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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've been wondering about people's experience who have been on both the immediate release and extended release version of Seroquel. I have only tried the IR, and it knocked me out at doses from 25mg-100mg and when i woke up it felt so impossible to get out of bed and get ready for the day, then the rest of the day was alright as long as I took my ADHD medication. My current problems are under control, for the most part, I am just looking for other's who have had different experiences with the IR vs the XR version of Seroquel so that I can have insight if I need to consider treatment with quetiapine in the future. I'm mostly interested in the effectiveness to squash mania, the difference in sedation between the 2 different formulations and if anyone uses Seroquel on a PRN basis, for example only taking Seroquel when you are feeling manic and cannot sleep or feel mania coming on, please reply and let me know how this works and how your doctor feels about this treatment. If you do use it as PRN, do you use the XR or instant release formulation? I also am interested in anyone who takes ADHD stimulants with Seroquel and feels that the Seroquel makes their medication for ADHD less effective? I feel that my Rexulti may be making my Dexedrine and Zenzedi somewhat less effective and am considering getting off Rexulti if necessary and my pdoc agrees. Thanks for your replies!!
  2. Hi everyone. I'm currently taking 400mg Seroquel XR in the morning, sodium valproate 200mg 3times a day, 300mg seroquel nightly (all for bipolar type 1 & 2.5mgs-5mg Neulactil when required for severe paranoia & anxiety. Let me start by saying this combination is working quiet well so far compared to all previous combinations. I've been on seroquel for the longest out of all these medications (1 year 7 months) & I've always had extremely vivid dreams & nightmares from that. i generally take the Neulactil with my nighttime meds & ive noticed that since I've started taking it the dreams are getting a lot scarier and harder to distinguish from reality. If it's a pleasant vivid dream I wake up with a feeling of disappointment because it felt so real & I it's a nightmare I wake up with a feeling of relief because I could of sworn it was real (even though in my sound mind I know they are not) Has anyone else experienced worsening of dreams/nightmares when starting Neulactil ? I haven't been able to find much info about the drug at all, let alone this specific issue. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, my Pdoc switched me from 25mg Seroquel XR to Zeldox 40mg last week due to weight gain. Have been diagnosed with Clychothymia (Bipolar 3) and Major Depressive Disorder. Gained so fast on Seroquel XR over six months I have stretch marks for the first time in my life, though I did not put on an insane amount of weight. Tapered off Seroquel over 3 days, and had no problems. But have been experiencing intense(!!!) nausea on Zeldox every day this week, It doesn't matter when or how I take it - an hour before bed with/without food or during dinner - everything I ate during the day comes right back out and I have a nasty lump in my throat feeling until I wake the next morning. On my 2nd night on it I thought I was going blind - lights were intense, couldn't walk straight, or focus on a thing. Had what felt like a panic attack and forced myself to sleep. Since then, I've reduced my dose to 20mg as advised by Pdoc but am still ridiculously nauseous to the point of vomiting. My social anxiety and insomnia is back with a vengeance. Aside from the weight gain, I had 0 side effects from Seroquel and felt fantastic for months.The only upside to Zeldox is a significant decrease in appetite - I literally have to force myself to eat but that's possibly just the damn nausea. My question to those with experience : at this point, would you give Zeldox another week? Go back to Seroquel and diet your ass off? Or try a different anti-psychotic like Ablify?
  4. Hi Forum, Does Seroquel XR 100 mg (or IR generic) help anger the way Risperdal and Abilify does? I have a lot of anger towards a family member who I live with (most of which I think is justifiable, given my age (30) and I've been on Seroquel IR 100 mg generic for over a month. So it seems that not all AAP's help with anger. I was briefly (2 weeks) on Risperdal and that is known to mitigate anger and is FDA approved to help with anger. I also remember being much less angry on Abilify 2 mg, but I stopped it b/c of unwanted side effects. Although I feel like the anger is justifiable under the circumstances for a 30 year old like myself, I don't like having anger towards a close family member who I live with and being mean to them and resenting them.
  5. Hi Forum, I was taking Seroquel XR samples (brand name) that my psych Nurse gave me, and after a month or so on it she switched me to Seroquel IR (generic). I was feeling better on the XR, and now that I've switched to the IR, I wonder if there's a difference in quality and effectiveness, and if cost was a major factor in her switching me. I know generic IR version is very inexpensive to the insurance companies, versus the XR brand-name version. I see on here that some people take both Seroquel XR and IR versions. Why is that? I just hope that the generic IR version gives me the same benefits and helps me the way the more expensive XR brand-name version did.
  6. I saw my pdoc on Tuesday, and she pronounced me to be "loud" and "fast" - basically, speeding up towards mania in the way that I typically do during spring with the increased hours of daylight. Her first proposal was to add ativan to my growing list of prn meds, but more importantly, to increase my seroquel XR dose from 600mg to 800mg. Well. What a disaster. The pharmacy had to order in the meds for me, so I first tried the increased XR on Wed night, and again last night, in case the horror I experienced on the first night had been an anomaly. I have never - not even when I was taking 1,000mg of the instant release - experienced what I have over the past two nights. The XR sets in slowly (obviously), so from the point of taking it at 5pm to the point of going up to bed at about 9pm I felt okay. Then it was as if I'd slid into a waking nightmare, with a horrifying sense of dread and doom, and wishing I could scratch my way out of my skin. I eventually stopped last night's attack by taking an ativan at 1am, but today I still feel kind of shellshocked. This must be akathisia, right? My pdoc doesn't work on Fridays, so I don't get to speak to her again until Monday morning. I really can't bear a repeat of what happened, so this weekend I'm going to revert back to the 600mg - then on Monday ask her to come up with another idea to contain the seasonal mania. I'm pretty disappointed that this is what happened - it would have been ideal if a simple increase in my primary med could be the fix.
  7. My doctor lowered my dosage of Seroquel and I had just gotten a refill a week ago and it will save me a lot of money and stress to just cut the pills in half (he lowered it to half the dosage I have now). I know you're typically not supposed to cut extended release tablets in half, but is it dangerous? Has anyone done this? It seems like such a waste, I have 60 pills in this bottle.
  8. I'm not going to take medical advice from you, I know, I'm just looking for a heads-up:) I have recently had my medication changed, came off zyprexa and increased effexor to maximum dose...but since then my moods have been up and down like crazy and really extreme (on the downside really) which seems to be varifying the suspected diagnosis of bipolar II...anyway, my shrink is gone on holiday, leaving me on a little effexor and Seroquel xr. I'm going to talk to him in a week or so when he comes back and I'm just wondering is this it? Is this the new prescription or is it likely I will be going on lithium now? Will my moods settle with Seroquel? ...answer quick coz I'm probably going down again soon haha8/ [Edit] so basically I'm asking you guys with bipolar II if seroquel and effexor is likely to cut it?
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