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Found 5 results

  1. P.S: There are voices and people, the voices are people but they can speak from far away, probably EMR or telepathy if thought broadcasting is real. The people are the ones i can hear clearly or with their real voice usually from a close distance. this is a pesron speaking, im not shyzo, she speaks from afar, and can change voice, because theres never 2 voices speaking at the same time, only very quick coordination, bringing me to question if it is the same person. They always pass for me because i have thought broadcasting and they are telling me things from far away where no one can hear them and they pass for me when they tell me things so that other people who hear me understand something else than what i want to say or to divagate from me exposing their game by completing my sentences before i can think of the end, play games and such, for example, when i think the name serena and i’m about to say it in my head, they say dena, and they imitate my style of talking and thinking while saying shit stuff and pass for me. Or they yell a random name to bring me off the flow of my ideas. They are always playing a game where they de-credibilise my every though. I don’t need to think sentences loud in my head since i can speak just by understanding someone. I can also formulate direct ideas like if i was speaking. When i’m not thinking about shit, they usually tell me things i can relate to even if theres nothing involved and then make it pass for me having said the thing that the conversation/argument started from. Most of the time they will say that I am saying and thinking (2 different things, both in the head) things that i did not say or think, or even think of thinking that, which means they are clearly manipulating almost every thought i have. Just because i’m a smoker and i thought about the police when i went to buy, since then almost everyone that speak to or about me wants to make me pass for a dealer and since i think briefly about the police the voices want to convince the other people that i am a dealer while passing for me even though they know it is false. Some other people think i want to play the dealer and that i’m just a son of a rich/looser that invents my life, just because i say i’m not a dealer (which implied to them that since i denied the fact i was one, i was actually one...) The funny part is that it all came from me denying to a voice/guy telling me i was a dealer, so he tried to make me pass for one, and then a DOMINO EFFECT happened. anyone going through TB can relate, not to this specific example, but the domino effect where one person tells you about something and most of the people you will hear after that will do a follow up of a previous conversation with someone else. I got to understand that some people don’t follow blindly. You need to make the difference between people that just speak, just AutoBlockTM it will do the trick. For people who like to play games with you, you need to focus on exposing their tactics, in my case they like picking up on thoughts and modifying what i originally said, so i focus on exposing the modifications they made to my thoughts while keeping track of my goal. A big part of their game is making you forget things that you where saying about them. Whenever i say/about to say a name, balthazar meunier for example, they know what i am going to say since theres telepathy involved before they can hear my thoughts loud (like sending an FTP file, or just consider it direct thought) and they take advantage of it to say other names (because information in directhought is not always clear), hence it will make me “feel” off it, and make me and the other characters from the voice divagate from the original subject of conversation while always going their side so i struggle to make my point most of the times but it got better, my advice is think less and don’t react to the games, tacle them unconsciously, whenever they say something, you don’t need to speak in your head, just think DirectThinkTM what you feel is good for you, talk to people by understanding what you want, you dont need to word it but you can, it will make your life easier. Another thing i can do is mute briefly the ones speaking far away when i want to say something important, it doesnt always work but it comes in handy. I once had moments where i could shoot mutes 20 in a row and it was less noisy, so less voices, so less thoughts and peace of mind for a few seconds. Another thing i noticed is that i can sometimes hear a very high frequency sound continuously in my head that tends to loosen my mind and make me forget things, when that happens try to remember the important things you said it might be a weapon to control your mind (i cant be sure) I also got medication due to clicks in my head
  2. Hi I used to have hardcore thought broadcast (which is a delusion btw) for 4 months straight maybe due to isolation and constant PC fan running , there are a few things you need to understand with the voices you hear everyday when at home or in the street. You need to BELIEVE Because the voices are stupid af and are just a copy of what breaks our balls in our everyday back-end thoughts, which you re probably aware of and the voices talk to you about "intention", "truth", "ftp telekinesis", etc... REMEMBER, the voices are just a reflection of what you make them to be in the back of your head(what you don"t say) , at the moment you are reading this (if you are advanced enough) you will feel like saying "o shit they can hear me thinking about that, o no, they gunn get me", hopefully the people in my head can play comedy alot (which is how i was tackling this problem when i actually thought people could hear me and my intention) Few things to note in case it happens in your mind and can't get out of it: "the truth": there is no truth, lying to yourself doesn't damage you, P.S: Don"t believe you're lying :p, people can understand you hehe Its useless telling voices (that seem like real people) to shut up theres whats going on behind your thoughts that the voices concern most of their time on (at least i thought that they wanted that "un"conciously so they kept ranting on the useless stuff that gives me headaches, and since i believed them guys were here to put headaches in my head) Don't try to think about the "un"conscious (or what you are thinking on the thought level, or being conscious of your you being conscious)... I just made you think about it (you know what i'm talking about, you're in my thoughts, and your neighbours also know it, and yes it is sarcasm), and it probably started a chain reaction in your head if you are conscious of the "un"conscious, or intention, call it whatever You don't need to speak in your head, you got a power in a power, the power of getting understood without even needing to say the sentence in your head, you already know what you're saying, but them evils call me names (prob because i'm either scared or its me not wanting to have headaches) so that way i'm back in the awareness loop (aware of TB). What you need to do is believe above the awareness of broadcasting that its in your head, make a few bad jokes and sleep btw what saved me is me remembering that no one can hear me and that i was just one more crazy fuck, i still find it funny to make jokes with the voices but that's in another area the schizophrenia because i already anticipated the reaction (the base of this problem is making scenes, not necessarily visual) also dont mind the voices if they sprout words or sentences or try to interfere in your sentences to change the meaning, remember its all IN YOUR HEAD and you know what you wanted to tell/think. I know that i'm going in multiple directions at the same time but its point of view for explanation. Take only the good part in each sentence. and no they don't hear you P.S: if you hear nearby whispers don't freak out, there arent any government people or spirits and you are not becoming schizophrenic contrary to what they say. Call it SCHIZOCEPTION And finally, its always what you believe in deeply that's true for them, whether it be true or not (you're prob feeling full of hope, its in your head - however you take it) so dont give them much attention and dont make weird plans you dont care about em
  3. hello im writing today because ive been experiencing some thought broad casting again. and id like to get tips from people who feel the same way. i feel like im talking to another entity of some kind in the universe. and this entity tells me things all sorts of ideas and that we will be e mortal. they say our minds work like computers. and that im being programmed. are these all just voices that are useless thoughts that are getting out of hand? or can it be something more like another reality out there an its altering mine? i have so many questions and so many thoughts everyday. im told that im speaking to a galactic federation in space and that they are watching all of us. please give me yopur thoughts opn this.
  4. so I hear things in my head sometimes they say all sorts of things. it varies from "set the house on fire" to "write this down so you know" . I have schizophrenia at least that's what the doctors think. but sometimes I hear things in my head saying that there angles. and I will talk to these voices and they talk back. sometimes I think its telepathy. I do believe I have a gift with telepathy. I speak to my friend who died in 2007 and he use to live in the room I'm living in now. and ill be in the backyard and he says " isn't it beautiful" or sometimes he will just say. " hi its chris". chris has told me that hes seen a light and walked into it. he tells me theres a spot for me were hes at when I die. I asked him if this is heaven and he tells me it is at least he thinks it is. id like to think there is a heaven and some higher power but I'm just not sure all I can say is ill find out when I die. but id like to hear other peoples thought about speaking to the dead. and see if I'm not alone I'm sure I'm not but its nice to get feedback. ive also spoken to demons and other things that were really mean to me if you wanna know about them let me know I'm full of stories.
  5. Just wondered if there are any of us that have been officially diagnosed with personality disorder having experienced a family crisis or hospital admission and witnessed the clinical environment of doctors pulling strings to arrive at a schizophrenia regimen for on-going anti-psychotic treatment .... error's in false-flagging certain responses based on personality traits or modes of communication and elaboration on meta-physical phenomena or area of interests in sub-cultural norms which is a rational or perspective of consciousness and reality. Certain persons with broad view and intereaction with telepathic phenomena, 6th sense or what has developed through mindfulness activities such as meditation, yoga, chi-gong etc. Cultural taboo's and bias attitudes toward expressing things that hold a significance to the person's everyday functioning and quality of life, with the potential for growth and alchemy of personality into better social functioning for instance. Such attitudes are of neglect in the education of professionals as to culturally acceptable notions, with large cross reference to sub-groups and spiritualist traditions from an anthropological perspective. pulling at every response to cue's a doctor gives to come up with diagnosing schizophrenia or schizoaffective in my case, also based on normal moods that one would have in the face of social and intellectual oppression. **Doesn't schizotypal make one more vulnerable to lapses in functioning or if one was becoming too involved in psychic phenomena such as attention to astral phenomena. Most of what got considered bizarre was based on rational evidence of psycho-social stressors or clinicians over elaborating and misdirecting the meaning of what I made statements about. I mean labeling one with persecutory delusion. Plus the feeling of subtle influence in the energetic body to raise cues as to the nature of environment in social web of like family for instance and expressions of discomfort through being sensitive to influence of the functionality of the personality. Hypersensitivity or perhaps episodes of resentment or Karmic life lessons learning to overcome may be faced with anxiety for content of imaginary events of the inner fantasy world. or maybe I cross over to autism as I spend a great deal of time in my own head, often making errors in vocalizing and over -analyzing.
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