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Found 15 results

  1. So, I decided to make an account because I wanted to get some ideas about what I can do to stop some of the pain of Klonapon withdrawl. I am not a substance abuser and I was perscribed clonazepam since I was 12, right now I am on a .25mg taper I take once at night which has been a little over a month now, and I started at .5mg for about 10 months , I was on a higher dosage prier to that taking 10 mg for the rest of my earlier young life taking it. I am 22 now, and most of the symptoms now seem to be under control except throughout the day I still feel a rapid heart beat, though my bpm is 62 and my blood pressure is normal, I got blood tests done and an ekg, everything seemed fine there, so I was wondering if there are any non narcotic suppliments that do not interfer with the withdrawl recovery process, and things I can do to keep my head on straight about my issues+ things that help anxiety, I would also like to know how long I should be expecting to feel palputations? Thank you =)
  2. I am not diagnosed as such (yet I've experienced med-induced psychosis before), I am curious to know when (what age) and how (situation/trigger) did you develop symptoms or know you had a full- schizophrenia, schizoaffective or psychotic disorder? What were your first (or main symptoms)? I am really curious to know more about how these disorders start, and the timeframe until they are officially diagnosed? I am also wondering (my very first doc wanted to initially DX me as schizoaffective), has anyone been diagnosed after only having 1 episode of psychosis, delusion, or paranoia? There is sort of a gray area, because I know of some bipolar people that had 1-2 manic episodes (with psychosis) yet they are not diagnosed with schizo-affective. How often are you symptomatic and have meds been a near "cure" for you? Anyways, thanks for any clarification.
  3. It is deep and dark, and you must never come there with me!" Does anyone else hide their symptoms from their partner? I excuse myself for being "busy," "tired," or "not feeling well" if I'm depressed, or just straight-up hide if I'm feeling hypomanic. I have never had a relationship survive my partner seeing me symptomatic. Thoughts? Fellow-feeling? Advice?
  4. I know it says it in most of our signatures, but I was wondering if we could get a thread going of what antipsychotic(s) we are taking regardless of diagnosis, what dose, how well it/each work on a scale from 1-10, and its side effect(s) + any good side effects: I take: antipsychotic: risperidone dose: 3mg performance: 6 out of 10 effectiveness effects: I have a large appetite and its hard to keep the pounds off and I sleep 10-12 hours. It keeps my symptoms under my control. I am wondering if there is something better.
  5. Have you guys ever thought that the reason we are adhd is because of nutrient Deficiencies and why we become tolerant to medication is because we are bur ING up what little left we have in storage in our bodies. Like zinc magnesium potassium iron, b1 have been showing up in research studies I. Find that when checking the levels of people with adhd and not treated with medication the levels of those specific vitamins minerals were ridiculously low. but in all reaality I believe that all the side effects of Cns stimulants are from burning up stuff that correlates to the side effect amd just taking a multivitamin isn't enough because of depletion of specific ones
  6. I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder (pdoc uses them interchangeably with me) (this diagnosis has been around for a few years for me), as well as BPD, social anxiety, and a history of cannabis dependence and substance abuse (though I've been clean for a long time). I get an injection monthly, Abilify Maintena, but this was not enough, so the oral Abilify was added as well. This took away most of the "hallucinations" but my beliefs still persist, though they are becoming less... strong? Anyway, I've seen my current doctor now for over a year, and I've been in and out of the hospital during this time. My dose has gone up to 25 for the oral, and I get 400 for the injection. I also take prozac for anxiety. The thing that's worse and I don't fully know if it is from my symptoms is I strongly feel my prime minister is a robotoid, a dead-body-puppet. I really want to go to his home to expose him, or write a letter to request to do so. I feel like he knows me. The TV is still playing things about my life, too. Though that's been going on, I barely hear voices anymore. I am still seeing things, but not as much, though in some respects that is worse as well. I am going to be missing a dose of my injection because seeing my family in another city is more important, but also so my appointments sync back up with my injections I'm too afraid to tell my doctor about trudeau. It's bad enough I have a lot of intrusive thoughts lately about hurting people, but my future seeing (clairvoyance) makes me able to see what people would do to me if I did those things... but my Prime minister needs to be exposed. Though, if this is part of my symptoms, then I'll just be getting myself into trouble. I've also fallen out of routine with taking meds properly, missing two days a day apart Though that shouldn't do much. The reason why I am afraid to tell my pdoc about this is because I once thought I had to hurt a newsreporter and he told the cops, even though I was never charged it makes me reluctant to tell him things. I've told other people things and this is how I know the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service is spying on me because I have said this about Trudeau. I'm kinda going on and on but I'm not sure what steps I should take. Since things are seemingly better yet worse.
  7. I was wondering if Korean\Panax Ginseng did anything to negative symptoms in schizoaffective disorder, like lack of pleasure - anhedonia - and avolition. I don't have the will nor the pleasure to do anything and that irritates me. I can't pursue anything for any good length of time. This is very troublesome. I don't know if it's from the medication I take or not.
  8. I've been titrating up on Lamictal to treat something that isn't epilepsy and has nothing to do with seizures. Once I raised my dose to 150 mg (the intended full dose was 200 mg) I started getting bumps on my hands and head and they were itching pretty bad. I assumed it was related to something else but two nights ago, a few hours after taking my medication it became hard to take deep breathes, then my head began to itch incredibly bad, and then for about half an hour to an hour it felt like someone poured acid into my eyes because they were in so much pain (caused by nothing external at all) that I couldn't even open them until the pain was over. Needless to say I decided that I don't want to take Lamictal anymore. I read that even if you don't have epilepsy, if you cut Lamictal cold turkey it could give you seizures, so I asked my doctor if I should titrate down because of this, he told me to just cut it completely and that no such risk exists. I don't know this doctor very well yet so I can't say I trust him very much, so I want to know, IS there a risk of seizures cutting Lamictal off at 150 mg? If so what should I do? If not, what are the other risks.
  9. Hi - Does anyone here have nausea as the main symptom of anxiety ? My quick synopsis is: -My main issue is anticipatory anxiety leading up to 'events' but I am usually (90% or more of the time) fine at the actual 'event' and my anxiety disappears after minutes -Main symptom is nausea Is there anyone here that has or had similar symptoms and if so what therapy, drugs or supplements have helped. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Previous Meds: Lexapro, Klononpin Currently: Paxil (30mg) Mirtazapine (15mg) Xanax (prn)
  10. Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd start this thread so people can share when they initially 'developed' or 'became' bipolar. I've heard some people say they've 'developed' BP at age ___ then were diagnosed at age___. I'm trying to look back and think when i developed it but cant seem to pinpoint it. So when did you develop bipolar signs and symptoms? And how do you know that was when you did?
  11. Just wondered if there are any of us that have been officially diagnosed with personality disorder having experienced a family crisis or hospital admission and witnessed the clinical environment of doctors pulling strings to arrive at a schizophrenia regimen for on-going anti-psychotic treatment .... error's in false-flagging certain responses based on personality traits or modes of communication and elaboration on meta-physical phenomena or area of interests in sub-cultural norms which is a rational or perspective of consciousness and reality. Certain persons with broad view and intereaction with telepathic phenomena, 6th sense or what has developed through mindfulness activities such as meditation, yoga, chi-gong etc. Cultural taboo's and bias attitudes toward expressing things that hold a significance to the person's everyday functioning and quality of life, with the potential for growth and alchemy of personality into better social functioning for instance. Such attitudes are of neglect in the education of professionals as to culturally acceptable notions, with large cross reference to sub-groups and spiritualist traditions from an anthropological perspective. pulling at every response to cue's a doctor gives to come up with diagnosing schizophrenia or schizoaffective in my case, also based on normal moods that one would have in the face of social and intellectual oppression. **Doesn't schizotypal make one more vulnerable to lapses in functioning or if one was becoming too involved in psychic phenomena such as attention to astral phenomena. Most of what got considered bizarre was based on rational evidence of psycho-social stressors or clinicians over elaborating and misdirecting the meaning of what I made statements about. I mean labeling one with persecutory delusion. Plus the feeling of subtle influence in the energetic body to raise cues as to the nature of environment in social web of like family for instance and expressions of discomfort through being sensitive to influence of the functionality of the personality. Hypersensitivity or perhaps episodes of resentment or Karmic life lessons learning to overcome may be faced with anxiety for content of imaginary events of the inner fantasy world. or maybe I cross over to autism as I spend a great deal of time in my own head, often making errors in vocalizing and over -analyzing.
  12. I've been slowly progressing through medication towards a happier, more productive life but since I last saw my Psychiatrist I'm thinking he's having trouble finding where I fit in. He's sending me off for new blood tests and a CT scan to check for other issues. Tests and scan aside, in preparation for my next appointment I'm trying to write up a raw list of what I can report in terms of symptoms and my status on the current meds. Here's what I've got at the moment (what I can answer yes, no, mild, etc to) .. Delusions Hallucinations OCD Paranoia Anxiety Thought disorder Mood both currently and over time Double vision Headaches Semantic satiation Er, forgetting words Pain Memory Concentration Energy Fatigue I'd like help putting together a more complete list. I imagine having a fairly comprehensive list like this, in his face in one go, together with the results of the tests and scan could really help set a direction. I know it's a bit hard to ask for any symptoms or aspects you can think of, as I'm going to only relate to a set bunch. I'd give you more focus but a bit like the doctor, I don't exactly know where my treatment's going or what's relevant.
  13. Hey everyone, So, this post is just a jumble of thoughts about some things going on recently. To give you a little background: I've been diagnosed with several things in the past; Major Depressive Disorder with Psychosis, Bipolar I, and Schizoaffective Disorder. I'm on Lithium, Saphris, and Prolixin injections. I am talking to my doctor tomorrow about what my treatment will be and how the diagnosis she decides on will factor into that. Now, I've always been a "worrier". But lately, I've been experiencing some things that I guess could be called paranoia. I think things that just don't make sense. 1. I will worry obsessively before I fall asleep that I will die in my sleep. I will do things like not lock my door so it is easier for the Paramedics/EMTs/my room mate to get in if I die, make sure I am not sleeping in my underwear, etc. 2. I feel like someone will break into my house. Before I fall asleep, I listen for noises, mentally remind myself that I locked the door, go downstairs and check that I locked the door. 3. I worry that there is a conspiracy against me. I'll explain. I've been having trouble meeting new people, whether it be for friendship or dating. I feel like everyone is talking about me and that's why I can't meet anyone. It makes no sense, but I get so mad because I feel like everyone knows about me when they meet me so they know not to talk to me. 4. I worry that if I leave the house something bad will happen to me, like my bus will get into an accident, someone will shoot me, someone will rob me, etc. I stay in the house because of this, but no one knows that is why I won't leave the house. Sometimes I am okay to go out, but other times it gives me a lot of anxiety. There are more, but those are the big ones. Is this something I should bring up with my doctor, or are these thoughts "run of the mill"? I can't tell if I'm just adding another symptom to my list of symptoms, or if these thoughts are really troublesome. Finally, I've been reading about "Negative Symptoms" and I feel like I have a lot of them. The "Positive Symptoms" like voices, visual hallucinations, have gone away. But, I don't leave the house much, my room is disgusting, have been wearing dirty clothes over and over again, worry excessively, and have severe lack of motivation. Any suggestions for how to deal with these symptoms? -L.W.
  14. Hey there, nice forums, what about that beatles white album question, thought it was some sort of trick question. Anyway, I live in England and my name is Will (I'm almost 21) Anyway, here are my issues I was always a bit weird I guess, my mum said I used to build up lego and bust it down again, I can remember having fearsome rows with my parents when they wouldn't give me what I wanted (I know most of you are thinking spoilt brat and it's true to an extent) but these rows, looking back, especially from my end, would have seemed like the sort of anger that could only come from someone psychotic or autistic or both. What's more, I used to get 'obsessions' as my parents called them in my early to mid teens, things like, playing with lego til I was well into being 12+. Obsessions would come and go, in the middle of an obsession I would stay up well into the hours of the night researching, I wouldn't look at anything else, wouldn't talk to friends etc wouldn't be interested in girls (apart from regular masturbation to pornography). The obsessions came and went, toy guns (bb rifles) big real life powerful ones you know the type of ones people go and shoot each other with dressed up as army men in the woods. I cringe now thinking about it. And tropical fish, I would obsess about which tank to get, which fish to get, if my parents bought me the wrong tank or a smaller tank than I wanted I would throw a tantrum (I know, spoilt brat right). And after I got everything set up I got bored, didn't clean the tank blah blah blah, was just basically very immature for my age. What's more I went to an all boys school and I was never 'cool or popular' quite the opposite in fact. I still have traumatic dreams/thoughts back to school where someone called me a nickname or punched me. I was a bit of a clown tbh, and was always trying to make friends and be nice to people and couldn't understand why I got such a nasty reaction. I had very little contact with girls until I was 19 when I got my first girlfriend at university. All of the time between age 13 and 19 was made up of porn watching (always straight). However, I developed an obsession for a kid I was friends with (boy) when I was 16/17 very deep passionate lusting feelings which was weird cos I had never thought of myself as gay or found another man attractive. Even during primary school I remember seeing girls and thinking (she's pretty). Anyway I would constantly always want to be near this lad or talking to him and when he didnt reply quickly on msn etc I got angry. I failed in my school work and cared about little else. Anyway, when I entered my last year I school my dad seriously messed up financially which meant I had to start working (very stressful time more on this in a bit) and completely cut off contact with this lad and his friends (who used to be my friends). I got quite bitter because they got to go out and have fun at parties when they turned 18 etc and all the pictures would be posted on facebook. I never got invited. I didn't apply for university (this was a private school 99% of people there applied for university) as my grades from the second to last year were so shit. So I had to take a year out or a gap year in which I basically got a job in a firm were my dad was working (and getting bullied out of his job, another very distressing time for me). This year was spent pretty much in isolation as I didn't really go out as I only had one friend so time was spent at work watching my dad suffer or watching all the cunts from my ex school having fun at university on facebook. I wasn't ill at that time though I was happy, and looking forward to going to university the following year where I would finally become popular and get the girls (I still considered myself 100% straight). I got a girlfriend and did like her, but found sex to be not particularly enjoyable and awkward and sometimes damn right nasty (vaginas can be not very aesthetically appealling/ not smell/taste great). Although it was good at times, at the start I found it diffucult to gain an erection and this has been a problem ever since (I keep getting flashbacks to when I was punched in the private parts when I was about 10 quite hard, had me rolling in agony on the floor) sex is never enjoyable if you cannot sustain an erection, you actually end up fearing it, resenting it and obsessing about it which is what I have done. I didn't do any work cos I was obsessed with going out and making friends and teaching all the people from my old school a lesson that I could be popular and successful. Anyway I dropped out and spent the summer doing nothing and overthinking things (am I gay) blah blah, traumatic flashbacks to school or working, shouting abuse at the mirror and swinging my arms about in anger (fantasizing). I went to Uni again this year but have recently dropped out as the psychosis/pain/need to isolate became worse. I have noticed an inability to concentrate, for example when I read a text book that Im not particularly interested in it's like having a fuzzy TV set of thoughts in the background and when they get too loud I have to stop and tell them to shut up or fantasize again. I also get very intrusive thoughts about my sexuality and weird ones that I would never consider doing like fingering my mum when she walks in the room (I know what the fuck?) and constant images of cocks flashing in my head or sex with a child when I see one. Ive read this can be called sexual obsession. I doesn't help that I fancied a boy when I was younger (although I've found one guy attractive but 1000's of girls attractive) which almost reinforces these intrusive thoughts. I get delusions/fantasizes about picking off the people who've hurt me or my dad even if they have only just don't something minor like punch me hard from behind or something. Stuff most people would just forget about and get on with their lives. And then on the opposite end of the spectrum I get delusions about helping the world and being almost like a jesus like figure (but I don't think I am jesus). Both are odd and not normal thinking. I also get intrusive thoughts about knives killing etc and I can't watch bloody/horror movies as I'm scared ill actually enjoy them (as in fantasize) I feel tonnes of anger cos my parents paid a fair chunk of money to send me to a good school and I got treated like a fool, which I probably was to some extent but sometimes I get deluded and think I'm the victim and everyone was just against me. I am really scared I'm gonna turn into that weird paedophile bloke who talks to no one and just sits on his computer all day. I want a life, I don't want to hate anymore. I want to be normal. Please Help. Btw mental health support is shocking in England. And takes a very long time I was prescribed zoloft in winter 2010, prozac in summer 2011 and Mirtazpine (remeron) in Winter 2011. Zoloft just give me a tight chest and I felt like I was going to die, prozac just made me want to die and Mirtazapine has had very little effect at all. I also have a psychotic reaction to cannabis which makes the intrusive thoughts a million times worse and I want to isolate a million times more. I'm so stupid I've taken cannbis on a number of occassions and I'm so scared its damaged me. I even took it after I had a bad experience. Lord knows why.
  15. Has anyone else felt the need to hide your moods or mood swings from others? Do you find yourself trying to hide the severity of your moods (i.e. how depressed you really are)? My SO doesn't have a lot of patience with my depression and how it affects me. On the other hand, he LOVES my hypomania because I run around cleaning his house! But he gets irritated when I can't concentrate or sit still. I can't totally hide either mood, but I try to pretend I'm somewhat cheerful (or alive) when depressed, and I do the hypomanic cleaning when SO isn't home. I also hide stuff I buy, or go off and "lie down" when I can't sit still. Mixed states and/or irritability? Can't hide that, so all bets are off. In general I feel that others don't understand or cut any slack when confronted with mental illness and its symptoms due to stigma. Today I read yet another news story about the cops shooting a mentally ill person just because she had a knife in her hand. So, I'm both embarrassed and a bit scared to let people see my symptoms. Also I was raised in an emotionally abusive environment where displays of emotion were either punished or ridiculed. I learned to "wear my face as a mask" as I call it. By the way, it just occurred to me that I bust my butt trying to hide med side effects as well, like tremors. So feel free to write about that if you want.
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