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Found 9 results

  1. I started on risperdol for one month but that caused drooling and a zombie like effect so my genius doctor told me that I should take this once a month shot called Invega Sustenna because there weren't any side effects and that it only stays in your system for 1 month. I listened to him because I was in the hospital and didn't have access to the internet. However, once I got out of the hospital I found out that both of those things were a lie because I now have tons of side effects from the medication and that it takes 4-8 months for it to fully clear from your system. I have been off of the medication for 2 1/2 months now and I still have side effects that I'm dealing with...primarily akathesia which is like a restlessless that makes it difficult not to pace and constantly be moving which makes it difficult to work. I'm also having trouble sleeping, occasional constipation. breakouts on my chest and back, feel like life is dull and pointless, difficulty concentrating, etc. Has anyone else come off of this drug? If so how long before symptoms went away? Do they ever go away?
  2. Sorry I read through a lot of posts in the middle of last night, but am too restless to read through them again. BUT! I did see some posts related to my concern regarding restlessness as a side effect for Vraylar. I have been taking Vraylar , 1.5fl - 1 wk and 3 fl- 5 days, and am extremely restless. Would someone please let me know whether this will go away on its own, or is it permanent? I just got off lithium which I took for many, many years...
  3. Does anyone know If stress can leave you feel mentally restless? Almost to the point of boredom if you try to relax? I can’t seem to enjoy a day off... i just wanna go go go. It almost feels like hypomania, except i do not feel happy about it. I really, really just wanna relax and enjoy doing nothing. I know that stress can make your body restless, like you want to move all the time. But that os not the feeling i have. I just wanna do stuff all the time. Feel hyperactive and bored. Does anyone feel the same?
  4. About to go off abilify. Went from 2.5 mg - 1.25 mg 5 days ago. since yesterday anxiety, agitation and akathisia has gone through the roof. My intire body tingles, burns etc. And it feels like i’m about to explode. Just can’t relax. I was only on the drug for 4 weeks. Any ideas how long this is going to last?? And has anyone experienced this as well? damn you drugs.. Amiright
  5. How can those of you who have been on Rexulti or Abilify the experience of akathisia? I think I am experiencing it as I cannot sit down not even for a minute without getting up and going to the other side of the room to get a cup and then walk around my house, as it almost feels uncomfortable to sit still unless I take my as prescribed xanax dose and valium together. Ambien helps with the restlessness at night obviously because it works well for my insomnia. If you've been on other atypical anti-psychotics I would love to hear about if you have experienced or are having akathisia and please tell me more about how this symptom makes you feel and how it affects your lives. Because I feel like it is affecting my ability to do anything for a sustained period of time. Should also mention that I didn't have my ADHD medication for the last 2 weeks so might have been a small factor in the equation. Anyhow 1 any experiences with akathisia 2 how did you deal with it or treat it 3 how long did it last for? did it stop when you discontinued the drug? etcetera. 4 how you would best describe it and how it felt for you, what it made you feel like you had to do or that you did or do? 5 what medication and what dosages were you on? Had you recently changed medications or dosages? etcetera Thanks everyone!!! Can't wait to see the post and read other's experiences as well as sharing mine!
  6. I was on Latuda 20 mgs for awhile and it seemed to be alright. I was bumped up to 40 mgs to just help with mood and the dreaded akathisia started. I want to die when it really kicks in. My Nurse Practitioner prescribed Propranolol and it worked for a week at 10 mgs twice a day, until last night I kept moving around so much I wanted to bash my head in a wall. I called her today and she upped it to 20 mgs twice a day. I see her Monday, but I am also for the weekend only taking 20 mgs again with the Latuda. Has anyone else had this experience with Latuda, and does it stop? Or am I, yet again, going to have to find another medication to rely on? Currently I am on Latuda 40 mgs, Propranolol 20 mgs, Paxil 10 mgs, Buspar 5 mgs.
  7. Over past few weeks I have been struggling with anxiety, agitation, irritability and mainly insomnia, following an accident. Now on clonazepam 0.5 mg twice daily and clonazepam 1 mg at bedtime. My sleep has definitely improved and the other symptoms have decreased. But NOW I have a really restless energy and can't settle at all as I keep doing stuff. I have no other symptoms of mania like racing thoughts or wanting to spend money or take risks. I am just overactive and have pent up energy that I feel the need to be doing things What do you think?? Could this be the start of mania? Or am I being over cautious?
  8. I am dealing with UNREAL agitation, restlessness, jitteriness and anxiety that will not allow me to sit still, sleep or rest. It is absolutely relentless and I have never felt anything like this before. It's definitely more than just my regular anxiety. I wake up with it and it lasts all day. I have recently added a second antidepressant (Viibryd) to my regular AD (Pristiq) to pull me out of a slump I have been in for the past 3-4 months. It has helped with the depression but I'm still crying on a regular basis due to the intense agitation/restlessness so I'm not sure if I'd call it a win yet. I have tried almost all of the major anti-psychotics (risperidal, geodon, saphris, zyprexa, trazadone, seroquel) out there over the past 3 months and nothing is working. I have been on benzodiazipines for years off and on (mainly klonopin) and now my doctor is really trying to stay away from them due to their high potential to become addicting and also because the klonopin really wasn't working anymore and I was definitely building up tolerance/needing more and more to get the same effect. My doctor is now trying medications with off label uses to treat anxiety (gabapentin/lyrica) but they don't seem to be working either. I also take Topomax for migraine headaches and it has been an absolute God send. I've been on it now for 3 months. I would much rather be dealing with depression than this overwhelming jitteryness/agitation. I just want to be able to sit in a quiet room without wanting to rip my own skin off and gouge out my eyes. I can tell my doctor is at the end of his rope as well and isn't quite sure what to do with me. I've even looked into possible serotonin syndrome due to the added AD + tripitan medication (maxalt) + trazadone however I do not have muscle rigidity, fever, confusion, etc. although my pulse and BP are up (VERY vague symptoms). I'm just grasping at straws now. Desperetely searching for some kind of answer to end this suffering! I have an appointment to see my pdoc next week but I don't know what else he can prescribe. It seems like we have tried just about everything and are running out of options. If anyone has any sort of insight into this or any sort of suggestions it is much appreciated.
  9. I'm just wondering if a Benzo can help over the short term (few weeks / months maybe) for severe stress, agitation, restlessness, lack of sleep etc. I've been cycling through a load of different antidepressants lately in the hope of finding something that may help. The thing is I'm not totally convinced I am properly 'depressed', it is more I have chronic pain, long standing mental health issues and a load of family and life stress going on. On top of all that we have just discovered my step dad is sick and going to require major surgery (not for the first time in recent years)..... and basically I feel like I am bordering on going insane with worry/anxiety. I'm trying meditation, exercise, eating right but nothing is helping. I really feel the need for something just to 'take the edge off' for a while, if that makes sense. I'm wondering if it is even worth raising the subject of short term benzo or if that is completely inappropriate. I rarely drink but I tried a small drink last night just to try and relax a bit and that helped for about an hour but then obviously as it wore off I had even more difficulty sleeping. This is close to unbearable right now.
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