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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've been wondering about people's experience who have been on both the immediate release and extended release version of Seroquel. I have only tried the IR, and it knocked me out at doses from 25mg-100mg and when i woke up it felt so impossible to get out of bed and get ready for the day, then the rest of the day was alright as long as I took my ADHD medication. My current problems are under control, for the most part, I am just looking for other's who have had different experiences with the IR vs the XR version of Seroquel so that I can have insight if I need to consider treatment with quetiapine in the future. I'm mostly interested in the effectiveness to squash mania, the difference in sedation between the 2 different formulations and if anyone uses Seroquel on a PRN basis, for example only taking Seroquel when you are feeling manic and cannot sleep or feel mania coming on, please reply and let me know how this works and how your doctor feels about this treatment. If you do use it as PRN, do you use the XR or instant release formulation? I also am interested in anyone who takes ADHD stimulants with Seroquel and feels that the Seroquel makes their medication for ADHD less effective? I feel that my Rexulti may be making my Dexedrine and Zenzedi somewhat less effective and am considering getting off Rexulti if necessary and my pdoc agrees. Thanks for your replies!!
  2. My pdoc recently swapped out alprazolam (Xanax) 1 mg 3x/day, which wasn't doing anything (neither anxiolysis nor sedation), for clonazepam (Klonopin) 1 mg 2x/day with an extra one as needed (up to 3 mg/day), which is sedating the crap out of me. It's helping the panic and anxiety! But it's also keeping me from functioning daily like I want to. I'm already on dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) 60 mg/day and armodafinil (Nuvigil) 200 mg, which I would think would offset the sedation, but it absolutely is not at all. Is there a solution to this situation? Back off on the dosage? Increase one of the stimulants? (Probably can't increase the dextroamphetamine because my doc won't go past the max dose...) Ride it out until I develop tolerance to the sedation?
  3. My pdoc recently put me on 15mg abilify for psychosis with reduced clozapine dose. I have 2 questions: 1. Although i take abilify at bedtime, i still experience daytime tiredness/sedation which does not go away. How are u able to combat the abilify's daytime sedation ? I'm 100mg Modafinil but its not helping much with sedation. 2. At what dose have your cognitive symptoms improved on abilify ? Thanks
  4. Hi All, I know that there isn't much of a difference between Invega and Risperdal, but I get pretty groggy from Risperdal. Is there a chance that Invega would be less sedating? Also, I'm on Wellbutrin, which I believe interferes with the metabolization of Risperdal, but not so much with Invega. Might that help? All in all, I like Risperdal pretty well, but if taken at night it makes me wake early and if taken in the AM it seems to leave me fuzzy and dazed for about four hours.
  5. i've just started latuda about a month ago. it does seem to be doing some positive stuff. i'm not thinking of dying, i'm not crying anymore, i can feel things in a sort of blunted way rather than at a ridiculous volume. i do stuff around the house without as much procrastination, and it doesn't seem like a herculean effort to get into the shower every day. for that matter, i actually care about getting into the shower, which is great. but i spend about half my day in the weirdest state. i feel like i have to do *something* all the time, and yet nothing is pleasing or holds my attention. i am bored beyond bored, constantly thinking about what i could do next to occupy my mind and body, never coming up with anything satisfying. there's a restlessness to it that's uncomfortable. like if i could just keep physically occupied, the feeling would go away. but i can't stay occupied not only because i sit here in a stupor not knowing what to DO (everything is boring, pointless, or just too hard), but because i am so goddamned tired it's nuts. it's like i have one foot on the gas pedal, revving my engine and raring to go. but the other foot is on the brakes - i can't move because my body is too exhausted. so it all just swirls around in there making me feel frustrated. i'm going to start taking my latuda at night to see if this changes anything, but for today i just wanted to vent i guess. and also ask if anyone has ever felt these two feelings simultaneously, and if so what did you do about it? thanks for listening.
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