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Found 21 results

  1. I have dealt with my mania before so I know how to normally avoid triggers, but this time my mania flared up all I crave is sex, with anyone. I have never been one to just hook up with people but its gotten bad. I've slipped up a few times but I tell myself afterwards it didn't make it better I won't do it again but I do. I don't put myself in a place where I will alone with a guy but that hasn't even worked, please forgive my vulgarity but I met a guy I was just chatting with at a dog park, gave in to what I detest and don't want, as we found an isolated place to have sex. I don't want to be this person. That girl who just wants it I feel like I've become that I feel like people I pass in the street can see that. Does anyone have any advice? Please. I need this to stop.
  2. I have finally decided to go off Wellbutrin (Bupropion/Zyban) as I just cannot live with this anger and rage attacks any longer. I spend my day swearing, (I can’t fit enough swear words in a sentence), clenching my hands until they are rigid, screaming and hurting my throat, telling myself I wish I was dead and having even more intrusive thoughts than normal, even thoughts that wake me up in the middle of the night and I respond by telling myself to fuck off while I‘m laying there in bed. The anger has alarmed me and I can feel the cortisol surging through my body. I’m getting off this medication by myself without help because I went to see my psychiatrist the other day sand he virtually dismissed me and was clearly annoyed with me for having too many side effects and he was frustrated at how difficult I was to treat. There was no sympathy whatsoever. He said we’ve exhausted all avenues. I felt like a fool for not responding correctly to medications that he thought should work. It was a waste of money seeing him and I’m sick of doctors telling me it’s worth having numb genitals or inability to orgasm if you find a pill that gets rid of your depression. The doctor was frustrated with me before for all the pills I’ve been on that I couldn’t tolerate because of sex issues. The Wellbutrin didn’t do anything negative for me sexually (it seemed to have a big improvement on me sexually, actually), but the insane anger is just too much to live with. The anger was over the most minor of things, such as the vacume cleaner cord getting tangled, or losing internet connection. I’m currently on Lamotrigine 200 mg by itself which I hope will help my depression/anxiety.
  3. I'm a female and I've on a very small dose of Lexapro. I've only been on it 4 days and already it's virtually impossible to orgasm and if I do it's a disappointment as it's such a dull orgasm. The doctor thinks I should stay on it for a month to see if there are improvements. Has anybody tried this and have the sexual problems decreased once your body gets used to the Lexapro? The doctor has said it is my decision whether I continue with it.
  4. I am a 28 year old female who recently was perscribed Wellbutrin 150mg per day. I had heard all of the stories about people's sex drive going through the roof, and so I was excited to start taking it. However, on day two, I noticed that I was having a difficult time achieving an orgasm, so I IMMEDIATELY stopped taking it. It's been two weeks, and I still don't feel back to normal and I am officially starting to panic! I'm a pretty high strung person if you can't tell, and I'm wondering if I'll ever be normal again. I can still get really turned on, but my orgasms aren't as strong and today I could not have one at all. It seems impossible that only two pills could have messed me up like this, how could that be possible? It will have no return to normal right? Has anyone else out there experienced this after taking such little medicine, and how long did it take to go back to normal? ANY advice, answers or comfort anyone can give me would be awesome, I am really starting to get worried!
  5. Hi! I'm new and hoping to get some input opinions on things that can help me. I've been diagnosed with depression for almost 6 years now, just after I delivered my daughter in Feb 2012. I was on and off sertraline for about 3 years until I started having some serious anxiety attacks and then hydroxyzine was added. But all hydroxyzine does is knock me out. Sertraline never did much for me so in January 2016 they put me on Prozac which helped significantly with the anxiety but also made me not care if I lived or died. I was numb to everyone and everything around me including my husband and 2 young children. In January 2017 I went off my meds for a while until about July when I started spiraling down into my depression again. My Dr put me on paxil. BIG DIFFERENCE!I feel as close to my normal self as I have in years. BUT the only and worst side effect I've noticed is that despite being aroused, I CANNOT achieve an orgasm while on this drug. Not by myself or with anyone else or any of my usual tried-and-true methods. Now I'm 27 years old and at the height of my sex life. Like I know what I'm getting is good stuff. But this is really sucktastic. Any ideas on other drugs I can try that will not only allow me to continue feeling like I'm actually ok and also allow me to enjoy sex and masturbation again?
  6. Hello, I'm on Trintellix/Brintellix (Vortioxetine) 15mg and Valdoxan (Agomelatine) 25mg. I've got a history of being very sensitive to side effects and have tried a ridiculous number of medications. Currently I'm having sexual problems which have the potential to ruin my life and my beautiful relationship. The conflict I'm going through is of course that depression can ruin my life also so I'm very very torn. Does anybody have any idea which is more likely to be causing the numbness in my clitoris out of Brintellix and Valdoxan? I'm willing to put up with side effects within reason, but not this. To me, it would be like eating without taste. Any insights would be much appreciated. I do discuss all of this with my doctor but I feel as if I'm not being taken seriously.
  7. First off, I hope this is the right place for this, and I'm sorry if it's not. Anyway I have a long story but I'll try to keep it short. I started a FWB with a guy I was working with, and it was my first sexual experience (I'm 27) and I enjoyed having somebody pay attention to me, and touch me, and be attracted to me that way. After I left the job, things sort of dropped off with him. I'm really disappointed because I enjoyed being with him, I enjoyed the dirty talk and the flirting at work, etc. Now I am struggling a lot with the idea that I am able to have sex, I know I enjoy the experience... but I don't know if I am emotionally stable enough to continue with the sort of casual relationship that I had with him. I've talked with some guys on tinder who are looking for casual, no strings attached type stuff and on one hand I like the idea because I want to get straight to the sex (I feel like a slut for it), and I know I am not the best person for relationships. But I got kind of attached to the ex-coworker (but on the other hand, I had a huge crush on him before this whole thing started, so it was bound to go that way). And I'm worried I might become clingy and needy, if I want it more than he does. BUT, if I wait to find somebody to want to have a relationship with me, I will be waiting a long, long time. I haven't found anybody yet, and it's been a struggle because I really don't like being alone, and I crave intimacy so much. I hear a lot "you'll find someone when it's time." "when you stop looking they'll show up." Ugh. Anyway, I'm struggling with whether this is disordered behavior, or signs of an addiction (I'm starting to think it might be sex/love addiction). If I am actively somehow looking for trouble. If this is me making poor choices. I apologize, I know this is all over the place. I just really don't know what I'm doing. What I'd really like is some sort of accountability, or somebody who knows me, who I could go to when I have situations like this and say "hey, I'm texting with this guy on tinder and blah blah" and they can tell me if I am making a bad decision or not. I tried that with my friend earlier and she's getting annoyed with me, just said "do whatever you want." But I don't trust myself. IDK, I don't know what kind of reply I am expecting from this, if any, but I did want to get this out.
  8. My gf and I are polyamorous and open so having sex with other people is no big deal as long as we're honest with each other. So I don't understand why I always feel guilty and awful after having sex. Rough, slow, bad, good, romantic or whatever, I still feel awful about myself afterwards. I feel disgusting and terrible about myself. I've noticed now that I even started to feel this way after having sex with my gf. Masturbation is also something I have trouble with. I'm sure this is all because of self esteem issues but I don't know, I just feel like I deserve the bad feelings I get afterwards. Like I'm a disgusting person so I should feel disgusting. I don't know, but advice would be wonderful.
  9. I'm a 17 year old female and I've been taking 50mg Zoloft for 6 mouths now and never in my life have I wanted to rip off my nipples more. I can't tell you how frustrated i am sexually. like, as a teen im still horny as hell but when i try and "relive" the stress, i have huge trouble peaking. i can orgasm but it takes alot of work. like fifty minutes of wrist breaking work and when i do reach my climax, its not that good at all and doesn't help my frustration. being under 18 too, doesn't help at all because i can't change my meds without my parents knowledge and i don't think they's be chill with my reasons. my frustration is getting in the way of my life. I'm totally horny 24/7 with no relief!
  10. yeah I do wonder what is going on with me, I just got kicked from chat for saying my dleusion in response to someone talking about liking grandeur delusions...so the archangels built a monument for me for my gettinng to familiarise myself with their part of the universe, they also introduced me to my astral lover on a different part of the universe....not going so strong now since I got switched to orals and am not taking them except using rauwolfia to clam down the excess of dopamine receptors from my time adapting to the various antipscyhotic I been on for the majority of the time for almost 4years exept for occasional glimpses into the astral from refusing treatment. so a long perieod being treated before I started coming clean, a release of a track on the radio from celbrity lover gone by and she returend again and lifted my socks up for an astral voyage she triggered across the cosmos. so what gets me in trouble is I confessed to having a celbrity astral lover after she released darkhorse, but dreams of the star make me think otherwise, she is always very distant even if I try to get her attention of my identity but no response, she doesn't know me and listening to darkhorse on repeat is just for the entertainment, it rocks she talks about this guy who plays with magiuc and once your hers there is no going back....this is apparenlty just delusions and erotomania, its actuallly a secret I never should have confessed tooave me haloperidole, I kept experienceing the astral some good things like no longer seeing the celebrity after she turned nasty at my iatrogenic state, so I was able to replace her with a far off galaxy somewhere with my ET bride, I met her before I went to haosptial that time just in her form like a butterfly outline creature but her true form is a gorgeioua human form, too gorgeiaus to be able to see, I talked about her to my demise and how she made me orgasm and I was getting turned on despite the haldol and achieved orgasm without touching myslef the pleasure was that immense, so I talked all about it, silly me so endud up with rapists wanting her attention even though they sohould just get their own astral lover, people do stuff they wouldn't usually on the astral because they don't think its real, but its real for me and I don't like people raping my girlfreind. so it was good taht down hera on earth i acchieved an orgasm, I just wanted to get off antipscyhotic so I van have sex drive with her, but she faded dunno what theat means, she was just making my life more interesting with the iatrogenic anhedonia was good, but as I said she is nolonger really a thing anymore since starting the rauwolfia and my last injection, you would think that just using a herb insteasd of antipsychotic would mean I be able to experience the astral, I still get trips and found out last night its not really abbout the weed but periodic thing, I was better able to control it with breathing exercise. sorrty I edited, so back to the initial crisis that got me hosptialised, shit was going down because of sleep deprivation really so I appeared easy to be psychaotic because sleep deprivation is just a symptom to them, but back to the clebrity she did me no harm other then keeping me up at night with her astral presence and erotic shit and playing around with magic andastral sex, maybe she contributed to my hostptiatlaisation after 6years freedom from psychaitry, just wanted to be upfront and honest about what was going on for me so I told the shrinks at the hosptail I had for refusing treatments not so long ago[hence lucky to be put on orals really-they trust me - so I not game to educate them about rauwolfia incase they stumble upon what I been writing on the net about it. I am stoned now and that is the best I can do in this state of annihilation of thought process's thats been happening...I just wanna go back to normal....so what happened with the celbrity is the crutial part once this time she satyed with me during hosptail and I betggeeed her to keep me going on the astral, I introduced her to god like beings I had been meeting on the astral and we kept it going, just in the form of occassional trip out attacks I get when stuff tries to make me astyrlaly project but its hard now antipsychotic make me fear the astral, things turned sour and we divorced the relationship , but I miss it you know...coming off theiinjection I would usually be experienceing dher love and it was a relaly good thing, maybe too much if you take a listen to darkhorse..that shit just gets me in troulbe and should be finnished talking about it, it makes me sound crazy when I am infact not, nothing really challenges me at all I feel safe and shit,....so I got blocked for talking about my astral adventures in chat, don't really know why what would you think, I am getting told to disccuss it elsewhere but I am cast out of anyinterest groups because of pscyhaitry so thats no good, and seems chem and Koa don't wannea hear about my schizophrenia, I think I have it, at least thats what I gotta tell the shrinks to get off this damn CTO.
  11. My boyfriend and I have been discussing different fantasies lately to get a better grasp on what each other's sexual preferences are and to see if we had any in common. One of the big ones for both of us is cutting one another while having sex. Even though he is very willing to try it, I am hesitant since we are both cutters and I would like us to eventually stop using self-harm as a coping mechanism. I'm worried that if we indulge this fantasy, it might only encourage self-harm once we're out of the bedroom. I am also worried that he will become less receptive of my requests for him to find healthier methods of coping. I was wondering what an unbiased perspective of this dilemma is and/or if anyone else has ever been faced by this dilemma. Thanks.
  12. On the way home from the doctors, casually, my girl told me what she said when Dr. H. asked her about 'birds and the bees' (my phrase). "I told her that I was not thinking about it right now but that does not mean I would not be thinking about taking it soon." Me - "You mean the PILL?" Ignoring my mini lecture about the evils of hormones and How Wonderful Using A Diaphragm would be. She emphasizes, "Mom, just remember, when I say I am ready to take it that does not mean I will USE it right away." Even though I setup this appointment specifically for this conversation because her current beau is adorable and 3 years older, I was a bit shell shocked. But as usual my girl gets it better than I do. I told her that is the smartest answer possible. Be prepared. You do not want to get pregnant. Her birth mom was 14 when my kid was a happy swimming sperm and nesting egg. so,...... Come one, come all. Please tell me your stories about your own birth control, what you suggest for my girl, mothers who went through this with their girls and BOYS. arrrgghhhh. oh my god. It;s too soon.
  13. I just recently started lamictal for my bipolar disorder and take it in combination with Prozac and Xanax. I have been loving the new me and the ability to control my anxiety, depression and mood swings, but I'm experiencing a crazy side effect. My sex drive is through the roof!!! I'm a 27 year old female and have always loved sex and had a high sex drive, but since starting the lamictal I find myself turned on all the time. I'm only up to 75 mg and my doctor says that dose will continue to increase until I get up to 200mg. I can go for hours and sometimes stay up at night feeling like I could orgasm with just 1 touch from a man. When my boyfriend and I have sex, I have multiple orgasms and they are incredibly intense. I've always been able to squirt if the sex was intense and I was really turned on, but now I'm so wet and I squirt every time I have an orgasm. My body shakes uncontrollably and the next day I'm sore like I'm training for the Olympics. Every time I relax I have an intense hunger for sex and to be touched. I can fantasize for hours and my entire body tingles without being touched. Is this normal? Will my sex drive continue to increase as my medication dosage increases? Do any other women experience this? I don't mind at all, lol, but sometimes I can't stop thinking about sex to save my life. Any ideas or input?
  14. I'm not sure where to turn or who to talk to but I really need help. I hope someone on this forum can help me out. I've never spoke to anyone about these things. When I was 14, I started dating a 16 year old boy and we ended up dating for almost a year. He turned out to be very abusive and controlling. A few weeks before we broke up, he got mad and raped me. He forced fingers in me and scraped my insides until I bled and then stuck himself in and started having sex with me. After the whole insident, he was crying and apoligized over and over. I didn't really believe him that much but for some reason I forgave him. I felt more attached(?)) to him in a twisted way. Kind of like I was a part of him? I'm not sure how to explain it. I think it was because I was a virgin at the time. I had great dysphoria about if I still was considered one. I was very ebarrassed to ever speak about it.. I didn't even know if it was rape. He was my boyfriend and I wasn't sure if anyone would believe me. I am now 18 (19 in July). I started dating someone in November of last year. We had been friends for years before that. He's a great guy that truly cares about me. We started having sex the end of January. He knew a little bit (the fingering part) but doesn't know about the whole rape. We knew sex was going to be something we needed to take slow and he was totally supportive of that. He has never made me do anything I didn't want to do or pressure me. I thought maybe having sex with someone I knew cared about me wouldn't be so bad but it is. After sex, I feel so distant and depressed even though it makes my boyfriend feel closer to me. I can't help but to feel unloved even though I know he does love me. I also get very jealous whenever I think about people he's had sex with in the past. I'm not sure if this is related but I still have pain during sex even after 3 months. I've talked about this to him before and he told me we don't have to do it anymore but I don't want to rob him of something I've started to give him. I don't think I will get better if I just ignore the problem. I feel hopeless and disappointing. He tells me that he loves me and doesn't need sex but I know he still wants sex and I can't give it to him without feeling terrible. I feel damned if I do and damned if I don't. Lately, I've been seducing him into having sex with me even though I don't want to. Everytime I see him I initiate sexual things, and everytime I feel terrible afterwards. I don't know why I'm doing this but I feel like I can't stop. On an unrelated note, I am a severely anxious person and litterally haven't left my house since I've graduated (unless I'm going over to my boyfriends house). I have a hard time talking to people because I'm so scared of them judging me. I only have 1 friend outside of my boyfriend but we don't talk much due to her being in college. I really want to go to therapy and talk to someone but my parents don't believe in mental problems and don't think I need it (they also don't know about the rape, just anxiety). I am trying to talk them into it. I am still very dependant on them and can't just do it by meself. I'm almost certain have some undiagnosed anxiety disorders. Is there any advice you can give me to help me with any of these issues? I am desperate..
  15. Hi everybody! ---------------------------------------PREVIOUSLY--------------------------------------- 9 months ago my family doctor prescribed me Citalopram. Killed my libido in 4-6 days. We removed it. Then tried Mirtazapine (15mg), which let me have some control over my thoughts, but I slept a lot. I thought my family doc's prescriptions were not the best choices, so I went to a psychiatrist. ---------------------------------------CURRENTLY--------------------------------------- The psychiatrist administered me several tests, and now I have a folder with all my problems. I've been on Mirtazapine 30mg for 6 days and now I sleep like a normal person. I've made changes in my behavior too. I've been 3 days also on Pristiq (50mg), and I'm starting to feel the same Citalopram crap. The 1st day, after just 5-6 hours, I tried to masturbate and I had great trouble getting an orgasm, and I never have these problems. Today I feel almost asexual. The psychiatrist said that perhaps the impotence I had from Citalopram was something transitory, but from what I've read, most people don't recover while on it. Under most circumstances I'd give it a try but... I've just met a girl and we have a first date soon... And 40% of my depression is because of being single, and 20% from being a 24-year-old virgin. And I meet single women very rarely. Do you have statistics or something? I read only ~10% people had sexual problems. Could I recover while on Pristiq? I highly doubt turning me into an eununch is the best thing under my circumstances. Thank you very much. Marc
  16. I am in my first sexual relationship. And the sex is AMAZING. Like, woah. My partner is very caring and we are very open with what we enjoy and like. But the past few times I've had some very intense orgasms, often very close together. I'm left with a shaking body and a dizzying high. And then about ten minutes later I will suddenly feel...negative. Just everything negative. And I cry. This hasn't happened before (the crying or the feelings) and I was wondering if it could be related to my bipolar, my increase in seroquel which is recent or if maybe this is just something that 'normal' people experience? Sorry if this crosses the line or it's in the wrong forum I'm just kind of weirded out and worried D:
  17. Well I fucking did it again. I let a guy lead me into thinking he was into me. I should have trusted my gut and walked away but I didnt. I let him use me and then toss me aside like a piece of trash. I didnt get anything I wanted to do. Thats because thats what I am. A piece of trash... Anyway I got home and just felt revolting. I felt so dirty and so disgusting. I took a very hot shower but nothing I did to try and scrub off the vile, wretched dirtiness I felt worked. So what did I do?? I cut myself on those places that he touched and I let him violate me on. Now I have fresh cuts all over my body. I am sitting here disgusted with myself. I did this to me. I deserved this because I thought thats what I wanted. Now I am sitting here alone and bleeding. All alone because thats what I deserve. I am nothing...
  18. I have searched high and low through the interwebs, and found nothing to help me! I thought about posting this in side effects and disorders, but thought this was better. I've always had a high sex drive, not ashamed to say it! But, I found ways to manage and work around it. I understand that my previous partners, and my partner now, don't share the same drive. Which is fine, we all work differently. However, after Concerta was decided upon as the best medication for me, things have changed. My drive went into overtime! I thought it was a side effect of the meds, and after the first few weeks it would go. But, that hasn't been the case! I have searched high and low, and can't seem to find anything. And a few of my female friends have been the same; prescribed a new drug, and their drive has just ooomphed!! So, has anyone else found this?
  19. Disclaimer: This thread should advocate nothing other than safe sex. If that's not you take it elsewhere. Also please feel free to move this post if you feel it's in the wrong forum . Unfortunately there is no "random sex" category. Intro: I'm embarrassed to say how long my hiatus without sex has been but I would love to hear stories of people in the same boat. I haven't thought about doing anything like actively hunting for guys before hence all the questions below. I want to hear from others, especially women, whose needs haven't been met for a long time and I want to hear your success stories *and* your fails. Sex with friends or random strangers... can it ever be physically fulfilling or is it destined to make you feel hollow and slightly dirty? Is it possible to see a guy as a piece of meat without getting hurt? Is it possible to keep things fun, if not meaningful, without any strings attached? How do you get past the weirdness of sleeping with a friend? Should you? Is it okay to be on the look out for a friend with benefits without being considered slutty? Is it understandable if you're just not ready within yourself for another relationship? ...So you've decided you're willing to give your body to a sexy one night stand. How do you go about it? Hit on randoms at bars with the support of your friends? Call up past lovers who you are over romantically? (Or are you?) Get up the courage to ask for the number of that guy in that class you are doing?
  20. Lamictal makes me horny does anyone else have this happen?
  21. I was reading an article about borderline and came across this: Hypersexuality in the Borderline is an intricate issue. On one hand, she uses it to escape her numbness and emptiness. http://gettinbetter.com/dance.html This is exactly what I do! I use sex to help feel the empty void I feel. Does anyone else do this? I am not sure if this is the most healthiest way to cope with my emotions but it works.
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