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  1. I know many people here have taken Abilify longterm as an adjunct, but I am honestly worried about longterm side effects (weight gain, akasthia). I trialed it twice and it made me constantly hungry, wanting to eat everything (I tried both 2mg, 5mg), made me tap my feet a lot. I wonder if taking it only on the week that I am very symptomatic (week before menstruation) it would be effective? Is Abilify something that kicks in within a few days of taking it? My other thought was biting the bullet and using Risperdone for this week (which I really hated when I was on it daily, it made me a zo
  2. Had to resort to taking a Valium (5mg) tonight for acute stress flare-up after a heated argument (happened right before bedtime, then I can't fall asleep) These intense emotions of overwhelm and sadness keep me awake for hours afterwards. How long until this kicks in? After 20-30 mins, It doesn't feel like it's doing much at all...would taking more be bad? I also have Xanax, but I end up waking up middle of night when it wears off.
  3. I live in shitty apartments but will be moving in a month to a really nice place. A girl that lives here is on heroin and asks for money and ativan from me. She knows it take ativan because we had a conversation about my ptsd and I regretfully told her I take ativan. Well she flew off the handle a couple days ago for denying her MY medication I take for MY disorder. What a fucking entitlement mentality. Then I called about getting a kitten yesterday and the girl on the phone asked me to pay 300 for a kitten because her boyfriend is kicking her out and she cant afford methdone. I think I live i
  4. Does anyone know If stress can leave you feel mentally restless? Almost to the point of boredom if you try to relax? I can’t seem to enjoy a day off... i just wanna go go go. It almost feels like hypomania, except i do not feel happy about it. I really, really just wanna relax and enjoy doing nothing. I know that stress can make your body restless, like you want to move all the time. But that os not the feeling i have. I just wanna do stuff all the time. Feel hyperactive and bored. Does anyone feel the same?
  5. I live in shitty apartments but will be moving in a month to a really nice place. A girl that lives here is on heroin and asks for money and ativan from me. She knows it take ativan because we had a conversation about my ptsd and I regretfully told her I take ativan. Well she flew off the handle a couple days ago for denying her MY medication I take for MY disorder. What a fucking entitlement mentality. Then I called about getting a kitten yesterday and the girl on the phone asked me to pay 300 for a kitten because her boyfriend is kicking her out and she cant afford methdone. I think I live i
  6. So I have been dx with gastritis and was given some meds for my stomach for it. For over a year I have had a major issue with constipation and bloating. I would go every 4-5 days. These past months it has been very painful and I have been having bloody stools. I take Miralax everyday and I still don't have bowel movements. I am seeing a GI doc to do better testing. I am suspecting ulcers for sure. But I am wondering if any of the meds could cause this?
  7. My 18 year old female cousin has post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety disorder. What are the best gifts to give her? (Not judging by personality. Just the disorders.) (Keep in mind that I'm 13 years old so I do have limits on what I can get)
  8. I don't know if this pertains to a particular diagnosis (like Bipolar), but perhaps it does? I am a Highly Sensitive Person (capitalized because I fit the official criteria in the book.) I am very sensitive to my environment and easily triggered, especially with any perceived stress. It's not just "big life stress" that can be justified, but little things also (ex: negative interactions with people, when things don't go my way, if I make a small mistake, bad news, argumentative or unfriendly people.) These sorts of things stick to me for a long time. I'm very affected and often brought to tear
  9. I don't have a lot of time to get the message out as I am currently hiding in the restroom at work.... I just need to get it out. About 2 Or 3 weeks ago I started thinking about self harm. I have a pretty long past with it and always seem to turn to it. The problem is my husband gets so angry and blames himself when I do and then he babies me for months like I'm just gonna go jump off a bridge if he's not watching me 24/7. That's the only reason I don't. Because he gets annoying. Well yesterday I was passed up for ANOTHER promotion by my partner who, although has worked for the com
  10. I can't claim having much stability. However I have had a pretty good run. Almost 4 months. Dealing with lots of things. Big issues, small issues. Work stress, home stress......big home stress between myself and my husband. We no longer sleep together, mostly because of my actions. I have been dealing with it pretty well. It's been hard though. I have been doing better taking care of myself. Sleeping, eating, exercising. But........I seem to be losing my shit recently. Touch of psychosis. (If you can have a touch) it was short lived and then I rolled right into depression.
  11. I'm already feeling burned out at my job, and I've only been here since late february... and I think it's mainly because a) I've been working really hard and seeing very little result and b) there's been a lot of drama and I am not good at blocking out other people's negative energies. I worked 50 hours last week... and yet it felt like a marathon. 3 12-hour days, 1 4-hour day, and 1 8-hour day... with all the negative energy swirling around... I just feel dead. And I get to back tomorrow morning!!!! Yipee! (ugh..) Thankfully I set aside time to book an appointment with my therapist. S
  12. Okay, so. I have had feelings for this girl for 3 years now. She came to my school for the GMT program, and when I saw her outside on her phone, I fell "in love". Now, I don't think it's actually love, because I am only a Junior, and I haven't really ever been in a relationship. I feel like the feelings I have for her are obsessive. Recently, she broke up with her boyfriend of two years because he cheated on her. I got closer to her, we hang out at least 2 days out of the week. We facetime every night, and recently, I came out and told her about my feelings for her. It went well, actually. She
  13. Hey all! First, a bit of history: I have no known allergies, have never had a bad reaction to any foods, substances, anything. I've never had hives, rashes, etc. So since September 27th, I have been experiencing hives. I noticed them that night before I went to bed, and they were pretty bad the next day. At first I thought it might be a change in laundry soap, as I had done laundry the day or two before. Normally we have Tide Coldwater HE, but this time it was just regular Tide HE (which I've used before). So I went out and bought baby hypoallergenic laundry soap, and rewashed eve
  14. Over the past few days I've been quite snappy with my partner over small things like her not cleaning up after herself and other things I generally wouldn't be upset by. Pretty sure this is the beginning of hypomania again. Afterwards I usually feel fairly guilty and try to explain that I'm stressed or in a bad mood. I know everybody can get angry but it's very out of character for me except when I'm episodic. Today it happened at work. Thankfully it wasn't aimed at anyone and it was just me muttering expledetives as I passed through the office. Inbetween these pockets of anger I've been qui
  15. Obesessive compulsive psychosis? No, it isn't something I'm diagnosed with. As far as i know it isn't a "thing", though it may possibly be. I don't know. I pulled it out of my ass. It describes what happens when my ocd starts to flare so much that it tiptoes to the line of mild psychosis and kind of stops there, taunting for a while, pointing it's finger: "i'm not touching you, I'm not touching you! hahaha". At least that's how it can start. I got this job, a part time job, and it's great. I can see that. It is a good job and a good place with good people. But its been really stress
  16. I am extremely concerned about this. My depression has gotten out of control lately and I find myself crying almost all of the time everyday which is not normal for me. It is agonizing to me. I tell my husband that I just need extra affection and to be extra sensitive. However, he says that him doing that doesn't seem to help and has started getting frustrated with me and often has an attitude toward me when I get upset or acts angry or as if he doesn't care. I told him that him acting that way toward me will only make it worse, and while doing the things I asked may not make it go away, it wi
  17. Hi. I'd been taking a small dose of Wellbutrin for a while to deal with my sadness with having a very sick family, and it really helped with my depression, but after a few months, everything began to feel like "homework". A very stressful feeling indeed. Life lost meaning, and I became wedded to my patterns of "homework" and rules. My irritation was also quite high. It is like I want to live my life all at once, in order to get it over with so I can rest. But even resting feels like homework. The pdoc told me to quit the Wellbutrin and try Emsam 6mg. I've been on the Emsam for 6
  18. My name is martin im 25 and from ireland. i am a musician and composer, studied music in college for 4 years but it didnt work out. worked in a call center for 4 months and had what i call a break down. i was already depressed for about a year before hand and on my last night of calls i had the first panic attack in 9 years. its been a year and a half seeing a psychologist a psychiatrist a councillor and soon a therapist for CBT. I get extremely anxious and upset alot, i dont like going outsside but im attending a fulltime IT course where all the students have mental problems, addictio
  19. Hello All! I am a 19 year old Bipolar II with two younger brothers. One is 18, with likely, if undiagnosed, Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome. My youngest brother is 13, and for many years, on and off, he has developed a compulsive blink. He squeezes his eyes shut hard, and more often than necessary. Most of the time, he doesn't notice he's doing it, but as he's aged, he's mentioned how annoying/uncomfortable it is. At first my mother used to tell him off, but I read a bit about Transient Tics, I realised it wasn't his fault, and convinced her just not to mention it. Howev
  20. I'm just wondering if a Benzo can help over the short term (few weeks / months maybe) for severe stress, agitation, restlessness, lack of sleep etc. I've been cycling through a load of different antidepressants lately in the hope of finding something that may help. The thing is I'm not totally convinced I am properly 'depressed', it is more I have chronic pain, long standing mental health issues and a load of family and life stress going on. On top of all that we have just discovered my step dad is sick and going to require major surgery (not for the first time in recent years).....
  21. I have been in a relationship with a great man for two and a half years now. Despite his good qualities and the fact that we both love each other, I have been struggling with doubts and thoughts like "am I just forcing myself into liking him? Are we really a terrible mismatch?" And the reason that I've been so unsure is that every time we get together, this uncomfortable, weird feeling of stress and anxiety creeps up on me and it lasts until we go our seperate ways again, causing me to believe that something about him is "toxic" or that this is a result of my subconsious trying to warn me and
  22. Hi, everyone. I have had minor problems in the past with mild anxiety. Where I would just get a little nervous or what I call the "I feel like I am in the wrong place at the wrong time" moment which passes after a short amount of time. However, this seems to be entirely different. I can't eat, I am dizzy, I can't get my thoughts together, sounds bother me... I am fairly certain of the trigger-work related stress. My problem is as follows: 1. I called in sick on Friday because I was afraid that if I went in to work that I would lose it. 2. I am not sure why I didn't call my the
  23. I used to cut a lot when I was in my mid teens, I often end up in cycles of depression, suicidal thoughts but tbh they never last long so I've never seen a doctor. I stopped for a few years, my mum found out and I felt too guilty to continue. I told a few friends at the height of my SI, they were shocked, and then never mentioned it ever again, probably too weirder out to bring it up, the whole thing just made me trust them less and less. I guess at the time I wanted support but didn't get it. I'm a fresher at uni, with exams coming up. I've moved to a different country to attend a good un
  24. Over the last 6 months to a year (I'm not exactly sure when it started) I have increasingly become less motivated, and lacking energy and determination and ambitions is not existent. I'm in my last year of school yr 11, or finishing 'High School' for the Americans out there. My exams start in 3 weeks time. I'm freaking out so much about them! I feel like I'm just going to fail everything, it's not even a joke. My friends and even my family get the impression that i'm really studious and hard working, but I don't think I am at all. I've actually let myself down a lot. I used to be more hard-wor
  25. Hi there. If anyone would be willing to offer their two cents on my situation, I'd be grateful. My background: I've been on disability from my job for a year now. I'm being treated for chronic depression and fibromyalgia (the fibro was diagnosed at the same time I left my job). My job, though I loved the work, was physical and high-stress and I ended up having a complete meltdown. I've been at my job for 12 years and last year wasn't the first time I tried seeking out stress leave, but it was the only time I ended up doing it. I work for the city I live in, so they have a program f
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