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Found 9 results

  1. Maybe we can all share pictures of our special friends and their cute little quirks and how they help us in whatever way. I think this is good stuff and yeah. Even if don't have a pet, maybe a picture of a pet you would like and why? I'll start :3 This is my male rat. I changed his name from Pink to Lucifer after my friend convinced me to name him after her. And I do think the name fits. Here is a photo of him sitting pretty on my shoulder He's pretty lazy. Likes to sit and clean himself on my shoulder. And then have a nap in my hood. He came alone because he doesn't get along with other boys. He even bit my boyfriend hard enough to draw blood! I got him to replace my dog (can't have one in the apartment I was moved into). He makes me get out of bed to fill up his water and feed him and take him out. And when I feel all mixed up and weird all I do is take him and put him on my shoulder and he distracts me by being all cute and such. Your turn now, guys :3
  2. amskray

    Pet Pictures

    This is my cat Sally and our new kitten,Ginger.
  3. hannaostepop


    From the album: Random

    My mom's dog.
  4. bxt227us


    From the album: silly, fun

    my friend's dog. I house-sat during her wedding and honeymoon. Bentley and i had good times :)
  5. I was relying on my landlord letting me have a pet. I knew having a pet would motivate me to get up. To go out to buy supplies for them. To have something which *needs* *me* to nurture and care and socialize with them. To have a responsibility to make me think twice before doing something. But they said no. I can't find anywhere else to live that allows pets that I can afford. I don't know what to do. I can't really get out of my contract. When I had pets they were my life, they cheered me up when I was down. I live alone now. I feel like I'm going to be lonely until I can get a job (never?) and afford somewhere that will allow me to have a pet. I've been desperately trying to see people every day so the loneliness doesn't get to me. Everyone seems tired of me because I talk to them every single day and ask if they want to meet up. I can't help feel that I am going to start going downhill again because I have no reasons left to bother getting better. I have no partner anymore. I have no pets. I live alone now. I have no one for company but myself. I can care for others but not for myself.
  6. My fiance and I are discussing getting a pet, I don't want a dog right now so that is out, and he and my daughter are both allergic to cats...so we have to look into alternatives. He won't deal well with insects or lizards/snakes...and fish are kind of...eh, a lot of work and when we buy our house a pain to move...so I need your help! Here is the deal though...first off I live in Pennsylvania, and we have laws about something like for example if you want a hedgehog, you cant buy from an out of state breeder the animal must have been born in the state, and certain exotics are illegal. Here are some ideas I had, if you can give me input on experiences and care and pics that would be great...Hedgehog, chinchilla, guinee pig. Yeah that is all I have right now, help is appreciative!
  7. My pet DaisyMay has suffered from a number of physical complications for years; megacolon, diabetes, and teeth issues. Shehad been peeing pooping outside the box on and off for at least 2 years, and recently it got so bad that she was peeing on the kitchen floor every single day. I don't lieve alone, so I can't exactly tell my family to see if I can fix things. I've tried nearly everything I can think of, but in the end even if they helped for a while, it was never enough to get her to stop. The huge thing was that she's had aphobia of the littler box for years. I was able to help her with it once, but after having in her in the bathroom for lewss than a day t his time and hearing her crying, it was just too much. Plus, seeing that look on her face when she had to go #2, of pain and this fear that somethign was trying to hurt her (she kept turning around and looking behind her.) it was heartbreaking. I finally decided it would be better for her to go to kitty heaven instead of suffering with these things. I just got back from taking her at 3Am to the vet, and I'm just emotionally drained. I spent a good hour scrubbing at the kitchen floor (where she liked to pee) in hopes to take my mind off it. Now I'm just numb. What makes it so much worse is she was only seven years old. I keep thinking there must have been SOMETHING i could do to help her, even if I know realistically you can find nearly anything on the internet on how to extend a pets life. But I know she wasn't happy. She thought being locked in teh bathroom (no matter how nice i tried to make it) meant that she was being published. The thign that broke the camels back was hering her crying in there, wanted to be let out and probably thinking she did something to anger us while having no idea what it was. I'm still just.. numb and in shock right now. I knew it would come to this eventually because of how downhill she was going, but it still is just.. I can't put it into words. I'm sorry if any of this wasn't coherant. I'm not thinking straight at the moment. But I thought writing it down and getting it out woudl help a tiny bit at least. Sometimes life is just too fucking damn much.
  8. Dali

    Julie's Babies

    From the album: My Work

    3 furr babies commission
  9. I was just curious as to haow many folks out there in BP land are pet owners especially cat owner's I used to despise cats but now I am happy cat owner I have a dog and two aquiriums full of fish but I prefer my cat
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