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Found 8 results

  1. Okay, so I've been thinking a lot about just "coming out" as Bipolar to all my friends and family. At the moment only a few know and they have either accepted it and asked questions because they really want to know what is wrong or have run in the other way practically screaming and not wanting me near their children anymore. Because, you know, I can snap at any moment and you can catch Bipolar by breathing the same air as me. I feel like those who actually accept me (and I can count them on one hand) should be the only ones I worry about and not those who either think I'm dangerous, acting like I'm ill to get attention, or just want to take the drugs because I'm too weak to deal with the real world. But sometimes I feel that I will lose everyone if I don't act like everything's wonderful and I don't have to try oodles of different med cocktails to try and live a normal life. When I do think about not living with Bipolar as if it was this giant secret I think I would feel less anxiety as I won't have to worry about people only finding out when I have an episode. On the other hand, I don't want to jeopardise my future career because colleagues know and now think I'm not fit to work. I mean, I don't want to walk into a job interview or into the office going I'M BIPOLAR, but I need to go to dr appointments and stuff so they need to know up to a point what's wrong with me. At the moment I feel like I have to keep a large part of my life completely private in case anyone finds out. I hardly go out anymore and am afraid to make new friends or even get a boyfriend in case they just reject me as soon as they find out that I'm crazy. I'd like to hear how others deal with stigma / coming out and telling people about their MI...
  2. I'm wondering if anyone else around here is disturbed by the way bipolar is being portrayed on Showtime's ' Homeland ', starring Claire Danes as the main character who has bipolar. I believe this show is contributing to misinformation and stigma regarding mental illness, in this case BP.
  3. I'm not really looking for advice or anything. I just need to put these thoughts down somewhere in the hopes that it will help me work through this. My pdoc wants to switch my meds because mine aren't working anymore. That's fine but my dream job just came up and I got it. That in itself is okay - a little scary at a time when I need to change meds but not necessarily unsurmountable. In addition to that, I have my grandmother at home and she's really old and to take the job I need to find someone to stay with her. I have some people but they have schedules so I have to juggle their schedules to make sure I have coverage. When I read this as though someone else wrote it - it looks challenging but doable but in my head it's just overwhelming. Also as I read this I get this feeling that the series of circumstances in my life make me identifiable and someone from work will read this and know it's me. That in itself is a whole other issue. The minute chance that someone would read this and know my identity is very improbable and if they did - so what? Except that then I'd have the MI stigma to deal with at work too. That in itself is kind of amusing because I'm the one who advocates for others with MI at work so if I want to talk the talk, I'd better walk the walk. Oh man, I'm rambling. I'm gonna need a blog soon.
  4. Does anyone here feel awkward in public because they are poor and MI? How about in a setting where there are more individuals like yourself present? I have gone to free public events and have felt very much ill at ease, dreading someone starting a conversation with that perennial "So what do you do?". I feel even more awkward when I spot individuals that share the characteristic tells of the indigent MI. I am exhorted to get out and socialize. I have the suspicion that those do so really don't have a clue as to what it is like to be poor and MI.
  5. people are so, so horribly biased against people with this diagnosis (even if they've never even met someone with it), and i want to compile a list of resources i can go to when i confront people about this. does anybody know of any? or is there a thread i can link to that discusses common stereotypes and refutes/de-stigmatizes them? people have all this misplaced animosity towards people with personality disorders and are full accusations. it's so disgusting.
  6. I am tired of being treated like a lower class citizen. Between having a diagnosis of bipolar, and having piercings & tattoos it's as if I am automatically exempt from being a normal human being. I am dealing with a autoimmune disease that is very hard to diagnose, where you have to sift through a few different tests & symptom charts to get to the right treatment plan. And even though I am very well stable & have been for a long time, it still does not matter. I am treated with stigma & ignorance from people who think I am a danger to them & to their reputations (because god forbid you treat a crazee like a person with real physical issues). As well, at my job (which I have had for a couple of years) it is a new regulation to have no noticeable piercings or tattoos. Thus, I have to hide my arm tattoo & take my lip piercing out. I was told I could atleast put in a retainer, however they would prefer it completely removed. The problem: I was hired with all my piercings & tattoos. As well, I am one of the best customer oriented people at this job. I was told that these kinds of things were "offensive" to customers. But do you know what is offensive to me? People being judgmental & rude because of the way you look; instead of how you actually carry yourself & your personality. Fuck this shit. I need a new job, & I need more advocacy.
  7. Has anyone else felt the need to hide your moods or mood swings from others? Do you find yourself trying to hide the severity of your moods (i.e. how depressed you really are)? My SO doesn't have a lot of patience with my depression and how it affects me. On the other hand, he LOVES my hypomania because I run around cleaning his house! But he gets irritated when I can't concentrate or sit still. I can't totally hide either mood, but I try to pretend I'm somewhat cheerful (or alive) when depressed, and I do the hypomanic cleaning when SO isn't home. I also hide stuff I buy, or go off and "lie down" when I can't sit still. Mixed states and/or irritability? Can't hide that, so all bets are off. In general I feel that others don't understand or cut any slack when confronted with mental illness and its symptoms due to stigma. Today I read yet another news story about the cops shooting a mentally ill person just because she had a knife in her hand. So, I'm both embarrassed and a bit scared to let people see my symptoms. Also I was raised in an emotionally abusive environment where displays of emotion were either punished or ridiculed. I learned to "wear my face as a mask" as I call it. By the way, it just occurred to me that I bust my butt trying to hide med side effects as well, like tremors. So feel free to write about that if you want.
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