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Found 10 results

  1. After being out of work for over two years I recently applied for SSDI and received a "function report" by mail that I have to return to the Social Security Administration on Monday. I tried to engage a disability attorney, as recommended by one of my doctors and other Crazyboarders in past posts, but the one recommended to me did not return my telephone calls, and another firm I called was not interested in assisting me. So, I'm going it alone and have put a fair bit of work into it. I had wanted assistance in describing my depressive and agoraphobic symptoms in a way that conveys illness rather than sounding like I'm a no-good lazy bum who can't be bothered to work and sleeps her days away. If anyone has tips regarding writing an effective function report I'd be grateful to hear them. Many thanks in advance.
  2. I'm going to see a lawyer tomorrow about disability, and I'm terrified. I don't know what to expect and my anxiety is through the roof. I keep feeling like they are going to laugh at me and think I'm not sick enough. I've had nightmares about it all week, and I keep obsessively thinking about it. Has anyone else gone through this? What was the meeting like? Any info or support is welcome.
  3. I've been on SSDI for the last 4 years. I moved in with my parents because and I wanted to help them afford their bills, and it would make life easier on my not having to deal with the stress of managing finances. I'm 28 now, and over the last 4 years I have been struggling with alcoholism, smoking, and a drunkenly abusive mother. I used to give them my entire check of $944, but about 6 months ago I decided to make my own bank account and start saving money, while still paying a good portion of the bills. It's come to the point where I am getting worse and worse being in this environment and I have to change it if my life is ever going to get better. I stopped drinking a few weeks ago and have been using nicotine patches. Sometimes I get very anxious and depressed because of the environment here and have small relapses. And not being able to sleep without being drunk has been a massive issue. All of this is compounded with the daily stress of living with drunk, abusive parents. The other morning my mother woke me, and violently attacked me; clawing and scratching my neck, ripping my shirt, etc. She is angry I've only been giving them $700 instead of the $944 I used to give. At this point I have saved a decent amount of money, enough to make the move safely with a bit of money left over in case of an emergency. I have been worrying about my options though. Right now I'm getting $944 a month, and no other benefits. I am trying to find a decent place to move into, near bus lines and walking paths because I have no car. What worries me is a few things: I haven't had my name on a rental contract since 2011, and have no credit so I'm afraid my applications for apartments will be rejected; I'm worried about my benefits decreasing if I move out to be alone, and worried I won't be able to afford food. I won't be able to contact the SSDI offices until Monday or Tuesday, so waiting is killing me and making me sick with worry. If anyone has any experience with this I'd like some knowledge or advice on how my benefits could change if I move out to live alone, if it's possible that I'll be able to receive aid with buying food, and especially what difficulties I might have trying to apply for an apartment without having decent credit or a rent contract since 2011. I'm talking about a regular apartment, not assisted living or Section 8. I've never been evicted and ended all my previous rent contracts on good terms. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
  4. I've already used double the amount of time off i have and I'm potentially losing my heath insurance Friday and I'm still in a day program (Partial Hospitalization Program) for treatment. I'm losing money by the day and my therapist says "you should be eligible for short term disability benefits" - but mine does not cover mental illness and/or pre-existing conditions. I work in Massachusetts, does anyone know if there are any options for short-term disability coverage for mental illness? I don't even know if I can file a claim after the fact, but it's so frustrating that it is so impossible to find any information. I'm jealous of people who have jobs that provide advocates for them to figure this crap out for them. Any help or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  5. Officials in the Manhattan district attorney’s office now say they need broad access to the Facebook account information of 381 people to root out Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim fraud. Jeff Stone reports in the International Business Times that prosecutors say they are looking at about 1,000 people who defrauded the federal government of about $400 million in SSDI benefits. Facebook has objected to the warrants, saying it believes that the government is charging only 62 of the users, and that the other users may never have a chance to challenge the warrants. Facebook fights SSDI case data call | Life Health Pro
  6. So I was checking my MyChart because I had to make an appt with my faux psychiatrist. Does anyone else use this? I think it is part of the Epic system Anyway, I was poking around on Mychart, looking at old tests, and more recent panels. Back in January, I saw that they had listed me as having an intellectual disability. I immediately contacted them and said I did *not* have an intellectual disability, and would they please remove it from my chart. My g-nurse's aide wrote back that it was because I was on SSDI for bipolar illness, which doesn't justify calling it an intellectual disability, duh. I am more than slightly pissed. PLUS, I'm on SSDI for chronic migraine, not BP. Here's what I wrote, and I know I am throwing around school names, but I DON"T HAVE AN INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY, and I am hoping this will get my point across: "Hello. I have already contacted you about this once before. Among the list of my diagnoses, Intellectual Disability is still there, even though I pointed out to you that I do not have an Intellectual Disability. Frankly, equating mental illness with an intellectual disability *is very insulting.* I am not alone in feeling this way. Bipolar illness does not interfere with intellectual development. My bachelor's degree is from Harvard. I graduated with a JD from a top 20 law school. I'm fairly certain I have been meeting all my benchmarks. Please remove the inaccurate diagnosis of intellectual disability. Your rationale that it was because I am on SSDI for bipolar is incorrect on two levels: I am on SSDI for chronic migraine. And even if I were on SSDI for bipolar, intellectual disability would still not be a factor. Thank you, crtclms" I know I was really snarky. But for fuck's sake. I have to find a psychiatrist. A real one.
  7. I keep getting asked "So, what do you do?" especially these past couple of day. And I am constantly having to make up some mumbo jumbo because I am on disability. I feel like I am hiding a deep dark secret, people are going to become suspicious. I wish I could come right out and say "I don't work, I am disabled." And end it at that no further details. But I don't see me getting the courage to do so. What do you say when people ask you?
  8. Today I received a Direct Express card mail card in the mail, the accompanying paperwork stated that I requested it. I have done no such thing. I have had direct deposit to my savings account for the last 3 years. What gives? Has anyone else experienced this? This is such a headache, especially since I was expecting to get paid next week. I hope that I can resolve it in time to meet the rent and be able to make my scheduled automatic payments.
  9. Please celebrate with me the SSDI approval **passes out home made cookies** I checked out the SSA website and found out just now I was approved. Question: What happens next? Is SSI automatic? Thanks in advance for your assistance .
  10. Have you or anyone you know ever have a family member fill out paperwork/letter to confirm disability? I received a call today from my SSDI case manager and she inquired whether I had any family members or friends who could verify my inability to work and disability due to MI. I'm hympomanic and sounded like I was when I spoke with her and I mentioned my dad could fill out the paperwork. I regret this decision b/c now I fear he will not do me justice in just how disabled I am. Worse, I never told him I was applying for SSDI. You should have seen the look on his face; he was disturbingly shocked. Does anyone have any suggestions on having my dad fill out the necessary paperwork? Has anyone been thru this process before? I sure could use some advice and suggestions from you.
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