, she asked if I felt any shocks in my fingers. I thought about and said yes as they occurred more often than usual. She said she had several patients on Paxil with similar experiences and no knows why and what it means when they start and then end. Just to be clear, this isn't a scary experience. It can be a little annoying as it may throw your attention off for a few seconds why you need to dash around. My therapist assured me that it was nothing to worry about. Paxil has been driving me crazy for the last few weeks. It gave me headaches and killed my energy and focus when I was trying to get school work done. But as I approach week five, I am starting to believe that this drug is actually helping me. Don't give up on it! Especially if you're in school and or a high-stress environment and based on what I have read and learned from my therapist, it takes forever to get off and the side effects aren't always pleasant.
  22. First a guide to what those letters stand for if you're not familiar (I didn't feel like writing it out). I'm a writer so be patient as I tell my story that has no traceable personal info. PA: Physician's Assistant MD: Medical Doctor. In psychiatry, he or she is the psychiatrist. NP: Nurse Practitioner. I guess I should mention that I have depression, general anxiety, and some OCD. I am not an expert, but I believe NPs and PAs (I know this for certain) work under the supervision of a psychiatrist. I have had a variety of both and some are better than others, no matter what their training. I saw an MD who is ranked as being the best in the field locally but I only saw him every four months and he rescheduled constantly. I felt like I barely knew him. When I wasn't seeing him I saw his PA and loved her. She was a little brash and completely different from her boss. I could talk to her more easily and felt like she was helping me. So when she left I followed her. The thing is she isn't perfect. I still got good treatment and she was able to talk to me more. Her "style" is extremely interesting. She doesn't ask me twenty questions straight off the bat such as "How much sleep do you get?" or "Any thoughts of suicide recently" which made squirm. Instead she would ask me about school, how my family, and if I was getting out enough. It sounded like counselling session, but she would suddenly pull out her pad close near the end and describe what she wanted put me on. I realized I was answering all the same questions but in a narrative form. I liked her but I had a bad feeling that she may be be "leaving" soon and made an appointment with a "brilliant" psychiatrists recommended by my therapist. Sure enough, I got a call saying she had left the practice not long afterwards. I like the guy I am with now more than the last MD as I can get in to see him regularly and him and only him. He's not as personal which I didn't mind because I trusted him and he is very nice. I get to talk about what is going on my life but not as in depth. He is more methodical and describes how each med. works typically. And I was excited because he didn't think I sounded depressed. I don't think he has helped me at all. Nothing has changed. He put me on clomipramene and that knocked me out for three days during the week I had three papers due. My therapist talked me into staying with him, but I don't trust him. I have had some family problems recently and it is difficult to weed out what will go away and what needs to be treated. He has me on Paxil and I have no idea whether it is helping me because it takes six weeks to go through and I am four weeks in. I got so frustrated after this past week of lack of productivity in school I decided to pull out the cell phone number for the PA. I had no idea what to say in voice mail so I rambled, but she picked up the minute I hung up. She told me she was thinking about me recently. I found out she wasn't working anywhere which made me want to cry. I told her what was up and when I mentioned I was Paxil she got angry. She explained how it took her a year to get a patient off the drug as the process is extremely slow. That was something the MD never told me even after he upped the dose. She told me to call her whenever. This is what I loved about her. She may not be perfect but she has an understanding of drugs that I have never found in any of the people I have seen. So what do I do? The logical answer is to continue with this guy because who is top-ranked and I am running out of people to see in the area. But the bottom line is, I don't like him. He goes with stats and makes me nervous because I don't trust my own judgement when he gives me options based on what I have taken before. I need to get better fast and I know it is not always an option with drugs. I can't focus and I want to feel like the person I was last semester who got things done and didn't have to begging for excuses. A teacher emailed me today about whether I was giving up on the course. It's online and I don't like her that much, but I am not a quitter. I see my therapist this week and I'll be asking her for advice. I just wanted to get some perspective here.
  23. I'm looking for some advice. I've had a lot of experience with different antidepressants, and almost no success. I'm getting pretty tired of the whole trial-and-error process, and I'm not terribly confident in my doc's ability to prescribe the right thing, especially considering some special circumstances. Here's my history. I have been diagnosed with social anxiety and dysthymia. I've had both as long as I can remember. My first experience with taking antidepressants was Paxil when I was 16. This actually seemed to work well, cleared the anxiety and depression right up. I eventually tapered off the Paxil without any major withdrawal symptoms, but due to a significant life change my anxiety and depression came back. I tried using Paxil again, but I did not get any better (due to tachyphylaxis, I suppose). After that, I tried Celexa which made me feel irritable, like my muscles wouldn't stop tensing up, and like there was a gorilla sitting on my chest. After that I took Effexor, which all I can remember was the horrible withdrawal symptoms I had when I discontinued it. I was then put on Cymbalta, on which I felt very similar side effects to Celexa. Cymbalta had a hell of an awful withdrawal phase. I was also prescribed Buspirone and Wellbutrin with the Cymbalta, but neither had any effect. I later took Desipramine, which I do not remember feeling any better or worse under, and then a year later tried Lamictal, under which I again felt unbearable muscle tension, like a gorilla was on my chest, irritation etc. There's one more added wrinkle. I have reason to believe that I'm still experiencing post-SSRI sexual dysfunction, as I am unable to feel any sensation in my genitals. This has been the case off and on since I started taking Paxil in my teens. I've been trying to find a cure for this ever since. As you might suspect, I have a lot of reason to feel skeptical about taking any medication, but I worry that unless I try something I'll never get my anxiety and depression licked. My doctor has suggested Viibryd, but since it is an SSRI I am worried it will contribute to my sexual problems (I have heard it is without sexual side effects, but I've heard that before). It seems to me that the remaining option is to take an MAOI, but I am hesitant because a) I don't want to waste a lot of money on another something that might not work, and b) I am still worried that another antidepressant will make my sexual dysfunction worse. So, since my doc is willing to discuss options with me, I'm wondering if anyone here has any suggestions, i.e. if any of the stuff I've described throws up any red flags for something that might work, or if I should try the Viibryd, ask for an MAOI, or even push for ECT. I'm really considering any option at this moment. Even starting exercise.
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