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Found 10 results

  1. NOTICE: This study has been approved by the CrazyBoards moderating team. Please read the description carefully and be responsible for your own triggers. Gearhead, on behalf of the admins ———————————————————————————— Hello everyone, We are two psychological researchers of the University of Southampton and the University of Cologne, working in the field of personality traits and emotional processing. We are currently doing an online study with which we are trying to reach a broad range of the population. Just to give a very brief description of our study (you will
  2. hi.. does anyone else on meds feel like its changed their personality? in a good or bad way? abilify (for bipolar 1) changed my personality from being ambitious but irritable to patient and eazy going... its great for developing friendships but it makes me feel like.. meh.. i can't be bothered with stuff... my doc said there is no other choice because i react very badly to other medications. i feel very disheartened about this... i've put on 20kgs and my confidence has plummeted to the ground and i feel like things dont really matter that much, like in a good way... for example, during exam
  3. I have a working diagnosis of rapid cycling schizoaffective bipolar type and diagnoses of OCPD and severe PTSD. I was told i exhibit signs of BPD (Fear of abandonment, self harm, no sense of or poor perception of self image/identity, strained relational aspects, rapid mood swings that last only days/hours) but no clear diagnosis can be made due to the complexity and overlap of symptoms of what I have PTSD over and the bipolar aspect. I have done extensive research on BPD and have always felt like I recognized with the symptoms, but have no clue if its just purely coincidental due to the nature
  4. My pdoc once told me that I spent a long time being psychotic and it has become part of who I am as a result—that, to some degree, it's possible I will be residual (as in having residual symptoms) almost indefinitely (as it can with anyone). Having schizophrenia paired with BPD almost allows for this as I do not know who I am when I am not suffering. So, I hold on to the remnants of all that I knew to be the only absolute truths in this world at one time. I saw a thread discussing delusional residuum and it made me wonder if the remnants are a sign of psychosis integrating with the
  5. I've read of cases where one "transitions" into a schizoid personality from avoidant. I know that both these personalities are withdrawn and prefer activities in which they can be left alone. The difference, between the two, is that the avoidant (deeeeeeep down inside) longs to have a place to society/social groups. The schizoid, simply does not care. Anyways, I'm just curious, does anyone have any input on this subject?
  6. The affective borderline schizoid personality - here's how shy-in-the-firelight.com has to say about it... Affective borderline schizoid "The affective borderline schizoid belongs by nature to the introverted personality type but he has distanced himself from the introvert’s desire to display emotions in private, intimate settings as a result of childhood trauma. He is simultaneously attracted to and repelled by intimacy, feeling a strong desire for a close intimate relationship and yet, at the same time, feeling that such an intimate relationship would be dangerous and very threateni
  7. Many people don't realize that many times mental heath professionals can have a difficult time diagnosing patients because their symptoms can "mimic" each disorder (bipolar disorder and ocd). I thought this was quite strange to read at first but know that I think of it my grandmother (she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder) showed many symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder. She never had compulsions, only obsessions. So I have this theory and I want to hear others responses to this subject as well... perhaps bipolar individuals create a kind of obsessive personality in order to create a s
  8. I have been suggested that Psychodynamic Therapy might be the way to go. I have taken two years off the 'deep' therapy to assimilate and try to implement changes. Now I have referred myself back to Psych in a new area and this is what she has said. Psychodynamic for at least three years. It will be harder than anything you've done before (nine years of various things). If we are restructuring, she said "taking apart and putting back together", of my past, and how I look at the present and perceive the world. But if we change how I see the world (think) and make me feel (emotionally) ag
  9. I was curious how many people have been separated from parents or someone else in your early childhood? I think it caused my BPD. It would explain a lot. I started seeing a counselor at age 10 at the recommendation of my teacher. This counselor said if I am ever diagnosed with problems my separation from my birth parents and previous neglect are most likely the cause. I am just curious if anyone else has been separated. I read it is a common history for those with BPD. In my signature is my story... revised.... very much revised. My full story is long but for anyone actually willing to read it
  10. This popped up in my college psychology course feed and I thought I would share it: http://www.scientifi...-how-to-succeed I've read theories before concerning the possible benefits of psychological disorders, which could be why they might exist in the first place (as nature's failed attempts at providing an evolutionary edge). For example, a little depression might lead to more introspection and rumination that benefits creativity and philosophy. A little mania might benefit productivity. Obviously, if we've made it to CB, then we've gotten the shortest ends of the sticks in those kinds
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