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Found 21 results

  1. I relapsed today. After over a year of being clean. I’m super stressed out about a test and my mind immediately went to self harm. So I did it. I’m sad.
  2. I was self harm free for 6 months and then I relapsed and I feel really bad about it. I haven't been able to get up the courage to tell my therapist because I'm scared of being put back into the hospital. Any advice?
  3. My friend went off of his meds about 1.5 years ago. He claimed that he was incorrectly diagnosed because he has not had a "relapse" since. He suffered through 8 different hospitalizations in 9 months but has been out since. He was Dxed with Bipolar I, most recent episode manic, with psychotic features by five different P-docs. Our question is is 1.5 years without a relapse normal for BP I? Was he incorrectly Dxed? He claims that his normal up and downs do not exceed the point where he needs to be inpatient and that the doctors incorrectly Dxed him.
  4. I've been clean since my last slip up in November, before that I can't remember when I did it, it was over 6 months. Today I'm feeling super on edge and I keep thinking about hurting myself. I'm trying not to, but I feel like it might help. I don't know who to turn to, my boyfriend is away and nobody else knows about it, except my ex, and well, I don't want to go there. I'm trying so hard to fight the urge to do it. The last relapse was the worst I've ever done it and it scared the shit out of me, I guess not for long..
  5. I used to cut myself a lot. I never did a lot of damage, but it got to the point where I felt like I couldn't stop. I've been doing better for a long time, but a recent wave of anxiety and depression has me tempted to relapse. I hate admitting that I still have this problem in my twenties. I guess I was hoping it was something I could grow out of. Thanks for listening. Any advice or encouragement would be more than welcome. Is there someone else that feels this way?
  6. Hi, I've never posted on a site like this before so please correct me if I do anything wrong. I'm at a stage in my life where I don't have any friends I can confide in, and the last time my family found out I got screamed at so I'm not about to do that. Thus why I'm hoping posting here can help me a little. I have self harmed for about 7 years now. And as I get older I seem to get stupider and the self harm gets worse. It went from just scratches to digging motions to burning to losing control and finding myself with entire limbs dripping in blood. I so desperately want to stop. It is a dream of mine to go a year without self harm...but the longest I've ever been able to go in the last 7 years is 5 months. When I break the 5 months it's usually just a few tiny scratches that I don't bother to hide because you can't tell its self harm. But right now I am in my definition of a relapse. I've cut at least once a week if not more for the past two months and I can't make myself stop. But I really really want to. I have a boyfriend now and I'm trying to get a job, so I can't really hide anything I do unless it's on my legs, but my legs scar super easy so it's impossible to hide there either. I don't know why I can't stop. Every time I think I have, I haven't. Even if I try to get rid of my tools, I find new ones. I have tricked friends into giving me paper clips just so I could do it when I threw mine away. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Why I can't stop.
  7. I've been in remission for a few months now, but recently I've fallen quickly into a total relapse: where I'm doing ALL the behaviours I was doing when my ED was at its worst originally, the excessive exercise and the extreme restriction. I think it's because the stress and anxiety I'm feeling has built up so much that I've displaced it all onto food, I'm not really sure. But how has anyone on here ever dealt with a full blown relapse? I don't want to end up back where I was. I want to try to pull myself out before it gets TOO bad. Where do I start though: the behaviours or the thoughts?
  8. So i tried out some of my old mindfulness techniques. these were ones i learned back when i was diagnosed with ocd. as it turns out, me saying that these techniques stopped working to all my psychologists and psychiatrists, was actually just me not doing it like i did when it did work. what i mean by this is, i was supposed to 'label things i saw'. and go 'oh that's just the .... thought' when an intrusive thought came up. that worked when i was undergoing ocd treatment at least. and i think it didn't work before, because i attempted to do it 'on the go' when i really needed to just sit down and do it 5-10 minutes a day. so as it turns out, i just did it today, and it's so far had positive effects - i feel less worried and more together, and like i am not going to die every second, and less restless. but there is one thing that alarms me, it feels like this terrible sensation had gone and is coming back again, like in my chest where it almost suggests to me that not only am i going to be harmed by someone around me, that what i'm doing has no consequences in the future, and that i will fail at everything in the future, and there is no desire to do things day to day anymore. like i hate this, and i think it's called avolition, but i had it 'full on' without stopping it, until today where i've had the littlest bit of relief due to mindfulness. almost like a fear of relapsing into avolition, but the thing with this is, that i can feel the avolition and it's like i know i'm going to relapse inevitably, or stop doing mindfulness, like the voices are 'in on it' . i was just wondering whether people have successfully tackled avolition? and whether anyone had an opinion on schizophrenia and mindfulness and whether it actually works - one thing i've noticed unlike other times, is that i actually have a question to ask on here, and am just not pointlessly rambling because i'm scared or feel threatened by you guys (almost as if you guys are out to kill me through my computer) - so there's some development.
  9. Hi All, I have posted on here awhile back before but haven't been back. I don't know, maybe I feel like I don't have a "real" addiction, like this is more of an "acting out" thing and/or a BPD self-harm thing than actual "addiction." However, over the past 18 months of so, I have struggled off and on with DXM abuse (cough medicine that has a dissociative/mild hallucinogenic effect, maybe like ecstasy... don't know for sure because I have never tried ecstasy or "harder" drugs than pot.) I am embarrassed because this is commonly abused by mainly teenagers-- and I am 30 and never used it as a teen. I am also embarrassed because I work as an addictions therapist and, well, I am struggling with substance abuse (and its like some of my colleagues in recovery who may relapse-- I never had this problem to begin with.) I actually think both of these reasons contribute greatly to my urge to abuse this (or any, I guess) substance. It feels like a very rebellious defiant adolescent part of me that is driven to do these behaviors-- because I grew up "too fast" due to trauma stuff, had a very restrictive household, and didn't get the opportunity to experiment with drugs as a teen (maybe driving my choice for that substance in particular-- although it could also be because of lack of access to other drugs because I am so socially isolated that I don't know how to obtain drugs). Also, my use of this substance started very shortly after a work-related traumatic event...and somewhat of an irrational sick sense of jealousy of my clients (maybe for having a more "tangible" problem than addiction rather than complex trauma which hasn't seemed to have a clearly defined recovery path or support groups or IOPs or anything like that thus far... yeah, I know irrational and distorted and probably insensitive to people with "real addictions" but that is how I emotionally feel, not what I truely believe). I am baffled by my continued use of this substance, as I no longer get much of an effect from it at the doses I do (and I am terrified and unwilling to do more) and when I do feel an effect, it is largely negative. I don't enjoy it and never really did, don't crave it physically. I also haven't experiences much "consequences" of my use, which makes me worried that I don't have too much motivation to stop. My consequences are: weight gain/bloating/stomach effect from the substance, spending money on something pointless (not to to point of even remotely causing financial problems), and sense of self-shame. No one in my life knows (except my MH team, which is monitoring me), I don't use in front of other and if I am somewhat under the influence it is not noticeable to my family/SO, it is (questionably) legal, etc. But I do want to stop because I feel it does interfere with my emotional well-being (if for no reason other than the shame factor), want to be healthy, and want to focus on accomplishing higher level goals. I know it's typical for people to say they are on a "downward spiral". However, for me, I feel I am on a slightly "upward spiral"-- that is, I've been able to abstain from increasingly longer periods of time (4 to 7 days versus using daily or every other day). But, of course, my goal is complete abstinence. I'm not sure how to achieve this. I have been trying to track my "sober days" and create a reward system for myself for each sober day, with increasing reward for increasing length of sobriety. Maybe that has contributed to my increasing length of time between uses? I don't feel like AA/NA is an option for me, due to 1.) risk of running into clients at meetings (even if I went a little further away, I have worked in other facilities farther out in both directions, and I would still run the risk of seeing former clients), 2.) embarassment over not using a "real drug" and feeling the need to be dishonest about what I use, and 3.) some issues I have with 12 step model in general. I have been dusting off the DBT skills to reincorporate my skills into my life, and I think that has also been helpful in my recovery. But any suggestions you have, the better. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. P.S. I have a MUCH harder time resisting when I am about 7 to 10 days premenstrual just like with food cravings (and do have a PMDD diagnosis), so any suggestions for during this period (no pun intended) are also appreciated.
  10. So I just relapsed after 2 years. Some of you may have seen my exboyfriend post. WELL he unfriended me on facebook-probably because of some stuff I was going through that may have been over the top. And I sent him a message and friend request. He ignored me.... so I thought. And that hurt me bad because I have no friends. I felt like he was gonna ditch me like everyone else does.Turns out due to it being 4th of July he was out really late but his computer was left on so it LOOKED like he had seen the message but he didn't. At least that's what he's saying. And he's on his phone. So I cut for nothing. It was for nothing.... But it felt so good to do it. T_T I don't think I can stop now.
  11. So, I'm quite new here, but anyways. I got depressed and started cutting when I was 11, tried to commit suicide and all that during the next 4 years. I went through a therapy. When I was 15 I was completely fine, there were lows, and thoughts of self injury, but hey, it's normal isn't it ? Now I am 17, and I went to Asia for an exchange programm. I'm here since ten month. And I was abstinence from self harm around two years. I faced some problems here, I was sexual abused for example, but I don't have issues with that, I mean hello ? I'm not a victim, and I could protect myself, so hey, I am fine. The thoughts came more often. Cutting, cutting, cutting. Blood, Blood, Blood. And yesterday I freaked out and I did it. And not too bad. After 2 years, 37 cuts. Not bad my friend. So now, I am scared, I don't know what to do and I'll go home in 2 weeks. What to do now ? Everybody thinks and says I'm fine, but in fact, today I could do it again. Just to calm down. To make the voices shut up. To feel good. In fact, I don't regret it. I don't think Hey, I did something wrong to myself, I just think, hey, you disappointed everybody again, if you tell anybody.And my family, they're so proud and happy that I'm so grown up and mature and fine now. And my friends they are so excited. And my ex therapist, she's so fond of me. And everything just works out fine. Except that I want to destroy myself. Any suggestions ? I would be glad for some kind of help or advice
  12. Hi there, I'm new to this website and I just had a relapse for the first time in a month. I have a bit of a story to go with it, so bear with me for a few lines? I went to a mental hospital for ten days at the beginning of March, and when I got out, they put me on Prozac and right into counselling. Well, I figured out in my session yesterday that I had been sexually abused not once, but twice in my childhood by two different parties. Needless to say, I have been dwelling on it and I'm very, very affected by this. I haven't cut since I went into the hospital (having gone there with cuts that could have warranted stitches), but I relapsed tonight just thinking about what I had figured out yesterday. I've been a compulsive cutter for three years, and hardly ever stopped. I just... I really need some help. What do I do? How do I deal with a relapse? How do I make sure I can stop myself this time, or the next time it happens? I've hardly ever gone more than a couple weeks without self-harm in some fashion, as far as I can truly remember. I don't know how to stop myself without going back to the hospital. I would really like some help. I would be very relieved to receive some. Thank you.
  13. 3 weeks ago we moved across the state. The husb decided to transfer to a different department (I supported that decision wholly), however we only had a few weeks to find a place to live (plus find a moving company, get a loan to pay for breaking our lease plus pay for security deposit on the new place, etc...). Those few weeks of searching for a new home were a nightmare. We started filling out transfer/change-of-address forms two different times for two different places, but due to incompetent realtors and a husband and wife that weren't communicating with each other about their pet policy, we didn't find a place until 4 days after the husb started his new job (he rented a hotel room for a week and then drove back). It was seriously nerve destroying. I managed to really, seriously hold my shit together until almost 2 weeks ago. Every day I'm losing it more and more and I don't know what my problem is. I've been pretty proud of maintaining relative stability for the past several months and when I did slip into depression, it didn't last more than a few days/couple of weeks, and it certainly didn't dip down this low. It's not quite as bad as it's been in the past, but the past few days I've started to experience psychotic symptoms again and I have no idea what to do (started with phantom smells, but a couple days ago I started hearing things, and last night and today I've been seeing things again). I feel that I would be a burden to my tdoc if I called her, even though the plan was to call her for our normal weekly sessions until I decide if I'm going to find someone new or what. That worry is completely irrational and for the most part, I realize it, but there's another part of me that is telling me that I'm simply being a realist and, factually, I would be burdening her. The same thing with my pdoc. I go back to him in April (drive back to Charlotte) and because of the psychosis, I feel that maybe I should call and let him know now, but I can't bring myself to do it. Every time I've moved in the past, I've been screwed up, but now I've been so stable that I thought even through the move and the unexpected stressors, I would be able to hold it together and be a capable adult. And I certainly didn't expect to go downhill a week after the move ended. I found a local therapy joint that seems to have an incredible staff and their website has been open in my browser for days, but I can't seem to call them and I don't know why. I know that in the past every time I went into a consultation with a new therapist, hospitalization was always recommended. Eventually the husb started to come with me because I didn't need to be in the hospital, I just was really fucked up and needed to say what was happening without the threat of hospitalization. My current tdoc didn't freak out a bit during our first session, and this is why she's wonderful and why I'm scared of finding someone new. So, what's the deal? Does moving do this to people that have been relatively stable for several months?? I want it to just be the move and have someone tell me that "It's just because you moved; you'll be totally fine!" So, yes, someone tell me that, and mean it.
  14. So....I relapsed about a week ago after approximately two months of sobriety. I have been seeing a Substance Abuse Counselor for almost three months now, with whom I decided to be sober for a period of time before attempting moderation management, which seemed like the best idea. Anyways, about 3 weeks ago I began moderation management, but not with a very black & white set of rules for myself to follow. I drank twice without blacking out, feeling the need to drink significantly more, and handled myself appropriately though I was somewhat visibly intoxicated. I didn't feel that these were set-backs but rather positive examples that I could probably start trying to moderate in social settings without being as afraid of what might happen as I had been beforehand. Well, Monday afternoon I flew with some colleagues of mine across the country for a work-sponsored conference set-up by the agency I work at, and had three drinks while waiting to board with my co-workers. They were all drinking before I arrived, so it felt natural to join them, especially since I didn't want to be on a 6-hour flight at all whatsoever. I was fine on the plane and didn't do anything that'd make me seem foolish or ignorantly intoxicated, and in fact felt much more comfortable than usual. I had a great conversation with a very kind flight attendant while we were delayed after boarding to take off, and also enjoyed a long discussion with a young woman sitting next to me. As a result of these instances, I felt like alcohol was no longer something I had to be as "careful" about than I thought before. When I arrived at the hotel, it was very early in the morning, so I simply slept for a bit and worked through the day. At the end of the night's work, I went to dinner with a couple of people I met there for the conference who were ordering many drinks over the course of our meal, so I felt like I had to keep up at the same pace. I ended up being very intoxicated by the end of the night, and proceded to go up to my room to go to sleep. I took a 10mg Ambien tablet as I usually do to help me fall asleep, which in retrospect was very very stupid. When I next woke up in the morning, my coworkers were at the door and I let them in. Apparently, after taking the Ambien, I went downstairs for a cigarette and ended up freaking out the concierge because I was asking about the food order for the following day's breakfast for the conference. They were uncomfortable with me because I was intoxicated, and called my superior to take me to my room. I had no recollection of any of what occurred after taking the ambien, so I wasn't hit as hard with the reality of the situation as I should've been. I apologized to the relevant parties, and continued to work through the day. Similarly to the previous night, I went to dinner with a few others who purchased 3 bottles of wine which was shared between 4 people. Obviously, we were all very drunk, but of course I was the one who tripped on the carpet as the hotel manager came over to see if I was alright. He was upset regarding my level of intoxication, which he didn't make very clear to me at the time, but apparently he did to my boss because the next morning I was told I'd be going home early to avoid any problems for the remainder. I understood the decision due to my behavior and the fact that I was representing the conference hosts, so therefore, even a small slip up is a large liability. I've apologized to just about every single person at my place of work, and have also had an in-depth conversation with our medical director in regards to my medication and treatment / diagnoses that played a part in the situation. She was very sympathetic because she knows how these situations can occur better than anybody else, so there was definitely a good amount of support there, and I didn't feel quite as ashamed as I did beforehand. Of course, though, I had two drinks while waiting for my flight back, but knew I couldn't go over that due to risk factors that had been demonstrated. In some ways, I wanted to do this just to show myself that I could in reality get two drinks, be fine, stop from getting more, and continue on with my day. It was in some ways reassuring but also made me more upset for not doing this in the days preceding, so I'm in an awkward position now. I will have to work out a better set of "rules" for my moderation management if I continue to go that way, which I likely will. Currently, I'm just trying to stay positive, and haven't had the urge to drink much. Sorry for such a long story, but I felt like I had to share.
  15. I used a lot in high school and the combination of my drug abuse and mental illness landed me in the hospital multiple times. I eventually was able to get clean by going to NA and treating my MI. Somehow I stopped getting treatment, but kept going to meetings. I stayed clean for 8 years and one day it happened I tried a drink. And I waited and the world didn't fall apart the skies didn't open up and I didn't become a crazy drunk like I used to be. I was able to maintain "casual" drinking for 4 years, and when i say casual I mean about once a month or so, until I had to quit because I went back to the pdoc for my mental illness and my medications and drinking wouldn't mix. I don't drink or use now and I have no problems staying clean. So my question is this...Was I ever really an addict? I totally bought into everything they said at the meetings and identified with the people there and truly struggled getting clean. I do not have a way to explain my experience, and maybe that's not really important, but it feels like it should be.
  16. Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm completely terrified. I had a very extensive drug history when I was younger and I am very proud to say that I was able to get myself clean without the help of rehab (I tried once before, but it failed) 6 months after I got clean I fell pregnant with my daughter and I can honestly say she's kept me on the straight and narrow. I more or less replaced my addiction to drugs with an addiction to doing things with my daughter, which isn't really a bad thing. When I'm having a bad day and start thinking about things I shouldn't, I take her out and we have a girls day. It's really helped me and up until now I haven't had a problem. I have TMJ and impacted wisdom teeth which caused a really bad infection. It's so bad that I actually have to undergo surgery in a couple weeks after I'm finished my antibiotic. They put me on Vicodin ES for the pain because I can't sleep, I can't eat, and I'm in crippling pain all the time. I had a natural birth with my 8 and a half pound daughter and I can honestly say labour hurt less than this. When I read my script and saw they put me on vicodin I went cold. I had a bad addiction to prescription pills and I'm terrified of relapsing. I contemplated not filling it, but nothing else works to numb the pain. I need to dull the pain as I'm not much use as a mother right now, going on no sleep and being in a really snippy mood because I'm hurting. So I bucked up, filled the precription, and haven't stopped panicking since. My partner swears he won't let me get in a bad way with them again, but I don't trust myself with them. Every time I take one I feel like I'm failing and like I'm going to relapse. It has me in such a state because I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread. They put me on tramadol the first time around, since it's apparently not as addicting, but the tramadol didn't touch the pain. When they prescribed the vicodin I was too afraid to say anything about my drug history because I do need heavy duty pain medication until I can get this surgery. Has anybody else been in a similar position? How do you cope with it and avoid relapse?
  17. I've done it again, and I hate myself as much as I did before, if not more. My brain is caught in an endless cycle. 1) I hate the way I am. 2) Cutting has always helped release negative energy. 3) Cut. 4) Hate myself more because they're gross and ugly and disgusting and ew Rinse and repeat. I can't stand myself. I feel weak. I feel like less of a person because I can never be strong enough to recover. I'm angry at myself. I'm angry at everyone around me because they know, but can't help. I just can't do this alone, and I feel so damn alone.
  18. I'm really gutted about this, because before today I hadn't cut in three months. I know that three months isn't really a long time, but considering I used to SI every day, it was a really big victory for me to manage to stop. And now I've ruined that... I just feel really awful right now, because real life is so overwhelming that I feel like I'm drowning all the time. I'm having side effects from the Lofepramine, my migraines have come back, and I've just been told that the waiting list for CBT is four months, so I'm don't even have a therapist I can talk to about this. And now I've gone and made it worse, and I know that my boyfriend is going to be really hurt to see that I relapsed, because he hates to see me hurting myself. I'm such a bad person. So now I really hate myself. Thank you for reading. I just had to get it out, and at least tell someone that I slipped up.
  19. Hi all I just wondered whether anyone had statistics on relapse rates after weaning off Lithium. I stopped on the 13th Jan after reducing from 800mg in early December and all I can find on the net is that relapse rates can be between 2-4 times more likely on a reduction schedule of less than two weeks. Has anyone found that there is a particular danger zone relapse-wise in weeks or months and what effects to expect, withdrawal or relapse-wise? Do you have a better long-term prognosis if it takes longer to relapse? I.e. does the danger fade with time? Thanks!
  20. I haven't had a drink for about 10 months now and I thought I was doing great. But, a few months ago my pdoc put me on a couple of meds that cause weight gain, and he warned me that I might get cravings. No alcohol cravings, but I do have wicked ones for sweets. I have gained a bit of weight and my SO is picky about such things. He's been reacting the way he did when I was drinking: by trying to control what I do, making snide comments if he catches me eating something he doesn't think I should eat. I know he means well but (as I tried to tell him with the booze) it just makes things worse. Another trigger for me is that he hoards things, including boxes of chocolate from last Christmas that he displays but refuses to touch. Now I've begun sneaking junk food into the house, hiding it and eating it when he's not around. I didn't make the connection between the food and the booze until today. I was walking my dogs and I happened to pass a paper liquor bag on a lawn. Normally I barely notice such things, but this time I stopped in my tracks and stared at the bag, thinking "maybe there's still a bottle in there! Maybe I should check and if I find one, I can take it home since he's not there..." I stopped that train of thought (can't drink because of meds) and kept going. But I was confused as to why I'd think that way when I hadn't done that for months! Then I realized that my behaviour with the food, sneaking it in and hiding it and consuming it when SO isn't home, is exactly what I did with liquor. And, I feel just as ashamed and guilty about the behaviour with the food as I did when I was drinking. So for now my plan is to start going back to the relapse prevention therapy groups at the rehab centre, and to stock up on apples. I find that the flavour of apples satisfies my sweet craving too, and they're a lot healthier! Has anyone else had a similar problem?
  21. As many surely can attest to, quitting your APs will very likely quickly get you back into psychosis, in many cases. From what I've read, when used over a prolonged period of time, these drugs create a dependence in the brain by altering certain chemical reactions. Quitting the medication abruptly will make the brain react with "chaos" to the sudden change in brain chemistry. This brings the brain back into a similar chaos as before starting the medication, and thus bringing forth a new psychotic episode. I've personally experienced this at least one time. The first time was when I quit Zyprexa (after my first hospitalisation) because it made me too tired to read before going to bed (I didn't know better and quit abruptly, thus getting hospitalized again about three months later). The second time I quit Seroquel exactly by the book but not in agreement with my Pdoc (got hospitalised because of anxiety and depression). I didn't get psychotic this time as far I know (from what they told me), but I still got put on AP medication once more, possibly because of my diagnosis. Let's create a small thought-experiment. Let's say someone was suspected of being psychotic (yet isn't), maybe because of eccentricities that would somehow clash with certain "norms", or because things the person says is misinterpreted as symptoms of a disorder. Then this person is put on APs for a prolonged period of time. Now, let's say this person is released from the hospital for "good behavior", and naturally quits taking the medication as the person knew all along that s/he was perfectly "normal"/sane (sounds unlikely, I know, but I think it could happen in some places). What change would occur in this person's brain as soon as s/he quits the medication? Will the brain merely snap back to how it was before starting the medication? Or is it possible that the change in melatonin/serotonin uptake creates an abnormal state that is hard to readjust, so that the person now actually could become psychotic for real because of the sudden change in brain chemistry, and the fact that the brain has problems adjusting to this new state/chemistry? Can we know for sure if a person being considered psychotic really is having these chemical changes in the first place, and if it's possible that the medication can cause psychosis through withdrawal in previously healthy individuals? One may consider the possibility that the changes observed in the brains of schizophrenics may actually be a result of the use of medication and not an inherent trait caused by the mental illness, which as far as I know has yet to be determined. Assuming this can happen, would it be reasonable to think that the above scenario has happened many times? I've been reading a bit about the amount of drugs being used in the west contrary to in development countries, and the fact that in places where they use little to no medication when treating psychotics they actually have better long term results than in countries where they use medication as the norm (less relapses). I recall reading about a certain clinic in Finland where they use little to no APs even on severely psychotic patients, with apparently very good results. I'm quite convinced that today's psychiatric practice in the west is not working optimally. There are probably many cases of serious mistreatment, as there in many cases doesn't exist a very good way of being certain of any diagnosis of mental illness. It's not rare that someone gets his/her diagnosis changed several times. One thing I've noticed is that I seem to become much worse right after being hospitalized. This could be for several reasons, and I suspect they include an unstable environment and possibly over-medication. To be honest I'm also quite astonished by how many different medications some people here are on simultaneously (from reading people's signatures). Apart from when being at the beginning of a hospital stay, I've never been on more than one medication at the same time. I was one offered to take Lamictal (or some other mood stabilizer, as my pdoc considered me schizoaffective) besides Seroquel, but I refused because I assumed that taking more than one medication at the time would make things more complicated and not work better. And studies I've come across recently support the latter notion (that it overall doesn't yield a better result compared to only taking one medication at the time). I'm not here to tell anyone to quit their meds, just trying to explore the topic and consider some possibilities in various ways of psychiatric practice. If someone says taking five different drugs is working for them, then that's all good. Personally I function well on one drug at the moment. So in summary, considering all this: Is it possible that the use of APs can cause a "sane" person to become psychotic after withdrawal? Can using medication as notoriously as today, with pretty much all people getting hospitalised, be considered a bad practice? Do you think too many are over-medicated? I realize I touch on a variety of topics here, but I thought it made sense to make it as one post, as it's all pretty much related.
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