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  1. While on either Seroquel (Quetiapine) or Seroquel (Quetiapine) XR, did anyone wake up nightly, multiple times, in a sweat? Did it cause you to go off it?
  2. Hi everyone, I've been wondering about people's experience who have been on both the immediate release and extended release version of Seroquel. I have only tried the IR, and it knocked me out at doses from 25mg-100mg and when i woke up it felt so impossible to get out of bed and get ready for the day, then the rest of the day was alright as long as I took my ADHD medication. My current problems are under control, for the most part, I am just looking for other's who have had different experiences with the IR vs the XR version of Seroquel so that I can have insight if I need to consider tr
  3. Hello, Is it safe to take regular Quetiapine 800mg all at night? Pdoc prescribed four 200mg tablets at night, but maximum single dose is 400mg. If I want decent sleep I have to take all dose (800mg) as a single dose at night. I'm feeling fine, no overdose symptoms, just little concerns about safety.
  4. Hi all! I'm brand spanking new to the forums and I already have a question..is it normal for one's resting heart rate to steadily increase while starting Seroquel? Or should I be concerned? I'll admit I'm a bit anxious of it, though being a hypochondriac certainly doesn't help. I think I freaked myself out a bit today reading about how it can cause long QT syndrome and such. My FitBit (god bless that little watch) has tracked my heart rate steadily increasing since I began taking it (9/8/18), and I take half of a 25mg pill (so about 13mg) nightly before bed. I'm 5'8 and hovering around 108-111
  5. Hi guys, just started seroquel/quetiapine 25 mg two days ago. I think it makes me hypomanic. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it go away? Im taking it for bipolar disorder
  6. I am married to my husband almost 20 years and I have spent the last 5 years thinking/ acting out constantly about other men. Usually it is one obsession that lasts about 12 months or so and is quickly followed by another Sometimes it goes to emotional affairs, flirting, once to sexting but always, always in my head, constant intrusive fantasy of a ‘new life’. Husb doesn’t know all of it but enough to hurt and dismay. We are in therapy and no, i will not tell all - that’s just me unburdening my crap. He is a good man. I need this to stop in my head. I’m BPII, CPTSD etc, already on Lith, Efexor
  7. Hi, I take generic Quetiapine 200 mg for anxiety and insomnia. There was a lot of improvement but I still suffer from anxiety/panic attacks. My doc tried increasing the Quetiapine dose up to 400 mg but I didn't notice any improvement. Looks like 200 mg is the optimum dose. If my sleep quality is good, the day will be very calm and relaxed. I observed that if I take Quetiapine 200 mg + Diazepam 10 mg before sleep then my anxiety/panic attacks are totally under control. Sleep quality was very good. There was no daytime drowsiness either. It was just perfect. But the problem is tha
  8. I have quite a long history of major depressive disorder, with anxiety, along with an ED that I've recovered and relapsed with several times over the last 15 years. Over the years I've been prescribed paxil(gave me double vision), citalopram (worked well for around 12 years, but left me constantly exhausted and flat) and currently effexor-xr/venlafaxine. I'm currently spiraling down pretty badly, after over a year of several traumatic events and other stressors, and my dr has prescribed seroquel/quetiapine 25mg, to help me sleep and as an ajunct to the effexor I'm already taking. I've tak
  9. When i was on week 3 of 150 mg Wellbutrin, the depresion lifted and i felt better. Motivation and energy came back. Depression wasn't all completely gone though, so i wanted to increase the dosage to 300 mg. At the end of week 4 however, i had a massive anxiety panic attack because of something i read online that really confused me. So whole week 5 i spent with massive anxiety, screaming, crying and loss of joy. Obsessing over what i read. 3 days ago I contacted my phsyciatrist, and decided to increase Wellbutrin to 300 mg and Seroquel to 100 mg. Since then i've been feeling lethargic, empty
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new here, I posted an intro topic which can be found here for anyone who's interested :-) The escitalopram I was using pooped out after 6 years, so I needed to find something new and I saw a psychiatrist recently. I was put on sertraline 10 days ago. So far so good. No real side effects. I'm on 50 mg, that's hardly a therapeutic dose, right? I want to go to 100 or a little more, and see how it goes. What he also said that I could take quetiapine / Seroquel 'as needed'. Never heard of this but I suppose since he's the doctor he would know. Are there any people her
  11. Hello. Around a week ago my Seroquel dose got increased from 150mg a day to 300mg a day. I take it for bipolar I and autism spectrum disorder. I take 150mg early in the morning, before school and the other half before going to sleep. I'm feeling extremely tired and drowsy. I find it hard to concentrate which is an issue because I have a very demanding academic life that requires me to be awake and cognitively at my peak. Since it manages my psychosis and makes me able to tolerate life I am reluctant to stop taking it. I have taken risperidone and amisulpride before but they make me extre
  12. Hello. Around a week ago my Seroquel dose got increased from 150mg a day to 300mg a day. I take it for bipolar I and autism spectrum disorder. I take 150mg early in the morning, before school and the other half before going to sleep. I'm feeling extremely tired and drowsy. I find it hard to concentrate which is an issue because I have a very demanding academic life that requires me to be awake and cognitively at my peak. Since it manages my psychosis and makes me able to tolerate life I am reluctant to stop taking it. I have taken risperidone and amisulpride before but they make me extre
  13. I've been titrating Seroquel down from a dose of 600mg XR and I'm now down to 0mg. I've been titrating slowly, without going cold turkey. Because of the way Seroquel XR is formulated, you have to drop from 50 mg to 0. It is worth noting that I'm being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, not schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. I'm in the process of taking Prazosin (minipress) and titrating it up to a therapeutic level and now that I'm up to 20 mg of Prazosin, I'm feeling okay in general. Prazosin is an alpha 1 adrenergic receptor antagonist in the same way that seroquel is - hence the ch
  14. Please can someone help. I am very stressed and worried. I am 19 weeks 3 days pregnant and have been taking 400 mg of quetiapine the whole pregnancy so far for physocosis, insomnia, and anxiety. Can someone please tell me if they have ever or is taking Quatiapine during pregnancy ??? If so how did it effect the baby, mentally.. physically.. please Help. I don't think me stressing about the answers to this is good for me and the child.
  15. Since going on 50 mg of quetiapine I have been getting visual hallucinations. They essentially look like a constant static, a constant flicker, constant rapidly moving transparent lines, or looking through the open doors of a supermarket on a cold winter day, encompassing my entire visual field. I used to see these same hallucinations before I went on risperidone a long time ago, in any mood. Now that I am at 100 mg of quetiapine they are more pronounced (e.g. I now see this in my computer screen where I did not at 50 mg), and I assume that they will become even more pronounced with subse
  16. I've been on Seroquel( well generic, Quetiapine ) for months now, i've been on 100mg at night - Since its been amazing for helping me sleep at night, i have noticed my anxiety hasnt really improved ( not blaming meds ) and my moods have not either, infact im up and down in some type of pattern ( noticed a week or 2 weeks before im due for my period ) i seem to get suicidal and/or really depressed ) - anyways im going off topic a little - Wanting to not be sleeping my days away i thought id go back to GP and tell him, i told him i really dont wanna change meds ( because this is my first ti
  17. My dr has been intent on getting me off of Seroquel. I was taking 200 mg and now I'm down to 25. I'm cutting the pills up about as small as I can. For those of you who've weaned off it, what was your last dose? I take my meds at around 9pm. At 6 pm the next day, I start feeling dizzy and hung over. I know Seroquel has a half life of roughly 6 hrs, so that must be the point that it's nearly out of my system. The dr has mostly left me to my own devices after giving me a rough guideline as to how to wean off. I've weaned off meds before. But for those of you who have gotten off it, do y
  18. Hi all !! So I've been tapering off Quetiapine for a good while now, as my only bout of severe depression has been in remission since 2011, and am now on 87.5mg. Four weeks ago, I believe I suffered a concussion/mild brain trauma from boxing, my cognitive functions have suffered significantly and I've had bad anxiety/depressive thoughts too - my pdoc is viweing this is a flare up of my past depression which needs resovling ASAP. So I was offered Paroxetine, then Venlafaxine, I really wanted Wellbutrin because it has the least reported sexual dysfunction issues and may help with mental sharpne
  19. Hi, I'm dealing with really tight stiff muscles all over the place. I've been tapering off of seroquel, the lower the dose the worse these symptoms have been getting. Has anyone else had really stiff/ rigid muscles while taking seroquel? The fact that it's getting worse while tapering is making me worried about various TD syndromes. Thanks, Beau.
  20. So quetiapine makes me hungry. I am hungry even after meals. I've tried snacking but I just overeat. I'm now trying three meals a day but I'm HUNGRY. I drink water before and after each meal. I've joined a gym to get fit and diet is the thing holding me back now. How do I stop being hungry? Any advice, helpful links, filling foods, just anything to help me feel full??? Help!
  21. Hello everyone, I'm on Risperidone for my anti-depressant induced BP-II (had serotonin syndrome). I really would like to just keep it with anti-psychotics if possible. So my question is, what AP have you found stabilizes you without the need for other meds? I've been on 0.5mg up to 1mg daily (currently trying 1mg at night). I tried spreading it out during the day but got unacceptable side effects such as sedation and nervousness. I'm so far not feeling a great stabilizing effect, I've been getting swings every few days still. So I'm not convinced this is the best choice. A year
  22. I know generally, for a lot of people, it's the other way around and that antipsychotics can cause it. I had pretty bad Akathisia prior to being prescribed a quite low (50mg) dose of quetiapine split into two 25mg doses - AM and PM. I found that, at first, the morning dose put me into a horrible in-between state where the inner restlessness was still ever-present but the sedating effect of the meds stopped me from moving as I routinely did to find relief. After a few weeks, though, it began to apply to the restless feeling too, and I no longer felt the need to keep moving. Has anyone else expe
  23. Hello! I am new to the board, I hope I have chosen the right forum to pose this question. I've been on 300mg of Seroquel XL for close to three years, for Bipolar II. Almost four months ago I had the dose upped to 400mg. Sometimes I have a feeling that is best described by the Akathisia label, internal feeling of restlessness, external feeling something uncomfortable on my skin. Moving, shaking, rubbing my arms, and etc... helps relieve it most of the time. It is rare and transient; I thought it was connected with mania, but I've had it a few times recently, and have certainly
  24. Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (don't know which type yet), and the psychiatrist prescribed me some Seroquel XR. She told me to slowly increase the dose: Week 1: 50 mg DIE HS x 7 days Week 2: 100 mg DIE HS x 7 days Week 3: 150 mg DIE HS x 7 days Week 4 and until they find an appropriate dose: 200 mg DIE HS *DIE = once daily **HS = at bedtime I just started 150 mg last night, and I suddenly lost about 3 lbs., and I woke up this morning experiencing a down phase. I was 161 lbs. before starting Seroquel, and now I'm at 156-157 lbs. My cheeks have also
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