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  1. So today is my seventh day on 0.50 mg risperidone. I wanted to try this kind of medication for a long time. I've been on ssri's for about 10 years and switched to clomipramine July 2018 because ssri's didn't work like they did before. (My main problem....I have 'white polar bear' ocd and was free of symptoms for about 6 years. 3 years ago big relapse). I'm on 100 mg of clomipramine.... I tried increasing but then the side effects become too much for me.I don't think risperidone is doing anything special. I expected a little more, but maybe I'm just impatient.I was hoping the constant intru
  2. I'm tapering off clomipramine, right now I'm down to 75 mg. I've been on it for almost a year, but I'm not impressed with the results. I was hoping it would work better than my last two SSRI's (which seemed to do the best job when I took them for the first time) but I can't go higher than 100 mg because of side effects. A few months ago risperidone was added to the clomipramine. I'm on 1 mg a day. I've seen some improvement, but I can still have difficult days or even weeks where I'm having too much intrusive thoughts (or thought, since it's been only one thought which bothers me).
  3. Hi, I was hospitalized after a bipolar episode and given a mood stablizer and olanzapine(Zyprexa) for the 3 weeks I stayed there. After being released, I was switched to risperidone for 3 or so months, I experienced extreme sexual dysfunction while on it that has not gone away since I discontinued it two months ago. I have erectile dysfunction to the point of not being able to get a semi erection for more than a few seconds before it becomes flaccid again, if I do orgasm then it's weak and premature. I thought that these effects were only for the duration of taking the medicine, I didn't
  4. Hi My wife has been in the process of changing from Risperidone (1mg morning and 3 mg evening) to Aripiprazole. Because she had high Prolactin levels. With disastrous results. At the moment she has disturbed sleep at night, the voices keep her awake. Has unusual behavior, does not want to socialise or leave the house and spends a lot of time in a trance-like state in discussion with the voices. We gradually introduced the Aripiprazole and reduced the Risperidone over a three month period, at present she is on 20 mg of Ariprazole in the morning and 2mg of Risperidone at night. We are in
  5. Hi everybody! Will try to sum up shortly the nature of my problem: - Jun'17. Big family tragedy. Got nervous, could barely sleep at night (3-4 hours daily max.), lost appetite. Used simple herbs-based anti-axiety pills to calm myself. No big impact. - Jul'17. Nervousness continues, sleepless nights, poor appetite. Added other more potent natural pills (as I live in Germany - Neurexam). Took Stillnox (aka Zolpidem) as sleeping aid. To no avail. To calm down took 1 single pill of Laif 900 (Saint John's Wort, SJW). My anxiety paradoxically increased even further. maybe bec
  6. I've been on a low dose of risperidone (currently at 0.75 mg) for a little under a year now to keep racing and intrusive thoughts down. I have GAD, OCPD and some OCD traits, and the only other med I'm on is venlafaxine 225 mg, also for about a year. OCPD makes my thoughts regarding how much I can accomplish in a day go completely out of control and I end up working myself to the point of breakdown. The risperidone slows me down enough that I can consider if what I'm thinking is reasonable. It's been a blessing to me. As I mentioned, it also has reduced my intrusive thoughts enormously, as well
  7. Hello all, So a year ago, let's just say I was... not well, and after a million drugs that didn't work, the doctor put me on Risperdal. For me, it is a miracle drug. No other medicine had ever made the slightest difference, but after taking Risperdal everything changed and I could live my life. I desperately don't want to give it up. That's why I was horrified when a few weeks ago I woke up in the morning with a milk stain on my shirt. The lactation has continued and I am female so it could be worse (I would hate to be a man and have this happen) but it still freaks me out. The docto
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has been on topamaz and Risperidone together and has experienced any weight loss? I know topamaz is known for its weight loss side effect. I have just been put on topamaz to help lose the weight I gained on Risperidone, but I am taking them together. I'm taking 1mg Risperidone and 25mg topamaz every night. Please share your experience if you've been on these two together or know of someone who has. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has been on topamaz and Risperidone together and has experienced any weight loss? I know topamaz is known for its weight loss side effect. I have just been put on topamaz to help lose the weight I gained on Risperidone, but I am taking them together. I'm taking 1mg Risperidone and 25mg topamaz every night. Please share your experience if you've been on these two together or know of someone who has. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I've been on and off of Risperidone for years now and every time I was taking it I would gain a lot of weight and quickly lose it when I went off. Now I've been taking it for almost a year and a half now and I've gained over 50lbs. I have decreased my dosage over the months and now I'm taking only 1mg. However, I am still not losing weight. And FYI I have a personal trainer whom I've been training with for over 4months now and still I haven't lost weight. I was wondering, if I take 0.5mg or 0.25 a day, would that stop the weight gain or help me lose it and go back to before? Is that e
  11. has anyone taken risperidone/risperdal AND stopped and fully recovering from the after effects? its been over 5 months since stopping and i still feel lifeless, blank, and weak plus a zero libido. i took risperidone for 3 weeks and had a horrible reaction to it and a horrible withdrawal but i still feel the effects....has anyone recovered or heard a recovery story? need some hope here.
  12. i have hyperprolactinemia and i'm a male. it's probably risperidone induced. does anyone have any idea on how to cure high prolactin levels? i am currently using american ginseng and vitamin b6 (p5p) to naturally cure myself but i haven't noticed a difference though it's only been a couple days. btw it's been 5 months since i stopped risperidone although i had long acting injections (not sure how long they act) please help as some of you may know, the low energy and low libido is killing me.
  13. I know it says it in most of our signatures, but I was wondering if we could get a thread going of what antipsychotic(s) we are taking regardless of diagnosis, what dose, how well it/each work on a scale from 1-10, and its side effect(s) + any good side effects: I take: antipsychotic: risperidone dose: 3mg performance: 6 out of 10 effectiveness effects: I have a large appetite and its hard to keep the pounds off and I sleep 10-12 hours. It keeps my symptoms under my control. I am wondering if there is something better.
  14. I'm currently in the midst of a mixed episode. Its really wearing me down; I haven't ever had severe mixed symptomology in the past, more of what my doctor would call "agitated depressions". This is most definitely not that. This is full-blown mixed-as-hell torture. I called my doctor and she said to d/c my Abilify (we think it was the cause/is at too low of a dose to be helping; this was a long time coming) and schedule a sooner appointment with her. She offered no other medication advice over the phone (she usually does). I felt crushed after that call.
  15. Hello, I'm 25 and was hospitalized in September 2014 for manic episodes. The doctors put me on 3mg of risperidone (risperdal) and 750mg of depakote daily. After 9 months of taking the medication I really started to see a decline in sexual drive and performance; my libido was essentially taken away. The risperidone/depakote pretty much kills orgasm and gives me erectile issues... I can't maintain an erection. It's like getting your manhood stripped. I feel helpless, I'm at wits end, and I don't know what to do. I talked to my psychiatrist about my erectile dysfunction issues and he decided to
  16. I have had a drug induced psychosis and was brought to the psych ward where they gave me 4mg of Risperidone and I took it for 3 months I was not told about the dangers of this med or anything so I stupidly took it for 3 months and I later found out that it was way to high of a dose I should have known to stop taking it whenever I felt so sedated and weak and I couldn't ejaculate, it made me sleep 12 hours a day and I peed the bed because of risperidone but anyway I took it for 3 months and stopped taking it and now I am NOT the same AT ALL and I have been off it for 9 months !! I no lo
  17. So yeah...looking for people's personal experiences with risperdal, its side effects, and withdrawal was what helped me find you all in the first place, so I guess I can thank it for that. But the rest of it? Hell no. Here's the story: I was put on Risperdal, 0.5mg/day for my anxiety and chronic insomnia, and was taking it for around two months before I HAD to stop. I was admittedly a bit hesitant to take an antipsychotic off-label, but I was desperate enough, and the dose was low enough, that I was willing to give it a shot. The first two weeks, I believed it was the answer to my prayers. M
  18. I've found Risperidone to hinder my sleep if I take it at night; although it definitely does cause some level of sedation when I take it during the day. Am I the only one who experiences this?
  19. Immediately upon starting Risperdal about 3 months ago I started experiencing rapid eye twitching from left to right that lasts no more than half a second. It has been quite persistent throughout the last few months. A few weeks ago I played video games (which I rarely do, first time since starting Risperdal) and the eye twitching kept happening every five minutes or less, constantly messing me up in the game. I blank out when I have the twitching, everything turns white for a moment. The twitching happens often when I focus in on something, when I'm looking at an electronic screen,
  20. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has had experience with Risperdal for the maintenance for Bipolar depression? If so, what was the effective dose for you? I am currently taking 0.75 qhs with plans of going up to 1 mg. Did anyone split their doses through out the day or was it all taken at one time? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hello everyone, I'm on Risperidone for my anti-depressant induced BP-II (had serotonin syndrome). I really would like to just keep it with anti-psychotics if possible. So my question is, what AP have you found stabilizes you without the need for other meds? I've been on 0.5mg up to 1mg daily (currently trying 1mg at night). I tried spreading it out during the day but got unacceptable side effects such as sedation and nervousness. I'm so far not feeling a great stabilizing effect, I've been getting swings every few days still. So I'm not convinced this is the best choice. A year
  22. Hey guys I'm new here. I will post an intro on the newbie board soon but I had an important question for y'alI. I was just diagnosed with bipolar I disorder and I wanted to know about marijuana use with lithium (I take 600mg twice daily) & risperidone (3mg once at night). I smoke a very minimal amount of marijuana, but I smoke daily. An eighth, or 3.5g, will last me well over a week. So I take small hits 3-4 times a day, and I may have experienced some more rapid cycling but nothing too scary. Just looking to see what other people's experiences have been and I wanted to know if anyone
  23. Can Zoloft cause cognitive dulling? I'm currently on 450mg Lithium and 1mg risperdal. My pdoc believes I've been misdiagnosed and he says I might not need the lithium. He says I'll be better if I took Zoloft for anxiety and depression. As of right now I'm stable but in the near future I'll be working in a job where I need to be cognitively alert. I feel somewhat cognitively alert and if anything I would like for that to improve instead of decline.
  24. I've been feeling like absolute shit, and DH for some reason suggested that the lithium was interacting with the risperidone, but I hadn't heard of that. But I was falling into walls as I walked around the house. My hands are shaking so badly I can't really knit. I knock over everything in my vicinity, even things that I don't believe I've actually touched. DH has started running in front of me to clear a path to lessen the destruction (ironically, I do this for him when he is in a post-ictal fugue state). I'm not exactly dizzy, but I'm unsteady on my feet. I feel sick to my stomach most of
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