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Found 13 results

  1. While on either Seroquel (Quetiapine) or Seroquel (Quetiapine) XR, did anyone wake up nightly, multiple times, in a sweat? Did it cause you to go off it?
  2. I just started Vraylar and have been taking it for 1.5 weeks. It had dramatically helped my symptoms. I am out of my depression? No more sucidal thoughts, etc. However, I am extremely drowsy! I take it at night and even the next day all I want to do is sleep. I am a very busy person and it is taking a toll on me. Is this a short term side effect from getting used to it or something that will not go away? Not sure I want to keep taking it if this is not going to go away. Doctor is out of town right now.
  3. Speech in general has always been a little bit of an issue for me. I did see a speech pathologist in the past but I was about 12 and didn't care much to benefit from it then. Just for the record, I have always noticed that my speech is much sharper when I'm not taking antipsychotic medications. Strangely enough, I seem to speak the most clearly right before I have a relapse and I am becoming manic. Almost every antipsychotic I have taken has had a negative reaction on my speech but never as much as the most recent, Fanapt. I was recently switched from Latuda 20mg to Fanapt 6mg (once daily) to suppress akathisia. At first everything seemed fine and the akathisia which was a longtime battle of mine was tapering down just slightly on the Fanapt. Then a few weeks settle in and I start feeling like I've been hit by an 18-wheeler upon waking up and just overall sedated and "spaced out". I am forgetting things, mostly short-term memory loss. A few days ago I went into a retail pharmacy to buy a few specific things, walked inside the sliding doors and completely forgot what I walked inside for a few second, although I did ultimately remember a few minutes later. Not just this but I also seem to have developed blurred vision and can absolutely not drive or operate a vehicle on this medication. Additionally my speech is completely shot and disorganized almost half the time. My speech patterns at times are almost like someone who is borderline cognitively impaired yet my IQ is in the 101-109 range (I am average). I'm forgetting words that once came easily to me and have to scan my brain hard for them, sometimes for over 10 minutes. Usually I know what I want to say but it either doesn't come out right or I just can't get it out in words. It's extremely frustrating and it's causing depression and I've threatened suicide to family and friends yet backed off that is how bad its become. I just want my ability to speak normally to be returned to me. I am coming off the Fanapt but would like to be given some suggestions as to what steps I should take to rehabilitate my speech and what medications are not disabling for someone's speech or what medications could counteract disorganized speech. My current psychiatrist is unsympathetic and doesn't care. And my initial question is can Fanapt cause a speech impediment?
  4. Hi, I'm new here and hoping one of you can help me out. I've taken Lamictal, 400 mg (max dose) for about 8 years. We added on Neurontin just 4 months ago ( 200 mg). 3 weeks ago I started itching. All over- even between my fingers. No rash but heat makes it worse. I've eliminated all obvious causes - lotions, shampoos, detergent, dryer sheets..so on. I've never been allergic to anything in my life (47). My Dr wants to titrate me off the meds, starting with the Neurontin. Last resort. Has anyone here had a reaction after being on a med for a long time ?
  5. I have noticed I am looking quite pale lately. It's autumn here and I haven't been spending much time in the sun, but I wonder if it could be starting a new med, Abilify, this week? I also started smoking again a few weeks ago which tends to make me look all kinds of unhealthy but it's the last few days I look like a ghost, I think. I use Retin-A for acne and general improvement of skin as well as moisturiser with SPF, gentle cleanser and coconut oil. Sometimes glycolic acid and Vit ACE serum. My question is, can Abilify, or any other psych med make one look very pale? Has it happened to you? What could I do about it? I'm a guy so don't want to wear makeup.
  6. Recently my doctor added topamax to my existing buspirone and welbutrin prescriptions. This is primarily for weight loss and treatment of binge eating episodes, along with other benefits like being relatively inexpensive. I had started out on 25mg twice a day and after sleeping more or less all day straight the first three days and some digestive effects in the first couple of weeks I seem to have settled down to no side effects. Today he doubled my dosage after I seemed to be responding to the medication and reported the lack of side effects. While I realize I'm still on a very low dosage and I for the most part trust my doctor's assessment that at this point the risk of developing noticeable side effects is still low, given all the various fun things on the list I am starting to become concerned about the possibility. So reading over the list again today it occurred to me that I don't actually know what exact symptoms are being described by stupid or cognitive impairment. Possibilities I can think of include working memory issues, attention or concentration deficit, difficulty with mathematical thought, and just a general slowing of thought processes independent of any memory issues. I'm sure I could think of more things that could fit the description if I spent a bit more time on it. Can anyone help with clearing things up a bit?
  7. I just recently found out that Diphenhydramine can cause akathisia. This is important to know because diphenhydramine is the active ingredient in Benadryl. Benadryl is often prescribed with antipsychotics to reduce the muscular side effects of antipsychotic meds. Also, in hospitals, some nurses and doctors push benadryl as a sleep aid. I found out partially because I took Tylenol PM which is supposed to be a pain reliever and a sleep aid. It's main ingredient for the sleep aid is diphenhydramine. After a few minuetes I suddenly had akathisia even though my antipsychotic doesn't currently cause it. A quick look up on wikipedia and other sites revealed that akathisia can be a side effect of diphenhydramine or benadryl. So if you are currrently experiencing akathisia, check to make sure you're not on diphenhydramine/benadryl. And if you are, maybe you can find a way to test to see if that's the cause. If it is the cause, you can just change to benztropine or something else.
  8. I mean, is that even a thing? I've gotten a stiff jaw on other meds. Abilify used to make me clench like crazy. But Lithium's all I'm on right now (600mg at present, so not all that much for me) and it's never done this to me before. It started off just my jaw being sore. Yesterday, it hurt to chew. Today hurts to talk. I got a moderate tremor this morning; first time in a while. Could this be the Lithium making my jaw tight? Like, anyone out there have an experience that can compare? I just saw my pdoc yesterday (didn't bring the jaw thing up because I wasn't worried yet) and I'd rather not have to schedule an emergency visit over this if it's nothing.
  9. Hi thanks for reading I have struggled with anxiety and depression for years. I am now 27 (today is my birthday lol) I have been in IP once before for an anxiety attack that began a major depressive episode (lasted about a month). I was put on Pristiq 50mg at that time and it worked well for a few years, but the withdrawal symptoms if I took a dose late were getting out of control, so I was weaned off of it. Currently I take zoloft 100mg daily and Ativan .5 twice as needed daily. I take Provigil twice daily for fatigue (nap at least twice per day without it) for a total of 300mg. Also, I was on birth control for 9 years and since i stopped it last June - I realized I also most likely have Premenstrual Exacerbation of my anxiety/depression symptoms. My life is currently at the mercy of my symptoms and I feel like I am drowning. My Pdoc and Tdoc had a little chat this week... and decided they would like to put me on BuSpar. My libido has been very low and I am afraid that the Zoloft and BuSpar could make it worse and or cause weight gain. Thoughts? Experiences? Advice? Thank you for your time
  10. I started Prozac almost a week ago and aside from nauseousness and hypomanic symptoms, nothing had gone wrong until I rode my bike to the bank. I felt the normal rush from exercise and heart rate increase until I started to feel woozy and once I stopped at the ATM I got that rush of nausea/dizziness/confusion/shakiness, half blacked out, and had to catch myself from fainting then awkwardly sit in front of the bank as traffic inched by with my head between my knees...is that normal? Anyone else experienced this? I've only fainted a few times in my life so it sort of freaked me out.
  11. Hi, everyone. I just started on Saphris a few days ago because I couldn't handle the side effects of Geodon. Has anyone else gotten swollen ankles from Saphris? I am just checking as I am not sure if the swelling is due to combo of all the meds I am on (see below) and weight or if it is due to one of those specifically. Thanks,
  12. Today (Wednesday) is exactly 3 weeks since I started abilify. I have had horrific insomnia. I'm sleeping from like 7am-11(but about every 4th day, I conk out, and get a little more, like 3-11, so not bad). If this could still be a passing side-effect, I am willing to put up with it a few weeks more. But if it remains, I seriously cannot stay on it, I have primary insomnia as it is. Am I still in the "wait it out" period? I am on and insanely small dose, too, 2mg. So is this going to get worse as I go up in dosage? I think I may actually be sleepy: its about 5:30AM
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