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Found 6 results

  1. I really need some input on what’s going on. I am schizoaffective I was diagnosed 5 months ago and am currently taking respiradon 1mg in morning and 2mg at night along with 300 mg tryleptal morning and night. I find myself in a constant state of drowsiness to make a king story short I self medicated using amphetamines now I keep trying to get sober and it’s actually not addiction that’s stopping me it’s the fact that every single time I try 4 days into sobriety I experience the absolute worst restlessness agitation and anxiety of my life last time it lasted for three days straight and it only ended because I dosed amphetamines again. It’s not like a normal panic attack it’s so much worse and happens 24/7 once it starts I tried to take an ambien to make it through it but within an hours I was in full on anxiety mode again kicking my feet pacing jumping up and down. Does anyone have any idea of why this keeps happening or how I can get past it so I can finally be sober again it’s all I want if I can just get past the anxiety.
  2. Does anyone know If stress can leave you feel mentally restless? Almost to the point of boredom if you try to relax? I can’t seem to enjoy a day off... i just wanna go go go. It almost feels like hypomania, except i do not feel happy about it. I really, really just wanna relax and enjoy doing nothing. I know that stress can make your body restless, like you want to move all the time. But that os not the feeling i have. I just wanna do stuff all the time. Feel hyperactive and bored. Does anyone feel the same?
  3. Hi, I have been on Remeron for about three years for anxiety, OCD, and depression. I started at 60mg, but that was pretty stimulating after dosing it all at night. Now, I take 22.5mg before sleep. Depending on my legs/hips tension levels, I always get restless legs about 45-60 minutes after my dose, and it keeps me from sleeping right away. I've had this since I started the med, and now that I do yoga/stretching, it's even been worse. Some nights it is very severe. Would lowering to 15mg help? Or anything else? I wonder if it's a histamine or noradrenaline thing. Thanks.
  4. Spoke with pdoc today as I was in a really bad way. He talked with the nurses from the home based treatment team and between them they felt I should be admitted to the Acute Psychiatric Unit. I really don't want to be so he had another meeting with the home base treatment team and it was agreed that the support for me would be increased and i would get more visits and phone calls from the nurses over the next few days and could see the on call pdoc and be admitted if it comes to that. My pdoc also increased my sodium valproate to 1500 mg and I can have an extra 1 mg clonazepam PRN. I have access to the on call pdoc over the weekend if my meds need to be changed again. Hope I don't totally crack up over the weekend. I really don't want to go inpatient despite suicidal thoughts. They are only thoughts. Right now the blackness and agitation and racing thoughts are really difficult to deal with but I need to keep going. Feel scared Thanks for listening/reading my rant
  5. Hello. For OCD issues I was prescribed 2.5 mg Abilify 4 years ago, in conjunction with Klonopin (2x 0.25mg a day) and sustained-release 12.5mg Paroxetine. Everything went quite good, life situation improved and one time during last year my Pdoc considered the possibility of a slow withdrawal of the meds, starting with Abilify. Since it was hard to cut the pill (I can only get 5mg pills here and they are extremely small) and the pill has a long half-life, the taper schedule was like this: - Take the pill 3 days out of 4 for something like 2 months. - Take the pill 2 days out of 3 for another 2 months. - Take the pill 1 day out of 2, for another 2-3 months, up until two weeks ago. In the last interview, my Pdoc considered the possibility of 1 pill every 3 days but in the end decided to just stop taking the med altogether since it was a low dose after all. Things have not gone bad, but there is this little problem that started some days ago. I have an irresistible urge to move my left leg while resting or trying to sleep at night. It is really uncomfortable, don't know exactly how to describe it. It gets me all restless and difficults my sleep. After a time I eventually fall asleep and it stops, but I am a little worried. For people who have experiences with this drug, is this a common withdrawal? Will it stop sometimes? Or could it be something else? Thanks.
  6. Latuda makes me too darn restless and hypomanic. I told my pdoc how I felt yesterday and he decided to up my Latuda into split doses. He thinks my Paxil is contributing to the hypomania/restlessness. I feel even worse. So extremely restlessness, feel like I have to keep moving around, etc. It's a shame because it's been great for depression and clearing my mind. I just wrote him an email telling him I'm feeling worse. I wish he would add something else with it but he won't load me up on meds. Feeling frustrated and unsure what's going to come next. I hate med changes.
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