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Found 7 results

  1. Does zoloft work as an antipsycotic medication? I have mutch irregular heartbeats of abilify. Can i be drived to a mental hospital again, even when im not quitting all my medications as last time, but only quitting abilify from 10 mg to 0 mg cold turkey? I have sent an email to my psychian today about quitting abilify. My head are so empty from thinkings. I missing my thinkings.
  2. So I've officially quit taking benzos (specifically Valium). I actually didn't mean to, I just ran out and didn't get around to refilling for a few days. I didn't feel addicted to them at all - took only to sleep at night and just the (relatively small) amount prescribed - but I guess my body got completely used to/ dependent on them, because day 2 and 3 felt awful. Crazy, intense headache, chest pain/heart burn, general aches, and the sort of irritability/ Mean Reds that aren't solved by Tiffany's and makes you want to set things on fire. According to Wikipedia, the withdrawal symptoms "even from low-dose use" lasts six to twelve months!!!! And I know it's just Wikipedia, but they have research to back that up, as well as research showing cognitive effects occurring in people who've only taken benzos for three months and those effects lasting more than a year! Anyway, this made me realize that I never want to take them again. I have enough problems with my brain, thank you, and being back in school I need every cognitive ability I can muster. I don't mean to put down benzo use, I wish they had helped more with social anxiety/paranoia/etc and think it might be worth it if they had, but the only thing I noticed (if I took during the day/eve) is that they lowered my alcohol tolerance quite a bit. Which brings me to my next reason to stay off them: lately my addictive side has been rearing its ugly head. I never abused benzos because I don't think they're fun. But I don't think they have helped with my drinking, which has become more of a problem recently, and I know there's a cross-tolerance between alcohol and benzos. So hopefully being off them will eventually help me to need drinking less. It's just crazy. The irritability, the headaches, the gut issues, the increased panic response to loud noises, the skin-crawling - it seems almost as bad as when I got off opiates years ago. It's so strange to go through all this for something I barely registered as a medication. Obviously I know it would have been better to taper down slowly, but as I said I didn't mean to quit taking them. Now that I have it seems silly to start again just to taper down, so I'm going (staying) cold turkey. I was just wondering if anyone else has quit benzos and has any advice? Or has more information on withdrawal and how long it might last?
  3. So I have been planning this for awhile...today I AM going to finally and completely quit smoking. Send me good vibes, people of the internets, because I am going to need it. But I am determined. I will do this!
  4. Hi guys, I'm a new user here, but I've been reading this board a lot. I've been bipolar I for slightly over a year now. I'm currently on Lamotrigine 100mg and that has done wonders for me, more than any antipsychotic by itself I was put on. I'm also on 10mg of Abilify. That would have been lower if my country sold lower doses. Now the time has come to quit Abilify for good, hopefully. The thing is, my pdoc wants me to quit cold turkey, since Abilify tablets can't be devided. What can I expect from this, and are there any successtories regarding quitting abilify?
  5. Hi all I just wondered whether anyone had statistics on relapse rates after weaning off Lithium. I stopped on the 13th Jan after reducing from 800mg in early December and all I can find on the net is that relapse rates can be between 2-4 times more likely on a reduction schedule of less than two weeks. Has anyone found that there is a particular danger zone relapse-wise in weeks or months and what effects to expect, withdrawal or relapse-wise? Do you have a better long-term prognosis if it takes longer to relapse? I.e. does the danger fade with time? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm new, came here and saw the wonderful support in a month of lurking. Some med info in my signature. Other quick info is that I am suspected to have ADHD (not just by myself, but not official diagnosis,) and I have struggled with depression & anxiety issues since long before I ever tried drugs, I used to SI (cutting,) and I'm an abuse survivor (physical/emotional/spiritual.) As well, I have had drug problems in the past, I have recreationally used some medications, but typically it has been some illegal psychedelics, some dissociativies, extasy, alcohol, and weed. With my current medication and for a bit before, I stopped even casual use of everything, and heavy use of everything was stopped at various points a long while ago. But damned if I'm not still hooked on the weed. I'm a constant daily smoker. And I really want to stop. I keep trying, but I'm surrounded by it. I know the easiest answer is to remove myself from everyone who does, but right now that isn't an option. I'm hoping to move out when my lease comes up at the end of March, it will be to a place with two friends who do it themselves, but I have lived with them before and know we could arrange something to keep it outside/away from me/etc. As in, they would help to support me to stay off it. I've picked a quit date, my last day will be Dec. 21st, leaving the first day of winter as my first day off of pot. The date (Winter Solstice) has personal meaning for me. I'm starting to tell people, like here, and I'm going to tell my doctor when I see her either this upcoming Thursday or the next. My biggest thing is I really need some kind of support, I literally have no friends who don't smoke weed, and the only way I'm going to be able to do this while living where I am is with some kind of contact & support with at least a few people. I'm not asking for us to be friends, just some people I can e-mail with/PM on this site/whatever, just encouragement & people to send messages to about my frustrations & such. I'll keep this thread updated too with my progress. Reasons for quitting: -I am self-medicating with the weed and I really want to give my med & therapy my very best shot. -Weed could be having a bad effect on my meds -Weed could be having a bad effect on everything else, even the anxiety that I really use it for -Meds might make quitting easier -My lungs & my singing voice will thank me -My spirituality has me believing that I am not being respectful of this plant (I don't hear voices, I just believe in spirits/animism/'everything has a spirit' on a personal level) -I might have more energy off the weed I quit smoking cigarettes after five years, cold-turkey, living with non-smokers but around other smokers at other times, so I really think I can do this, a lot of my quit plan involves similar things. Going to get back into some physical activities too, like walking, harder to do in winter but I'm going to give it my very best. One final note about quitting weed, I have a lot of pent-up anxiety & bad memories about local addiction help places, my enabling/abusive father had a hand in dragging me to some places and it's just too upsetting to me. I've always wanted to quit things on my own and I've typically been successful, from cutting to X to cigarettes. Just... one... last... thing! Many thanks to anyone who even read this though. Oh yeah, maybe I could make a blog & get support there? Sorry not too familiar with the site yet.
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